Diddy Kong, Kamek, And More Spotted In Rumoured Mario Kart 8 DLC Image



This image is circulating around the internet which shows Professor E. Gadd, Birdo, Diddy Kong, Plessie, and Kamek in the Mario Kart 8 character selection screen. The image is reportedly taken from upcoming DLC for Nintendo’s latest Mario Kart title. As well as the new characters there’s also two new battle modes mentioned, Bomb-Omb Blast and Shine Thief. Maybe we will hear more about this DLC at Nintendo’s Digital Event which takes place on Tuesday.

Edit: Turns out it’s a pesky fake

Thanks, Rainter and  N-Dub Nation


    1. Thanks a lot CVG News! You ruined my hope for more characters…….Thanks! (Sarcasm)

      1. Bowser Kart, duh. We have three Mario’s and Peach’s, two Luigi’s, Daisy’s, and Rosalina’s. Plenty of people want the whole cast, and there’s still people out there who believe there’s eight kids. Whether you believe the past games, cartoons or statement Shigeru Miyamoto made on the magazine. Including Nabbit is a slap to the face to Bowser Jr. lovers when they have to see his bandana and not get him. I say add more Bowser’s and dump the clones first. Since you know? The kids are separate characters with different personalities and characteristics. Not baby or metal versions of some characters. I rather have Honey Queen over Pink Gold Peach, atleast she stands out and has her own story.

  1. Yes! Hopefully it’s free – not because I wouldn’t buy it, but more because we would have better filled servers on these news modes / courses.

  2. I don’t think I would pay for racers, but I would pay for a combo of racers and tracks.

    1. Well you do pay for male hookers to suck your dick, so I’d you’d pay for DLC as well.

  3. I was disappointed when Kamek wasn’t a part of the initial roster, so if this is real I’ll be thrilled. (:

      1. No, it’s not bad. It just got hyped a lot by Ubisoft (which put a lot of faith in it). But a hype doesn’t automatically make a game bad… just a converse argument in these times.

    1. How is an unconfirmed rumor about a DLC of a racing game “more” reason why Watch Dogs is a pile of shit compared to MK8?
      Comparing a racing game to an open world game like Watch Dogs is completely pointless to begin with. They belong to two entirely different genres, so I really don’t get the point.
      Besides, it doesn’t even seem like you’ve actually played Watch Dogs. And even if you did, just because you personally didn’t enjoy it, doesn’t mean it’s a bad game in general. There are lots of people who do enjoy it.
      But most importantly, why would you even bring up Watch Dogs at this point? It is completely unrelated and I’m really struggling to find a reason why you would think it’ was a good idea to do that at this point.

    2. Amen. Fuck that GTA ripoff. MK8 has already overshadowed that POS in so many countries and media. Even Luigi scared it off with his Death Stare. XD

      1. sasorideidaraobi: One that DLC comes out, you can kiss that Watch Dog shit goodbye!

      2. It’s funny how you think it’s better because of superior gameplay when most of us know it sold mostly on hype.

  4. I know there are too many Koopas already (not complaining) but why not Bowser Jr? D:
    and btw, any one knows if there are any setting options in the game?

    1. Don’t think there are too many, there are some for everyone! I prefere Iggy, myself.

    2. Yeah but hey I love the Koopa gang. Bowser alone is one of my favorite characters on Mario Kart and SSB.

      1. Good. I hated that motherfucker and glad the original 7 Bowser children replaced his whack ass in this game.

    3. fans did want more playable bad guys in nintendo games and they got them. i bet jr will be dlc.

    4. I need Junior! D: I want to group hug the Koopa boys and squeeze them with their kawaii! :3 Not Wendy though, she’s a girl. x.x But the best female character to be added. :3 I would love Birdo and Plessie if they were real.

  5. i think it fair to have to pay for additional characters via DLC, costume, kart’s part (as long as they are just cosmetic), but not for new mode or additional tracks cause it will fell like they are doing a EA, a Capcom or a Square Enix on us.

    1. I disagree. I think new characters should be free and we should pay for addition stages like arena stages for batte mode.

      1. OK that’s your opinion but the way I see it. more track or battle stage expend the experience of the game more greatly whereas additional characters/clothes or kart’s part don’t.

        To honest I don’t care if funky kong is there or not.if I have the Mercedes kart instead of the normal kart.But I will have a problem if I have to pay for a Wii U remix of Luigi circuit GBA version.

        From your comments you would have been happy if they could have just put 4 tracks and have 12 characters in the game where you would pay the game £40 or 60$ or 60€ then they make you pay the other 28 tracks (£1 or $1 or 1€ per track) but have additional 28 characters or kart’s part via DLC for free (houppy doo).

        I try not to offend you but it’s people like you who drive the video game business to put in place bad practice. Not wonder why Square Enix though it would be a good idea for players to pay for the end of FF13-2 (I did not buy the game for that reason and on the top of the game being shit).

        Please note that I took a ridiculous case scenario to put my point across.

      2. Why the hell would you pay to get the same characters played in previous Mario Karts and don’t do anything but sit in a cart while you steer? Different characters don’t do anything to the experience it’s the stages. What’s the difference between baby Peach and Peach? Any Chang to the driving experience? No just a different character. Calm down its not like we’re talking about Smash Bros.

      3. I would not paid for additional characters for mario kart either but I know a lot of people who will and if you come here often, you will noticed some people here would as well. My point was additional characters on Mario Kart are a luxury and it will be right for Nintendo to charge for them.

        and you mentioned it, it’s not smash bros and I will have the inverse argument where in smash bros the character has more impact on the game than a stage (where the stage is a luxury).

        In both case what I try to explain is the DLC which should be free cause it has a major effect on the game and the DLC which I see as a luxury and should be charge.

      4. I’ll pay for DLC only for a new stage like new stages for Pikmin 3 in MK8. And pay DLC for stages for Smash Bros. Stages not characters. But if Smash bros. Characters are not clones and requires NFC figurine I’ll pay for it.

      5. Or you get a free character depending on the stage or track you buy.

  6. I would also like Cranky, Funky, Dixie, Leonardo Dicaprio, King K . Rool, Bowser Jr, and Nabbit to be playable but I’m fine with this

  7. I so hope this is true! Bob-Omb Blast was AWESOME in Double Dash!
    Also I hope arenas replace the tracks for battle mode

  8. My bad, im on the phone, didnt catch the picture

    I still need drybones, king boo and nabbit tho

  9. Sweet! Plessie from Super Mario 3D World is going to be a playable racer!

  10. Can’t fake that shit… if someone could do it this spot-on they deserve some major props. Neph is gonna love seeing Diddy back. Plessie, that’s pretty awesome… I suppose they’re gonna have to make him a bit smaller though, so as not to look like the Mountain That Rides a Kart.

    1. lol Yeah. He’ll most likely be shrunk to Bowser’s size or maybe slightly bigger than him.

  11. imagining the dino from mario 3d world on a kart, haha, he is pretty big. Awesome characters, I hope it would be real, i’d love to play as the scientist for luigi’s mansion

  12. Waaaaaaaaaat DLC already, i bet Nintendo could have added these before releasing the game.

  13. If this is true, I will scream with joy! haha I was actually looking at the original Roster for Mario Kart 64 and thought it would have been cool to have Kamek in a Mario Kart game but fingers crossed! :D

  14. I think MK8 DLC would be a smart move but it is still too early. too many people would ask why it wasn’t in the original game to begin with. maybe tomorrow they can announce their development schedule for MK8 DLC starting with the first set at the end of summer – free for those who have the game until September 30th or something like that.

    but probably not.

  15. Just goes to show you what DLC could do for this game… Even though this is fake, it doesn’t mean these things can’t happen! ;)

  16. i dont understand how the video proves its fake, they never go to the menu screens in the video. can someone explain

      1. The shadows and surroundings in the video are identical to the pictures. The menu and characters are just very realistic pictures they edited in..

    1. It’s a demo video from when the game wasn’t released yet, so those features in the images above couldn’t have been in the menu screens

      1. Still doesn’t make any sense because the roster selection screen is bigger so who knows, this could be real.

  17. It’s not fake though…. Pink Gold Peach, the Kooplings and Baby Roselina weren’t confirmed back at 2013 E3 so that tweet must be a fake.

    1. The image on the screen was completely photoshopped. The image of the T.V. and person was taken from the video. Seriously some people just don’t take time to think.

  18. Fair play to the person who did this though, waaay better than the usual standard of fake leaks.

  19. Though this is a confirmed fake (unfortunately), if Nintendo is smart and wants to make up for the current mistakes on the roster, they’ll add DLC characters. Give me Diddy, E. Gadd, Birdo, Bowser Jr., and King Boo (LM DM version) and I’m good.

  20. The character rosterone has the highest chance of being real do to the size border. Plus that character from 3d world makes appearance…why would somebody choose her and Kamek(maybe him because he was promised for many years

  21. I would like someone to explain how the video on youtube shows the image is fake. I know the images ARE fake, but I would just like to know how the youtube video itself proves this.

    I watched it and nothing looked like it proved anything.

  22. I want to believe the second one’s real!

    not only does it look far too professional, but the artwork used would have had to had been created by somebody just for the sake of fooling others – Which would require rigged 3D models of the characters in question or some amazing Painting skills.

    At the time, there’s absolutely no access to any Plessie or E. Gadd models on the internet, both games (Luigi’s Mansion, 3D World) have yet to be “hacked” and lack the proper tools to do so correctly.

    The roster also makes decent sense, these fake “leaks” always have something bizarre like Pauline in it, something we know they probably won’t do because they hate their original damsel in distress.

    Look at the image up close – The background. How could they, logically, get a hold of the full background style when other character icons are blocking it? If you notice, several things have been shifted and the background remains intact without any visible flaws.

    I say we wait and see what happens.

    1. Read again it’s proven to be fake…

      Anyway, ETA 24:34 min for Xbot assault…

      1. Only the first one has been proven a fake – Clear evidence of it being a screenshot from a video. No image of origin for the second one has been discovered.

      2. speaking of dlc characters i think they could add some different characters and im talkin deceased like fawful,dark bowser, or even the mario doppleganger from sunshine. like slightly important characters that have been pushed aside but had a role in mario think about it

  23. Why these characters weren’t in to begin with still baffles me and I just pray we really do get plessie, everyone else can fuck off for all I care

  24. Why do you guys make such a big deal about additional characters in MK yet only a select prefer more stages? Its not like the characters aren’t going to do anything different compared to Smash Bros characters. And some would pay DLC for characters that does nothing to the gaming experience.

  25. This game sucks balls, cos I can’t get it to run on my wii. I think I need to get the screen controller add on, but that costs a bomb.

    1. You are not fooling anyone. Please refrain from intentionally making such uninformed comments again, thank you very much.

  26. Aw man, too bad it was fake. That would have been an awesome move by Nintendo and a way to steal the spotlight from Microsoft today. Ah well, maybe some of these racers will still make it in through DLC

  27. Makes sense, each added character can represent a recent adventure game:
    Diddy – tropical freeze
    Kamek – yoshis new island
    E. gadd – luigi mansion dark moon
    Plessie – 3d world
    Birdo – ummm… Nes remix?

  28. i still can’t get online due to constant errors, even after putting wiiu in a dmz i get them….. anyone know a fix?? i have contacted nintendo twice with no response :/

  29. I don’t honestly see how this is fake. I mean the video that was linked didn’t show the character roster at all plus the Koopalings, pink gold peach and Baby Rosalina are still there in the picture and the demo didn’t have them plus the extended roster and the icons look super perfect to be an edit not even reusing there artwork they do not look edited and E Gadd looks new too but in the game in the mean time E3 can still tell us the news this looks nothing fake for now..That video proves nothing.

  30. God, this looks so real, it’s impossible for it to be fake! Seriously, this would be so awesome if Nintendo included them as playable characters, and like Silly Willy Bear said, each character could represent a Mario game released over the past 18 months or so. That said, I think Bowser Jr. is not there because he wasn’t in Super Mario 3D World, which was Plessie’s debut. Nonetheless, if these characters were indeed playable as DLC, it would make the game even better!

  31. Actually, yeah… It’s kinda fake… The characters are arranged by they’re weight class… (Light, Medium, Heavy…)

    Shouldn’t Birdo be heavy and E-Gad be light?

  32. Please make 2015 Character DLC,s with Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong , Funky Kong, King Boo , Piranha , Bowser jr, Kamek , Birdo , Plessie, Princess Zelda , Dry Bones and Dr.Igit !!!

  33. So… Is this fake? It must be. When I conected to the internet I could not start the game and when I sorted it out, I got Link, Taknooki Mario, Cat P-
    each, Villiger, Isabelle, Dry Bowser and 200cc only. If it is real please tell m-
    e how you get it.

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