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Here’s The Super Smash Bros Wii U And Nintendo 3DS Box Art


Nintendo of America has uploaded the official box-art for the forthcoming Super Smash Bros on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.  We’ve learnt plenty of new things about the game during today’s Nintendo Digital Event. We now know the release date for the Nintendo 3DS version and the inclusion of Amiibo characters and Mii fighters.

super_smash_bros_wii_u_coverThanks, Jester



    1. Rally great looking covers! Which one is your favorite? I typically go with the red theme, but the Wii U version is just too awesome and I’m going to have to say that it looks like the better cover. Almost feels like a cosmic theme in it

      1. ^This, and also I like Samus being in the center xD The red looks better though.

    1. Agree. I would name 3DS “Super Smash Bros. Go” and Wii U either “Super Smash Bros. Universe” or simply “Super Smash Bros. 4”

  1. I love how the wii fit trainer is using her official art unlike everyone else, it’s almost like they didn’t care

  2. why is in the title “for 3DS” and “for Wii U” its kind of obvious thats it for those consoles, duh

  3. On the 3DS one, Rosalina seems out of place. The cover looks like everyone’s about to go to war, then you see Rosalina and her luma. Doesn’t exactly strike the same tone as everyone else. But aside from that nitpick, it looks good.

    1. I just wish her style adapted Metroid Prime style instead of that mistake called Other M.

  4. If the 3DS version releases October and Wii U holiday, then wtf? Lol. Isn’t that extremely close to the u version then?? Something’s not right here.

  5. Game looks amazing and so do the cases, but I still get a little sick when I think of how idiotic the names of these games are.

  6. Both of my favourite characters aren’t on either of the boxes. :((( How sad.
    They look cool anyway though.

    1. Awesome boxes, I hope and pray the games are just as awesome !!! Can’t wait for them to come out

  7. i never cared for super smash bros what so ever so am not buying the lame game.

    1. and what if you do not care?. So i should not buy Smash Bros because you do not care…
      fuck off faggot!!

      1. He said he didn’t care for smash Bros and that he wouldn’t buy the game. Why do you get so mad about that? I’m not interested in this game either, ami also a faggot for that, (also, quite sad to use words like faggot, try expanding your grammar so you can use the proper term for stuff and stop judging people because they are having a different opinion. It makes you look quite saddening.)

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  9. Nintendo should surprise us with an early release date for smash bros wii u since they delayed the 3DS version. Summer for the wii u version? Besides from looking at the invitational….the game looks like it is complete! Nintendo needs to give us the best news any fan can ask for and release it at the end of the month. =)

  10. I love the Wii U box art. Even with the box art, though, it feels like Sakurai is still trying to troll us Ridley 4 Smash supporters by having Samus Aran in the center right above the title. WHY, SAKURAI, WHY!?! WHY DO YOU TEASE ME & OTHERS THAT WANT RIDLEY PLAYABLE!?! Just confirm him as a boss or as a playable character already for the sake of my sanity. And no, a shadow & a glimpse of his tail in the boss section of the Super Smash Bros Direct is not a confirmation. It was a freaking tease & he knows it! But I digress… I can’t wait for the Wii U version. I might give in to temptation and hype & just buy the 3DS version while I wait for the Wii U version.

    1. I wish the box art had “for” replaced with “4” to capitalize on that. Whenever I show my support for a playable Ridley, I always say “Ridley 4 Smash!” Super Smash Bros 4 Wii U & Super Smash Bros 4 3DS would be great titles as long as the 4 is made large & is put front ‘n’ center. I hope Nintendo will update the box art before release to replace “for” with “4.” Maybe I should get a movement on Miiverse started for this change.

  11. My video game prayers and wishes came true for Smash Bros. when I heard that Pac-Man made it to the game. Mega Man and Pac-Man were the 2 third-party characters I wanted in the game. And I got my wish. AWESOME! Great box art too. : D

  12. Pikachu looks so badass on the Wii U version. And I agree that the titles need to be changed…Please Sakurai!

  13. Am I the only one that doesn’t like them? they look so empty and fan made if you ask me. They just need a tick more awesome and galaxy in the red and blue colours.

  14. Kirby, Peach, and Fitrainer destroying the feels. Makes me love the art that much more with that kind of balance.

  15. In my opinion, I like the Wii U cover better. Wii Fit Trainer all the way man. I like the titles for once. Now people can’t get them confused like they mindlessly do with the Wii and Wii U. And now people can say the title right for once. Instead of saying, “Have you played Super Smash Bros for Gamecube?”, it’s titled Super Smash Bros Melee for a reason? I especially hate it when they call it SSB for N64 it bugs me so much. Plus I feel like SSB shouldn’t be numbered like TLoZ games with the exception of TLoZ II, lucky they stopped or it would’ve had been like Final Fantasy or “Now This Is Music”. Dimensions would make sense but Universe? I would feel like if they did Universe it would have to have every character from past games as well, like Mewtwo, Wario, ect. but no clones, and it sounds like it could be their last game.

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