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Kid Icarus’ Palutena Joins The Fight In Super Smash Bros

Nintendo’s wrapped up its E3 2014 Digital Event with the announcement of another Super Smash Bros playable character. This time it’s Palutena, the Goddess of Light, from the Kid Icarus series. Interestingly enough, a rumour had circulated the internet back in January including Palutena in the fighting roster. Also, Sakurai teased the brilliant statue of the Goddess in one of the previous stages – it was, of course, a hint of things to come. We’ll add Palutena’s Smash Bros trailer to the article when it becomes available.


    1. awesome character choice but man Simon Belmont would be an awesome choice or even trevor belmont or both as a side costume like dad like son I always say and they should have costumes like in the wii castlevania judgement game and trevor with an eyepatch people would go crazy for them as characters even as dlc and they practically played in a nintendo console at some point so I dont see why not I would pay extra for them as dlc or even just as an inclusion in the game I would buy both smash bros for them to be included in the game man whipe attacks and different specials and final smashes would be epic final smashes could be like the ones on castlevania judgement and as an alternate costume for trevor belmont there could be a dracula costume included and a castlevania stage for 3ds it could be one from mirror of fate and for smash bros one from castlevania judgement in hd!

  1. Nintendo won e3 2014 hands down. So no Super Mario Sunshine remake/sequel? Oh well. :)

      1. Sure she is… to you. So tell me? What oh great & powerful character would you add to take her place? Hm?

      2. Quiet, Falcon. Don’t give him an easy response since you’re obviously a shoe in, anyways.

      1. Yes…

        Unless 2 of them are Mario Party 10 and Starfox…

        That leaves 2 more…

      2. I see people are sad there isn’t Metroid, hopefully that and or Super Mario Sunshine 2/remake.

      3. I’m pretty sure one of them will be Starfox. The 2nd one might be Mario Party 10 indeed, could be something else too though. And the last one is a 3DS game.

  2. That’s great and all but what about captain falcon and Sony, Microsoft, and nintendo flopped so hard this year I’ll rather just get a dreamcast

    1. Yep.. Zelda WiiU was only great thing really. Smash bros took up too much time and that splatter paintball game took up too much time. bayo 2 was the same rehashed trailer. X was majorily a cut scene/trailer. No hardware announcements or price reductions. Such a shame. I blame iwata and hope he is gone at the investor meeting. Id take Reggie as CEO. Can be worse than iwata.
      Metroid, Pokemon Snap, Pokemon MMO, Animal Crossing MMO, Sunshine, Majoras mask remake… jeez Nintendo.

      1. e3 overall has been sad. Sony and Nintendo are neck and neck for the win… but even that really isnt an accomplishment imo.

        ^the above post is my opinion, so dont get pissy bc i disagree.

      2. Totally agreed. There wasn’t really anything super spectacular on any of the conferences, imo. Nintendo and Sony had a few really cool things, but nothing absolutely mind-blowing or anything. Microsoft didn’t impress me at all, but that’s probably just because I have a huge bias for Nintendo and Sony.

      3. really hoping for captain falcon. was expecting it at the very end, but nope. Didnt see him in any gameplay footage either.

  3. What was with Dark Pit? Is he playable or just a costume or what!!?? WHAT’S GOING ON!!! AHHHHH This Direct just blew my mind…

    1. I think he will be playable as Pit’s alternative. Just like how you can switch from male to female for Wii Fit Trainer and Villager, I think they will add so you can switch between Light and Dark.

      1. I hope so. I would actually be disappointed if he was a separate character. It’d be a waste of a spot.

      1. My sentiments exactly. Want Snake in Super Smash Bros again? Go ask for a Metal Gear Solid game for Wii U from Konami. When we get that, then I’m all for the character in another SSB.

  4. So many great new characters, I can’t choose between them all. I think I’ll start with Palutena first though.

  5. i loved the anime. my two favorite characters to use in smash bros duking it out!!!! that was my favorite part, im going to keep watching that over and over. i need a wall paper of that! i wonder what the dark pit was all about? alternate costume??

  6. Haha. I honestly was not expecting this.
    I assumed that she would at least make a cameo or A.T. appearance, but hey, new is always a good thing right?
    On a more serious note, it’s nice to see Nintendo turning their attention to the female characters for this franchise.
    I remember how the past games only consisted of 1-3 (Samus, Peach and Zelda).

    1. 5 of you count Nana the girl ice climber, and jigglypuff. This time we have Peach, Zelda, Samus, Zero Suit Samus, Sheik, Wii Fit Trainer, Female Villager, Rosalina, Palutena, and the Female Mii. So all we need now are Jigglypuff and and the Ice Climbers, and that will be 12 girls right there.

      1. LOL, I wouldn’t really count ZSS and Sheik as separate characters, but I see what you mean. =P
        Also, I completely forgot about Nana. XD
        As for Jigglypuff, ever since the first Smash Bros. I always assumed she was female, but a lot of people told me it was actually male. Once Melee was released, I came back to the conclusion that she was indeed a female due to the “Red Ribbon” she wears as one of her alternate colors, lol.

      2. Not only that, but Jigglypuff’s gender ratio in the Pokemon games also has more females than males.

      3. Outside of the Pokemon games, I always think of Jigglypuff as female.

  7. Palutena looks great. I’m glad she’s in along with the other female characters. So many female fighters in Super Smash Bros now! FINALLY!!!

  8. also damn they couldve added goku to smash bros it wouldve been an epic fight! imagine son goku vs captain falcon it wouldve been awesome just to kamehameha everyone and have him power up and have his aura show and when he is fully powered up he could have super saiyan form for stronger attacks but would run out after a while or smash attack could feature a spirit bomb attack on all enemies it catches on the screen and have goku in his super saiyan form and have fast punch attacks like little mac but faster and stronger he could be and could feature side b attack destructo disk and regular b attack to be alot of mini kamehamehas and they would be blue but when in powered supersaiyan form they would be red at first and then yellow and up b would be a small instant transmission on to stage and down b would be his power up move think about it finally a character that can match up against captain falcon in terms of speed and power!!!

    1. *facepalm* Please tell me you are joking. I get enough of this retarded 4th party requests on Miiverse. Wait, you aren’t one of THOSE people on Miiverse, are you?

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