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Nintendo Says They Sold 450k Of Mario Kart 8 In 3 Days Versus 250k For Mario Kart 7 In US

Analyst David Gibson has revealed on Twitter that Nintendo sold 450K units of Mario Kart 8 in three days in the United States, Mario Kart 7 on the other hand sold 250K. Nintendo also said that Mario Kart 8’s attach rate in the United States was 18% versus 7% for Mario Kart 7 on Nintendo 3DS. WiiU sales were apparently up 4.1x week over week vs Mario Kart 7 which saw Nintendo 3DS sales up 2.4x.


    1. remember watch dogs beat mario kart 8. watch how distiny and sniper elite 3 and drive club will beat bayonetta 2 and zelda hyrle warriors

      1. Nah, Watch Dogs fails big time. It had a week and for consoles plus pc, and it still only managed 4m.
        Comparatively, the attach rate and sales for mk8 was way better in a shorter amount of time on only one system.
        Stay salty, bitch.

        1. Yep, I would be interested in seeing the sales figures per platform. Guarantee its mostly all last gen and PC sales. Cracks are starting to form in the “next gen” systems

      2. Watchdogs didnt even crack the chart in Japan…. hahahahaha! Couldnt even sell 3,500 copies. LMAO

        1. remember moron japan is a country. while north america, south america,europe are countinets.

          1. Countries*
            North and South America are parts of the USA meaning they are ONE COUNTRY. While Europe could be continents but still, MK7 did extremely well, stop damage controlling kiddo ;)

            1. Sorry but U mean “USA is part of North America” …USA is a part of the American continent (U know, South/Central/North America), hope you are a kid…

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                1. Oh come on now, stop making yourself look worse than you already do. You obviously were NOT joking and everyone here knows it. Deny it as much as you want, it won’t be of any use.

                    1. He wasn’t joking. He got expose as an idiot and now he’s trying to cover it up by claiming he was ‘joking’

                1. There’s Wii U then there was Xbox, you wanted an Xbox, but…
                  You chose the Wii U even though you hated it and you still keep it.
                  Your a bigger retard.

            3. … Man, South America is a part of Latin America, the whole american continent is formed by South ( Brazil, Argentina ) , Central ( Jamaica, Panama ) and North America ( USA , Canada )

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              1. Quit being stupid or naive. Don’t judge the size of the population on the size of the country. Some small countries can have a bigger population than the bigger countries, foolish child.

            5. geez if I was from south America or even from north America I would feel really insulted. America is a continent, USA is a country. South or North America are not parts but USA are parts of north America.BTW Europe is a continent where there are at least 57 countries. You have to be careful with those kind of statements, I do believe you mean no harm but people could be offended and a:”I am sorry” would be very welcome. It just a suggestion

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                1. You are wrong. The continent name is America and North America is just that: the north subdivision of the American continent.

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                      Having to explain this to someone who’s not in elementary school is disturbing and sad.

                    2. Neither of them is wrong. There are different ways of distinguishing continents, and which one you get taught in school depends on where you’re from. The 7-continent concept (Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, North America, South America, Antarctica) is usual in western Europe, for instance.

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                  3. You’re both not wrong. There are different ways to distinguish continents, and it’s being taught differently depending on where you’re from. There’s a 4-, 5-, 6- and a 7-continent model and all of them are correct.

        2. It wasn’t released yet in Japan. Nice try, but maybe you should inform yourself a little better next time.

        3. XD What a failure and this moron Sasori wanna damage control by changing subjects to social reject history. lol

          Please. If I wanna hear that kind of BS lesson, I’ll go back to college.

      3. Remember, Watch_Dogs is on Multiple Platforms AND is a completely different genre, also, it’s losing sales now ;) Mario Kart 8 is still going.


      4. Your ‘predictions’ lack common sense which seem to be the norm for everything you ever say. Now by comparing games released in a different number of systems with the ones for that are exclusive to one you are showing all your potential kiddo.

        Saying that I’ll get Destiny. Unlike you I have no issues recognising good games.

      5. really? ahhh you’re too smart!!! n’ah seriously you’re a dumbass. you thought MK8 would sell like shit and it sold well. i’m not interested on how many copies watch dogs sold.

          1. if you think so about me, i could say the same about you, you don’t care about mk8 because it sold well CHECKMATE fag!!!

          2. If dickhead Ubisoft would’ve released the Wii U version instead of holding it back when it was already completed, Watchdogs would’ve sold a hell of a lot better than 4 million in a week, maybe gave MK8 competition with its 2 day head start and your so called prediction would’ve been correct since Wii U gamers wanted that game also.

            But thanks to Ubisoft being a royal asshole company now like EA, Ubisoft just gave MK8 an opportunity to whip Watchdogs ass single handedly.

      6. Show me evidence, now. By that I mean individual evidence, give me it now.

      7. He doesn’t have to remember anything, watch dogs was released on various systems and look mario kart 8 was released on only ONE system and sold well. despiste you saying that nobody is interested in mario kart. for me it’s a kick in you balls…if you have.

        1. but watch dogs stilll trashed that shitty rehash by 3 million. the ps4 version of watch dogs trashed mario kart 8.

          1. you’re butthurt because mario kart sold well. this is not a compewtition about which game sold well is about the fact you like to bash nintendo and how you fail miserably

          2. Ps4 version? You mean the one that sold 800,000 copies in one week while MK8 sold 1.2 million!? LOL
            You just exposed yourself again.

          3. Actually no. Mario Kart 8 is on one system and did 1.2 million in less than 3 days so automatically it beat Watchdogs sales on any given platform alone.

            And like I told your dumbass before, if MK8 sale momentum kept going the same way for the next few days, it’ll beat Watchdogs total sale within the same week timeframe.

            You’re obviously pissed because MK8 hype is bigger, sucessful and became an internet sensation with the whole Luigi Death Stare thing. XD

            You lose again.

      8. Watch dogs is on more then 5 systems, Mario kart 8 is on one.

        Who cares about sniper elite (yawn)

        Nither bayoneta or hyrule warriors are ment to sell systems

              1. Mass Effect: shitty ending with the 3rd game & had to wait for DLC to rectify the shitty ending, but it was free so let’s give E-shitty-A a pass on a job badly done. Don’t mention Mass Effect again. If EA keeps it up, they’ll be burying that franchise next gen. It seems they might have already done that with Dead Space.

          1. Who cares about a shitty red ring 360 anymore? Oh yeah. Your broke dumbass does and Naurto? That series is pretty much done at this point.

            So what’s your logic? Beautiful open world Skyrim-like Zelda, Canvas Curse sequel, Splatoon utilizing a new ink morph gameplay mechanic? You obviously lack taste of originality and beautifully crafted video games.

      9. 4 million worldwide in a week on 5 platforms meanwhile MK8 did 1.2 million in just 2 days.

        Now if MK8 sales momentum sustains at that rate; 1.2 million in 2 day x 3 more days = more than 5 million in 6 days on one platform alone, within less than a week it’ll out pace Watchdogs both sales and time frame of sale.

        So answer this question: Can you feel it Mr. Butthurt? X3

      10. Once again, you’re being a dumbass & ignoring the fact that Watch_Dogs is a multiplat game. So in reality, Mario Kart 8 is the one doing the beating.

      11. i had watch dogs and i’m going to sell it because it’s a fucking bad game. the story sucks. they’re trying too hard to put plot twists that isn’t even relevant. most disappointing purchase ever. -.-

      12. Again, nope. Watchdogs on all platforms within a week had to sell about 800, 000 x 5 platforms to hit 4 million while MK8 did 1.2 million in less than 3 days alone. It already bested Watchdogs on any platform by itself and now imagine this math: 1.2 million in less than 3 days x another 4 days to complete a week = almost 4.8 in its first week if the momentum continues.

        Watchdogs got pwned by a mere racing game by a mile. Face it. Like Watchdogs, you lost too.

  1. Mario Kart 8 had more hype for it that’s why it sold better and also this mean’s that consoles sold doesn’t matter much because Nintendo 1st party games sell well.

    1. MK8 did NOT have more hype. Watchdogs was hyped and marketed a TON. Nintendo did pick up the marketing on MK8, but nowhere near watchdogs level imo.

        1. Watch Dogs was released within days of Mario Kart 8 and would compete for sales.

          1. His point still stands. Compare to MK7, MK8 was hyped and promoted up the whazoo. That’s why it did better, plus its the first HD Mario Kart game.

  2. That’s funny. But still, I wonder if Mario Kart 8 can surpass MK Wii’s lifetime sales…

    1. It won’t, and I will continue to reiterate this. MK8 will never hit the Numbers that MK Wii hit. The casual market that ate up that motion nonsense isn’t here. Of course MK will sell millions but it’ll hover around the same place most MK games stay in 7-10 million units as appose to what MK Wii did (20+ Million.)

      1. I have to agree. Even then, 7-10 million sales is still pretty damn good.

  3. The game is still unbalanced and the online is terrible (disconnecting constantly). Nintendo needs to fix their game. Mario Kart 7 still remains a better game overall. Mario Kart 8 just looks better.

      1. PLENTY of people get the “you have been disconnected” error, if you haven’t been reading on the site. It’s Nintendo’s fault. At first I thought it was just how many people were online on the game, but no. Navl you need to read up more online about the issues because too many people get the issue.

        “Hmm”, you’re retarded for posting that. An unbalanced game is NOT a challenge. It’s unfair for skillful people who play Mario Kart, and the items should not be distributed improperly. No one should get triple red shells in a high position while someone in a low position gets a mushroom or green shell. You can’t use your own skill to catch up if people in front of you get better items. Stop trying to defend a game that obviously still needs work. Mario Kart 7 nailed it correctly. And you’re a moron for being CoD into the conversation.

        1. He never mention CoD you idiot.
          Also, how is saying “Hmmm” make him retarded? Saying a term that indicates he’s thinking about something does not make him retarded, you saying that it makes him look retarded actually makes you look retarded.
          Also “unbalanced game” is subjective and debatable, but it won’t play in your favor when someone has the opposite of what you got.

            1. Then I take my entire statement back and apologize for the miscommunication.

              1. It’s understandable, things would have been clearer if they directly replied to the comment they were actually referring to.

        2. I would say after 40 hrs the game is pretty spot on pefect… controls are the best ever abd as for item distribution… I have no problems with it… seems fine to me.

        3. If there’s a problem or some form of imbalance, Nintendo WILL patch it unlike WB with Arkham Origin or EA with BF4 releasing DLCs before fixing anything so you tell me which is worse?

          Obviously mad over not winning any race in Grand Prix mode. I get it. The AI is smarter and can be a dick plus the item roulette isn’t set in stone and if you want a better item, watch the item box shuffle carefully and fire away for better or worse.

          And BTW, WTF else mentioned COD besides you dumbass?

    1. Then your Internet must suck because I’m having zero problems online and if you don’t like a challenge, go back to playing CoD.

    2. One, your connection likely sucks and two, you just suck at playing video games especially ones that throws in a challenge that makes you whimper like a dog.

  4. I love it, xbots and PSwhores are in a frenzy trying to justify their purchase over the WII U

    1. With what? lol MS only has Halo to offer and PS4 is still playing waiting game and yet nobody who complained about Wii U over that last year isn’t saying shit about PS4 this year.

      See how much hypocrisy is going around with these graphic drooling morons?

  5. Could someone explain attach rate for me? And if it’s what I think it means how does a company measure that?

    1. Attach rate is the number of people who own a game, out of the current number of console owners.
      Hypothetically, let’s say wii u sold ten systems, and out of those ten owners, nine of them bought Mario Kart 8.
      That would be a 99% attach rate.

    2. If I am not mistaken it refers to the numbers of copies purchased with respect to the number of system out there.

      I read that Wii U has a great attachment rate which means that we – Wii U owners, purchase a lot of games for the not so many consoles that have been sold.

      In this case refers only to the number of MK8 games sold.

  6. Mario should shove his gas pipe up my ass and spill all the gas in my ass

  7. HEY PACHTERRRR!!! MIKEY MIKE PACHTER! You can Iwata’s nuts, then Shigeru’s nuts, then Reggie’s nuts, then you can suck all Wii U owners nuts’ one at a time, you little blabbering piece of the worst shit

      1. Those guys are a group of dumbass mouth draggers founded by Michael Patcher who talks shit and gets proven wrong within mere seconds.

  8. First off, Mario Kart 8 launched in the middle of a really long drought, while Mario Kart 7 launched almost the same time Mario 3D Land and Ocarina of Time 3D did, which diminished its sales.
    Secondly, Mario Kart 8 launched almost two years into the Wii U’s life, while Mario Kart 7 launched around a year into the life of the 3DS, and is often regarded as one of the games that saved the console, meaning that, at launch, not many people had a 3DS, which also diminished its sales.

    1. To debunk you, Mario Kart 7 launched in the Holidays, while Mario Kart 8 launched after the Christmas season, and there were games on the WiiU, the Hobbit lego, Spiderman 2, DK tropical freeze etc.

        1. Let’s just cut to the chase of the real picture here: Lets be glad we have those games and that they have played their roles at improving the system’s image after their rocky start.

      1. Really spiderman and the hobbit? -_- also DKTF launched almost 4 months ago. Dubunked nothing.

  9. >.< And people are worried Super Smash Bros 4 3DS coming out first will ruin the Wii U version's sales. Funny how some people want to underestimate the graphics of the Wii U, but they always seem to overestimate the graphical power on the Sony & Microsoft consoles. Double standards are rampant in the video game industry these days.

    1. 3DS will have very limited content with downgraded visuals for its mobile profile and the Wii U will have rich HD 60FPS, shittons of content plus GameCube controllers which will inspire the hardcore audience to flock to Wii U instead. I will hold off the 3DS to see what Wii U will have in store. I know what to expect for 3DS but Wii U still has tons more to reveal.

      1. I’m not so sure about the 3DS having limited content. We have to remember that Pokemon X, Y, Omega Ruby, & Alpha Sapphire are all going to be using 3D graphics while also converting over 700 Pokemon into 3D models. Not to mention some, if not all, of the Pokemon moves are also getting some 3D effects added to them. It will still be a lot more limited in power compared to the Wii U, but I don’t think we should underestimate the 3DS’s capabilities, either. I’m pretty sure Sakurai is trying to make sure SSB 4 3DS pushes the handheld to it’s maximum potential.

  10. I love Mario Kart 8. But playing online is NOT fun. Everybody cheats so freakin’ much that I can’t even catch up in the races. I’m always near last place. And I always considered myself to be really good at these games. Until I played online. (- _ -)

    1. Maybe its your choice of karts or parts? Cause I play and people tend to suck bad. I’ve only lost a handful of times.

    2. So far there are no cheaters.

      What bases on your victories and losses for each race is your character choice, kart parts, how you drive, item roulette and some luck. All of these factors play a role on how you play and win or lose.

      1. I hopped online after only completing 4 Grands Prix in 50cc & I got utterly decimated. xD So I’m pretty sure I just jumped on there too soon. That & I WAS doing races with no items. Apparently that was a big mistake.

        1. That’s what you have to think about. All factors of the game decides win or lose based on your choices and actions.

          1. Nintendo certainly did add a touch of strategy into Mario Kart 8. This alone makes this Mario Kart better than previous entries in the series for me.

  11. Mario Kart 7 is the only Mario Kart game that I never bought. I’m not sure why exactly? Except that with most games, I don’t really like handheld versions as much. And it took me a long time before I started to like the 3DS.

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