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Nintendo May Offer Custom amiibo Figures

Nintendo developers have been experimenting with new ideas in amiibo. Speaking to IGN, legendary designer Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed the possibility of allowing consumers to order amiibo figures based on their own Mii. amiibo are figures of Nintendo characters that can interact with multiple future Wii U games, including Super Smash Bros., Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and Yoshi’s Woolly World.

“We do have a number of employees internally who want to be able to do something like that, and we’re performing different experiments,” said Miyamoto. “There’s different ways that we could do it and ordering could be one, or there’s different structures that we could use. In fact, there is already an amiibo of my Mii.”

94 thoughts on “Nintendo May Offer Custom amiibo Figures”

  1. You know, I find it funny how I used to criticise Skylanders for making you pay for toys to put in the game, but for some reason, I’ll buy these to put in my Wii U games. Maybe I’m just a little biased towards Nintendo. ._.

    1. I don’t know a lot about Skylanders, but I like the concept of Nintendo’s idea here because these seem completely optional as far as really enjoying the game goes. Not to mention their use will span across multiple games for the foreseeable future.

      Plus having a completely custom one is an amazing idea due to the amount of unique Mii art out there. So don’t feel like too much of a hypocrite. =P

    2. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      Yeah, what Soñaos said. It’s optional and isn’t necessary to play the games. Smash and the other games aren’t built around Amiibos. They’re there to buy if you want them. Also, you KNOW the characters. The ones in Skylanders are just unknown monsters.

    3. I would be these because they are not needed to play the games they work with its an option in skylanders you need that figure to play it its just a money grab in my oppion

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  4. I can see people holding Amiibo based tournaments in the future, lol. You train your Amiibo to face other peoples Amiibo. It’s like real life Pokemon!

  5. Wow. Nintendo obviously is gonna make a big push this way. Making detailed and accurate Miis for cheap is now possible with cheaper 3d printers. I’m sure they’ve been getting on that!

  6. Nintendo won e3 bitches. The wii u just got a little less dusty….. THOUGH fuck this GAY AMIIBO SHIT!!!!! This stuff better not be mandatory to any extent in there games or else they might as well of lost e3 for announcing one of the shittiest things they have in a while. oh not to forget if it’s mandatory for games like zelda, smash anything you might as well never by anything from them again, because your going to have to buy and collect gay overpriced toys that shouldn’t be seriously nimtendo shows me some light in the fllop u but then there is this stupid shit called amiibo, that will probably be mandatory in their games. great have to buy shitty fucking toys to unlock or get features or what? stupid faggot iwata, SOOO INNOVATIVE, NO INNOVATIVE WAS ZELDA MM, not gay fucking toys you have to buy. IT MAKES THE GAME SO MUCH DIFFERENT AND FUN… NO LMAO!! im a shit on you gay amiibo toys and stuff em up your ass iwata when you get fired later this month lmao.

    Please if anybody thinks amiibos are great jump off a bridge. if these retarded overpriced not needed toys are just a random choice that will not effect anything in there games, then ok.

    oh also….. what happened to failwatas retarded QOL idea? Was anything mentioned? NO BECAUSE EVERYBODY KNOWS ITS A DUMB IDEA AND IWATA IS GOING TO GET FIRED TWICE AS HARD NOW. stupid bitch iwata.

    anyway haha wii u is looking ok by next year, if the games can deliver anyway. if iwata gets let go, probably 99% nintendo will be less shit. Just look at Phil spencer he is almost turning that shit xbox one all the way around. yeah buy iwata should stay….. morons. same with reggie he is horrible and only a good spokesperson.

    RANT!!!!! Seriously nintendo get your shit together.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Because the Xbots do not believe in anything they create, they are mindless sheep that obeys even lesser life-forms…

      1. xbox fans are pretty dumb ill give you that, they voice out more though…. which is a good thing. Nintendo may be in piss poor shape, and even ill rather play wii u over xbox one lmao. All they managed to do at e3 is punch me in the face. CONKER HAHA AM I DREAMING!!!! microsoft – haha yes, i guess your going to have to create your own conker game!! YOU WANT CONKER? DO YOU WANT IT HAHA to bad here is another forza, i KNOW you guys have been waiting for new GOOD rare games for over a decade but haha WE PURPOSELY RUINED THEM ANYWAY” cunts, you have no games that will have people rush out in get your system and your 3rd party games run worse on your system, not to mention it’s weaker than the competition. i would get a wii u just for xenoblade x anyway.

        1. I have this strange sense that nintendo is saying fuck you towards the casual market now, and will be catering more towards what the hardcore nintendo fanbase wants for now on with wii u and may be less focussing on the kiddies and soccer moms. second half of wii u might be ok, it sure is looking better than the first shitty half.

          though these stupid amiibos might ruin it, unless you absolutely DON’T need them for any of there games. like you can use them in smash…… give me a break nintendo don’t force it on people.

        2. your a retard. they showed the division, call of duty advance warfare, witcher 3 which looks amazing on xbox one and trashes any wii u game. they showed assassin creed unity. not everyone care about the resolution differences because the in game graphics are still next gen. the only difference is that ps4 games my be more sharper. as for the wii it’s dead. third party support is more reavlent than nintendo games. did you even see evolve demo runing on the xbox one.

          1. xbox is a wasted platform man, half of the exclusive titles go to pc lmao. All third party games run better on ps4. everybody i know moved from 360 to ps4….. wonder why. people would rather play the waiting game with ps4 than get an xbox one that has more titles right now. wii u is dead and a mistake, (that’s actually a good thing, it will teach nintendo not to make a system like wii u again and hopefully change business plans) but it is getting somewhat better. If fagwata gets fred later this month there is a chance that nintendo will be way less shit than what they become. The people who run the xbox division fixed everything and know what they’re doing, nintendo doesn’t but that doesn’t change the fact that xbox is a wasted platform, especially this gen. the 360 was a worthy platform, despite it’s fucking problems xbox one isn’t.

            all e3’s were pretty dang bad, and a lot of people say nintendo came out on top, i even think that.

          2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

            Enjoy fucking with iceazeama, sasori. From what I’ve heard, he’s a far better troll than you. But by all means, argue with him. I’d like to see a master of the art of trolling crush the bitch of the art of trolling.

    2. sorry.. the games shown at e3 will not save the wii u. really expect yoshi and captain toad to more wii u units lol. really splatoon, that’s not even a shooter just a paint game. shooters you bullets not paint. the zelda wii u already pissed of alot of people including me with that stupid art style. mario party 10 is a failure just as 9 and island tour.

      1. you’re an idiot, have you ever played paintball in real life?
        it’s fun and i’m sure it’s the concept behind splatoon

      2. no i don’t expect anything to save wii u, nor do i want it to. Honestly if wii u succeeds it’s bad for everybody, failure is the best thing for nintendo to try to fix things up. if the fucking wii u succeeded nintendo would be stuck in this shit forever. nobody wants that but corporate slaves. all that matters is if wii u gets better titles now, and less copy and paste titles. those titles are coming haha.

        n64 and gamecube, got murdered.(not as bad as wii u) but those systems had some of the best games ever, especially n64. wii was selling like crazy, yet it sucked. they were confident with wii u and tried to do the same…… it sucks. get it. If they repeat this they will be a lot better, and not be this, casual super kiddie, less impressive, milking, super gimmicky crappy not know what they’re doing company. i honestly see some light for nintendo right now. if iwata gets fired later this month there will be even more light.

        though man have you even played nes – gamecube because if you haven’t i might not be making sense to you.

  7. hum since it was announce my though was: “Activision going to sue Nintendo for its NFC technology figure” wait for it. If that the case Nintendo deserve it. I just hope Nintendo manage to buy a licence from activision or have a commercial agreement.

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      Activision has a good relationship with Nintendo, though. I doubt they’ll sue Nintendo. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Activision gave them some pointers.

  8. pink0crystal0midbus

    I would totally take advantage of this. That would be absolutely incredible to have an amiibo based on your Mii!

    1. It would be…but hopefully they don’t slap on a price for customization like NikeID. I don’t know if I would pay an extra $10 for that, or I might, I guess it all depends on how deep the customization goes.

  9. If that is possible, I will order a Samus in the Varia Suit of Super Metroid or Metroid Prime, I do not like that filthy “Other M” model they, for some stupid reason, chose to use.

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