Here’s A Closer Look At The Hyrule Warriors Box-Art


Nintendo of America has posted the official box-art for Tecmo Koei and Nintendo’s Hyrule Warriors for Wii U. What’s interesting about the box-art is that it shows off a new character that has yet to be announced. There’s no clue as to who she might be, but I’m sure we will find out in due time. Hyrule Warriors launches in September.

Thanks, Kallum and Kathryn


      1. I think he meant he’s getting the physical game. I mean, just look at the case. It looks b-e-a-utiful.

    1. My money’s on Nayru’s avatar, or something like that. If I’m correct, that probably means Farore and Din are playable too.

      1. I know, that’s why I’m holding my hype. The game looks great so far, but I don’t want to be disappointed.

      2. I think it’s Nayru too. Din would be fire and Farore would be green. Nayru is blue so it would make sense.

      3. I’m sure it’s Cia before turning evil. She has a Main Character spot on the case, and share many features with her.

  1. I wish Impa was on the box art instead of that mysterious girl but i guess she must have huge relevance to the story campaign. Probably related to Cia somewhat.

  2. She is one of the goddesses. Naryu I believe right :P or something like that it was oracle of sages she was in I believe

  3. By the way that dragon on the cover is Argorok, the boss from the City in the Sky Dungeon in Twilight Princess :)

    1. She’s a reoccurring character in like half the Zelda Games, mainly OoT (shadow sage) and Skyward Sword

      1. I believe he means where is Impa on the box art to which the answer would be, she is not

  4. Very good artwork. This is the kind of cover that I want from Nintendo. I need to get this game as soon as possible, but it is going for full price so I’ll likely need to wait for a while. Maybe Mario 3D World or Star Fox 3D will finally be cheap enough to buy by then

    1. Dude, first party nintendo games take years to drop their prices, unless they sold horribly or become players choice

      1. I know, it’s a little sad for me as a consumer. I’m finally planning on possibly getting Star Fox 3D this year for that reason. Mario Hoops 3 on 3 is still about 20 dollars and that’s scary. It’s too bad they can’t just go to the 5 dollar bin like Casper or De Blob. Then I could snag them fast!

      2. Yes, like how Super Smash Bros. Brawl didn’t become $30 until 3-4 years after launch.

  5. NAYRU? im pretty sure she is a goddess…or at least a descendant in human form or something.

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    1. Or at the very least smash but I guess these designs are too different (scarf, armour etc)

  6. This isn’t my kind of game, but was goign to get it until I saw no online coop. Made me change my pre-order to Bayonetta 2 with it’s free Bayonetta which has been redone for the Wii U, online coop for demons, tons of extra content, and Japanese audio track. Hyrule Warriors will probably be good for people who have someone to play with locally, but if you don’t it looks like a boring game for my preferences. I hope you guys who like this type of game have a blast and post lots of screens to MiiVerse.

  7. Needs more Oracles love in this game. I’d kill for a playable Veran and Ralph with the addition of the 3 goddesses/oracles.

  8. Original I didn’t care too much about this game, until more news about came out, Now I’m excited for the game. I have never played DW game , so this experience will, be new to me, I’m a fan of over the top action games(DMC, MadWorld, Metal gear Rising wonderful 101 and ECT.) pretty sure i’ll like this. The reason I’m drawn in the game is…yeah Zelda characters. This will be the first Time out side of smash bros, and few moments in zelda that we can play as our favorite characters. Ganondorf I’m pretty sure is already confirmed and I can’t wait to play as him and Midna. I’m still going to get despite reviews, because reviews todays aren’t as reliable as they used to be, plus its some else’s opinion. I have talked to few people who have played the DW series, and they said this game looks to be the most polished one in the franchise, and best looking one as well, day one for me

  9. There’s a book near that girl, books represent wisdom so it could be Nayru, either Nayru or a new character.

  10. new zelda game confirmed for the nintendo 3ds being marketed this holiday by nintendo of america

  11. I believe the mysterious character on the right is actually Cia, the sorceress advertised as the villain of the game. The character’s colors (including hair) match what Cia might look like as a protagonist character.

    Considering that it’s been said that the “dark force from the past” has possessed Cia and thus caused the events of the game, I think we might see Cia join the playable cast partway through or as an unlockable character after beating the game.

      1. It can still be Cia. Don’t forget that Sheik looks like a Sheikah when we all know it’s Zelda in disguise. And some creatures change the appearance of their victim’s possessed body. An example would be when Ganondorf possessed Zelda’s body in Twilight Princess & her appearance changed a bit. Then there are the creatures that got possessed by the Ing in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes that had their appearance change. Some more drastic than others. With that said, let people speculate about who she is. The Legend of Zelda is famous for having it’s fanbase speculate about a lot of stuff & even make up theories to explain stuff. So it’s no surprise to me that the same would happen with Hyrule Warriors.

        Personally, I’m hoping it’s an original character that will play a huge part in the story. If not that, maybe it will be Nayru in mortal form.

  12. I just can´t get excited over this game. It looks like all you do is fight, fight and fight. I think it will get boring pretty fast.

    But i hope you people enjoy it.

  13. L-L-LOVE the boxart!!! Only thing that could make it better is havong Cia on the cover ;)

  14. Was not going buy it untill they announced online but since this box art so epic and has nintendo network logo dose that mean online co-op conformed?

    1. Well does dynasty warriors have online co-op if so, probably yes, if not probably no

  15. I will not buy a Wii U for this game alone, but I definitely see myself getting it in the future.

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  17. D: Oh my god! *suddenly feels torn between digital & physical* Ah screw it! I’m still going to get it digital. I can always just use the internet to admire the box art. Hopefully, the digital version’s instruction booklet will have the box art be the first page.

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