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Reggie Talks About Wii U’s Chances Against PlayStation 4 And Xbox One

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime was asked by the Seattle Times whether he thinks the Wii U could ever outsell Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. With regards to the UK the PlayStation 4 outsold the Wii U in 48 hours and the Xbox One outsold the Wii U in one month. The PlayStation 4 outsold Wii U worldwide in 4 months. Still, Reggie thinks Nintendo has a good chance at outselling its competitors with the Wii U.

Q: Will the Wii U ever outsell the Xbox One or PlayStation 4?

A: The dirty little secret is if you look at life-to-date numbers, between Sony and Nintendo they’d be pretty close in terms of PS4 vs. Wii U, with Xbox coming in third place. I think it’s going to be a three-horse race for the balance of this cycle.

113 thoughts on “Reggie Talks About Wii U’s Chances Against PlayStation 4 And Xbox One”

  1. The Real Sasoriobiniamii

    Oooooh, the faker version of me is going to need some butthurt cream when he reads this XD

  2. I love Reggie. So modest. Sony’s reps would have gave a douchebag answer to that question. It’s like Sony wants to act like its fanbase now. Which gives a bad image.

  3. Ready to count all snarky fanboys ready to state the obvious about the time span of every console out in the market.

    1. Sasori is already typing his “Nintendo Rehash and Microsoft has the best games” comment right now, he’s also recording it with his shitty hand camera that can’t do 1080p, much like his PC from 1981 that even the Wii U beats by a 100 years XD

        1. don’t be shy your tools are from the last century. your camera sucks. your pc is crap and your videos have shitty resolution and your face doesn’t help lol

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      What Navi said. It’s not like the PS4 & Xbox One is outselling the Wii U at a tremendous rate. “But it’s been out for a year now!” That’s a cop out & those that use it are idiots for even trying to use it to damage control the fact the PS4 & Xbox One aren’t doing ANY better.

      1. It won’t, even Ninty doesn’t think it will. They dropped they’re forecast for this year fairly low and that’s with Smash and MK releasing the same year. The only other reason would be is if they plan on delaying Smash U.

        1. Only because 9 million was far too high, and there wasn’t a lot of software out for it.

          But be honest, PS4 has done slightly better but X1 hasn’t done amazingly well.

      2. And what about after smash? How bout two years after smash? Are you really excited for the new mario game where peach gets captured?

    1. Nintendo is 3 good games away from over taking ps4 sales, Sony has no games, and other then potently 6 that they even announced (exclusives) I can go to Xbox and get all the same 3rd party stuff, and still have better online, a better box, and both Kinect and smartglass. Mean while other then a remake of girm fandango (which at this point could still find its way to other systems later) Sony didn’t anounce any thing good, and little big planet has always bin a potty project. Then again Sony has never had a original idea

      Uncharted = tomb raider
      Little big racer = Mario kart
      Eye toy = Kinect
      Psp = gameboy
      God of war = Zelda
      Sly cooper = conker
      And on and on

      And as for those 3 games, Zelda, smash brothers, and slatoon all have the potential to be those games
      Mean while Nintendo is hard at work making new IP, supporting M rated projects, and creating great new games for the gamepad. And they also have the biggest indie support, even better then Xbox (which is the easiest to develop for and lets you self publish)

      Its all about Xbox and Nintendo

      1. nintendo are much more friendly towards the indie developper then microsoft. even thou microsoft are much easier to approach then sony they are still far behind nintendo on that matter.

      2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

        Sony’s Eye Toy was for the Playstation 2 while the Kinect was made for the Xbox 360 a year or so into it’s life because of Wii’s success. As far as I know, the Eye Toy is one of Sony’s original ideas. If there was something similar before the Eye toy, I’m unaware of it.

  4. Sounds like he considers only the Play station to be a more better opponent then the Xbox. And I see that just fine. Playststion was always the better console to choose next to Nintendos.
    Nintendo = Exclusive
    Sony = Few Exclusive and Japanese Third Party
    PC = Third Party

    1. All PC games (Including the Master Race) buy the Wii U over the PS4/Xbox One because they know they can get the superior version of the third party games on their platform whilst playing a unique experience on Wii U.

      1. Yep, I prefer PC over any other platform and I think that most consoles are pointless and worthless. Wii U on the other hand isn’t just trying to be a PC with a different OS. It has unique experiences and although this is just my opinion, the best exclusives, excluding PC.

      2. i wounder when these nintendrones became pc elitest but start flip floping by saying graphics dont matter lol.

        1. I use pc for third parties too. Lol and that’s because you can get games for cheap. Seriously, alot of AAA titles are like 50% off a month after they’re released on steam

      1. The generations of consoles have always been the Sony-Nintendo show when it came to sales at the end. Plus Microsoft really drags its ass when it comes to breaking into Japan.

        It’s not surprising Nintendo would view PS4 a their only competition.

        1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

          The original Xbox was the only Microsoft console to actually beat a Nintendo console in sales, so far. I say so far because I can’t predict the future. The Xbox One could surprise us & outsell the Wii U, putting it in 3rd place. Personally, I don’t think it will outsell the Wii U, either.

  5. xbox1 will outsellf WiiU, mark my words :)
    and what reggie is saying is just what he should have to say for his job.

    1. Yeah, because the Xbox One is selling SOOOO well… oh wait, even the kinectless bundle isn’t doing so well ;)

      Xbox One is a Xbox Done because most of the exclusives people cared about they can get the vastly superior version on PC and Halo collection won’t save them either..

          1. The Wiius been out way longer . And No I’m not a fan boy. You’re obviously the fanboy that only likes to see what he wants to.

            1. Xbox one is just third parties… oh wait.. Halo collection… so many exclusives. I have a Wii U, but between Xbox One and PlaySation 4, I would prefer Playstation 4

            2. It’s funny because the ps3 and 360 did pretty shitty the first few years, people like you care to forget this. Hell, the joke around the ps3 was “no games”.

              The wii u is doing just fine. It didn’t have enough big name titles, the first year and no we are finally getting them this year, the next, and so on.

              Also, maybe the wii u doesn’t sell too well. The GameCube didn’t sell too well either and I’d say it had the best games of it’s generation. “Failure” is subjective.

            3. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

              Pathetic. “Oh the Wii U’s been out way longer!” Nice cop out. It just doesn’t work. Besides, you idiots most likely said the opposite of the Xbox 360 when it was out way longer than the PS4 & Wii. Now quit using double standards.

          2. Its to early to tell right now who will sell the most in the long run. Hopefully they all sell well.

          3. I think right now, Wii U is doing better sales wise right now than XB1. Keep in mind though the Wii U had a year head start and X1 is closing in. We still have a long way to go in this generation. Anybody can take the throne at this point. Who knows? PS4 might stop being king and someone else might take it’s crown. >:)

        1. “not everyone is going to have a strong pc” and you used to say that your pc was too powerful…pathetic idiot

        2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

          And this is coming from the person who claimed that he had a powerful PC that could rival only PS2? My Alienware X51 obliterates your entire argument.

  6. keep in mind, the wiiu sells world wide, Xbox one doesn’t, also the wiiu was out selling PS4 when Mario Kart 8 came out, so I’m not surprise it pass up Xbox one

    1. Even so, the Xbox One still hasn’t got those big RPG games that the Japanese would purchase and not forgetting they still think the Xbox brand is considered childish… yeah childish compared to a name like the Wii U and PlayStation XD

    2. Actually the ps4 still outsold the wii u, believe wii u only outsold it in japan where home consoles sales havr been aweful for a while.

  7. Call me crazy but I think the Wii U stands a very good chance against the other two, Mario Kart 8 is selling tons and Zelda as well as Smash most likely will too. Wii U may not outsell its rivals but it should get a good percentage of market share :)

  8. That is a fascinating way to dodge the question.

    “Three horse race.”

    Yes, of course. Nintendo’s losing that race pretty hard when it comes to console sales though.

        1. “Weakly” as in just barely lol. Just wait, 2015 is gonna be terrible for the Xbox. They’ve got almost no exclusives

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      How is it losing the race pretty hard? The Xbox One & the PS4 aren’t exactly doing any better than the Wii U so far. And please don’t use the “But the Wii U has been out a year longer!” It’s just a cop out to damage control the fact the Xbox One & Playstation 4 isn’t doing any better right now.

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      XD I love Family Guy. I wonder what Seth McFarlane & the creators of South Park feel about the current 8th Gen.

  9. Reggie is right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!
    When the Wii came out had no competition and could not cope with the old consoles, but with the new will take an equal battle.











  11. nobody wants an Xbox one most people that want ps4 already have them…. and out of all the major franchises nintendo has so far we have mk8 and soon smash.. wii u is crushing xb1 already even before mk8 was out sony is next smash is definitely gonna boost wii u sales way past whatever number ps4 is at when smash hits.

    1. you idiots are already forggeting the last NPD sales
      xbox one:311k
      wii u: 70k
      LOL you frauds are ….

  12. I inow one person personally with xb1 ane nobody eith a ps4… in my region.. being dirt poor economically and myself alone had a wii u. Which my friend eith xb1 loved after playing.

  13. I don’t really care which one sells the most as long as they produce benefit to assure console gaming will continue for years to come.

    And about Wii U, I am happy if it sells enough for Nintendo to justify a good few years of awesome first party development and some high quality third party collaboration here and there. Where some people see a disaster I am experiencing a huge success -I love my Wii U.

    Wii U is an unique system and just for that very reason is condemned to be overlooked by a significant part of the gaming community. Nintendo as a visionary company often suffers the inquisitorial rage of those who only follow trend. With time, just like it happened with the Dreamcast before it, people might recognise what a great piece of hardware this is.

  14. remember the xbox one titan fall bundle was trashing the wii u. remember watch dogs trashing mario kart 8. remeber the ps3 and and ps4 trashing the wii u weekly. too bad this fanboys have bad memory. am pretty sure people will prefere to get an xbox one over wii u any day unless there that desperate like these drones to play a mairo game lol.

  15. id say that the Wii U isn’t in the race, as it’s not really directly competing with the other two, chances are that if u have a Wii U you’ll also be getting an xbone, ps4, or pc for multiplats

    1. dman, your video is so crappy. go to eat shit!!
      and the music you choose is so corny. Maybe devil´s third won’t save the Wii U, but at least they are gettin’ exclusives. Take a load of this, i hope you get your face… smashed by a hammer!!!

        1. not as desperate as you. you want to sexy scenes in video games, make long videos complaining about a battle you lost a lot of times, i am just making fun of you… BANG, shoot to kill, lol!!!
          in your last video, the one where you talk about “fanboys” you sound like you want to cry, i felt your frustration. Accept that you lost!
          no, i am not desperate, as i said, i am making fun of you.

        2. “this guy is desperate”, words coming from the guy that gets burned every 2 seconds, i agree with land of empires you sound frustrated and you sound like you are DESPERATE, looking ways to expose people that expose you everytime.
          sasori desperate fag

        3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMFG!!! you’re the only one who is desesperate. you want reaons to fap in front of your tv…go and rent porn.

        4. I think you’re desperate! Dad you’re fucking your sister, and his dad is a fan of Nintendo, because Nintendo hates LOLOLOLOL ;-)

    2. sasorideidaraobi: The Devils Third may not save the Wii U, but Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors, Zelda Open World, and Smash Bros. 3DS will.

  16. I want them all to do good numbers, Nintendo and Sony ’cause they are the shit and Microsoft ’cause it forces Sony to push forward with their systems and their exclusives.
    But yeah, I guess this time the PS4 is gonna have a good 20-30m at least if things go on that way ( and if it gets some fucking games ).

    1. People seem to be way more ready to buy a PS4 than they are ready to buy a Wii U. Just look at Watch_Dogs or Infamous for instance, they are shitty/average games and yet people jumped on this occasion to buy the packs. Nintendo failed the marketing of their console when Sony’s marketing is OP, especially in the US where a good amount of the World’s dumbass’ are.

  17. 360 will be worthless after they take xbl away from it in 2yrs… if you take call of duty halo battlefield and Gears of War and strip them from online capabilities they’re worthless.

  18. If you notice, Reggie didn’t really answer the question whenever the Wii U would outsell the Playstation 4 – he just says that he believes the Wii U would sell enough to be competition for sales with the PS4 and also be ahead of the Xbox of the current generation in terms of sales.

  19. I think XBOX and PS will kill each other in the long run. They have a War of 3rd party exclusive DLCs. They’re forcing the gaming companies to make or publish less or late DLCs against each other. That is just bad. Bad for gamers, bad for the developers and for the INDUSTRY itself. We’re just lucky that we still have and will continue to have Nintendo.

  20. Ah, I remember the days of yore, when gamers didn’t care much about consoles and graphics, but it the gameplay and overall experience. Nintendo has always been my console of choice, but there is still potential in the other systems. At least we can take solace in the fact that video games are eternal.

  21. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

    I understand why he didn’t answer the question. He doesn’t want to come off as an asshole by answering it. If any Sony or Microsoft spokesmen have any sense, they would also not answer the question. It would put their company in a bad light since they are REPRESENTATIVES of their companies as spokesmen.

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      So I love his “answer” to the question since he’s going by the current positions of all 3 consoles.

  22. to be honest I like his answer. if he came and says well i don’t think we will outsell them. it show a lack of confident. If he says yeah we are going to kick the shit out of them then he will be seen as an arrogant asshole. Nevertheless you can’t blame the man to say yes we are going to beat them cause we have our chances.

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