The Final Fantasy Explorers Site For Nintendo 3DS Is Now Live

You can check out the official website for Square Enix’s latest Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy Explorers for the Nintendo 3DS. The website contains some glorious artwork from the summons that feature within the game and it also showcases the four hero jobs, Monk, Knight, White Mage, and Black Mage.

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    1. Troll alert! Do not feed! Instead listen this beatiful song from best game ever made(or to be certain from its trailer!)!

      1. Heh, Final Fantasy. No game bearing that name since X has been worthy of that once-exalted name.

        Ed ec y cresa.

        1. X is retarded tbh I’m playing it now and enjoying it immensely. I smoke allot of weed and then turn in my PlayStation and play until the next stupid puzzle sequence.. You know the part with the spheres? Yeah that sucks.. But an enjoyable retarded game

    2. I played PC once… I had to use a PS4 controller with it because there were too many buttons that did nothing.

  1. I wonder how well these games would sell if they didn’t have “Final Fantasy” slapped to the front of the game’s title?

    Imagine if it was just called “Explorers.” Would anyone even be able to tell it is a Final Fantasy game?

    1. What IS Final Fantasy? I don’t even know anymore. It’s like every new game is a reboot of the series. Who the heck is the main character? I need to know. It’s really bugging me!

      1. None. It basically is rebooted every game, with new characters, story, universe, and barely any staple mechanics, which are always mind-numbing to remember which style was for which.

      2. Final Fantasy used to be Hironobu Sakaguchi´s last ditch effort for game industry since Square was doing bad financially at the time, since the game becomed so succesful they started to make sequels but first Final Fantasy wasnt made to be expanded upon so they instead just carry the series title Final Fantasy and every new game contain new setting, characters, story etc.

        Between you and me game called The Last Story was real successor to the series since it was made the series creator instead of these new FF games that are pretty much crap.

        Basically the way i see it is, Jrpg made by Hironobu Sakaguchi=FinalFantasy.

      3. Final fantasy was supposed to be sakaguchis’s final game… you can see how well that turned out…

    1. Actually, it’s a FF spin-off dealing with crystals. There was a game similar to this on the DS/Wii that I used too play. It was cross console so I had a lot of fun playing with my friends.

  2. He is just upset that he isn’t getting the best games currently. That’s why I own a Wii U, PC, PS4, 3DS, and Xbox 360. But I will never buy a Xbox One… I get an evil feeling just looking at it… like it wants to eat my soul…

  3. Please be a remake of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for the Nintendo Gamecube with online play.

    1. No…just No…Final Fantasy chronicle was bad, it was really boring ( i finished the game by the way), Final Fantasy ring of fate is the worse of the series the story was so dull. Saying that I like SquareEnix keeping the medieval themes for gamecube and 3DS.

      1. I loved the original Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for GCN even without the multiplayer, but I wish the multiplayer wasn’t tied to the Game Boy Advance. Ring & Echoes of Fate had some nice gameplay but Echoes was the only one with a great story. As for Crystal Bearers, the story was great but the gameplay sucked since the telekinesis was mostly used for throwing shit around. My Life As A King was a great game that could have been much, much more than just an eShop Wiiware game. The game could have had you, as the King, travel with one of the teams of people sent out to explore the areas & collect the needed material. At the end of the day, you spend a small amount of time doing as the original game did by “building” the houses, shops, & academies. So much potential for that game if it was made into a full game.

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