Sonic Boom Will Be Known As Sonic Toon In Japan

Sega will now be releasing Sonic Boom in Japan, but it will be known as Sonic Toon. The publisher and developer initially planned for Sonic Boom to be a western only series, but has decided to give Japanese gamers a slice of the pie. There’s currently no word from Sega as to whether the Japanese will also get the television show.


    1. Wont she be disappointed when she finds out that sonic has the hots for knuckels, and secretly tails has the hots for sonic (but sonic only wants knuckles)

      1. Sonic liking Knuckles? I could see that happen, but Tails is only 8 so I don’t think he gets it yet. rofl

      2. Remember, tails is a fox, not a human.
        So his age -… Wait… why the fuck are we talking about who has the hots for who? Clearly Amy is a lesbian and wants Sticks pussy…

  1. “Sonic Toon”? Makes no sense, because it’s also a game. Who’d play a game called Sonic Toon? Just doesn’t sound right. I like the name Sonic Boom better.

    1. My guess is that they are bringing the show over too and they want people to understand that it’s a “cartoon” and not an “anime” made in Japan.

    1. Yep, but playing it gives a world of difference than watching early gameplay, so I wouldn’t count it out.

  2. Interesting. I can’t say I like the Japanese name because it’s almost as if they’re mocking us. Calling an American show a toon is basically the meanest insult that you can give. It’s like calling Naruto a cartoon. You’re just being insulting at that point

      1. It’s just almost always used as an insult. If it is someone from an older generation then it’s okay. It’s a legitamite way to refer to a show. If it’s a teenager…then it’s basically an insult since people always think of toons as aiming to super young audiences. So, calling something like Attack on Titan a toon would be intriguing

  3. Why do people say this game will be boring and will suck? To me it does look very cool and interesting. I’ll be buying it for sure.

    1. I’ll buy it too. It’s a new take on Sonic but it can’t be worst than anything we’ve seen before.

      1. Plus we have devs who actually know what they’re doing, seriously sonic team get your act together or get out

    1. Are you retarded, this is something new, generations is when sonic team ran out of ideas

  4. This game is like a mixture of banjo kazooie and crash bandicoot this game looks pretty cool I didn’t like the original sonic games they are boring to me this is my type of sonic game is this coming to xbox 360 to

      1. What’s wrong with that comment? I only see them crushing on a video game character with a video of a woman modeling/posing for a video camera.

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