YouTuber Discovers New Infinite Lives Glitch In Super Mario Bros

A new glitch has been discovered in Super Mario Bros nearly thirty years after the game’s release. While glitches are found in abundance within retro games, many of them have supposedly already been discovered, along with the YouTuber who claimed the lowest possible score in Super Mario Bros. However, YouTube uploader Games Haya has found a new – yet overly complicated – glitch of spawning infinite 1-Up’s in the original Super Mario Bros.

It may seem like an easy glitch to master, but you’ll need to complete the game first before latching onto those 1-Up mushrooms in two-player mode, plus you’ll need to follow the instructions Retro Collect have summarised from the above video:

First, you must first take player one’s Mario to the second level of the game and throw away your first life. With Luigi taking over, player two must traverse all the way to World 5-2 and find the hidden beanstalk block halfway through the stage.

Once there, Luigi must start climbing the vines, however, he must wait – and take on the chin – an incoming projectile from one of the Hammer Bros. Upon being hit, once player one resumes control of Mario, the beanstalk from World 5-2 will start growing in World 1-2, providing all you need to infinitely kick shells for unlimited bonuses.

While watching the video may send you into a dreamy nostalgia trip, we recommend preserving your sanity by watching it on mute after the first three minutes – unless infinite life sound loops are part of the nostalgia kick.


  1. Ha. I wonder how many more people would’ve tried this had it been discovered while the game was still new…

    1. I was trying to do this thing with my 3DS. I completed the game and started a new one with 2-players. It didn’t work so well because i couldn’t change controller port to play with Luigi. x)

  2. Pleassa Undastaad Nintendo Commander Quadraxis, your nothing more than Valve GlaDOS’s bioch..

    1. Its the Japanese version. But I have the feeling this is a ROM or something else is going on, check out the Warp Pipes, the words appear after he goes down, which is a new in itself.

  3. “It may seem like an easy glitch to master, but you’ll need to complete the game first before latching onto those 1-Up mushrooms in two-player mode,”

    Why do I need this, then, if I already beat the game…

  4. No sure this is real or this might be from a ROM. I don’t remember being able to go straight from 1-2 to world five, even when you slip through the wall and pass the minus world glitch. I should just be 2, 3, 4 for the Warp Pipes, its not acting like how the game should.

    1. I just tested that. In PAL version center pipe warps to 5-1 if you go inside it before numbers appear. Not sure about other versions.

      1. The times I had done it on an original NES cart US it didn’t work. It you did it before the text you end up in the minus world or if the text appears World 3.

  5. I thought slipping through the wall to the warp zone took you to world 00 where is there was an infinite water world that just repeated itself?

    I also have heard rumors that there is a yet undiscovered chocolate world or chocolate factory level in Super Mario Bros. O_o

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