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Sonic Boom Excludes Microtransactions

Sega has confirmed that microtransactions won’t appear in the Sonic Boom duo, Rise of Lyric and Shattered Crystal. In a recent interview, the publisher confirmed it has yet to announce DLC plans for the forthcoming action-adventure titles. The Sonic Boom games are set to launch in November, exclusively for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

“There will not be any micro-transactions in Sonic Boom,” said Sega. “There is currently no news on DLC for the game.”

52 thoughts on “Sonic Boom Excludes Microtransactions”

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Sorry but that gameplay trailer speaks for itself…

        The constant annoying dialogues and none funny hollywood garbage humor plus the gameplay that basically makes Sonic ofiicially dead…

        Why is it so hard to translate the successful 2D Sonic gameplay to 3D?…

        The homing attacks is what started destroying the franchise to begin with in my opinion…

        1. I see that dash and homing attacks works well in 3D Sonic games because you see further in those but they really ruined 2D Sonic.

          For me Sonic Advance was last good 2D Sonic game after Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Homing attacks to me ruins both 2D and 3D Sonics…

            I can live with Dashes…

            But I also want bosses that were creative as in the main games on Genesis…

        2. pink0crystal0midbus

          The gameplay trailer is an early build. The “annoying dialogue” is not as common as you think. GameXplain sat down and actually played the game and in their video discussion they said it wasn’t an issue like the trailer seems to suggest.

          Basically, the trailer shows all the parts where the characters say quirky little things, but most f the time they don’t really say much.

          They said the gameplay was fine, only they needed to implement a “run” option or a “sprint” option, because Sonic and team only run at a set speed. This is easily fixable, however.

          Also, the homing attack is NOT a misstep for the 3D Sonic games. It is a very important element, because if you had to spend time lining up attacks yourself and missing a bunch of times before you actually hit your target, then not only would it take FOREVER to fight some enemies, but you would never be able to cross larger gaps that have floating enemies in between. Homing attacks are absolutely necessary due to the 3D environment.

          The Wii U version of the game has a lot of potential and only has a few minor gameplay mechanics to work out. As for the 3DS version, GameXplain aid it was a really, REALLY good game. SO if you don’t want the Wii U version, you can at least get the 3DS version.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Which is why the 3D games never appealed to me,they feel so boring, generic and just childlike enemy creations…

            I want them to remake the entire 3D formula without boring homing attacks and pointless hovering enemies in a straight line that does nothing except waste your time homing on them…

            1. pink0crystal0midbus

              I doubt we’d ever get a a 3D Sonic game completely redesigned from what it is now. I have played a bunch of the 3D Sonic games and I can tell you that the Sonic Adventure games are actually really fun. They are the best 3D Sonic games in my opinion. I still play Sonic Adventure Battle 2 to this day.

            2. You do realize sonic in 3d wouldn’t work without the homing attack, running at sonic speed and trying to accurately jump on enemies would be basically impossible, that’s why it was created in the first place

        3. Sorry but sonic is nowhere near dead, if sonic 06 and shadow didn’t kill him this certainly won’t plus if the game bombs they still have the modern sonic to fall back on. Although just based on the developers I think it’ll be mediocre at worst, these guys have created like some of the best games ever

      2. I played the demo at E3. I’ll put it this way, everyone moans about Lost World not being any good, I was genuinely hyped last E3 when I played that. This game is just, wow, talk about missing the point. Sluggish, slow, annoying, it just doesn’t work for what it’s even trying let alone as a Sonic game.

        1. Yeah. I played the demo for the 3DS version at E3 and it was pretty terrible. I didn’t get to try out the Wii U demo, but I did see others playing and it didn’t look too good. ;/

  1. Bittersweet reveal. It’s saddening that it’s come to this. Video game publishers having to announce these type of things. Remember the good times……$50.00 plus tax would get you a complete game*

    *Case that’s not hollowed out, instruction booklet that’s 1/2 centimeter thick

    Companies cut down on their packaging costs yet instead of lowering the price the hike it up….that’s an argument for another time.

    Back on topic: down with mobile games! Down with TRASH, mobile games, to be specific! They’re the cause of micro transactions….well, them and the people who “play” these “games” there are good games out there, so I’m not knocking all mobile games, just the majority. Down with Zynga, down with Don Mattrick lmao

  2. I released my self in a cat

    I would fuck amy so hard man oh! Somebody stick a wiimote in my ass and play cumsports

  3. when nintendo does microtransactions on their games i wounder how you will damage controll it. first your were bashing dlc now your defend that mario kart 8 dlc.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      First of all, I don’t buy DLC unless they are truly real DLC and not something that could have been on the game from the start…

      Second, most DLC your precious Third Class empires do on their games are content that should have been on the game from the start…

      And last, our empire makes the best quality games ever unlike your lesser games that has a lot of bugs, are at alpha stage development when released (BF4) and needs a lot of patches to even be playable for real…

    2. Funny, you defend games like Gears for being “Adult” and how Microsoft and Sony can get away with Micro transactions yet you’ll bash Nintendo for it… damn you’re a hypocrite.

      I think I’ll start calling you Chris Chan Jr

    3. It all depends on what kind of DLC it is. More importantly, what the ratio is between cost & play is. Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball offers a lot of content packed in each DLC @ $2, if you can haggle it down, but the initial game is free. Sub Wars is a bit similar, but the DLC doesn’t quite add as much variety, just extra missions, but the basic game is free & the DLC is inexpenaive. Now, paying full price for an incomplete experience & then seeing a huge list of DLC &/or expensive DLC would be a bad thing. Or worse, the content is on the disc but requires money to unlock. But Wii & back, there was none of these extras, & especially the extortion-style. Similarly, when patching was possible, it seemed patching became neccessary

    4. You dont have any ears nig ger beside nintendos been doing dlc since the satellite view something you have no idea about noob

    5. Becauuuuuse MK8 DLC is FREE. We don’t have to pay for it, see? That’s what seperates it from EA trash DLC

    6. They haven’t even done microtransactions yet asshole. There is Steel Diver 2 but since its free and purchases are one time and permanent, you’re assed comment is invalid and let me guess, EA does it better with microtransactions when in reality it fucked so many games.

    1. pink0crystal0midbus

      If they did, at least we know that SEGA would probably make a Megaman game, right? That’s more than you could say for CAPCOM.

  4. DLC can be a good thing if done right.

    DLC can extend the life of a game, 32 tracks in a racing game is pretty miniscule. I still think every Mario kart track should be playable in 8. $5 for every track in MK64 for example. That’s a decent price right? Then $5 for every MKDD track and so on.

    Day one DLC is bad, that’s cut content. DLC that’s released months after the release of a game is a good thing.

    1. pink0crystal0midbus

      No. Paid DLC is unacceptable no matter when it is released. If they do DLC it always has to be free.

      1. No on disk paid dlc is unacceptable, if they charge to add more to a game however that’s fine since they actually had to use resources to make it

  5. pink0crystal0midbus

    If they fix some minor issues, like adding in a run option when fighting, then this game looks like it will AT LEAST be better than Lost World… which isn’t saying too much, but would make the game playable at least.

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