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Here’s Six Minutes Worth Of Splatoon Footage

Tilmen from Nintendomination has captured some footage of Nintendo’s quirky multiplayer shooter Splatoon at a recent Nintendo press event. So if you’re looking to see some frantic multiplayer action then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve already heard that Splatoon will have a campaign mode as well at 1v1 local multiplayer mode. The game launches for Wii U sometime in 2015.

60 thoughts on “Here’s Six Minutes Worth Of Splatoon Footage”

  1. Who didn’t have to put *worth* cause on that last Nintendo meeting in the Nintendo Tree House at E3 was killing me.. I was saying I wanna see smash bros or bayonetta 2 or Zelda please stop showing show something different.. I felt like punching the TV lol.. I was waiting foe like an hour so they can change games.. so I punched the TV finaly they changed different games.

  2. Blah blah blah Battlefield 4 fetish blah blah blah 64 Players blah blah blah comment that has nothing to do with this article blah blah Damage control.

  3. For once I have to say that this seems like a big De Blob ripoff. Slightly different, but Nintendo is acting as if nothing has ever come out like this game

    1. Hmmm like Battlefield wasn’t a “Rip off” of something else…. oh wait… it’s called Call of Duty…

      1. Hey, I won’t deny that either. Battlefield is totally a rip off from Call of Duty. At least Playstation All Stars acknowledges that it is borrowing from Super Smash. Other games try to be unique…unsuccessfully that is. (Play Daniel X and Spiderman Web of Shadows for DS and you’ll see what I mean)

        1. I watch some DeBlob gameplay and… what are you smoking?…. Seriously, the only thing I could see that both games had is paint/ink… that’s about it.

          DeBlob allows you to paint grey buildings into the colour you are and that’s about it, some special abilities but nothing else.

          Splatoon gives you a 4v4 Online Multiplayer experience with paint that gives you way more abilities like being able to ambush your enemies, recover health, climb up walls, go through fences and so on. Also, the inclusion of multiple guns that allow you use in many different ways.

          So yeah.. I don’t see the difference apart from Paint…

          1. I don’t smoke >_> Anyway, the game has some new implementations to be sure. No guns in DeBlob and the competitive aspect is great. That being said, De Blob did have 4 way action where you all try to paint the city. I’m not saying that they’re completely the same, but it really strikes me as Nintendo’s De Blob since the company decided to port the sequel onto the PS3. Maybe ripoff was a little harsh. Inspired by De Blob? I guess I can live with that

            1. there you go, that’s the right way to put it. But to me, this game is like Gears of war, if you never played Gears of war, then you better…because this is borrowing from it all the way down to the hammer of dawn if you haven’t seen it yet, so to me, this is gears of war Nintendo style.

              1. Gears of War had some really incredible gameplay. I love third person and it especially works well for shooters or hand to hand combat. (Link) I admit that I’ve never played a Gears of War game before and thought that it was an FPS. I must have been mixing it up with something, but the game series definitely looks fun. Either way, I’ll definitely be getting Splatoon and I’m looking forward to some epic multiplayer action!

        2. nope battlefield and call of duty are completely two different fps games and are not similar that much at all.

          1. I think I’ll need you to explain that one to me then. Sure, they take place in different settings sometimes, but they are still very similar. Gameplay wise and character wise. It doesn’t mean that Battlefield is bad. TMNT Smash Up was a borrowed from Smash Bros, but it was still a good game. I’m just saying that Battlefield definitely got some inspiration from Call of Duty


            Well, they both look the same to me but whatever man. Besides, you continue to bash Nintendo says that you haven’t learned anything about how gaming really works.

            “i cant believe nintendrones is hyping this trash game. rainbox six seige is way better than this trash game at together and requires real skill, stratergy and team work.”

            Oh and that is “Rainbow six siege” and “strategy”. Clearly you haven’t learn to spell either so I fixed them for you. Now to be owned once again about Graphics as your “quote” says it all…




            Watch them if you want to learn, or continue to be stupid as always. Your options man, you sir was destroyed. Now go back to your weak ass PC.

          3. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

            Yet you couldn’t help but try & compare Splatoon to Battefield in every other Splatoon article. Just be quiet because you not only can’t tell the differences between games but you also can’t tell the similarities between games, either.

    2. de blob: jump and run
      splatoon: multiplayer arena shooter with completely different gameplay mechanics

      how exactly is this a ripoff? the only similarity is that you ink stuff

        1. You’re not alone. I really have difficulty with that sort of thing. There may be a website that gives you the share link. You know how you share a video to twitter? Press the button and copy the new link that it gives you and it should work…I think. Trial by fire ;)

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      I like a little repetition in my games. Besides, most games get repetitive at some point.

  4. Game is going to be trash. I don’t know how many people found this exciting. Must be Nintendrones and little kids.

    1. i cant believe nintendrones is hyping this trash game. rainbox six seige is way better than this trash game at together and requires real skill, stratergy and team work.

        1. why is he not banned he’s just going to bash Nintendos new IP and can post videos for games that he’s never going to play? he won’t change.

          1. Rb came out in 1999 I believe its funny you dream of playing it with a team of friends haha most people are over rb since they turned it into a third person slash first person shooter and broke it haha I was playing rb online probably before you were born haha

  5. KaladinStormblessed

    Looks pretty fun to me, and don’t forget, the game is still in development so expect more features and plenty of cool maps to play from. And it’s a shooter…of course it will get a little repetititive, that doesn’t make it not fun

  6. i hate that you have to shoot every step to make a path of ink. its gonna get tiring doing that every time

    1. You don’t have to shoot every step, as a squid you can hop out of one puddle and land in another that’s not connected. However, you want to cover as much of the ground as possible to win. Like the Mario Party mini-game.

      I think all the extra power ups and weapons like bombs and missile launchers will keep it fresh so you don’t feel like you’re doing the same thing over and over again. Plus if you want, while the others are painting the ground you can lay in wait for the opponents to come into your territory and hop out of the ink to shoot ’em down. It looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun!

    2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      What my fellow Metroid fan said. You can either go out & hunt for enemies or you can hide in your team’s ink & ambush any poor fools that don’t bother to make sure the coast is clear before stepping foot into your line of sight. Now if you’re going to be doing the 1 on 1 offline mode, then it will get tiring doing that every time even with the other weapons that help you get a big area in less time.

      1. Yeah, the 1 on 1 or single player campaign will need to be something special because playing by yourself and trying to cover the ground in your own color will be pretty daunting… These guys seem pretty creative so I’m excited to see what they come up with. I have a feeling the single player mode will be a lot different.

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