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Satoru Iwata To Miss Nintendo’s AGM After Surgery To Remove Growth

Nintendo’s CEO Satoru Iwata has announced he will miss the company’s 74th AGM with shareholders due to medical conditions. In a statement issued by the president this morning, Iwata explained his absence at the AGM, referring to his recent surgery and the treatment to remove a growth found in the bile duct.

Earlier this month, Satoru Iwata skipped E3 – the biggest gaming event of the year – due to medical issues and was advised by his doctor not to travel overseas. Nintendo’s shareholder meeting will take place on June 27, where we’ll hear more on the company’s plans for the future. Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, please refrain from posting vitriolic comments. You can find Iwata’s full statement below.

Thank you very much for your continued extraordinary support of us. I am Satoru Iwata, President of the company.

Today, there is one thing that I would like to share with you.

Recently, as the result of one of my routine physical examinations, an issue was detected. Following a more detailed examination, a growth was found in my bile duct. In general, it is said that a bile duct growth can be difficult-to-treat, partly because of the difficulty of detecting it early. In my case, luckily, it was detected very early and I had no symptoms.

I was counseled that removal at an early stage would be the desirable medical option. Therefore I had surgery last week, and I came through it well, as predicted. I have already resumed my business by email and by other means, but it is anticipated that a little more time is needed for me to return to my regular work schedule.

As a result, I have no choice but to miss the company’s very important activity, the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, to be held this month. As the president of the company, I regret that I cannot attend the meeting. However, I understand that I have to prioritize my medical treatment and to recover as soon as possible so that I will again be able to do my best to help the company to grow. I hope that you understand.

282 thoughts on “Satoru Iwata To Miss Nintendo’s AGM After Surgery To Remove Growth”

        1. For using an article about a persons poor health as an excuse to criticise his work. It’s not the most respectful thing you can do when somebody is in poor health.

          1. Why? Does it sound that disrespectful? Because I don’t have any respect for Iwata the CEO, Iwata the human being seems like a decent guy tho.

              1. He’s apparently already making a speedy recovery, what’s there to complain about? Forget it, I’m dropping the matter. I’ve said what needs to be said

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      Can’t you just die already?…

                      You make trolls seem like nice creatures…

                    2. Ladies and gentlemen, here he is, Nintendo Commander, who, not too long ago, was complaining about people wishing death upon others, calling them “filth of humanity” etc., while he’s doing the exact same thing.

            1. You don’t seem to be able to judge if someone is a “decent guy” or not, considering how you talk about someone who just had a serious surgery. Your whole education seems to be fucked up.

              1. Did you even read his statement? Like I said, he’s having a speedy recovery. Your whole education seems to be fucked up.

                1. I also saw the “Comment edited” and how people reacted at what you initially said.
                  This is the moment where you just step out of this comment section without saying anything.

          1. I don’t care for CEO idol worshipping, I care for a Nintendo that’s thriving on innovation and a desire to be the best, Nintendo haven’t been that in a very long time because of this man. I’ll be throwing a party when shareholders hand his ass to him, they wont be losing sleep over his health, they’ve been losing enough over their money.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Too bad that to most of the world, money, nations or ideologies means everything to them…

                It’s so primitive and pathetic…

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    Apperantely it’s impossible for humans…

                    I would even satisfy for a united human race for their warmongering that they could take on other aliens out ther ein the universe but they are too fixed on trivial pointless things like skin color, nations, religions, sexual preference, sex or virgins etc etc…

                    1. So you want Nintendo to go bankrupt for the sake of keeping all of it’s shareholders healthy? Really?

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        This had nothing to do with Lord Iwata, the Shareholders or games…

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    The Gamepad is not a gimmick just as the Wiimote is not a gimmick…

                    What is a gimmick is a share button on the PS4 controller and everything you copy from us…

                  2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                    There is not a line between innovation and a gimmick idiot.

                    Gimmick: An innovative or strange product to attract or intrigue the masses.

                    There is a line between failure and success though. Don’t believe me, read a dictionary then.

                      1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                        Like how you did with the PS3?
                        Which took 2 years to 3 years.
                        They will stick with until the end.

                      2. So they’ll fail, in other words?

                        And P.S, the PS4 is currently the fastest selling console in video game history

                        I feel like not replying to your delusional comments, but the stupidity is too strong to resist

                1. Yeah let’s talk about the Wii, the fastest selling console ever when it first released. He treated Wii so brilliantly that it died in 2011 and people avoid its successor purely because of the Wii name still being used.

                  That’s what Iwata has done for Wii. He had the next big thing, the next iPod if you will and made it the next Tamagotchi.
                  Also lets not ignore Yamauchi’s involvement in the conception of Wii and DS. Iwata took a perfectly healthy company with the foundations laid for great success, all he had to do was manage it and he failed.

        2. I wonder what people who want Iwata to leave think will happen if he does, It won’t make Nintendo any better people won’t suddenly buy a Wii U and the games won;t be much different. they will lose the man who released some of Nintendo’s most popular consoles and games. He might not be conventional but there are no other game CEO’s like him, most of them are men in suits focusing on bottom lines, barely any are as unique and brilliant as Iwata. I hope he stays at the company for as long as possible.

          1. Its not so much about an instant turn around, thats impossible. Iwata is the man responsible for the worst selling console in Nintendo’s history, he’s also the man responsible for the first annual loss in Nintendo’s history follow by another 2 successively.
            A shareholder vote on a replacement would keep everybody happy and keep money in the company, if he stays Nintendo’s stock will take a massive hit, the man is a cancer on Nintendo and a new vision is needed.

            1. (I see where you are coming from (I don’t think you are a bad person you just chose a bad time to make your case) and I don’t want this to turn into a massive argument so I’m going to comment my thoughts and come back later)
              He is also responsible for two of the highest selling consoles in theory history, a CEO doesn’t make all the plans, they are made by other people in the company when the Wii U was made is wasn’t created by Iwata storing in with a telly stapled to a wii remote screaming “I’ve got it” Loads of people came up with ideas and approved them before Iwata had to make a decision. You shouldn’t blame a CEO for every mistake just as you should blame them for every good game that is made. Nintendo has a massive board of directors that decide the vision of the company but Iwata is the some who has to stand up and say this is our plan and then take all the criticism for it. Every so often a good company makes a bad decision, don’t blame Iwata there are loads of other people involved in such a big company. He is rewarded with the successes but we all turn on him when things don’t look as good.

              1. call of duty sells well, does that mean it’s good?that isn’t a point, wii and the ds were made for casual people who don’t play games, that is 90% of the people who bought those consoles, gamecube was mostly bought by real nintendo fans/fanboys who loved it, and so is the wii u…now, those numbers aren’t that big as they seemed before, are they?most of the people who loved snes and nes, moved on to ps and xbox because they had a better flow of games, and more 3rd party and so they still do, wii u started with some 3rd party support from the last gen, but since it is weak as shit and people who bought it don’t want 3rd party games, because they’re fanboys who play mario 3d world 30 times over until the next game, no one supports wii u anymore, but few indie developers and those are NOT big hitters and no one will ever say “ima buy myself a wii u to play trine 2 or pushmo” so there is your wii u, a console in 2014 that doesn’t even surpass the last gen consoles in terms of OS, and barely does that in terms of graphics, and gamepad is just that a gamepad, no one serious about gaming will say that is the main reason for them buying a console, no one serious will say “that game was so awesome because you could swing with your gamepad”

                1. Sir, I’m gonna have to ask you to put your hands behind your head and drop on the floor, everybody but you do the dinosaur.

                  You have the right to remain silent. In fact, if you aren’t silent, I’ll tase you in the balls.

                  Anything you say can and will be entirely irrelevant and add nothing useful to the world.

                  You are hereby charged with the following offenses:

                  Being a dumbass.
                  Being a dumbass.
                  Being a stupidass.
                  Public indecency with your PS4 console.
                  Being a dumbass.

                  Due to these crimes, you are hereby punished to fifty years of being intelligent. Your punishment starts now.

                  Translation: Any proof in any of what you say? Please provide links and references to trustworthy, primary sources, or else all you say will be disregarded.

            2. He is also the man responsible for the two biggest console turnarounds in the companies history, so shut up!

            3. So one bad console after 3 huge successes means he should gtfo? This is what is wrong in the world, you get fired if you try something new that’s not guaranteed not work. Nintendo could have done the same as Sony and Microsoft by releasing a new box with slightly updated controller that does nothing new… And also, it’s in hard times that the coolest stuff come out if you ask me because you as a company has to reinvent yourself and we should give this guy the chance to do that.

              Also, the losses are influenced by the building of the new HQ in Japan, now it’s finished it wouldn’t surprise me that the losses made will be much smaller and the Wii U being sold at a loss but that time is also over. And the sales of it just improved thanks to the release of Mario Kart so who knows how much has changed…

              1. Well, this “one bad console” is proving to be a huge loss for Nintendo, even worse than the success of its predecessors, so yeah

            4. Nintendo Commander Phazon

              He’s also the one responsible for Nintendos highest profits as well. Your forgetting all about the DS and Wii on purpose aren’t you?

              1. The majority want Nintendo to return to what they were founded on, great, gimmickless hardware at a compelling price.
                Its a fairly simple industry…

                Make what people want = Sales.

                Force what people don’t want = Failure.

                The days of software driving hardware are over, the ridiculous and undeserved success of PS4 proves that hardware now drives software. Adapt or die.

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  The problem is that they did that with the N64 and GCN and they were our lowest selling home consoles ever from the 3D standpoint so what people really wants is for our empire to die which we will never allow…

            5. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

              And you are responsible for putting you company into billions of dollars in debt, selling off your New York HQ and still not making money back, investing billions in the PS3 for it’s cell technology only barely make any money back by the time of 2008, 2 years after it’s release, make the highest selling console of the generation only to still not make money back because your other assets are tearing you to shreds, leading to laying of many of your employees. Yes that is totally a good thing, you are the best president ever Yoshida.

              Iwata did the complete opposite. Yes, how dare Iwata make billions of yen with the DS, Wii, and 3DS, that is why he is such a terrible CEO.

              1. He bought two Wii U’s, he’s probably a bigger Nintendo fan than you are so you can kiss all our asses, Yoshida is the man.

                    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                      Changing a subject and pretending it’s part of the subject is not working for you.
                      You brought up him being a big Nintendo fan, when the main point was what you were doing with the company.
                      So your point has nothing to really to contribute other than changing the subject.

                    2. And just so you know, he was one of the initial members of the PlayStation project in February 1993, where as the lead account executive he headed Sony’s third party licensing program. In other words, he was key to the PlayStation success.

                      Meanwhile, Iwata headed the first loss in Nintendo’s history and three on the bounce.
                      Yes he’s a shining example of knowing what the customer wants…

                      1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                        So? Just because he made the first loss doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Yoshida does do good things, but most of what he’s doing is selling assets off, which is still not helping.
                        Everyone makes mistake, you just like to turn it into a big deal.

                        1. Because 3 consecutive losses seems like a big deal to me, especially as the company’s first losses recorded

                          1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                            So? It’s over til it’s over. Same thing happened with the ps3. It looked pretty bad, look at it now, by a slight amount but still did well, Sony is making more losses, yet you paint it as “oh it’s fine”. I’ll believe your claim when Nintendo has lost most of they’re money, problem is, they have enough money to last til 2050, and that’s a lot of time if they bleed 250 million dollars a year, so it’s hard to believe your claim about them failing anyways.

              2. Also, this is Japan. If Hiroshi Yamauchi entrusted him with the company, then he’s going to run it. The opposite would be disrespectful to Hiroshi Yamauchi, and respect and honor is something of high value in Japan. That’s why Iwata personally takes the blame for Nintendo’s faults. And while we westerns see it as excuses, it’s the most honorable thing a man in his position can do in Japan.

                1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                  Well said. They even have honor & respect for their enemies even if they don’t agree on things.

        3. I hope he gets better soon and I’m glad he caught it early and was able to get it removed before it got worse. Some people on this website may not agree with his business decisions but cancer is a terrible illness that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

            1. The growth could well have been cancerous. It’s way more serious than he is letting on, if he had left it it could have been really bad.

                1. Shuhei Yoshida I don’t want to get in a big name calling argument. I did a big response to your “instant turn around” comment, I hope it clears things up a bit between us and our opinions on the matter and I hope you have a good day.

                2. You’re an idiot.
                  Bile duct growths can result in bile duct cancer, which has a 30%(iirc) survival rate.
                  Had it not been caught early, it might have likely killed him. And there’s always the possibility of a new growth forming if they didn’t get it all, so they need to keep an eye on him going forward.

                  Quit being such a disrespectful prick!

                  1. Tell me how I’m being disrespectful? In fact, aren’t you being a hypocrite, calling me an idiot? Such irony

                    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                      Ever heard of the term, treat others how you want to be treat? You treated him like you were and asshole, he’ll do the same.

                        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                          I’m smoking some jerky over the campfire.
                          What about you? Ignorance of how you are acting to everyone else?

                          1. Everyone getting so sensitive over a simple fact that Iwata is failing Nintendo, cry me a river

                            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                              I never was jerky to you about saying Nintendo is failing, I was technically counter arguing like any logical individual. You just don’t like people debating against your point.

                            2. Not you, you seem fine, though a bit strange in opinion at times. I mean people like the Stranga guy

                              1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                Your opinions are quite weird to me too. Stranga is just Stranga, it’s what he does, I don’t approve what he says sometimes, but I let someone else handle it.

                  1. I don’t know whether I should take your butthurt comments seriously. Calm your tits, I’m not wishing for your mom to die

                    1. Have some respect, man. You’re wishing yourself cancer when you say these comments. That’s karma. If god gives you cancer, just know it was for a lesson.

                      Also, FYI, a growth = a tumor.

                      1. Tumor may not be cancerous. And for the 5th time, I do have respect, the first thing I ever said in this article is wishing him well

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    First of all, there is nothing good coming out of innocent people’s death…

                    Second, this has nothing to do with games…

                    And third…

                      1. I’m going to repeat what I said in the article above:

                        Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, please refrain from posting vitriolic comments. Your comment will be removed, Nostalgia_W.

                        1. How interesting that you say this, when in the Tomodachi Life controversial gay issue cropped up, which was probably even more sensitive than this, this website’s articles failed to warn users not to say potentially provoking comments

                          1. We shouldn’t need to warn our readers of these sensitive topics in the first place, however, I did moderate the comments as much as I could on that specific article – the same as I’m doing here.

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              I see…

                              And it’s understandable considering there was like 600 comments…

                              A lot of hate…

                            2. It should be expected given the nature of the Internet, but fair enough. I do apologize for my first comment on this article though, it was very poorly worded.

                            3. Can you please delete sasori’s comment he has no soul. I care about iwata I hope he feels better soon

                    1. are you guys really worshiping iwata. man you guys sick in the head to be butt hurt over this. whooo

                      1. Wow… you are butthurt so much you’d risk your own life by making fun of a guy who basically went through surgery to remove a growth that was most likely cancer…

                        Wow, you really the scum of the earth…

                      2. You really are stupid and insensitive if that’s what you really think. Who deserves death? NOBODY. So in reality, you’re the sick one, Sasori

                      3. and you worship microsoft, you fucking hypocrite. Iwata’s sick, show respect!. You are butthurt, you make videos trying to show that we are the bads and you are the good, you are an asshole and this comment shows the shit eater you are. Really man, you talk about social rejects, well at least i did not get a ban on every site i comment. how does it feel to be butthurt.
                        to Iwata, all my respects!!
                        and i would like to point this: sasori makes sexist comments and now hates people that are sick.

                      4. Instead you should be worshipping Sasori, a ray of light in gaming darkness and next gen gaming messiah. All the lost sheep rejecting Sasori are in a way rejecting themselves…

                        1. repeat with me:
                          I deny sasori obinnah onuorah… and i abjure the church of sasori fait.
                          “a ray of light in gaming darkness and next gen gaming messiah”… your messiah wants to buy a xbox 360. POSERS EXPOSED!!!

                        2. only the ones who worship sasori are the one who were rejected by society and doesn’t have any hope to be accepted

                        3. “All the lost sheep rejecting Sasori are in a way rejecting themselves…”

                          Wait, you mean that all this time, I was sasori? And a lost sheep?

                          Well then, I know what I must do. *determined face*

                          *takes out TF2 wrench and smacks a mirror with it*

                      5. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                        -Says we worshipping Iwata.
                        -Makes the Church of Sasori to worship himself to boost is ego.

                        Hypocrite detected.

                        1. can someone tell me about that selina ruiz?, I am sure i missed that one and i want to know what she did to sasori bovine mii.

                          1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                            Well a few articles back, Sasori made an alt account called Selina Ruiz, and pretended that was his girlfriend, biggest problem was, the real Selina Ruiz was a girl Sasori asked out in his high school, however she rejected him, and probably through his butthurt rage he made the alter ego Selina and pretend that she was his girlfriend, the fun part was the real Selina Ruiz was informed about Sasori’s poser identity of her from a friend on facebook, so she took action to call him out of his bullshit.
                            Side note: She said he really does have no friends and everyone at school calls him Twerkie because when walks occasionally he twerks like Miley Cyrus.

                      6. We aren’t worshipping iwata, bro, we’re worshipping the fact that Iwata exists.


                        Because his existence makes you butthurt. People love it when you’re butthurt. Therefore, people love Iwata.


              1. Pretty sad that you even write stuff like that. If CEO of a company that you dont even personally know makes you sick, then you are the one with BIG issues.

                1. Would hitler make you sick even if you didn’t know him? Does the us government make you sick even if you don’t know the people who run it?

                      1. Hitler isnt the only crazy person, you are a great example of that Nostalgia_w. I hope you get the help fast.

                        P.S Sickr, i recommend you to use the comment system that didnt allow Anon´s to comment.

                  1. Motherfucker, we ALL know Hitler is the most evil and yet, biggest pussy in human history. You wanna know why all of that holocaust and WW2 happened?

                    Because of some Jewish girl he liked rejected his ass because he was fucking weird. That explains everything about Hitler. He’s fucked up just like you.

                      1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                        Ah yes. The Crusades. Not one of Christianity’s best moments in history. It was more about power than it was trying to save people with the Word of Christ.

                        1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                          Can’t save people with words if you are cutting them down before you even talk to them.

                                1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                  Something went wrong with my friends list so I’m trying to figure out a few things, it’s not full, it’s just…
                                  Well stuck.

                          1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                            Oh & the Spanish Inquisition & the Salem Witch Trials should also go into there. Of course, with the Salem Witch Trials, it was more out of fear than anything else.

                        2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                          Achievement unlocked: 6,000,000,000 kills. 1 death.
                          Fucking camper.

                          Sorry, it was asking for it. Now time to go to lolhell.

                2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Your loyal servants wish you all the best my Lord…

                  And we will continue to destroy these corrupted idiots…

                3. Okay guys, I noticed I can’t keep this inside so please bear with me a little. It really disgust me how people on this site can only thing about CEO’s, shareholders, Wii U, hardware sales, software sales, numbers this, numbers that… IT’S FUCKING IRREVERENT AT THIS FUCKING MOMENT. It’s about people here! about HUMAN BEINGS, just like you and me! this is NOT the place and moment to discus these irrelevant video game matters, EVEN on a video games site.

                  Sorry to bother you guys with this, but I really needed to state this…

                        1. So you’re black, you have no sense of how the world works AND you insulted kids and women…. wow…. you sick fuck

                        2. you should shut your fuck up!, everybody knows that you can’t that, but please stop with the fucking cruel comments!!, kids deserve more life than you. You should be banned from the internet and the gaming community. you, a 15 year old son of a bitch complaining about “grown men/women” make so childish and cruel comments, it does show that you are the no lifer and the grown man playing childish games with your damn camera. i will see you when you get your spiral out of control.
                          someone please do something about this son of a bitch

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      Unlike you, we care about both our Lord and the innocent children and do not wish death upon any of them you idiotic excuse of a life form…

                4. Nintendo is my Blood

                  Wishing Iwata well

                  …and any troll who will criticize Iwata-san while he is ill, karma will hunt you down like a dog, just saying

                            1. Nintendo is my Blood

                              Okay, religion is primitive because you say so, unfortunately millions of people will have to repent their faiths in their gods

                              Repent, REPENT I SAY!

                              Haha, you are so delusional

                              1. If religion is not primitive, then take a history class. It was created by delusional, dehydrated men living in deserts.

                                1. Nintendo is my Blood

                                  And that is going to get people to say “Good argument, let’s throw away thousands of years of culture and faith because some kid on the internet is a butthurt atheist”?

                                  1. No, try ” let’s throw away a disease that causes wars, and poverty, and civilian murders, for the good of earth. Since faith means nothing, even if there was a god, he isn’t as pure as everyone thinks he is since humans were made out of “his”image. And if humans are pretty much copies of god, then god must be an asshole, just like most humans.”

                                  2. Nintendo is my Blood

                                    Haha, you are just a butthurt atheist with sand in his crotch

                                    there will always be war, religion or none, by your logic, the problems are humans, not religion

                                    face it, you are just a little atheist in a world that has, had and will have a faith in some god or another, whether there is a god, I do not know

                                    but you will lose to that imaginary god

                                    you lose, its over

                                  3. Nintendo blood. It is humans fault, that’s my whole point, idiot. True it won’t stop wars, but it will stop some, idiot.

                                  4. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                    The existence of imaginary Gods will cease to exist one day but the worship of somehting that can be called a God can still be present…

                                    Religions on the other hand have nothing to do with Gods in anyway. it’s bascially a thing that was created to control the mindless sheep of those times and apperantely still does…

                                    Just take Jesus as an example, nowhere did he ever say “create a religion in my name” he only wanted people to spread his word, and yet these apes do exactly the opposite right after he died and still do today…

                                    Same with Buddha, one of his last things he said was “Do NOT create a religion or an image of me when I’m gone”, basically the day after that’s exactly what his so called “followers” did…

                                    It’s all corruption with humans and always will be…

                                    I’m not an atheist either because atheists in a way are not science based either…

                                  5. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                    I’d like to add though that even though most things humanity have created “ideology wise” are nothing but useless to me, I still respect the individuals that respects me…

                                  6. Nintendo is my Blood

                                    Alot of things can stop alot of things, ending fast food restaurants can stop obesity, ending the species of sharks can prevent people from being killed by them.

                                    Ending religion is far beyond the power of an impudent little prude like you, and will never happen

                                    Maybe instead of obsessing about it, you can embrace it

                                    or not, I honestly do not give a shit

                                  7. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                    I think Stranga was replying to that abomination…

                                    Atleast I hope he did…

                                2. Fucker, knowing your rate of “intelligence”, you were born in a fucking desert and as delusional so looks who’s talking shit hypocrite.

                                  1. Nintendo is my Blood

                                    Come again? Was that sentence put together properly or do you have torrets or something?

                                3. Dude, I’m not that religious, but if you’re really likening religion to a “disease,” you really need to get your head on straight.

                                  It won’t stop any violence or wars. None. Anyone who propagates such for a religious cause would just end up finding a different excuse to do so. People are simply pricks, sometimes. The opposite is also true.

                                  Regardless, this is a site for news about Nintendo, not tumblr. Please shove off with this idiocy.

                                  1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                                    Exactly. Religion is like any other ideal or object: it can be used for both good & evil. Even if religion didn’t exist, people that use it for evil will just find something else to propagate war & shit with.

                  1. I fucking quote Iwata, “Therefore I had surgery last week, AND I CAME THROUGH IT WELL, as predicted.”
                    What are you so worried about, exactly?

                    1. “I came through it well” is not the same as “everything is fine now”… he never stated he is certain that he will fully recover…

                5. Wii U Games Metacritic Scores
                  Mario Kart 8 – 94
                  Mario Land – 93
                  Wind Waker HD – 92
                  Xenoblade X – 93
                  Zelda Wii U – 98
                  Mark it down fellas

                  1. Yet PS4 still dominates.

                    “Software drives hardware” is the philosophy, so how’s that working out for you Nintendo? Because PS4 is proving hardware is driving software now in this industry.

                    1. By what? BS specs hype train thats slowly dying and if Wii U is beating PS4 in fucking Japan, that’s saying something.

                      1. Yeah… Wii U outselling PS4 in a region where gaming is dying, compared to 3 other regions.

                        Snap out of your delusion fanboy, we all know PS4 is dominating

                    2. PS4 dominates?

                      Dude, the Wii U had a more critically successful launch than the PS4.

                      The PS4 is merely one million units ahead of the Wii U’s sales at this point, according to the most recent numbers.

                      Oh, and the Wii U is outselling the PS4 in Japan as well. Which is honestly rather chuckle-worthy, considering it’s the only other current-gen Japanese console competing.

                      The PS4 sold high on launch because they hyped the ever-loving shit out of it. The hype has since died down, they failed to instill more at E3, and their weekly sales are dropping by the thousands in the US and UK. They’re not even breaking 10k a week in Japan.

                      1. “the Wii U had a more critically successful launch than the PS4”
                        That’s where your credibility stops.
                        You do know that PS4 has officially been named the highest selling console ever on launch? 1 million in 24 hours in NA, that’s far more than a few hundred thousand for Wii U

                        Last I checked, PS4 was the best selling current gen console for 5 months straight, so I have no clue what you’re talking about. Besides, The Wii U had a ONE YEAR HEAD START, so if you’re telling me PS4 can catch up to Wii U in a few months it shows a lot about the state of Wii U so far.

                        Like I already said above, the only place the Wii U is outselling the PS4 is in a region where gaming is dying, compared to 3 other regions. Look at it this way; the highest selling console there last week didn’t even touch 30K in sales. That’s pathetic. Meanwhile, gaming sales are growing in every other region.

                        “The hype has since died down, they failed to instill more at E3.”
                        I don’t see the hype dying down, given that Sony is still reporting massive sales for PS4, and a host of exclusives for it to boot. If you think they didn’t announce any big things during E3, you are one delusional fanboy.

                        And can you give me a source on those sales numbers which are apparently “dropping by the thousands?” Last I checked, there are STILL PS4 shortages around the world, so give me some proof or you have nothing to defend yourself with.

                        PS4 is the fastest selling console the world has ever seen so far, get over it

                    3. You got it wrong, marketing drives the market. That’s why it’s called “market” but with a -ing at the end.
                      Nintendo completly fucked theirs while Sony is going as strong as ever. That’s why in the US, where people get shitted on by marketing like nowhere else, PS4 is selling like cupcakes while Wii U is catching up in other regions, where people are not as exposed to marketing.

                  2. the only reason those games get 90-100 because their nintendo games, nostalgia for nintendo fanboys and just because nintendo pays them to review than with high scores.

                    1. Only in a utopia people would never cheat. With nintendo slowly crumbling, it’s only logical to think they would pay.

                    2. OH our great messenger is here everyone, thank you sasori, lets all abandon our Nintendo systems and be Xbox fanboys while we watch shitty Naruto instead of good anime like Attack on Titan or DBZ


                        1. Its just wierd that people like him are even allowed to use internet. That guy walks outside while he films himself and talks about MNN and Nintendo some crap. I mean thats not normal, then he exposes his stupidity for the whole world by posting them on youtube. Seriously how low some people can get, “hey i have an idea to get attention from people, because mom didnt hug me enough when i was a kid, i go to outside walking while i talk shit about website and a company! Yeah that way people on streets will see me and think,”why does he talks by himself” then i post the video to youtube and get more attention from there, and then i go to the website and talk crap there” WOW! what a life, so much accomplished by that guy, i bet someone will be jealous /sarcasm.

                          But seriously how can someone like him watch in the mirror with a straight face is beyond me. Is he going to talk in his old days how he,”filmed himself while he was walking and talkin shit about stuff he didnt like” LOOOOL!

                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            Ahahahahahaha indeed…

                            That’s why me and Iceazeama have an understanding with each other because we both have similar origins to our cause but in different ways…

                            I think it’s funny how many in here thinks that being a “Commander” is the worst thing ever created by mankind ahahahahahaah, pathetic…

                            1. True, and people dont even get that you are roleplaying which is different, but for sasori and Nostalgia_w gaming and internet is the only way for them to get attention because they are hiding “behind the mask”, in internet they try to act like these though guys but in real life they are just loser who get their ass kicked 24/7 which causes them to seek that “powerful feeling” and internet with their alter egos gives that to them, because no one here cannot beat the shit out of them.

                              But in the end words are for pussies and deep inside both Nostalgia_w and sasori know it.

                                1. Wow daily! You know know my whole life story!!! After reading what you just said I now know for sure you’re a fool. You claim that damaged emotionally, yet you preceded to try attack and make me feel low. Why would you do that to someone hurt? That is just disgusting.

                                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                    Then I suggest you stay off the internet because it’s nothing for fragile minds…

                                  2. And what were you doing before, putting a man down and talking shit about him (when he’s sick) your disgusting you deserse all the torment you have coming to to you.

                              1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                                Exactly. It’s very easy to talk like a badass when the people you are talking down to can’t just walk over to you & kick your ass.

                    3. You are another jackass of this site believing that they’re doing what Ubishit is doing themselves in the open by calling early reviews BS and damage control their lies of games and Uplay’s DRM. I have never seen Nintendo bribe shit because they bust their ass to deliver quality games while your favorite 3rd party assholes are too damn fucked to worry about the bottom linw and use trickery to fool morons like you to buy their repetitive, rushed realistic garbage.

                    4. did you know that ubisoft gave tablets to some reviewers in order to increase the review scores of watch dogs?

                          1. it was a rumor. but for me giving a tablet to the press is a somekind of a bribe. people says “it was a gift” but i don’t think so.

                    5. While I do agree that using scores of unreleased games is BS, Nintendo games -consistently- get high scores from users and critics alike. Frankly, you’re right, it IS because “they’re Nintendo games,” and that’s because Nintendo games are, historically, very good.

                    1. You know, Sony Emperor Xperia stated his opinions and wished Iwata-san well. I will do the same, I think he is a very honorable man and I hope nothing but the best for him. YOU on the other hand, stated your opinion but instead wished him to perish. You know what, I’ll state my opinion on you right now. You are a troll on the internet who enjoys seeing people argue over your comments. But I hope you see the error of your ways someday. Good day.

                    2. Did you seriously just wish death upon a guy? Let alone the guy that ushered in the most successful console generation for Nintendo in years? (Yes, I’m talking about the seventh.)

                6. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                  I hope you get well soon, Iwata, and that you have a full recovery.

                  Shuhei Yoshida, making it through a surgery is not the same as everything is fine, since some people that make it through surgery never wake up after being put under for the surgery. Not to mention the post surgery complications. So Iwata is not out of the woods yet. Watch a few doctor shows like ER or Grey’s Anatomy & you’ll know that making it through surgery doesn’t mean everything is fine now. A person’s health afterwards could take a drastic turn for the worst in a split second.

                  As for Nostalgia_w, you’re a worthless human being for wishing death on Iwata AGAIN over a piece plastic with wires, metals, & wood inside. Seriously though, what the hell is your problem? If you are trolling just to keep yourself entertained, you are even more worthless than I give you credit for, because then you would not only be worthless but downright pathetic.

                  As to anyone else that comes here, if you have comments similar to Nostalgia_w’s, shut the fuck up & go somewhere else because silvershadowfly stated it herself in her article to keep such sickening comments to yourselves. Also, quit with the console war bullshit like sales, what game is ahead of what, etc for once. This is not the article for that at all.

                7. Just wanted to say Nostalgia_w

                  U a Sorry ass homosexual scum.

                  You Nothing but a handful of cum stain, you ass wipe, vomit smelling alcoholic crack junkie

                  Hope you get raped by aids infected chimps,

                  How could you wish death on a sickly family man you piece of SHIT

                  1. I actually find that quite offensive… it’s offensive to gay people… we don’t want to be associated with Nostalgia_w lol

                8. Hey sickr, if you’re reading this, I need you to do one favor for me and us Nintendo fans:

                  BAN THESE MOTHERFUCKERS:
                  Shuhei Yoshida

                  All three are literally wishing for Iwata to die ONLY because of what’s going on with Wii U and I find it incredibly disgusting that makes me wanna beat there pathetic asses within an inch of death myself.

                  1. Are you retarded? The very first thing I ever said here was wishing Iwata to have a speedy recovery, not for him to fucking die. Maybe you should be less of a sensitive fanboy fuck and read what I say for once. I simply criticized Iwata for his business tactics, that’s all. Man, you really bring shame to Nintendo fans

                    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                      xD So does the very loser you worship. Sasori is the biggest, in every meaning of the word, bitch on this site.

                9. firstly, he is lucky to find it at an early stage. Wish him speedy and full recovery. I never been a fan or a hater of Iwata-san despite some frustrations on Nintendo way of doing things. but I have to say I was very impressed that him and Miyamoto-san take a pay cut due to bad results for the last financial year and keep employees instead of fire them. For me that show guts,intelligence,leadership and taking responsibility. How many ceos of big companies would done that??? none, they would have kept their big fat checks and fire the employees. Now I know where QoL comes from

                  1. I completely agree. Nintendo are one of the most humble companies out there. Such great people.

                10. All the best wishes for Iwata. How fortunate that they caught his illness early before it got the chance to become really serious.

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                12. Blame sickr for not moderating this fucking place and leaving trolls like nostalgia_w and the other dude to just shit everywhere as they fucking please.

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