Check Out Princess Zelda’s Character Trailer For Hyrule Warriors

Tecmo Koei has uploaded the next character trailer for Hyrule Warriors. The trailer for the beautiful Princess Zelda shows off some of her deadly moves. Favouring a bow, she uses her light magic to wipe out enemy hordes, but will switch to her rapier when needing to get up close and personal in order to take down those creepy Stalchildren.

With Tecmo Koei rolling the Japanese trailers out each day, we’re sure to see Midna’s introduction trailer tomorrow. If you missed Impa’s trailer yesterday, you can check it out, here. Hyrule Warriors will arrive in North America and Europe this September.


  1. Wow. That was awesome. I love how the game doesn’t try to change the design of some of the enemies from the last known Zelda game they appeared in. The stalchildren from Ocarina & Majora look great. I’m so going to enjoy using Princess Zelda. I can’t wait to see her alternate outfits. Least she, and everyone else in the game, better have alternate outfits.

  2. Learned something interesting recently; she’s actually a QUEEN in this game, not a Princess, and she and Link forge a much closer relationship as the game progresses.

    1. Queen Zelda. Hm. It has a nice ring to it. And how close of a relationship are we talking about here? Very close friends or lovers? :o

      1. Lovers. ;) Link will finally get rewarded for all his hard work in this game. I can see it now.

  3. Have to admit, not really because it’s Zelda, but that made me a little bit more interested in the game.
    Is there more of these?
    So far seen Link and think it was Midna?

    1. It actually depends on the Zelda, to be honest. Twilight Princess Zelda was obviously willing to fight but was ultimately against it as she didn’t want to suffer any more casualties in a losing war.

    1. I would have used a more respective term, but yeah. She does have a nice pair. xD

  4. I like the look of the blonde Zelda more than the TP one. I think it suits her. Looks hot. XD

    1. I want to see a Zelda with brunette hair & blonde streaks some day. Now THAT would look hot.

      1. Or blonde hair & brunette streaks. Either one works, though.

  5. There is something I want to add on this news. The trailer shows Zelda as ハイラル王国王女ゼルダ (Hairaru Oukoku Oujo Zeruda), which means Hyrule Kingdom Queen Zelda, and not Princess Zelda as in main titles of the series. I guess this shows Zelda’s political role in this game will be a lot bigger.

  6. Princess Zelda looks hotter than hell! I gotta tip my hat off to Omega Force and Team NINJA in creating that design.

  7. So it’s official this is the best zelda ever, why can’t we have her in smash instead, also this link, ganondorf and impa

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