Platinum And Activision Announce The Legend of Korra, 3DS Being Developed By Webfoot, Wii U Not Mentioned

Activision together with Webfoot Technologies have announced that The Legend of Korra – a game based on the popular Nickelodeon TV show – will head to the Nintendo 3DS this year. The launch of the turn-based strategy game for the handheld will arrive alongside the console version this Autumn.

The console version developed by Bayonetta 2 studio Platinum Games, however, will be a third-person combat title written by Tim Hendrick, with the story taking place somewhere between The Legend of Korra’s second and third seasons. But while The Legend of Korra will be released on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3, there’s no mention of a Wii U version. Given that the aforementioned 3DS title is in the works, albeit with another studio, it’s an odd choice for Platinum Games and Activision. Hopefully we’ll hear more on the game in the coming weeks.

A Webfoot Technologies-developed turn-based strategy version of The Legend of Korra will also hit Nintendo 3DS this year. Where Platinum’s action game is all about fast-paced martial-art combat, the 3DS game will “focus on tactically maneuvering Korra and her allies on the battlefield.”


  1. Very odd considering how well Plat knows the Wii U’s hardware. But honestly, how many freaking games does Platinum have in development!

          1. Ichigo > Luffy

            Ichigo is voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch, the 2nd Black Power Ranger of the series, for the United States dub, after all. I hope the Japanese voice actor for Ichigo had a just as awesome role in his younger career days.

  2. I don’t even know what Legend of Korra is. But it seems to be popular. Guess this game will give me a proper introduction. :D

    1. And oh my god, wtf, Wii U is the only console not getting it? Gah… I’ll wait till I get another console… :(

      1. One.
        Platinum said they had full support of the Wii U yet they aren’t porting this to the console.

        I don’t support liars.

        I’ll wait until some REAL devs work on games for the Wii U like Ninja Bread Man devs or the guys who made the Bratz games.

        1. Platinum Games is just a development studio. Blame Activision, they’re the ones funding the game and they’re the ones that choose what consoles the game will be available on.

        2. What anon said. And they are a 3rd party developer. They won’t release every game to the Wii U. It’s not like they promised all of their future games will come to the console.

        3. One – Platinum Games is STILL supporting Nintendo

          Two – I don’t trust your bullshit

          Three – Platinum Games are one of the REAL developers working on Wii U games. Let’s not forget about other real devs like Valhalla’s Devil’s Third and Slightly Mad Studios’ Project CARS.

    1. I love The Last Airbender more and no, not that gay ass movie that shouldn’t have happened.

      1. Shh! Don’t mention that movie! It’s right up there with DragonBall “Must-Not-Be-Named”.

  3. I haven’t watched the Legend of Korra, is that a new Legend of Zelda game?

    Joking, but seriously, I have watched Avatar: The Last Airbender
    is this one any good?
    by the way M. Night Shymalan is a swine, he ruined the chance to make a good Avatar movie :-(

    1. I recommend any fan of the Avatar world to watch The Legend of Korra. Granted it is not as good as ATLA, but it is still a great show in its own way. I’ve been watching since Book 1 and it has still kept my attention and admiration. Book 3 looks to be the best so far. It starts this Friday. Gonna be awesome.

    2. I never knew about Avatar until he made a movie out of it and even I was unimpressed…

      You have 4 nations each representing one element and he couldn’t make an all out war of it…

                1. I think shows are a lot better than movies these days…

                  Not only do they have a far superior story most of the times but the effects have now become good enough to not be ridiculous…

                  1. Exactly. Can’t agree with you more. I love waiting out each week. Contemplating the last episode, excited for the next. Shows are more compelling.

                    1. Indeed…

                      The wors tthing is when they cancel great shows like Legend of the Seeker, Terminator TSCC, V and such things in favor of idiotic crap like Jersey Shore and other stupid garbage…

                    2. I hate when some good shows get canned for fucking “reality” shit.

                    3. Least Firefly got a bittersweet conclusion. Some TV shows don’t even get a proper ending. Like the Knights of Tir Na Nog or Big Bad Beetleborgs back in the 90s. Power Rangers was so damn successful it practically put these two shows off the air.

        1. The characters were so biased in the movie, kind of depressive compare to the show. -_-‘

      1. The film is such an abysmal mess.

        Show is top tier. Really really REALLY good. Each episode is great. 9.5/10

        Korra (basically the sequal series) is so-so. 6/10.

    3. Other than the bad casting with having a white kid play Aang & other Asian characters not being played by asian actors, the movie was pretty entertaining for me at least. Hollywood made the same damn mistake with the Dragonball movie, too.

  4. I wanna get this on a console, but I can’t decide which one to buy. PS3 or 360? Gah.. Leaning more towards PS3, but I hear 3rd party games run better on 360. Was originally gonna get for my 3DS, but they might scale it down too much like they always do with 3DS ports… And plus, HD is better anyways. :/

        1. Oh, thought he was saying which console to buy and I was thinking go current gen. My bad.

          1. That is what I’m saying. I’m not going current gen yet because there’s no need when I can just get a last gen console that has tons of games ready to play now and wait till next year for PS4/One.

              1. Ok, then. Sony ftw. PS3 it is. I hear they have better exclusives anyway. Plus, by the time I’m ready to go current gen, they’ll have all the best games, and It’ll make my decision alot easier.

  5. Is the game being directed by Hideki Kamiya? That guy is one arrogant piece of shit, almost as bad as Phil Fish

        1. Do you know he talks to his fans? check his Twitter and see this asshole talk to people who pay for his fucking games

          I also hear he was once convicted

          1. Yes, MNN has also covered some of his tweets…

            If you can’t handle it then stay out of the social media is what I say…

            1. it’s not that, it is the principal

              There are certain things I hate in life, fame is one

              It is no illusion that fame can make people into horrible, HORRIBLE scum

              full of superiority and arrogance, this guy treats people who buy his work like dirty dogs all because he thinks he is amazing

              fame is evil, once people get a taste of fame, they are corrupted

              1. Well for humans of course…

                But yes, about 95% of all famous humans are corrupted and arrogant…

                1. But to think, they didn’t start that way
                  for example
                  Miley Cyrus, the sweet innocent girl who was the role model of all little girls and the face they looked up to…

                  …now she is strutting around like a common prostitute, doing drugs and whoring herself all because she became a celebrity

                    1. Idk, I know Miley has a similar problem to him, but I never really knew much about her younger self

                  1. Well to be fair she was already a celebrity long before her sluttyness…

                    I hate that the western mainstream society thinks that being free is all about sex and drugs…

                    It’s pathetic, just as pathetic as the conservative side that wants all these damn rules everywhere and that eveyrthing must be in a certain way…

                    I just despise these apes…

                    I want something like Skynet to evolve as soo nas possible…

                    1. To answer both of you

                      Yes Justin Bieber is another example, yes he started off kinda hated but only because of a bit of jealousy aswell as men didn’t give into his “charm” that a young boy would to young girls

                      But now Justin is committing petty crimes, doing drugs and beginning to treat his fans like rubbish

                      And yes NC, Miley Cyrus was famous before, but like a virus, fame will incubate until the host is so obsessed as well as bored with their lives, they become mindless bags of flesh

                    2. Bieber’s arrogance is even worse than Miley’s…

                      He came out with a biography about his life at 15 when nobody even knew who the hell he was…

                    3. Yup. One of the main insults I hear is “You must be a virgin”. Disgusting.

                    4. Typical western crap…

                      I’m happy I’m not a slut in any way…

                    5. Well I can go on

                      Michael Jackson, Britney Spears

                      even Arias Moises, coincidentally the kid who played Rico I believe in Hannah Montanna

                      He is only 20 and is now in some cult which believes in orgies…

                1. And you accept that includes you as “shit” as you say?

                  To accept yourself as nothing more than crap shows the difference between you and I

                  I believe I am different from most humans in that I do not accept them

                  I am cursed that way…

                2. Does making incredible games immediately give him some pass to treat his following so badly? Naughty Dog makes great games. Nintendo made great games. Even MS makes a good game every few years. With the exception of Phil Fish, do I see any of their devs being an asshole? I don’t see Shuhei, Reggie, Phil Spencer going apeshit on Twitter and screaming at the people who ask them questions. The only thing Hideki earns from doing these things are a bad rep, and much less respect from people like me.

                    1. The same goes to you, retard. Should I treat someone like royalty because he makes good games only? You must be one blind bitch if that doesn’t go through your head

                  1. You’re one of the most stupid fucktards I’ve seen here in MNN, you must be sasori’s fuck buddy or something to be such a dumbass.

                3. Good for you if you like to be treated like garbage, it only means us superior life forms don’t have to deal with you in any way…

          2. He treats people who enjoy his games, and love him as a game dev like total shit

  6. Kamiya IS kind of a arrogant prick but I’ll happily pick up this game if it’s any good.

  7. Will dumbtendo. Looks like it wasn’t a good idea to make the Wii U just a bit more powerful than PS3 in 2008. As if Sony wasn’t working on the PS4 back then. That was stupid.

    1. First you love Nintendo then you think they are dumb then you defend them to no end and now you think they are dumb again, make up your mind…

          1. Some articles I’m really fucking hostile, some articles I have a neutral standpoint

      1. Maybe it’s a fake wannabe. It’s not like it’d be the first time one of our allies was being impersonated by a butthurt troll that got bashed by the very person they are impersonating.

  8. Wait, wait, wait, wait….. Platinum is making a Legend of Korra game? Does this mean it will actually be GOOD?!

    Holy cow, I think I’m actually excited, for the first time ever, over a video game based on a television show.

  9. (inserting sarcasm now) Does the XB1 and PS4 really need a kiddie game? Leave that for Nintendo only…..

    Seriously though, I do not see this game, selling a lot on the other two consoles. I

  10. So they’re putting it on Xbox none and not wii u which not only has a larger install base than the xb, and even though I don’t have any hard evidence something tells me that it would be a game more popular with the wii u crowd than with the xbox crowd.

    Based on this I can only assume they don’t like money, or they’re going to port it to wii u months later and then point fingers saying it doesn’t sell as well on wii u even though by that point people have probably already bought it on other consoles.

    Why do multiplats hate coming to nintendo consoles so much?

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