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Satoru Iwata Has Been Re-Elected As Nintendo President

News has come in via the Nintendo Annual Shareholders Meeting that Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has been re-elected to the board of directors. Iwata’s current approval rating hasn’t been announced, but we should find out shortly. The president of Nintendo missed the Annual Shareholders Meeting due to recent surgery on a growth.

241 thoughts on “Satoru Iwata Has Been Re-Elected As Nintendo President”

      1. ^ R.I.P Troll. Iwata is going to finish the job with the Wii U. This console has an unlimited potential, MK8 is just the beggining, Nintendo’s quality IPs in HD and good choice of third parties exclusives will be enough to conviced most gamers around the world. Please people try not to look as an analyst! Patcher syndrome -detected- :-)

        1. Exactly, while I don’t have a wii u yet I know for sure that i’ll have one by feb next year, and I really want one, the new ip’s look great and it has a ton of games, some people used to say wii u drought, I say wii u flood

    1. That pic of Iwata is like he is trolling haters xD fits the news perfectly. Oh and im happy that Iwata continues as CEO of Nintendo!!

      1. What ISNT wrong with him? Worst years of Nintendo financially in HISTORY of the company. Non-stop casual chasing. Making the same mistake with WiiU as 3DS. Terrible WiiU console name that confuses consumers. Lost 3rd party support. No acquisitions or mergers yet, hello Capcom?! Only a few solid titles a year, since stubborn nintendo is going it alone.

        1. Buying capcom COULD solve a ton of these. From adding a large studio that would be working on exclusive games, to more MA games, increasing install base to lure back 3rd party, keep Monster Hunter which is pretty vital to 3DS sales in Japan…

          1. lol a few games a year, troll detected, I mean 3d world, wind waker hd, wonderful 101, pikmin 3, nslu, lego city undercover and FAR more beg to differ.

        2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          The 3Ds which he turned 180 and is the best selling console of this generation and the Wii U is picking up steam as we speak plus he is responsible for the most succesful homeconsole in our empire’s history…

          And even if it’s our empire’s worst financial history, obviously we care about more than just resources unlike the western corrupted empires that worships resources as Gods…

          1. Worst financial history? I don’t remember hearing Nintendo ever losing any profit. They recover from each loss they take every time and this situation from Wii U is no different and I also remember hearing them saying they’re now making profit from Wii U a while ago. Funny how many people have short term memories only bait switched for any negative news they hear, think they hear or want to hear.

            1. Nope they are selling WiiU at a loss. It is still causing negative impact on their profits.

              They sold Wii at a loss for sometime contrary to popular belief. Came out recently that they restricted supply on the Wii until manufacturing costs would come down.

          2. HE wasnt responsible for the Wii though. Motion controls were already being worked on for the Gamecube and werent “perfected” until too late in GC hardware cycle. So they threw in minimal upgrades and expected Wii would be a stopgap at least before launching a successor. Wii sales exploded ONLY because smartphones werent widespread. Wii sales were a product of dumb luck, pure and simple. There were AMAZING games on the Wii, but that doesn’t short the fact that it was based solely on the gimmick controller from the previous gen.A gen Iwata had no hand in. The DS was also already in development when he came in and although he likely had some sway, I highly doubt he influenced any of the breakthroughs directly.
            Yes, he may have fixed the 3DS AFTER poor planning and execution that were sorely overlooked, but with the launch of WiiU he said they learned from the 3DS and it would NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. It was yet again his lapse in planning that led to the WiiU crisis that Nintendo is dealing with, no matter how much you sugar coat it.
            Resources DO MATTER. I would expect a Commander in the empire would realize this. Resources win wars. Nintendo cant survive if its publishing AMAZING games on a console that few people are buying. Maybe they can since they are first party, but bottom line is that $$$ keeps the empire rolling and currently the empire is hurting.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Yes resources are vital but we are not a “normal” empire in a way…

              When did an Emperor/Leader ever reduce their own paychecks to save the empire in history?…

              1. Could be argued our vast empire has never needed a leader to take a pay cut to save his job. Sometimes a leader needs to fall on the sword for the good of the empire. Oh well. As long as the marketing budget is boosted, I feel like a world of difference would happen. Long live the Empire with good fortune on the horizon!!

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Indeed, let’s hope his lordship does not lose control in a destructive way ever again…

                  If they now can find and fix the defective Wii Us…

            2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              The thing is also that even though motion controls were an idea around the GCN era, he still implemented ut in a succesful way, the 3DS might have been at a high risk of being a total failure by his hands but he also managed to turn it around succesfully…

              Although the Wii U is in a somewhat worse state, he is now starting to turn it around, it migh tnot be a huge success but I do think it will be a fair one in the end…

              Unless his lordship loses the grasp again…

            3. so if the Wii remote is a gimmick then why did sony and ms copy it with move and Kinect lol, Troll detected.

            4. Okay, shut up. Jesus. You act like you KNOW the Wii would’ve failed had it not been for the absence of smartphones. From what proof? You have absolutely NO evidence that this is the case. You also say that it wasn’t his idea. News flash: the previous products Nintendo has produced are NOT ideas of the previous president, they are DECISIONS, and the Wii was Iwata’s decision. He’s done fine. Stop shitting on him. He’s fucking great. He’s in touch with the fans, doing goofy things in the Nintendo directs showing that he’s more a person than an entity. He’s taken PAY CUTS for his mistakes so NONE of his employees have to suffer. He’s a good fucking person and it’s really making me and so many others angry that you’d target him like this. He’s done great for the position he’s been thrusted into. I applaud him. I hope you do too.

        3. Of course it going to be the hardest time for nintendo xbox 360 and ps3 has a huge library of games so gamers are not going to run to a new console.also with the new ps4 and Xbox one everyone had their mind sets on the two consoles for the next gen. experience. 3rd party support is our own fault we don’t buy their games it got nothing to do with nintendo the wii u community that find it hard go purchase and support third parties by buying their games full price. 3ds was in a more bad situation and it began to pick up more sales through more titles the system has slowly picked up pace but nothing will be as good as the first ds because the system was a new and fresh concept. Even if nintendo approached capcom have you seen how bad sales on the wii u have been. I will never pray that on my enemy let alone capcom

          1. The community can’t be blamed for not supporting third parties when most of the games from them have been shitty half-done multi plats.

            1. As4, call of duty ghost and black ops, splinter cell blacklist, batman origin all sold badly on the wii U compared to other platforms

              1. My point exactly.
                Why should we be grateful for those games when they were horrible compared to the versions on other platforms?
                Why should we support bad multiplats, let alone be demonized for avoiding them like a sensible consumer would?
                Third parties need to earn the money in my wallet; I won’t give it out for badly done ports anymore.

                1. What about our second party developers splatoon, bayontta2, hyrule warriors, devils third, splatoon, xenon blade chronicles x. Or new third party titles project cars, human element or the new game on kickstatrer fps which look pretty promising.

                    1. Well yeah I guess but then we would be looking like hypocrites if we all say we are hyped, Good thing I stick to what I say at times. :) I still say it the “Gears of War” version for Nintendo, which I like, I played it, I suck but no stopping me, and it is fun.

                2. Thank god we have sensible folks like you around. If these half minded sacks can’t understand that simple truth why 3rd parties are deliberately sucking on Nintendo platforms ONLY, then let them be stupid and go blindly throw money at those same bitches robbing them blindly for faulty games, day one DLC BS, lack of quality, patches before DLCs, annual game spams, it continues as long as stupid people exists.

              2. All of those games are gimped which explains why fans aren’t that stupid to pay full price for incomplete garbage.

          2. People don’t buy 3rd party games for Wii and Wii U because they’re mostly shit or better on another system.

            1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

              Like the Spider-Man 3 game. Certain “dungeons” could be revisited in the PS3 & XB360 versions. For the Wii version, once that part of the story was over, you couldn’t reenter the place. I stopped playing the game soon after discovering this. Thank God it was a rental. xD

        4. nintendo lost support with 3rd parties in the n64 era

          iwata tried but they put shit on our platforms and we didn’t buy it. boo hoo

          1. Only because cartridges are costly. Boo hoo. Looking at CDs back then, quality blew worse but willing to serve/buy crap anyway. That’s also when pretty much every gamer intelligence went down the crapper.

        5. Okay, personally I think Iwata needs to retire, but worst years at the company? The Wii and DS respectively are Nintendo’s most successful consoles they’ve EVER launched. You can agree or disagree that the Wii was a good idea, but it still flew off store shelves. Iwata also helped turn the 3DS from a commercial failure to a growing success. The Wii U could flop or follow the same pattern. (After all, it is outselling Xbox One still, so they aren’t out of the race yet).

          Learn your history and numbers.

          1. yeahm he turned the 3ds from commercial failure to growing success, but he’s also the one who made it a commercial failure

              1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                Satoru Iwata is like the President of the United States. He has some sway but what he can do is ultimately decided by Congress. For Iwata, his Congress is the Board of Directors.

            1. Mistakes comes as a lesson that turns to success or failure. Iwata knows that and turned it around for the best.

              So what’s your excuse? EA does it better? Fuck no.

        6. Oh jeez, shut up!
          He’s presided over the 3DS turn-around and is currently on track to make the same happen with the wii u, and he’s certainly better than some new retard that might have listened to some of the stupidest investors, and people like Michael Pachter.

        7. are you kidding? the wii was iwata’s brainchild.. their most successful console yet

          lost 3rd party support.. lol
          nintendo hardly ever had any 3rd party support to speak of

          the gamecube was a little better in that respect than the other consoles (the GC btw also mostly fell into iwatas term) but other than that it’s the same old

        8. Actually, Iwata introduced and was president during the Wii’s lifetime, the most sucessful nintendo hardware.

          1. HE wasnt responsible for the Wii though. Motion controls were already being worked on for the Gamecube and werent “perfected” until too late in GC hardware cycle. So they threw in minimal upgrades and expected Wii would be a stopgap at least before launching a successor. Wii sales exploded ONLY because smartphones werent widespread. Wii sales were a product of dumb luck, pure and simple. There were AMAZING games on the Wii, but that doesn’t short the fact that it was based solely on the gimmick controller from the previous gen.A gen Iwata had no hand in. The DS was also already in development when he came in and although he likely had some sway, I highly doubt he influenced any of the breakthroughs directly.
            Yes, he may have fixed the 3DS AFTER poor planning and execution that were sorely overlooked, but with the launch of WiiU he said they learned from the 3DS and it would NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. It was yet again his lapse in planning that led to the WiiU crisis that Nintendo is dealing with, no matter how much you sugar coat it.

        9. Who remembers when the 3DS sucked?? I sure do. Now it’s known as one of the best handheld systems in existence (thanks to iwata’s dedication for his creations). The WiiU will come out on top, no doubt.

          1. I also remember when it sucked. Seriously, When I first heard about the 3DS I refused to buy one. I thought being able to see games in actual 3D was a stupid idea. Now, I love my 3DS and regret everything bad I said about it.

        10. All I’m hoping for is the Wii U to get more third party support. It’s really getting on my nerves reading online seeing “Wii U not mentioned” or “this game is skipping Wii U”, etc. 2015, Wii U better be getting at least 70% of games. I’m sitting here deciding whether I should buy another console or just deal with it and miss all the games. I missed the entire last gen of games so I really don’t have much patience at this point.

          1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

            Don’t focus on what the Wii U isn’t getting & be happy with what it is getting. Like Hyrule Warriors, Zelda U, Devil’s Third, Bayonetta 2, Splatoon, & eventually Star Fox U, Zelda U, & Metroid U. Trust me. It’ll help you feel better just as it did for me with the Wii when I knew of all the games it wasn’t getting that the other two were getting, like Resident Evil 5, RE6, Dead Space, DS2, DS3, Metal Gear Solid IV, MGS4, Grand Theft Auto IV, GTA5, etc… *sigh* (Maybe when the PS3 is dirt cheap & I don’t have to worry about it’s price holding me back from games for the Wii U & possibly the Playstation 4.) Just do as sasori’s punkass “claims” he is doing with the XB360 & save up money for the Playstation 4 or Xbox One.

        11. Yeah, 3DS sold shit and has a lame catalogue.

          Stop being a fag, son. If you’re so retarded that you can’t tell the difference between a Wii and a Wii U, then you’re not the target for it. Is that easy. Such as the 3DS, and yet it’s still selling more than any other console.

    1. With this announcement Nintendo has elected to remain in gaming darkness and therefore has condemn itself and its fans to jeggie destruction. Lord Sasori’s prophecies have come true and soon will be revealed in full fruition. Soon the foretold “Mongolians of Unnatural Decent” will come to light and further instruction from Sasori himself will commence. I would also like to take this time to acknowledge that Selina Ruiz a once prominent member of the clergy has been marked as an fornicating harlot and is no longer a member of the church.

      How’s that gamepad going for you…

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    2. They were thinking bringing in a new guy that might listen to idiots like Michel Pachter was a worse idea than keeping around the man that not only made the DS, 3DS, and Wii a success, but who is also pracTising over the imminent recovery of the wii u after a stellar E3 that they won, due in part to his planning, despite Bunning convention by not doing a stage show.

      He’s the better choice. Deal with it.

    3. You dumb mother fuckers, I guess you still don’t see it, Iwata is best for this, and you have the nerve to keep bitching about it? HELLOOOOO, WII U PICKING UP?! WHY?? Its because of this same man…fixing those errors.

      1. They want to blame Iwata yet won’t blame themselves for not supporting Wii U. Just like they are trying with Ammiibos and bitching about the price already.

  1. Hope Iwata is okay after his surgery. Glad to here is back on board with his role as president no one keep it direct like Iwata. I’m pretty sure there more games announcements so more nintendo direct will be very interesting. Waiting for a pokemon game for the wii U not bothered about star fox, metroid or mother 3

    1. No the wii u community doesn’t buy games scaring off all 3rd party developers making our game library only consisting of only 1st and 2nd party developers to make new title games

        1. Yes there is mate. Second party are companies under nintendo like retro studio, monolith soft and genius sonority even game freak. Check the internet nintendo list is on wikipedia

          1. There partners of nintendo Reggie mentioned it at the e3 that second party developers will be supporting the wii u

    2. that’s a load of bullshit

      iwata is the best that could have happened to nintendo.. and yes i am saying that in light of yamauchi being the previous president.. he may have boosted nintendo in the 80ies but the course he kept til the end wasn’t going to be successful much longer

    3. DS, Wii, 3DS resents that nonsensical statement. Be glad he’s not like Don Mattrick fucking over everybody with DRM and dumbass comments only idiots like Michael Patcher will blindly agree to.

  2. I’m can’t even… I can’t even begin to… Nvm, you guys won’t see me at all this time. Celebrate guys

      1. What big talk? He was saying that Iwata was killing Nintendo, and till now it’s true. You drones are really fucking pathetic pieces of shit

    1. Should we get in konami as we’ll so we can get the final fantasy series. No because the freedom to work with other companies and make money is limited. platinum was able to put an exclusive game for the xbox one if they’d were tied down to nintendo it would of been hard for them to see that deal happen.

    1. Who cares about voice chat no one every talks through their games voice chat or you can’t understand the language there speaking in unless your bilingual.

    1. Our leader will take us to victory along with the thousands of developers who work their ass off to make these games which you do even know the unsung heroes. Massive respect to the developers that support making nintendo games

  3. It wouldn’t matter if he was replaced or not. You guys have to realise that this is a Japanese company. And if Iwata were to be replaced, the new president would be no different since that would be disrespectful both to Iwata’s and Yamauchi’s visions of the company. Something that’s a big no no in Japan.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Exactly, unlike the Xbots and other misguided forces (Electron Army), our empire doesn’t sell our mothers…

  4. david you’re a tool so u don’t like talking with ur friends. Or working with them help solve a puzzle or fight another team.

    1. I would love to help people but if there to scared to reply what can I do. There many games like assassins creed 3, 4 where team work is so important but everyone scared to talk I be there trying to make a conversation and no one replies. You seem like you can talk for England so maybe it just bad luck

  5. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


    The power is ours!

    And please my Lord, I need my Wii U fixed!

    And to the haters…

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Damn Gamepad keeps disconnecting from the console or the other way around or whatever…

        I’ve tried every damn troubleshooting solution available officially and inofficially and nothing…

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        Yes probably, whenever I have money again considering I barely had money to by the damn thing…

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              If I have to pay I won’t until I convince them to repair or replace it for free…

              And right now it’s all sold out in the store I bought it from…

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Yes but I can’t find the bloody receit, I know I put it in my wallet but now it’s not there, I hate myself…

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      I’m not a member of anything…

                      but since I bought it using my credit card, there might be a chance if I show them the transaction and they can possibly accept it…

                      I would even be willing to pay a small fee if I can get anything replaced…

                      Why and why do I always have to go through misery…

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


                          I’m sure once I get it working again or have it replaced or something, I’ll break a leg or 2…


                        2. Haha, well hopefully it won’t be long till it’s fixed. I saw you on Miiverse. I gotta tell you, I’ve been permabanned on my true account so I use another one just for Miiverse lol

                      1. You don’t need too, they got it from the start…all they need from you is your name, and email…where I’m at, if I have the warranty, I don’t pay a thing…but most likely for you, it will be about 10 dollars, oh wait…you live in the UK right?

                          1. Well then you should be fine….right? just 10 dollars to ship it, the repairs are free…they do everything for you.


                            Now as for you commander *flips hammer over my shoulder and turns around and catches it*, Me thinks you need an upgrade so I can do it myself to destroy the competition.

                            *hammering, sawing, drill noises…gets done* There you go, enhanced turning and improved eye sight…I’ll see you in 2 weeks commander…that is if you can pay the charges.

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              Well whenever it’s fixed or replaced, we will race and fight…

                            2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              Is there a clabe or something to connect the Gamepad or Pro controller for the Wii U?…

                              So it isn’t wireless?…

                              I hate wireless garbage, always malfunctioning soone ror later…

              1. hey @Sasori-Bukkake Mii has been a long time since your last comment. are you ready to kick sasori’s butt? XD

          1. Lord sasori is hiding in his closet crying because he got a big butthurt when he heared the latest nintendo news, his sob will become into a rage that will destroy his enemies…only to be butthurted again. oh lord sasori, oh toiet of wisdom, piece of shit of will, master of fapping, harvester of mediocrity, you shalll reborn and guide us to a new gaming era and i’ll be here to suck your dick.

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          2. Excellent! Bringing Iwata back is the right move and it shows that all you need is a lot of dedication to win the big battles. I believe that keeping him around will only help Nintendo and not weaken them.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              And I’m sure that his surgery made him even more dedicated which is a good thing for our Lord, the empire and us…

          3. I’m glad he’s back.

            I’m upset the wii u isn’t selling well and I know it wasn’t advertised properly and like any dedicated nintendo fan I hope they can turn it around but…

            At the end of the day I love the system, I’m having fun with the games on it, and I’m excited for the games that are on their way. That’s way more important to me then any sales number ever will be.

            1. If only the nintendo community was more focused on the games than the sales nintendo will be doing way better than the present moment.

          4. The video is shit and your flow is so bad. Anyone that wants to see the worse freestyle ever look above but I advice you not to. You have been warned.

            1. Sorry, I guess I got excited being involved with a video and just wanted to share it. Is there any way to remove a post if the video is really that bad.

          5. It’s not easy to come on here and overlook the fact that “trolls” inundate this comment section. It truly is a sad state, something as original, as rage inducing(to others) has gone so mainstream. It’s funny, I know here at MNN people play along with the trolls, but there once used to be a sense of being unique, one of a kind. Nowadays(and for a couple years now) every Tom, Dick and Harry is a “troll”. It’s like they took this sacred thing we created, and molded it into something that isn’t. You disappoint me, never knew I’d have all these imitations, all these generic, non specific agenda having, laughable failure rate at all time high carbon copies. No work is put into it any longer. Any “troll” to have appeared after 2009, pretty much just wanted to be like the originals. My children, you put me to shame; what came after 2009 I don’t know what to call it, but sure as hell isn’t trolling. Learn your history, I founded your little routine, I was there when it molded, when it began; so do refrain from having me revert to my former ways. I will not, but a fair warning, I used to face the real “anonymous” you guys today just plain suck.

          6. I think he should have stepped down, the guy got a freaking tumour removed so why does he still feel healthy enough to work? I hope he does step down, not because I hate him (I actually don’t mind him in all honesty) but it’s because I feel he needs to retire or at least get a more calmer work space and just work along side with the devs.

            I think Miyamoto should have been voted in.

          7. to be honest I was on the fence, but since he took a pay cut and keep employment. I was starting to see beyond my frustration. Yes he fucked it up with the 3DS, the Wii U and the end of the Wii. Now I look back at the last 2 years and I release he has not done a bad job if we take into account the world is in recession since 2008 and 2013 is just the start of the recovery. The competition is not just MS and Sony any more cause of mobile and tablet market. giving the actual market of video and entertainment, selling 50M will be a great success, but selling 20M is a success and looking at the number I am sure Wii U will hit the 20M in 2 years time.

          8. Sony Emperor Xperia

            Im not going to go on record and bash Iwata yet,but im aware this might be the last nail on nintendo’s coffin as a worthy legendary contender to the glorius Playstation brand.

            If Iwata doesnt buy Crapcom, then its GAME OVER for Nintendo.

            And Iwata is the dumbest CEO ever.

            If he does buy Crapcom then his RE election Wasnt a miserable mistake and well deserved.

            Right Nintendo needs to buy Crapcom in order to be able to compete with Us.

            1. The late Hiroshi Yamauchi would have never chose Iwata to take his place if he was stupid. Yamauchi obviously knew what he was doing.

            2. Contrary to what you’d like to believe, This has to be decided with a board of directors, share holders and other company executives. Not just Satoru Iwata. To hear you tell it, you make it sound like he’s the one with the billions of dollars. It’s a decision the company has to make as a Whole. Cripes.

          9. As long as he makes the decision to buy Capcom and turn around the Wii U’s fortune with the third party, I will be happy with this. Step it up Iwata!

          10. Sony Emperor Xperia

            I like nintendo, reason i keep coming to this site and post, i grew up on nintendo. Sega and sony, i hate microsoft with a passion tho, i hate it when homosexuals like N Commander bash me and say im a troll and that im Aeolis, i speak facts not fiction

          11. ahhh these clowns are happy their president is back. LMFAO the wii u is just ultimately dead at this point. i guess its time to finally get my ass to gamestop today.

            1. you are the only clown here, take your butthurt to gamestop and buy your past generation console. what happened to the BSOD?, no words?… then, how’s your red ring of death?, do you need your cream?, do you need a diaper change?
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          12. Sony Emperor Xperia

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          13. Games are selling well because GAMESTOP WONT LET PEOPLE BUY NEW GAMES!!!!!!!!!! THEY INSIST YOU BUY USED AND HIDE NEW COPIES. YESTERDAY THUS GUY TRIED TO BUY 5 NEW WII U GAMES AND THE EMPLOYEE SPENT 5 MINUTES TELLING HIM THERE’S NO DIFFERENCE IN BUYING NEW OR USED ITS JUST CHEAPER. well used game sells destroy companies (Nintendo capcom sega Sony) games sales. I saw new games and the employee flipped passed them saying they didn’t have new copies. This should be illegal

              1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                Let people like you die, more like it. You’re just waste of space humans that are taking up resources that us more productive human beings could be using.

          14. yes!
            Iwata, that’s a good news.
            btw I can’t imagine another ceo doing a fighting video featuring him(her)self like he did, it was awesome hahaha!

          15. Iwata’s plan for E3 was his last stand and he pulled it off. I hope that he realizes he has to do that amazing every E3. The Shareholders seem to think he deserves a second chance. So until he does something stupid again he seems to be on the right track. Just stick with the core fans Iwata and you should be fine.

          16. Iwata is the fuckin man.

            No one is buying watchdogs anymore

            Mk8 at 2mill already and the game will have a sales cycle throughout the entire life span of the wii u

            so far with the 3ds and Wii U I would say nintendo is ripping this gens ass open. whats gonna stop the 3ds and wii u? Ps4s and xb1s look like over priced ps3s and 360s they all have 2 cod games the same sports games bf4 assassins creeds comic book games bro.

            I think that is fuckin hysterical!

            And Link has always looked like a woman ;)

          17. Good. Now I don’t have to worry about Nintendo’s benign CEO getting replaced by a dumbass like Don Mattrick.

          18. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

            Let’s hope Satoru Iwata keeps up this momentum. Hopefully we’re now looking at the Wii U pulling a 3DS move as it starts to sell very well. It might start off slow but it’s better slow than never. I was hoping to see a comment from iceazeama, to be honest.

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