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Mario Maker, Mario Vs Donkey Kong Wii U Releasing As Physical Games?

A couple of temporary box arts have suggested that physical versions of Mario Maker and Mario vs. Donkey Kong for Wii U will be released at retail. Although the two titles will also be available via the Nintendo eShop, Nintendo has yet to confirm whether they will launch exclusively through the online marketplace. Both games, which were officially announced at E3 2014, implement touch-screen controls via the Wii U GamePad. They are scheduled to launch in 2015.

100 thoughts on “Mario Maker, Mario Vs Donkey Kong Wii U Releasing As Physical Games?”

    1. I’m not surprised by physical versions. Super Luigi U released on disc for $29.99 and that was DLC. These will probably release for $29.99-$39.99 as fully fleshed out games. What you saw at E3 was only a taste of it.

      1. I doubt that, i am pretty sure Nintendo plans to make Mario Maker at least 50 bucks. People are assuming it will be cheap based on what little was shown at E3.. but THAT WAS A DEMO! It was a demo.. maybe even beta stuff. I expect them to flesh it out to the point that it will be 50 maybe 60 bucks…. do i think the same of Mario VS Donkey Kong? No.. i think that may be a bit cheaper.

    1. Maybe if they boxed both games and Splatoon in one box the retail price could be right. For me all 3 of those are 10-20€ eshop games.

      They are nice looking games but i don’t see myself buying those for local retail prices.

      1. Moderator could delete my fail before. I prefer using nickname and not one of my emails while commenting. :D

    2. Physical is always better. If these games ever do become physical though, I doubt they would even price it past $30. Also, isn’t there a 3DS Mario vs DK? I swear I saw a box at Gamestop. So yeah, if that’s the case, it most likely is getting a physical release too. Mario Maker looks more like an application than game. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was put on the eshop for free. Lol.

      1. Yeah, the 3DS game you’re talking about is Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move, and that’s a eshop exclusive game

        1. Actually, the one I saw in the store was Mario vs Donkey Kong: Mini Land Mayhem for DS. But then again, eshop wasn’t here when that was made. So, I guess it’d be an eshop exclusive. But.. I don’t want it to. T_T Physical is better…

      2. 10 reasons why physical is not better.

        1. can break
        2. can be lost
        3. can wear out the Wii U disc drive
        4. takes up space on your shelf instead of your gamepad menu
        5. they take time to buy (time is $)
        6. Nintendo Digital Promotion eShop credit
        7. they negatively impact the environment
        8. not as many midnight launches as digital
        9. they don’t update until you put them in the drive
        10. you have a caveman hording mentality when in the future most of us digitals will be uploading our brains to the Neuro Cloud you will be environmentally poisoned to death holding onto your pathetic physical existence

        1. Wow.

          You equate the sense of touch to being a caveman? Touch is an important quality of many types of life, none more so than to mammals. Yes, these are pieces of plastic, but they represent so much more than the sum of their parts, & having a tangible quality helps further connect us. But say physical games become obsolete. What will vanish next? Is sentimentality nonsense?

          No sense of ownership or control? Do you really want corporations taking care of our belongings? Do you really want your games, everything that possibly can be digitized stored on some faraway server? Kinda odd to have zero blackouts in one’s area, or zero tornados yet most or all your digitized posessions fall victim to a power outage or tornado.

          & do you really want to continually pay more monthly fees? What happens to your digitized belongings if you want to stop paying or just can’t keep paying? If your storing things more important than games, wouldn’t corporations be extorting you? & why go all digital when you can save the money that would otherwise be spent on monthly fees & maybe spend it on something really important?

          & what of privacy? What about corporate espionage?

          Oh what a cold, Orwellian future you welcome. I’d rather keep my humanity & die horribly than lose my soul & live forever in an apathetic sea of electrons.

    3. Because they’re 2D or…? I’d rather have the option for a physical release. Otherwise you’re just paying for glorified rentals. Found that out the hard way when my Wii’s SD card slot broke and I couldn’t transfer anything to Wi U.

      In any case, it’s a good sign that they’re considering a Wii U release, as it means it’s not as bare bones as we initially though.

    1. I just find it funny how he’s calling everyone else a Social Reject yet he’s the one constantly online, uploading videos and acting other people for no reason…. wow, he’s kind of hypocrite.

    2. LOL at the end. XD Why do people always make fun of the Gamepad? It’s really not bad at all. It felt amazing the first time I held it though. :D And I think Wii U is underrated. I don’t think that when Nintendo made it that it was supposed to directly compete with the other companies. They usually go after a different market. But people fail to realize this. Don’t you guys know how much money Nintendo has? The Wii U could be as powerful as a PC if Nintendo wanted it to. XD

      1. Wow.. you just exposed yourself

        So in other words, your basically telling us that Nintendo is too fuckin cheap. Lol exposed. Nintendo scam you all. Cheap bastards.

        1. ….. Might I say this…. the original Kinect on Xbox 360 only costed Microsoft £35 TO FREAKING BUILD…. it was about £150 on launch day…. so yeah, Nintendo actually makes better stuff that works and is cheap to manufacture. Microsoft… go cheaper, make it shit.

          Exposed yourself there kiddo

          1. The Xbox was stronger than the Gamecube. The Xbox 360 was stronger than the Wii. And the Xbox One is stronger than the Wii U. Again, you’re being fucking stupid. I like how the only thing you drones can only think of to use against Xbox is DRM and the Kinect. Even with the DRM removed and Xbox Kinect being optional, you still continue to make yourselves look like hypocrites. Give me one good reason why I should buy the Wii U. Oh wait, you can’t!

            1. & Microsoft has yet to profit on the Xbox brand. But both Xbox & GCN had stronger specs than PS2, yet PS2’s library seemed the strongest. N64 had stronger tech specs than the original PS, but the PS had bigger sales. Both PS3 & 360 had stronger tech specs than Wii, PSP & Vita stronger specs than DS & 3DS…power only goes so far. Ultimately, it’s about the games, or it used to be.

                1. Yep. & I didn’t get it because of power, either. Sure, its more powerful than the 7th gen platforms (excluding PC, of course), but that’s natural. I got a Wii U because Nintendo has yet to let me down to the point where I’d bail, & the Gamepad can certainly enhance the experience. 3rd parties, on the other hand, seem to be catering to different markets nowadays; abandoned genres, shelved IPs, transmogrified franchises, obsessions w/ photorealism & graphic detail…all just goes against why I game in the 1st place. I’ve always been able to find great 3rd party games on Nintendo platforms (getting more than 1st party), as well as Sony & SEGA platforms. But nowadays, its largely the indies that cater to my tastes. Sad, really, when many 3rd parties have such big budgets & a lot of resources but can’t even make decent games imo, just hardcore eyecandy. I s’pose gaming’s become too mainstream & making money no longer requires much in the way of gameplay & polished experiences. Except Nintendo is consistent here.

                  Anyway, I never cared for Microsoft, & Sony lost me w/ the PS3, especially considering they’re more like Microsoft since 7th gen. Tech specs never mattered much. But Nintendo still manages to focus on gameplay while simultaneously changing, finally marrying the same kinda magic found in their software w/ their hardware. But I’m biased toward online components, never needing such an emphasis before. If only they’d market themselves better & gain more games like Bayonetta, Devil’s Third, Eternal Darkness, & Fatal Frame. They should work more closely w/ SEGA & Capcom, browse their catalogs & co-develop some Survival Horror, Fighters, Arcade Racers, even 2D Platformers. Games. Fresh-but-familiar experinces. No need for hardcore audiovisuals as long as the games, games look fully-realized.

                  1. THANKYOUUUU! I been saying this same thing for years… and i just get called a fanboy… i’m actually pretty unbiased.. but at the moment there is nothing on the other 2 consoles that really grab me… i always loved what i get from Nintendo..
                    I get called childish.. i get called all sorts of names.. but Nintendo is the only company that DOES NINTENDO!..
                    They do whimsical, they do charming.. they do lighthearted.
                    And i love them for it.

  1. If they seriously want to release cheap $2 download games as retail you know that Nintendo isn’t with the times

    1. Lol yep. Pretty much.

      Lol I told ya. Nintendo are cheap bastards. They expect people to pay more than $20 for a “create a platformer” type of game. How about you create some real games, Nintendo? Lmao.

      1. So is that why I’m paying £50 for Last of Us: Remastered or payign £60 for a Halo Collection that they couldn’t even afford to just create a new engine to run the games on… Wow, for a kid who named themselves “Wow.. you just exposed yourself” and renamed themselves to “Lol yep, Pretty much.” you really must have no life.

        1. BECAUUUUSE LBP is more than a level editor, if you actually PLAY the game, which you obviously don’t

          1. I own all 3 of them, the amount of levels arent even that many, and the biggest draw is the level editor. Still $60 and $40 respectively but its not ok if Nintendo does it?

      1. Yeah, a game where you have to direct Mario toys and a level editor game… seems like $2 quality to me

          1. No, free is still too much, hen you download it, it should add $20 to your eShop account! (sarcasm :P lol)

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  3. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    This is further evidence not only when idiots take games way too seriously but also just how ignorant humans are as a species…

    This is what this thing wrote to me:


    Wow! Are you serious? All the constant shit you talk to people about the Wii U, you seriously are just now getting one three weeks ago? Always defending a system you never owned in the first place. With how much you talk about “your empire” one would think you would have already had one at launch… Go figure, I’ve had one since launch and still don’t act as stupid as you do all the time about the Wii U…

    As if you couldn’t get any lower in the fanbase gene pool, nothing is worse than a idiotic fan who doesn’t even own the system they talk about. You have been talking about the Wii U for months as if you always had one, now all the sudden you’re just getting one…

    With how stupid you act all the time about Nintendo, you so deserved a broken Wii U. Seeing this comment made my day. I can only hope you go through hell to get it fixed, even when they return it, I hope it breaks on you again and again. Why? Because you deserve it for being such an ass hat all the time to other fans about a system you never even owned until recently.

    Thank you, universe.”

    Some apes really don’t live in the real world…

      1. Nintendo is my Blood

        Well… in a way it is kinda hypocritical

        after all, we fuck with sasori because he is an Xbox fanboy without an Xbox

        but in the end you did want and eventually got one

        better than trolls like iceazeama and sasori who have one and talk shit about how bad it is without actually selling it

        But that is just my 2 cents, I love my Wii Us and you will too

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          I never ever said I owned a Wii U, the idiots assumed that and unlike other welfare slaves, I live in the real world…

        2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          And it would only be hypocritical if I was called “Wii U Commander”, which I never have so there is nothing to damage control anywhere…

          1. Nintendo is my Blood

            I know, but you did kinda defend the Wii U despite you not having it

            but whatever, the past is the past

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              So? It’s made by our empire?…

              And I’ve played it many times before I had my own anyway…

              Didn’t you all defend it when no one had it aswell?…

              That is being hypocritical…

              1. Nintendo is my Blood

                Well… no, I bought it at launch

                but that doesn’t have much relevance, why should I have to justify the Wii U? If I were to justify the Wii U to people like iceazeama and sasori, i’d die an old man on an unimportant journey

                  1. Nintendo is my Blood

                    Well, I wouldn’t defend something I had never experience

                    I love Nintendo, but I will admit when they make errors

                    such as Zelda 2: The adventure of Link

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      Well I’ve experienced the Wii U several times prior to my own purchase so I know what I’m talking about…

                      It’s not advance maths to figure out anything with games…

            2. Great companies that build rapport with their customers by consistently producing great products produce consumer loyalty. I love Honda’s, craftsman tools, Samsung electronics…if a product was made by one of these companies and someone blindly called it shit, I would defend it, even if I don’t own every fucking car, tool or electronic device.

              There is absolutely nothing wrong or abnormal for someone who is a long-standing Nintendo consumer to defend the products it produces, as they have purchased and have been pleased with the quality and performance of past products.

              Razzing N-Commander for being a loyal fan of a company he’s invested in and has gained his trust is just ignorant, bullshitting stupidity.

              So given your logic, you better never rave about a company unless you own every fucking thing they’ve ever made, or you’re just a hypocrite. //End Rant

          2. Hey Commander, I have a confession to make. I didn’t actually get the Wii U because I wanted it, I got it by mistake from my mom as a Christmas present. I had originally asked for a PS3. XD Oh well, the past is the past. And I’ll be finally getting that PS3 I’ve wanted eventually when I get a job. Best of both worlds I guess. :P

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              See, we all have our problems or things…

              but we do not take this as seriously as thsese no lifers…

            2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Hopefully you never sell yours unless it gets defective, because we have to enjoy countless of hours on games like MK8 and Smash Brothers…

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Whatever really, even if I have it fixed I’m sure something else will go wrong just as everything else ever since I was born…

              Oh well, atleast I’m looking forward to the near future human destruction that is inevitable in the real world…

              1. Will if you are going through what ever it is since you were you could be an Israelite after all right now it is Esau’s Kingdom. But soon it will be the Israelite kingdom. I’m curious are you real an Israelite?

            2. Yeah, you kinda missed the logic train, but the past is the past! Maybe you can catch the next one. :)

        3. You would be surprised how different the two are lmao. One of them praises the Xbox One and the other bashes and makes fun of it. I don’t think sassori likes ice.

    1. People attack things they don’t understand or are jealous of. You could almost take that as a compliment as they really seem intimidated by you.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        They all are, it’s pathetic how much their life depends on games only ahahahahahahaha…

    1. So, if you hate Nintendo, why are you here? You think that posting hate crap will make you popular like sasori? I don’t understand people like you. I can tell you’re much younger than I am.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          32 and acts like a little kid spewing out kid arguments…

          This world is really full of retards…

        2. You aren’t helping your case here. A 32 year old hanging out on a website that attracts “kiddies” from a “kiddie” console.

          Have you been registered yet?

  4. They really don’t need a physical release, Mario Maker is just like Lunar Magic, but with alot more tools and it’s free. The Mario vs Donkey Kong game looks like a $2 iPhone game, plus it looks exactly like the DS game.

    1. Never compare Nintendo games to iPhone games. Never ever. Even Mario vs DK is better than pretty much everything on a smartphone. ò_é

  5. pink0crystal0midbus

    Well Mario Maker technically ca have more level designs than all the NSMB games combined, so it actually makes sense to sell it at retail.

  6. I hope that it gets a retail release! Games should always get one unless it’s really indie or not going to sell a lot of copies. I’m sure that it would actually sell a lot better if they put it in stores. People are always ready for a good Mario game

  7. Physical copies are outdated, all Nintendo copies should be eshop exclusives. Waste of resources and the environment to be honest. The overall service Nintendo provides in digital copies however, is very poor. So before anything, they should improve those issues.

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  9. There are so many people trying to have actual conversation, yet they are just being bogged down by trolls. It sucks. Anyway I do think Mario Maker could be retail, not too sure on Mario vs DK.

  10. I know it’s off the topic, but I sure wish Nintendo would bring back Mario Paint. Not the original, but a brand new sequel with TONS of new features. I got more out of Mario Paint than any game in history. Mainly because I had no computer, and Mario Paint was the only paint program I had. I loved making my own cartoons and music, but hated the extreme limitations.

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