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Miyamoto Says He Really Thinks A Nintendo Genre Is Needed

Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed that he thinks a Nintendo genre is needed. Speaking to the LA Times, the legendary designer said that the company mainly focuses on creating entertaining products – rather than dedicating most efforts in trying to develop something that would be perceived as “cool.”

“Nintendo isn’t one simple element of an overall gaming industry,” said Miyamoto. “I really think there needs to be a Nintendo genre, that’s almost its own entity.”

“It’s not that I don’t like serious stories or that I couldn’t make one, but currently in the video game industry you see a lot of game designers who are working really hard to make their games seem really cool,” he added. “For a lot of us at Nintendo, it’s difficult to decide what cool is. In fact, it’s a lot easier for us to laugh at ourselves. It’s almost as if we’re performers. Our way of performing is by creating these fun, odd and goofy things.”

227 thoughts on “Miyamoto Says He Really Thinks A Nintendo Genre Is Needed”

      1. Except for the fact that in the video game world record book it was put under best selling fighting game, not best selling party brawler, besides, a brawl is a fight, so you’re just saying it’s a party fighter, which it is

        1. You cant start a sentance with “except”. Why are you citing a world record book? You had a chance to make a reasonable point but you did just short of confirming your ignorence.

          1. I feel he made a very valid point and think you’re just trying to lash out at him because he proved you wrong. Humility is a very precious trait, my friend.

      2. Eh it can be both, smash bros is a great competitive fighting game but it’s also a hell of a lot of fun as just a party brawler.

          1. g+anon=ganon

            OMG EXPOSED!!!!!!!

            but seriously Playstation All Stars is just over priced toilet paper and even in that department it sucks.

              1. Obviously you care about as much as you care about grammar.

                Does anyone care about the option of a Troll? Do they fuck.

                1. That’s not what your mom said last night when I had her bent over. I just slapped on some oil and stuck it in there. Simple as that. No need to get butthurt because I got laid by UR MOM. Lulz.


              2. PS Allstars just sucks. Both Towerfall Ascension and Smash Bros beats that game in every way possible.

              3. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                You’ve just proven without a doubt you are one of the biggest dumbfuck on the internet. You wouldn’t know a good game if it came & slit your throat.

      3. smash bros is actually one of the deeper fighting games ever made…only the ignorant think its “just a party game”

    1. Hopefully this means nintendos thinking about dropping out of the home console race. It would be so much better if nintendo went like sega and started to make multiplatform games. So much potential. Im sure they would stay in the handheld business but i would love to play an actual donkey kong country game by rare.

      1. You all need to stop about them not making consoles and just selling games. That’s tired and not going to happen.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Because unlike other empires, specially the western ones, Nintendo is not a normal one that only wants resources…

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                A nazi ape like you have nothing to say about anything no matter how “nice” or “bad” it sounds…

              2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                xD By customers, we know you mean yourself. Go take your butthurt someplace else, Donko the Bitch.

            1. Oh great the roleplayer is in on this too. Fine. Ill go along with it. What else is the high lord nintendo after besides profits?

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    Quality games? Almost bugfree games? innovation? creativity? Do I have to mention more to you or can you think for yourself?…

                    1. Its kind of difficult to add bugs to a game when you are literally copying and pasting tried-and true code. You havent played anything outside of nintendo have you?

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        Now you sound like a Bethesdian if you even have an ounce of creativity to what a Bethesdian is…

                        And I’m also a PC gamer thank you very much, I don’t settle for gimped PC wannabes……

                        1. Oh gee I sure was owned. I’m glad you have so much time to be a denouncer of reason but iv’e got things to do. Considering your current roleplay persona its safe to assume you perfer nintendo blindly to anything else.

                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            And it’s also safe then by your logic to assume you’re just pretending to be the lead developer of a game I apperantely “love” without you exposing yourself in person and show proof…

                            And if you’ve got things to do, why are you even here?…


                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              What’s a good answer then?…

                              Money? that’s generetic and not what Nintendo stands for ONLY…

                          2. you are right Nintendo is on the business for the money …but is the only company that want to do this the right way…there games are complete..bug free and no D,L.C that is included on the dis or need to be part of the disc…they give you a complete game and 6 month later release a D.L.C that is worthy of buy it…not like COD or assasin creed or Killers instic that on they one they want you to buy more to get the complete experience when that experience need to be all ready in the disc or out of the box when i droop 60.00 dollars for that game.

                            1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                              ^^This. Of course they are in this for the money. But unlike Ubisoft & EA, they actually have some ethics. They don’t drop a franchise or a console because there is a small user base that buys it, thus screwing over the user base. Nintendo saw what happened to Sega when they screwed over the small user base.

                            2. They don’t do that?what happened to starfox, metroid, mother, f-zero?i’m sure they haven’t dropet those, oh, no

                  2. Reggie once did Nintendo goes down with its franchises.
                    I wish you could uclong punch people through computer screens right now. So fucking stupid when people say this.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      There is nothing wrong with what Lord Reggienator said at all…

                      It’s you who are the delusional one…

                  3. lol troll…you cant be this stupid…how could that be a big opportunity for nintendo? they make more money than the other companies right now as they are! you internet idiots read a few articles and think you know economics and the gaming business bu you dont…the “nintendo is doomed” is a made up sensationalized story of whats going on with nintendo its not real dude. they arent in danger man sony is in more danger than nintendo…microsoft is in more danger than nintendo…research do your homework instead spewing ignorant suff on ninendo sies or just stop trolling

              1. Get that out of your dam head, Now the Wii u is picking up, you shouldn’t even think that at all, besides they already stated that they are not going anywhere and nor are they dropping out of the console biz. What they mean is that everyone like playstation down to idie developers are following what people think is good, but what Nintendo thinks might be the next big hit is what they are aiming for, that what this article means.

                Oh and smash is a fighting game. If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t smash someone and KO them off screen if it wasn’t.

                1. Damn**

                  Im sure sega said the same thing. They want you to buy systems to the end. And im okay with that. I want my old nintendo back and i want it multiplatform. I want to play mario and zelda on my pc or high powered console.

                  Smash, as great as it is, is not a fighter in my opinion. Which dosent matter right? Im only employed as a designer for a certain company that published some of the best games on 3ds.

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    Unlike the Segans, our empire does not waste resources here and there for desperate measures and our franchises are so much more established and creative than they ever had overall…

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        If you don’t even have an ounce of creativity within you then I feel sorry that you even make games…

                        What does a “Segan” sound to you and what empire does it belong to?…

                        Even my 4 year old nephew would get it…

                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            Exposed for not even wanting to take a guess, I’m sure you must be working for Crytek…

                            1. Crytek dosent need any more developers. I’ll give you a hint. You posted a comment about a game that i was lead developer of. You apparantly loved it although I couldn’t tell through all the military roleplay

                            2. The commander, defeated? Wow…at least I nailed it on the spot. A rookie future dev needs to know these things. You got a wii u or 360 accounts, look me up and you can tell me all about the game your on…mainly, I’ll be looking for is your name, and what the game is about.

                              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                What are you even talking about?…

                                And he got owned not me, blind?…

                              2. nooooo. But you shutted up on his last reply. specially at

                                “You posted a comment about a game that i was lead developer of. You (spell check) “apparently” loved it although I couldn’t tell through all the military roleplay”.


                                I couldn’t help it.

                                Anyways I want to see if he’s actually telling the truth so I’m gonna give him a chance to prove himself.

                                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                  I answered him above on a different comment:

                                  And it’s also safe then by your logic to assume you’re just pretending to be the lead developer of a game I apperantely “love” without you exposing yourself in person and show proof…

                                  And if you’ve got things to do, why are you even here?…


                                  So even if he would prove it, it would also mean that by his logic, that I’m also a PC gamer which is what I said…

                      2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                        This is code for “I’m a cheap and/or casual, gamer! I don’t want to have to buy more than two systems for video games! Please go multiplat!” Not gonna happen, EVER!! Hang that shit up.

                  2. if Nintendo droop the console business and star software only buisness
                    it will be nice because as long i can play Nintendo games i dont care if is in a Nintendo console or a PS…but to say they need to quit doing consoles ? noooooooooo…they need to stay untill they cant anymore then switch…and in what planet do you live? because DKK contry by retro is a s good or beatter thatn the original DKK contry by rear..specially the Wii u version…the wii version was good but the Wii U is so far the best 2d platform side scrolling game i ever play includig NSMBU….tropical freez rocks.

                  3. You’re an idiot if you think Nintendo would make any money by trying to out-sell third parties on the third parties’ home turf.
                    You’re also an idiot if you think that abandoning the profits that Nintendo makes off of hardware sales in the long run is a smart thing to drop for the sake of a bunch of entitled whiners that would never choose the newest Mario over the next Uncharted in the first place.

                    There is no potential there.
                    Only broken promises and ruined IP’s.
                    Stop being delusional due to wanting to get the games without the system, and use some common sense; your a minority, and your dreams would only crush Nintendo into the ground.

                    1. What people fail to realize is that Nintendo has billions of cash stocked up. If the Wii U actually does happen to fail, then it’s no big deal. They’ll just wipe it off and learn next time. They’ve already experienced a similar situation with the Virtual Boy. They know what to do.

                      1. i hope nintendo gets sued by many more companies. i want that casual/pokemon and mario money shrink to square enix net value lol.

                  4. Translation: My xbone/ps4 has no games but I am so insecure to buy a nintendo console so I start moaning like the fanboy I am and want their games on my console.

                    1. Sigh. Why can’t you all just say the name of the company you like and tell other people why you like the without saying the other sucks? Let’s keep these comments civil people and be mature.

                      1. I like Microsoft Xbox because great games.
                        I like Sony Playstation because great games.
                        I like Nintendo because great games.

                1. what innovation…..if your claiming a paint shooter is innovative then your officially a clown.

              2. Wow. Here we go again. XD No offense to Iwata, but I think Nintendo should’ve put this dude at the top. Just imagine what the Wii U would be like if he had that type of power. Man, we’d be playin Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 HD right now. XD

                1. If Miyamoto was at the top, he would almost certainly NOT make re-releases of old games, as he probably sees it as wasting resources that could better be suited towards making new games. Also, he has never shown any evidence of business skill, which is why he isn’t the president while Iwata is (he ran HAL Laboratory in the 90s before Yamauchi stepped down in 2002).

              3. Also, can someone please clarify this for me. Cuz I’m confused. Sho created The Legend of Zelda? Was it Aunoma? Or somebody else? I need to know this. It’s been bugging me! >.<

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Lord Miyamoto created Donkey Kong, Mario, Zelda, Starfox and so on…

                  High Commander Aunoma is like his successor on the Zelda series that virtually took over…

                2. Anoma is the director of series, miyamoto is the creator. Miyamoto created
                  Captain Falcon
                  Drew Characters for the original punch out
                  Wii music(sadley)

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      “This guy”…

                      Please do not insult our leader…

                      But not only is he Nintendo in a sense, he is the God of gaming once the Atarians were destroyed by their own hands…

                3. Miyamoto originaly invented TloZelda, but Aonuma is the producer of Today’s Zeldagames. Miyamoto is already for a few decades in this business, so he can’t do everything on his own anymore.

              4. Pretty much the industry needs to be its own thing, why do u think capcom has had such a awful time lately. The industry goes for trends to much, (though ninty is doing the toy trend, but aleast they are doing something different with the idea). The wost trend I’ve kinda seen over the years is shooters. I do see unique shooters these days such Team Fortress 2, Spatoon, bullet storm ect.. but we still see too many shooters, or Games that try to be cool, by acting like the M rating makes a game mature and cool.

                1. soo your claiming a paint shooter is unique. lol even homefront the revolution and rainbow six seige is way more unique than that paint shooter.

                  1. Ok when is the last time u played a game that u turn into a squid, shot paint every where to to control area, used said paint to to take cover, gain speed and kids just most likely having fun ect.. How many times have we seen a shooter, going to war, terrorism, home invasion, evil dictator, ect. Dude I’ve have seen countless people on twitter, to projared, Gijinan Goomba, Angry Joe, and few others saying they find the game very different from the every day shooter, plus we don’t see that many colorful shooters Retro, didn’t say all shooters whether he finds thoose games unique is unsaid.

              5. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Aslong as it’s not another pathetic american army saves and warmongers their nations and is based on reality subjects then go on ahead…

                I’m so tired of this hollywood garbage…

              6. I absolutely agree. Nintendo’s magic in creating timeless, classical characters and games with unique personalities is like almost non-existent in anything non-Nintendo.
                Sony = open world, shooters, survival, button-mashers
                Microsoft = shooters, imitators, more shooters
                Nintendo = original characters with unique personalities that make you care for their characters without having to blast each others guts.

                Overall, Sony & Mircosoft = ‘borrowed’ creativity (and I love Sony)
                Nintendo = creating genuinely creative ideas by starting at the core gameplay/twist of any specified IP

                1. Nintendo: Platformers, casuals, action adventure
                  Sony: Shooters, platformers, racers, action adventure, survival horror, stealth, puzzle, etc

                  1. Sony: Generic Shooters, 3 Platform games, generic racers, generic action adventure.

                    Nintendo: Platformers, Action Adventure, Sports, Racer, Fighting

                  2. Just to point out, Nintendo has a major IP every genre, except MMO. Nintendo isn’t just platformers, casual, and Zelda games, yes that what’s you see most of since that’s what they advertise, but they have shooters, platformers (more than just Mario and definitely more than Sony) racers (more than just Mario kart which Sony really only has one series), survival horror, stealth, puzzle (which puzzle games are considered casual games -_-) , etc., now I’m not saying Sony is bad, I have a PS,PS3,PS4 I’m just saying you’re obviously fanboying right now

                    1. 1 dead survival horror
                      1 CASUAL puzzle series
                      Don’t remember any stealth games
                      1 active racer, one dead racer
                      By shooters you mean Metroid?

                      And you do realize the guy I replied to was even more of a fanboy?

                    2. your a clown. that fact that you claim nintendo has unique just shows how much of a clown your are. even ubisoft is more innovative than nintendo and has games in a ton of geners.

                      1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                        You’ll never learn, will you? Are you autistic,dude? Quit skipping out on your meds, kid.


                    You can’t claim that after what the real Yoshida said about Nintendo. Oh and nintendo has the platformer gener, puzzles, and a lot more than you are mentioning (etc), They too have the survival horror (if you call it that now these day from resident evil, zombie bowling and what not), got stealth too, not to mention shooters themselves and you can’t say that they don’t because I’ll put you down the tube if you do. Sony is and has been copying after Nintendo for a bit, Want proof? Look at Vita pets (nintendogs + cats), playstation move (wii remote), Playstation all stars battle arena (Super Smash Bros.), little big planet racing (Mario Kart). Oh and here is a more interesting thing, Why would the creators or staff members have a Wii U? What’s that? GASP they are playing Nintendo games…ITS THE END OF THE WORLD!!!

                    Look man, you need to update yourself.

                2. Sony has the most variety though. Ranging from platformers, RPG’s, FPS, Action/ Adventure, racing, hack’ n slash, etc. Nintendo usually goes for platformers and adventure.

                  1. This^. Now I’m not saying Nintendo games are complete garbage, but these people make it sound as if all Sony has is bland shooters, which is stupid

                    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                      Why are any of you saying Sony has this & that. Sony, like Microsoft, doesn’t really have shit, except for a very, very, very, very, very small few 1st party games. If not for 3rd parties, the Playstation & Xbox NEVER would have survived past the first system.

                3. wtf sony even creates and publishes a ton of new ips. look how awesome knack was. way better platformer than donkey kong.

              7. The hard part is CREATING a new genre. At the time, Pikmin was a new genre, and it was amazing. It’s going to be hard thinking of something completely new that will really catch on and be addicting and unique.

              8. Pingback: Miyamoto says that Nintendo needs its own Genre • Always Nintendo

              9. Step off your high horse, Miyamoto. Nintendo has been shoveling the exact same crap out since 2006.

                  1. you do know ther games besides shooters that are on the xbox one or coming to the console. remember project sparks, remember rsye, dead rising 3, gta 5,fifa 15, crack down 3, lego hobit, rayman legends, child of light.

              10. He basically is saying that there has to be company to cater to not just kids but also for the whole family. That is the Nintendo genre.

                If everything is serious, mature, shooters… then nobody would serve the family oriented or younger market. That does not mean that it is not for hardcore gamers. You define that by the skill, time spent and variety of games played across all platform in my opinion.

                1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                  ^^This. I’m tired of these “hardcore” gamers using hardcore to mean a certain type of game. A hardcore gamer plays for more than just a few hours when they can, tries to play a wide range of video games, & has a certain skill with video games that a casual gamer would never have.

              11. It was a mistake from Miyamoto to say this because soon Sony will copy this whole thing and make “Sony genre”(which basically contains their exclusive movies avalaible on PS systems). You heard it here first folks.

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Even if it’s hihgly likely it would only mean once again for the Fifthillionth time that the Sonyans only sell consoles because of media gimmicks that have nothing to do with gaming…

                  1. Haha so true, now that they dont have new disc media like bluray to sell systems they are now trying to sell it with social features like FB and that stupid “share” button. I dont wanna share anything, i wanna keep stuff to myself LOL

                    Anyway, i liked Ps2 and Ps1 because they had great amount of japanese exclusive content. Nowadays Sony is just a clone of Ms with their KillZone´s and all those western multiplats and exclusive DLC stuff which is stupid(i would prefer new The Legend Of Dragoon from Sony)

                    The reason i like Nintendo more than other 2 competitors is because they are ready to invest in japanese exclusives and devs like Platinum.

                    I dont have nothing against western games though Halo and MetroidPrime Series are one of my fav games of all time, but the focus is too much on these high budget AAA annual FPS games that come to every system on market on Sony and Ms systems. And i love COD too! But that same shit ever year and how they try to sell it with 1 month exclusive maps or stupid shit like that, Nah its not that interesting.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


                      I like CoD to an extent too but unlike these mindless sheep I don’t buy a new game that is released every 5-6 months…

                      And the community, specially American ones are so boring ad hostile…

                      They cannot stand someone that owns them so much that they barely have 1 kill haha…

                      I don’t like Halo much because it’s prety much a Metroid Rip off in several ways but atleast it isn’t gimped…

                          1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                            I was hoping Conduit would turn into a franchise to rival Halo, but Sega had to fuck it up.

                              1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                                True. Let’s hope Sega actually gets Nintendo to help co-develop the 3rd game. Maybe that will keep it from being as bad as Conduit 2.

                      1. Yeah i dont get COD annually either, i skipped Ghosts and sticked to BLOPS2. I might get AdvancedWarfare if it gets WiiU release since it seems to try something different.

                        Yeah i hate COD ragequitter community alot, if you arent instantly reviving some player who cant even aim at the Zombie he is gonna ragequit and doestn pay attention how hard it is to try revive someone when there is Zombie horde right behind you. Also when you own them on teamdeathmatch they will turn themselfs on these little demonic creatures who scream foul language.

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          I actually love their butthurt anger so I’m not bothered by that, although I don’t use headsets so I only see what they type…

                          It’s that they take games so seriosuly that they banned me on several servers just because I owned them all…

                          1. Trust me, you weren’t playing with the pros. Those guys can fucking obliterate. They spend 24 hours a day on CoD. They know every god damn hiding place on the map.

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              I know I wasn’t playing with pros which is fine by me because pros bores me…

                              I’d say I am above avereae on FPS games…

                                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


                                  When he put the laughs in between his video, I think he took that laugh from the Empruh himself…

                                  Although the Sonyan Assassin BlackBond is one of the worst Sonyans out there, this “Nintendo fan” actually threatened his life for real and I do not in any way support such out of hand idiots…

                                  I’d also point out that BlackBond didn’t exactly show that he has experienced much…

                                  All he showed is that he is a snobb dudebro that loves NBA and probably Electron garbage and all his “travels” were only withing the US which tells me that he doesn’t know how the real world works…

                                  But it was a pretty fun video nontheless…

                                  1. Lol I get what you’re saying, but Blackbond does own pretty much almost every Nintendo platform as well as others like PC and PS3, so he can’t be a complete idiot. Actually, makes me wonder if he’s just trolling. I mean, no true gamer that owns that many Nintendo products would actually hate Nintendo that much right? Lol. And I don’t know who the guy in the video was but yeah, idk why the guy tried to make a video insulting the other dude, but sounds like they had some serious stuff goin on. And at the end that sounded like Cobanermani and i guess Blackbond was tryin to make fun of the gamepad by putting that damn laughing sound. I disagree and i think the wii u gamepad is awesome, but i can’t help but join in with the stupid ass laugh. That shit’s contagious. Lol XD

                                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                      I think the guy’s name from the video was “Ashevillian”…

                                    2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                      Well I don’t think BlackBond is an idiot, but he is pretty arrogant, like myself haha…


                    1. Fast Racing from Shinen on the Wii looked as good as some PS3 games, if not better.
                      Fast Racing Neo will be a huge step up from that.
                      That and Mario Kart 8 already prove you wrong, but then we’ve got a huge open-world Zelda and a massive RPG from Monolith on the way, on top of the gorgeous over-the-top action of Bayonetta 2 on the way.

                      Stay salty, hater.

                    2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      The Wii U is very fun to use and play with but I do have to admit that there are thousands of defective ones out there including my own…

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          Well mine never froze, it’s the connectivity between the Gamepad and the console that’s broken…

                          And I’ve tried everything possible to date and sitll nothing…

                          1. . Is your Wii U sitting or standing on its side? I had it standing when I first got mines and it had connection problems. When I looked at a video on youtube it displayed someone’s Wii U also having issues I had because it was standing on its side. Someone made a comment to sit right side up. I did that too and had no connection problems after that. I was told that even if the name is the same as “Wii” it is not made like the Wii. It’s another system.

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              Like I ‘ve said a couple of times before to others, I’ve tried everything, nothing works…

                    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                      Even our residential Sony fanboy (50% compliment, 50% insult) doesn’t want you on a Playstation 4. xD

                            1. Nintendo is my Blood

                              Saying “I like Sony more then Nintendo” on a Nintendo news site is hardly an opinion, that’s like me saying “I am bored so I want to start shit with people”

                                    1. Yeah, guess you’re right. Although, I’m getting low on testosterone now. And boy ,lemme tell ya, your mom is one horny bitch. Lol damn. She wouldn’t even get off my dick as I was about to get up. Said she wants 10 kids.

                                    2. 1. Mom jokes are for 14 year olds and as outdated as the Wii U hardware
                                      2. I just met my mom 15 minutes ago for lunch

                                      1. Calm the hell down. :3 I was just joking. I don’t even know your mom. And even if I did, I could never do that. It’s just fucking wrong and sick to mess around with someone’s mother. And I have to say, anyone who stoops down to that level, is a piece of scum on the Earth. I only date women who aren’t taken. That’s the way it should always be. Gotta respect other men. :)

                    1. i love how these clowns think nintendo games are innovative. the last nintendo i got for the wii u was super 3d world back in november. after how i realized how boring that game after world 5 or 6, i quit games from nintendo is general. dont worry miyamoto your genre is filled rehashes.

                      1. You quit Nintendo games, yet you’re still obsessed with Nintendo. If you dislike everything Nintendo-related, why don’t you also quit posting on Nintendo sites? You’ve got mental problems.

                    2. pink0crystal0midbus

                      I think Nintendo could totally be it’s own Genre. Kind of like how Hitchcock is considered it’s own genre, even though it only includes films made by Hitchcock.

                    3. At the end of the day GTA is a kids video game, COD is a kids video game, all the games that are mature are just video games that children and the young at heart play. Playstation and Xbox are toys to play games. They are not for work or school. People who have more money, buy more expensive toys, like boats and motorcycles. I think playstation and Xbox take themselves too serious.

                    4. There practically already is, Nintendo games are different to other games because they are fun, ACTUAL FUN, and no stupid rehashed fps game can top it.

                    5. To all saying Microsoft and Sony only have shooters: there is plenty more (particularly on Sony’s side) to play, but typically we only hear such gamers are playing the latest “Halo” or “Call of Duty”. Just to name a few series on those systems that are not shooters: The Batman Series (Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, etc.) Little Big Planet, Elder Scrolls, Assassins Creed, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and *insert one of various sports and racing games here*.

                      Now for those only saying Nintendo has platformers and casual games, you are also wrong. A lot of games that are popular on it’s competitor’s systems also make their way to Nintendo systems. Usually, if its released on multiple consoles with the same game, like Watch Dogs, Nintendo systems will get shafted in some form (later release date, less content, etc.) not because Nintendo is bad, but that Microsoft and Sony are more popular in the west, so they will try getting them to their best. Nintendo does have plenty of unique games though, some that don’t come from Nintendo themselves. How many players played Little King Story on Wii? Marumasha, the demon blade (I think it was called that)? Wii U is getting Hyrule Warriors and Xenoblade X, neither of which fall in casual or platformers.

                      So please, can we all get along and stop using what can be considered stereotypes for our beloved console makers? Thank you.

                      Every console has a lot of variety

                    6. Nintendo is definitely a genre of games. Nintendo produce many games in genres I don’t particularly like such as Zelda, Metroid, Pikmin etc. but I love those series because there’s just something a little special about them – a kind of special you only see from Nintendo.

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