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Nintendo Set To Distribute Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate In Europe

Nintendo of Europe and Capcom have together confirmed a distribution agreement for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. The latest game in the Monster Hunter series is set to release for the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS in early 2015 and, though a specific date is yet to be announced, Nintendo will be responsible for all sales, marketing, PR and general distribution in Europe and Australia.

Back in 2012, Nintendo of Europe confirmed they would distribute Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, so it’s no surprise Nintendo would enter the same agreement once again. Capcom will, however, still remain as publisher. Below is a snippet of Nintendo Europe’s press release detailing exactly what you can expect from the game:

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is the newest instalment in the popular Monster Hunter series, which has sold more than 28 million units worldwide to date. In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, players will take on the role of a hunter that joins up with a travelling caravan to explore new lands and towns along the way.

This grand adventure will include hundreds of quests to take on a variety of extraordinary creatures that yield valuable resources used for weapons and equipment. Launching on Nintendo 3DS and 2DS, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate represents the biggest leap forward ever for the series with more new content and exciting features than ever before.

Also, for the first time ever for the Monster Hunter series on a handheld system, players will be able to join up with three friends over the internet via the Nintendo Network, as well as the previously available local wireless option.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will take players to new heights, literally, with the introduction of more vertical and lateral movement than ever. An expanded repertoire of actions will create more dynamic hunting experiences with fluid climbing motions and the ability to jump attack from walls or ledges. In addition, players will be able to ride atop a monster for a limited time as they hang on and deliver attacks. With the addition of two new weapon classes, challenging new monsters and numerous locales, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be the most robust hunting experience yet.

17 thoughts on “Nintendo Set To Distribute Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate In Europe”

  1. Whether or not Nintendo buys Capcom, I really hope that this franchise survives so that more people can experience it. MH3U for the Wii U is such an amazing game. I finally picked it up over the weekend and have been playing it non-stop. It’s a shame that you can’t take screenshots because the game is beautiful in HD. Videos don’t do the game justice.

  2. This game should definitely be on WiiU. I am not hyped at all by a MH on 3DS, but it would be awesome on WiiU…

    1. Monster Hunter is typically a handheld series because it is more popular in Japan where handhelds dominate. I agree it would be awesome on Wii U, but you have to consider the Japanese demographic.

      1. I think if they improve the crossplay capabilities it would make for a good case for owning both versions.

    2. I had both and the Wii U version definitely was the better one. Dual analog, off TV play and use of USB keyboard made it way more enjoyable and easier to chat. Plus the big screen makes a difference too!

  3. that would be easily said if it was only on handheld which its not. their is a WiiU version but Capcom doesnt want to release it outside Japan because of the low adoption rate of WiiUs. They dont realize that outside of Japan this wont sell as much!

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  5. It’s best this Way, because Crapcom is too dumb to release Games properly in Europe by itself.

  6. Nintendo Knight Equilibrium

    Wish this game comes on Wii U. I don’t wanna see any health bars maps items and hunter list n the main screen.

  7. MH3U was better on Wii U, but at least it is coming to the West. I hope it is easier to jump in than the last one.

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