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Reggie Admits That Nintendo Initially Failed To Create Momentum With Wii U Software

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime says that the company failed to create the momentum that they wanted with regards to Wii U software, but says that it’s something the company is working on. Reggie said that key Nintendo titles such as Pikmin 3 and The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD should have been on the Wii U around launch to help drive momentum.

“What I would say is that we have been slower than we wanted to be in bringing the key games into the marketplace that leveraged the full functionality of the system.”

“Just look at the games that we launched over the last nine months. Everything from Super Mario 3D World to Wii Fit U. Let’s include Pikmin 3 in that group. Let’s include Zelda [Wind Waker] in that group. These are all games that we wanted to launch earlier in the system’s life. And because they have not launched early, we have not been able to create the momentum that we wanted.”

43 thoughts on “Reggie Admits That Nintendo Initially Failed To Create Momentum With Wii U Software”

  1. If they Had been launched earlier, we would definitely be looking at a drastically different situation. Trust me on this one, the Wii U would have done much better despite the name. Wind Waker alone would have helped a Lot

      1. And if they didn’t announce the games too early, it would have not made consumers ignore the inferior games (Pikmin DK, Rayman etc) and wait for those better games. (MK8, X, Bayo, etc)

  2. Wella Smash Demo could help with that. Lol. It’ll never happen, but, that would keep me busy while they worked on other games.

    1. yeah if they were really smart they would bundle a smash demo in wii u consoles as well as an eshop download even with just two characters, two stages. from now to the next big wii u game is far away

  3. More advertising is needed as well, I would advertise games on the Wii U such as 3D World, ,MK8, Pikmin 3, DK Country and the Wii U’s other great titles for Black Friday and Christmas, along with Smash Bros, the Wii U has games that deserve another chance to try and get into the spotlight, we just need them advertised more since the Mario Kart 8 Wii U boost in sales.

  4. at least they admit their failure, unlike dicksoft and pony and their “i’m too proud to admit i fuck up” personality.

  5. This is actually pretty typical of Nintendo home consoles in recent times (and most consoles in general, even handhelds like the 3DS). They lacked the titles needed to draw a large number of gamers (particularly new ones) at launch.

    This actually sort of reminds me of the Wii. At launch everyone was skeptical of its remote styled controller and motion controls. Then it went big and the PS3 and 360 gained motion control add-ons (the XBox One even has Kinect built in). Nintendo still has a chance to turn things around for the Wii U and, from the looks of things, they are not going to waste it.

        1. Really, it is not built in? My apologies then, it appears I was misinformed. But it is still Kinect compatible if I recall correctly, is it not?

          1. NintendoCore - MusicLord

            They priced dropped the Xbox One but now it doesn’t come with kinect, so it’s a plain upgraded 360 now

            1. …Not really.

              The Xbox One’s just a powerful PC that comes with a proprietary OS and looks like a gaming console.

              The reason why I said this is because the Xbox one, alongside the Playstation 4, uses PC components unlike the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3.

              Even their instruction set’s different, with the Xbox One and Playstation 4 both using the same instruction set as a typical PC (ie, x86-64x) while the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 uses the POWER instruction set, similarly to the Wii (albeit obviously more powerful) and similarly to the Wii U. It’s for this reason why the XBOne and the PS4 aren’t backwards compatible.

  6. Nah… I think there are two main reasons as to why Wii U isn’t selling. Advertisement and Third Party. Now trust me, if you could play all the latest games and be able to play Nintendo games on the same console, then it would be in a completely different situation. Wii U could’ve been this console too if it weren’t for the constant backstabs from third party! Why do you think PS3/360 are selling so well? Because they have all the latest games obviously. Putting one -2 games on a console does not equal support. Putting your games on that console’s lifetime is. -_- *cougheacough*

    1. Yeah, well that gimmick pad didn’t help the situation in attracting 3rd party developers, but it’s something fantards will never understand, so why bother giving an explanation. Rinse and repeat stupidity.

      1. More like it didn’t help the situation in attracting the cheap 3rd parties that don’t want to work too much to develop games. It’s always easier to develop for controls you’re use to like regular controllers.

    2. If we go by the logic that the reason why the Wii U isn’t selling is “third parties”, then that’s actually a Catch-22 dilemma, since said “third parties” want the Wii U to do better before they take releasing games for it more seriously.

      In other words, the third-parties are waiting for the console to sell well first before they’re serious about making Wii U games, and, by said logic, the Wii U won’t sell better unless the third-parties are serious about making games for the console.

  7. didn’t nintendo admit that like 10 times already?
    it’s getting old.. we don’t need to hear this, it’s common knowledge

  8. Nintendo is like a cheating Filipino wife. She goes and fornicates behind your back and the is force to admin her errors. She then pleads with you “I”m sorry baby, I’ll do better baby, Please understand baby” only for you to forgive and find out a week later she is having anal again with an Indian named Palek.. This is the fate Nintendo fans have been made to suffer at the hands of its pagan lords. Gaming light left and lost.

    1. Not only are you a lowlife, you’re a racist divorcee too. I can see why you spend so much time trolling comment sections

    2. sexist comment detected!. the clergy of the church of sasori say women are cheaters!.
      sexist cult exposed!

  9. deja vu…..he said many times. start begging ea to port battlefield 4 or hardline port and may be people will take the console serious.

  10. MarioKart8 needs serious DLC to keep the sales going, like a MKDoubleDash DLC pack and FZero DLC pack, maybe even get Sega Sonic Racing DLC pack. Nintendo should make a DLC where you race with MarioKarts in open world where you outrun police, call it MK8Fugitive DLC pack, just to piss on EA.

    1. Was this generation of hipster clown gamers dropped on the head? DLC isn’t something that’s not already included in the disc. Yes… Giving how many retards this gen. of gaming has spawned, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if charging people for held back content (aka scaming your mindless followers) did increase profit.

      Why stop there? Nintendo should make a Mario Kart game where only one character and course is included, and to unlock each character, you should be charged 7.99…nah make it 15.00, Nintendo needs the money. Each course should cost $19.99, and all customizations should be $12.99 for starters. Not to mention the exploitable potential for charging access to online play, eh? Oh! just think of how rich they’d get with DLC + NFC. At least with NFC, charging you $17-50.00+ makes sense, you get a miniature plastic toy in return…remember like when you were a little kid getting a Happy Meal toy? Yeah it’s a good feeling to never get past that age mentally… Ah, yes. I can see a very bright future for Nintendo Indeed. It’s good to know at least they’ll survive in adapting the much hated customs of Capcom, EA, SquareEnix, Microsoft and other companies that were supposedly the greedy scums.

  11. Oh my god it is true!… Come on, bite me Reggie… Nintendo ALWAYS fail to ‘initially create momentum’ we know that, we know eventually great games are coming our way. We should stop pretending Nintendo are good at creating hype at the beginning of the life cycle of any console not being the Wii… They might be geniuses creating games but they SUCK big time at marketing and creating ‘momentum’ (remember those Wii U adds with the kids planning to convince their parents the Wii U was ab upgrade anyone? Oh God, the horror…).

  12. Lack of good games and horrible/lack of advertising is what caused the problems with Wii U. The advertising STILL sucks. And they need a playable kiosk in every major store. One of my local Wal-Mart stores finally got a kiosk a few months ago. But it’s never working. I don’t get it? Why is everything so screwed up when it comes to the Wii U?

    1. Well, the Wii U itself was garbage. All too many errors were made by the multi-billion dollar Company Nintendo…Oh, yeah, but rich people are incapable of making stupid mistakes. Silly me.

  13. Along with poor launch titles, the Wii U also didn’t have a stellar title to show off the hardware. The SNES, N64 and GC all had technically accomplished launch titles. If the Big N did it would’ve created a lot more excitement and at least stopped all the media slagging it off. At least that has calmed down now.

    Another issue with the Wii U is, that although it’s big thing is the gamepad, which I actually like, it didn’t do enough to separate it from the Wii. Traditionally, all new Nintendo consoles have not only been called something different but they looked completely different, and were marketed completely differently from the predecessor.

    I can partially see why they stuck with the Wii name though. Both Microsoft & Sony have stuck with their Xbot and PS brands and I guess Nintendo felt they should do the same. But being different is what Nintendo does best.

    1. Yeah, being different is what they’re best at, isn’t that right iPad U, flip phone SP, Space Invaders Fever, Pac Devil World Man, Odyssey Zapper Gun, DS touch screen + stylus and countless other artifacts uniquely created by Nintendo?

      1. You’re missing one important fact, Adam: some of those things were never used solely for video games til Nintendo used them for just that purpose.

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