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Nintendo Says Their E3 2014 Digital Conference Was Viewed Around 4 To 5 Million Times

Although Nintendo decided to forgo a traditional press conference at E3 last month, Miyamoto has shared some insight into viewing figures. Mr Miyamoto says that the captivating Nintendo Digital Event was viewed four to five million times. He also said that the rest of Nintendo’s converge of E3 numbered in the tens of millions.

“In past E3 shows, the main method of communication was through the media that attended the show. However, recently we have also started to actively disclose information directly to consumers. A good example was the video we have just shown, which you can watch on our website at any time. Another example, “Treehouse Live,” is an online program featuring video game developers giving out information on the latest video games from our E3 booth. People enjoyed it through new game program channels on Twitch or YouTube. The “Nintendo Digital Event,” which we broadcast on the morning of the first day of E3, was viewed 4 to 5 million times, and the total views of our E3-related videos numbered in the tens of millions. This means that our messages reached a large number of people all over the world through the Internet, not only the people who attended E3 events.”


46 thoughts on “Nintendo Says Their E3 2014 Digital Conference Was Viewed Around 4 To 5 Million Times”

      1. It’s called a confidence level, a common means of calculating a statistic. Usually, it relies on an alpha level of 5% (95% confidence), which means 95% of all confidence intervals based on samples of the same size of the same population will capture the true parameter.

        It is almost impossible to calculate the true exact number, called the parameter. You can use a counter, sure, but how many people are watching per view? An estimate is used with confidence.

        1. how many people are watching per view?then say the number of views, also you can see that because everyone has their individual IP adress

              1. So what if you were like me and you watched the conference with a bunch of friends on one laptop connected to a TV?

              2. You’re the retard that’s unable to understand a simple implication. One IP =/= one view =/= one person, so the number of viewers can’t be messured by the number of views. Same with the IPs, since more than one person can be watching that ‘view’.

          1. pink0crystal0midbus

            They didn’t check everyone’s IP address… Nintendo doesn’t have that kind of power lol!

            1. you do realise that they don’t have to see your ip adress, just the number of the individuals that have seen their whatever

      2. You’re the idiot for expecting exact numbers, or if you think getting the exact number matters, or if it’s easy and worth the trouble to get.
        It’s not like they’re building nuclear power plants. Not even NPD gets exact sales numbers, they are estimates. All the numbers need to be is good enough to give people some perspective of things.

  1. It was so epic, I even re-watched the entire thing with my not nintendo-fans, and even they enjoyed it!

    1. pink0crystal0midbus

      I watched it a second time as well lol! Usually I’m not one for watching things more than once, so that just goes to show that the Direct was AWESOME.

  2. Nintendo… after what you did this year, I changed my mind completely and now I might actually be disappointed if you do a press conference next year. lol

    The entertainment I had from watching your digital event FAR surpassed your typical press conferences. The ONLY thing that I’ll miss are the crowd reactions to your games. The new Zelda for Wii U, the Star Fox teaser, your new IP for Wii U being Splatoon, Xenoblade Chronicles X and how it’s aiming to be top 3 best RPGs of the generation, Hyrule Warriors with the impressive trailer, and lots more would of hyped the audience sooo much! Man, just the Megaman reveal in Smash 4 at last years E3 would of had the audience scream!

    Excluding them reactions, EVERYTHING about what you did with the digital event is just flat out superior! THANK YOU AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

    1. You’re wrong our mighty microsoft the pillar of our church won the e3, may Sasori bless your donut. amen.

      Church of Sasori

  3. I think that Nintendo will only do another press conference when they want to reveal a new console. I prefer the way they announce things now. Although you can’t top the Twilight Princess reveal (not named at the time I know) with the “OH MY GOD” screams from the audience.

    1. The best was the skyward reveal man. Showed epona, the majora’s mask, the boat, the wolf……everyone cheered and then they showed Link and it died down. Lml xD

  4. The part of the Digital Event I watched multiple times was the Reggie vs. Iwata scene. One of the best parts IMO. Also, the part when they showed the new Zelda.

  5. Doing a digital presentation is a much bigger fit for E3 such as it is today. It’s just guys with no stage presence rattling on about “multimedia” this, and “statistics” that.

    Goddamn, watching those trite Sony presentations this year had me recalling fondly Mr. Fucking Caffeine… as awkward as he was, at least he was entertaining… in all the wrong ways, naturally. And sometimes that’s better than stiff suits who’ve never done harder drugs than Splenda.

    I’ll be missing crowd reactions, but today’s presentations just aren’t very conducive towards any audience reaction that isn’t impatient apathy or disappointed indifference.

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    1. ༼ つ◕_◕༽つ CHANGE YOUR GENDER FIRST ༼ つ◕_◕༽つ
      no women allowed in our church. oh, sasori, only you can illuminate this social reject’s mind. Amen

  7. This is another example where Nintendo has, by doing things in their own terms… through innovation! started a new revolution and changed the way the game industry will presents these kind of events.

    Expect to see other companies taking this very same approach in the near future either as a substitute of traditional conferences or as a parallel event to support the main conference (like Nintendo Treehouse)

    Not bad at all for a company that some consider irrelevant eh?!

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