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Bayonetta: Bloody Fate English Cast Revealed

FUNimation has revealed the English cast for their upcoming animation Bayonetta: Bloody Fate. The anime is produced by the talented minds behind Afro Samurai. FUNimation Entertainment announced last month that it will be distributing Bayonetta: Bloody Fate in the US and Canada. Here’s the rundown.

Based on the best-selling franchise, this pulse-pounding feature length anime shows you a side of Bayonetta you’ve never seen before! Twenty years after her awakening, the hottest witch in gaming history is still searching for clues that could help unravel the mysteries of her dark past. Aided in her quest by the clandestine weapon smith Rodin – and his deadly creations: Scarborough Fair – Bayonetta continues to leave a trail of angel corpses in her irresistible wake. Her search for answers leads to encounters with a mysterious – and eerily familiar – little girl, a vengeance-obsessed journalist, and a deadly white-haired beauty that seems to know more about Bayonetta than the witch herself.  Fans of the franchise won’t want to miss this chance to see their favorite fantasy come to life in a killer flick packed with mind-blowing action and scandalous scenes of seduction.

  • BAYONETTA – Hellena Taylor
  • JEANNE – Grey DeLisle
  • LUKA – Yuri Lowenthal
  • BALDER – Grant Albrecht
  • RODIN – Dave Fennoy
  • ENZO – John Kassir
  • NARRATOR – Richard Epcar

Thanks, WhiteEagle

47 thoughts on “Bayonetta: Bloody Fate English Cast Revealed”

  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    Let’s hear how the straight dudebros will only watch this because of her looks and nothing else…

    1. A war between two clans, witches and sages of light and dark is something that appeals to me. A witch shaking her funbags around while commenting how hot she is well… that rocks too. Assuming something with T and A is only about T and A shows why assuming makes asses outta people. ;)

  2. The clergy of the Church of Sasori condemns the vile acts of Ben Sanders and for being in gaming darkness. You have been blinded by the evil empire and have been sentence to an eternal torment of Jaggies and low resolution. You have performed acts that Lord Sasori can no longer forgive and fornicated with the likes of rehashed harlots. This has proven to have been more damaging to you then your incest ways…

  3. I will probably watch this with Japanese voices and english sub. Watching english dub of DBZ was enough torture for my ears LOL.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      I think japanese voices in anime are so annoying sometimes, mostly because they scream all the time…

      1. I used to be a complete sucker for English Dub, but then I started giving Sub a chance and it is 100% superior. Like, I started watching the first episodes of Naruto in sub and it was awesome. Especially on the villain’s parts. I was so hooked into it. Then I re-watched it in English and I was laughing for days. I’m like “Wtf? Lol.” I can’t take the guy’s seriously because they sound so dumb. XD

        1. HAHA thats true. If you ever have watched english version of DBZ you probably know how dumb Goku,Frieza,Trunks, Vegeta etc. sound. Japanese versions are far superior. Also english dubs give sometimes very wierd lines for characters that differ from Jap versions. I remember that in english DBZ when Vegeta died by death beam he whined something like,”Frieza killed my father, you must kill him Goku, he killed my father” but in Japanese versions he actually says,”you cant defeat Frieza by acting soft, you must learn to be more cold hearted he killed our entire race” or something like that but you probably got the idea.

          1. Lol, I can’t even take DBZ voices seriously anymore. They sound like they are fake or something. And it’s freaking hilarious when these guys spend like 5 minutes straight screaming at each other. Half of the episode is yelling and talking smack. And English Dub is also responsible for Vegeta’s “it’s over 9000” meme. Never have I laughed at an anime as much this one. I don’t even care if people are getting hurt and pounding their faces in. They all just sound so stupid. XD

            1. Well to be fair the reason why they screamed and talked smack to each other was to create filler to the anime so that the manga version could catch up, in manga they dont really scream that much or charge their energy 30 mins like in anime.

              1. I should try to watch Dragonball Kai. Hopefully it will not only skip filler crap but will also have better translations.

        2. In other words, now you’re just a sucker of a different kind now. The subbed version of Naruto was what caused me to stop watching subs all together because they all sounded stupid.

          1. I understand what you mean. The english voice actors for Naruto are very good. I even recognize them in other games/ animes. I’m already to use to the english voices for Naruto to go back to sub at this point though. I mean, I usually watch DUB for alot my animes, but sometimes sub really just suits it better. Not to mention I can actually read everything on the screen whenever someone’s saying something complicated. :P

            1. I actually had the opposite problem. Long ago, I used to watch sub Naruto, and honestly I got lost many times. I learn better when hearing something instead of reading it, and the subs could only convey so much information.

              However, when the English dub came out, I was actually able to understand the concepts much better.

        3. But who the heck wants to read words on the screen the whole time they’re watching something? Even in Godzilla movies that annoyed me.

      2. That’s the reason why I stopped watching Japanese dubs. Couldn’t stand all their overacting. Not hating on it though. Japanese and English portray their emotions differently.

      3. My friend said to listen to anime without looking at it and it sounds like porn. I was stunned a bit. Lol.

  4. I’m usually one to watch these things in English sub, but I think I might go with Dub for this. Bayo’s voice really has grown on me. Probably one of the sexiest voices I’ve ever heard. XD

  5. i watched half of the movie just because i saw the thumbnail bayonetta nude. the movie is trash.

    1. hahahahaha “because i saw the thumbnail bayonetta nude” you are a loser!, do you only want to see boobs in the interweb or maybe you wanna have boobs like the women on the internet?. want to see boobs?, as the Hideki Kamiya would say ASK YOUR MOM!
      and what if your beloved naruto was naked?

        1. Talking like Sasori again? Your metal body must be stapled to Sasori’s juicy lips as he spews his stupid.

          Narutio? is that the brand name you use to keep dem juicy lips so succulent and moist? Or is that the product you use for Sasori’s stupendously greasy hair?

          Either way, it must be a limited edition bottle for Naruto to appear on it naked; guess it’s time for Sasori to whip out his trusty masturbation tweezers.

            1. No thanks, I would rather not look at your “clown”. But I’m sure…um…

              *points over at empty space*

              HE will be perfectly willing!

              *runs out of room*

                  1. Sorry, my mistake, I am butthurt and like to shove spiky cactuses up my inferior ass to enchance my butthurt and reproduce more butthurt out of my testicles til they explode with ten times the butthurt I could ever have to then ejaculate Tabasco sauce into my own face while beefing spoon fed a barrel full of dicks up my dry butthole of butthurt.

  6. Grey DeLisle is great in any of her work. Definitely one of the few names I always look out for.

  7. Whip your dicks out, weeaboos, you get more bayonetta fap material. World renouned anime dub actors!

  8. English And Proud (FUCK YOU WEEABOOS)

    fan subs are so fucking over rated! Plus they usually only translate some of it correctly and the subb fans jack themselves off with comments like ” Oh the superiority of japan” or my personal fave ” The english voice acting hurts my ears so much” man what a bunch of fags!

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