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Famitsu Confirms Skyward Sword’s Fi As Playable Character In Hyrule Warriors

fi_famitsu_hyrule_warriorsFamitsu has confirmed the latest playable character in Hyrule Warriors following Zelda Musou’s Twitter tease yesterday. Given the tweet’s language and its “98 per cent” chance of a character reveal, many guessed it would be the level-headed, analytical Fi from Skyward Sword. And the latest, albeit tiny, Famitsu scan – which you can see above – confirms the talented ballet dancer as a playable character.

In due time, we’re likely to see a character trailer for Fi, so expect some rather nifty sword techniques accompanied with interpretative dance and sparkling pixie dust. But if Fi’s not your character of choice here, the Famitsu scan also reveals Link with the ball and chain item – first appearing in Twilight Princess – and what appears to be an alternate Skyward Sword costume for the Hylian hero and Zelda. Hopefully we’ll see those in action soon. Hyrule Warriors will arrive on the Wii U this September for North America and Europe.

72 thoughts on “Famitsu Confirms Skyward Sword’s Fi As Playable Character In Hyrule Warriors”

  1. I feel like they’ve just got a dart board of all Zelda characters and they’re throwing darts at them to see what will be next.

    1. HOLY SHIT!FI?FI????THAT HAS TO BE THE WORST ZELDA CHARACTER EVER!!(if you can even call it a characte. she’s more like embodied tutorial)

      1. She/it is far from the worst Zelda character. I didn’t mind her. Thought she was a lot like a tutorial…

      2. She actually has some personality. She often delights in slightly rubbing it in whenever you fail a Goddess Trial when you begin to awaken the Master Sword within the Skyward Sword. She also has her own funny “fish out of water” quirkiness, due to the fact that she’s basically a robot in spirit form with feelings (due to all the data she spews.)

    2. pink0crystal0midbus

      lol how? All the characters they have added are major characters to the series. They have Link, Zelda, Midna, Fi, Cia and Lana who are both brand new characters and then they have some major villains based on or taken directly from past Zelda games like Zant and Valga.

      Only real character out of left field is Agitha, but knowing that the Dynasty Warriors games usually have like over 50 to 100 characters in the games, it only makes sense that we will get the lesser important character in Hyrule Warriors.

      1. It’s not that I don’t like the characters, or think they’re bad choices, they just seem to be randomly picked! I don’t have a problem with it, I just find it amusing.

    1. Because Navi didn’t know when to SHUT UP. She would constantly whine about you not doing the main storyline whenever you were trying to collect heart pieces or golden skulltalas or otherwise doing side quests. Seriously annoying.

      1. She never annoyed me as I was smart enough to ignore her when I didn’t need her help. It’s not like she constantly said “Hey!” or “Listen!” or “Watch out!” if you ignored her. And it’s not like there was an annoying alarm clock like noise playing every second you didn’t answer her. People sure do like to over exaggerate Navi’s “annoying” factor.

        1. “Oh my god! Navi’s name keeps blinking up there around the C Button icons! It’s so annoying!”

  2. Never played Skyward Sword, but she looks ok to me! :D H
    I know SS is barely a few years old, but I’d rather Nintendo port it to Wii U in HD. Fi looks like she would be really cool in HD! Also, that guy named Ghirahim. He looks like a psycho. Definitely like his style. Seems like a cool villain. Maybe he should be playable? :)

    1. They can’t really port it, because the game required the wii motionplus accessory, and th gameplay heavily revolved around sword angles (which can’t really be done on a wii u gamepad). But yeah, I’m totally rooting for Groose to make an appearance. He’s the best.

    2. You never played Skyward Sword? That’s a real shame. Skyward Sword is among one of my favorite Zelda games. Don’t listen to the idiots that insult it. I think they have brain damage.

    3. A lot of people dislike Fi because she’s always making calculations in her dialogue, which is partly why they don’t like SS.

      Apparently, they don’t realize that Fi’s character is supposed to be that way. I, for one, loved Skyward Sword, and I still don’t understand why everyone is salty over it.

    4. Fun fact, Nintendo actually took Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, and Wind Waker, and made demos in HD for all three on Wii U. They picked the one they thought looked best, Wind Waker, and made it into a full remake.

      I would like it if they like, just made it so that Skyward Sword could be played at a high-resolution. The game is beautiful, but the resolution does not do it justice.

    5. Ghirahim certainly has his own, ahem, style, to be sure. Has a certain “flair” to it, almost as if he could do jazz hands on command and somehow make it work.

  3. SSF, why the hell was my comment not posted? It only said “your comment is awaiting moderation… What did I do to deserve that :/

        1. Which is why your self-racist comment about ol’ martin luther the king was removed, my good sir. Yes, they even block out self-racism.

          Now go back to eating your KFC and drinking your menthol-flavoured grape cool-aid.

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    1. My thoughts exactly. The fact she IS the Master Sword, she’s the best damn partner Link will EVER have. Fuck Navi, Tatl, King of Red Lions, Midna, & Ciela! And I love Navi, Red Lions, & Midna.

  5. Who didn’t see that coming? It’s modeled after dynasty warriors where you will have a crazy amount of characters to choose from, I’m also calling for toon/young link

    1. I don’t know about that. I mean, he’ll probably make the cut, but it seems that they’re aiming for a cohesive, semi-realistic artstyle between all the characters. Fi is not much of a sore thumb, unlike Toon Link, Tingle or Groose, for example. I don’t think we’re going to see a lot of cartoon-proportioned characters besides Midna.

  6. Okay come on now if Fi can get a character spot then a think Groose can get a little love too right? Please…..

      1. So? What matters is he had a personality. I don’t care if he looked like Freddy Krueger. lol

  7. The screenshots with Link swinging the ball and chain, and the one where he is dragging a large pillar (of sorts), appear to confirm sky-loft as a battle ground.

  8. As much as I wish Fi wasn’t really annoying in Skyward Sword, having her in Hyrule Warriors is awesome!

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  10. This is stupid, how come out of the 9 (or so) playable characters in this game, the only male is LINK? We need more than just him.

    1. pink0crystal0midbus

      Is it wrong that this may be the first game made by Nintendo where out of the entire character selection screen, there are more female characters than male?

      Also, I know for a fact that Link isn’t the only male, because I’m pretty sure villains are playable too which means Zant, Valga and Ganondorf will be playable. ALSO, I would bet that Skull Kid (a boy) and Happy Mask Salesman (also a boy) will be playable characters. I’m sure they will add in a Goron and Zora too and both of them could be males.

      Oh and I bet you a million bucks Ghirahim is playable. He may act feminine, but he’s still a boy!!!

      1. It’s not bad that it’s a mostly female roster. It’s bad that the ratio of male-to-females is 1:8.
        I haven’t heard anything about villains being playable but if they are than I will purchase this game for sure.

        1. Certain villains might change sides midway through the game as a common enemy might appear. Not to mention there will probably be characters unlocked after clearing the story which will mostly be villains. So don’t worry about none of the villains being playable at some point.

        2. And what’s wrong with the women outnumbering the men? Did you know that women outnumber men in real life?

  11. I wonder how many characters will actually be in this game. They have been announcing characters and items pretty much weekly since e3, although some of the announcements were villains so i’m not sure if they will be playable (i hope they are). I mean the game does come out in a little over 2 months.

  12. I can’t wait to buy this game. I have always been a dynasty warriors and loved the legend of Zelda series.

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  14. Yes! Yes! Yes! I can see her coming into the game when we get close to getting the Master Sword for Link. It wouldn’t be such a bad thing if the game stays true to the Zelda canon in some way & have you actually somehow free Fi from the Master Sword since she’s asleep inside of it after the events of Skyward Sword.

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