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Mario Kart 8 Reportedly Sold 512,467 Copies In June In Japan

Industry analyst David Gibson has tweeted that Mario Kart 8 sold a respectable 512,467 copies in June in Japan. The numbers come direct from Japanese sales tracking publication, Famitsu. We should get the Japanese Media Create sales through tomorrow.

Thanks, RetroGamingLord

197 thoughts on “Mario Kart 8 Reportedly Sold 512,467 Copies In June In Japan”

    1. Nice, now we just need updated North America, Europe, and Australia numbers. Apparently 2 million digital copies have been sold as well. So the total should be around 4 million copies in one month.

          1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ps4 and xb1 will never reach 40 millon sales

                1. It was in a sales report I remember reading. The PS4 is the fastest selling console ever made, literally fact. Search up Google or somthing, I’m sure it’s there somewhere

                  1. We just have to see what the future of it is gonna be like though. Anyone can still claim first place during this gen.

                    1. I’m still hanging on a degree of hope for Wii U until holiday 2014, I guess. I still have a bit of confidence for Nintendo. But after that, you’ll see me in full force here >:)

                    1. Because these bunch of idiots always make idiotic statements without backing them up. Funny that they never reply me when I ask for sources, it’s telling

                    2. “Because these bunch of idiots always make idiotic statements without backing them up”

                      oh you mean like you do it all the time? seems you’re in good company then

                    3. the wii was released later than the PS4
                      not to mention that the PS4 is currently sitting at under 9 million

                    4. also i never said anything about it having sold 10 million exact ;)
                      i suggest you learn to read fucktard

                    5. What the hell are you talking about? Your original comment states that “by this point in its lifecycle”. Why the fuck are you even saying the Wii was released later?

                      …news flash the PS4 is OVER 9 million

                      ALMOST 10 million = 9.5 million or higher rounded up

                      Learn you stupid fool

                    6. do you have a link for that bold claim? ;)

                      of course you don’t, just speculative data, not official numbers

                      the wii was released at the end of november, while the PS4 was released in mid november i.e. in mid july 2007 the wii would have been at the same time of its lifecycle as the PS4 at the start of july 2014
                      and judging by the fact that in the next 3 months the wii sold another 4 million units it would have been pretty close to 10 million by mid july

                      “Learn you stupid fool”

                      from you of all people? i doubt it, there’s nothing you could teach me.. at all

                      this discussion is over smartypants, get over it

                  2. actually that was the wii, for while for nearly 2 years it was really hard to find in stores.

              1. *sigh* Look at what you’ve done, Yoshida. You’ve created a flame war. This place already has surpassed 100 comments. I’m disappointed in you. XD

          2. Hey Anti-Nintendo trolls: This game is doing great, it’s on track to hit 3 million copies sold in only 2 months, and by the time MKWii came out, the Wii had been out for a year or two longer, plus it’s sales didn’t happen all at once, they happened over the course of years. This isn’t COD where most of the copies sell in the first day then no one buys it after that.

            1. Hey Nintendo fanboy, this was supposed to be the biggest game of 2014 according to you guys, yet it seems to me that it’s not doing its job

              1. Actually, more people would say Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Wii U. Besides, Mario Kart is doing well, half a million in just one location is great.

                If you intend on trolling, can you try and do a better job? Thank you.

                1. If you actually do your homework, you would realize that SSB has a much lower fanbase than MK. To compare, MK Wii sold 35.53 million, while SSBB sold 11.49 million. So if MK8 sales are going to be this shitty, I can already imagine SSB Wii U sales. Half a million FOR THE WII U SAVIOR is pathetic, get that into your thick fanboy skull.

                  If you intend on arguing, can you try and do a better job?
                  Thank you.

                  1. so let’s extrapolate.. after 1 month mario kart wii had sold a little under 3 million units.. yeah that’s really worlds apart ;)

                    at this rate, assuming MK8 has equal endurance regarding sales (mario kart wii did reach more than ten times that after all) it would sell close to 30 million during the lifetime of the wii u

                    1. Let’s see
                      1.2 million sold in first weekend, correct me if I’m wrong
                      So assuming that month had 30 days, for the next 28 days it sold 0.8 million. I can’t help but say the momentum is slowing down, for some reason!
                      And about the endurance of MK8, uh, it just dropped 6 places in the UK charts this week. It’s not gonna last much longer

                    2. “So assuming that month had 30 days, for the next 28 days it sold 0.8 million. I can’t help but say the momentum is slowing down, for some reason!”

                      completely irrelevant as it was exactly the same for MK wii which sold close to 2 million on its opening weekend

                    3. Which is completely irrelevant to my original comment
                      We aren’t looking and comparing with MK Wii sales now, my original point was that it was supposed to be the Wii U’s savior, for fuck’s sake. And it failed. Momentum slowed down, dropped down 6 places in the UK charts to boot.

                    4. hum no it didn’t fail

                      and who the fuck cares about the UK.. you must be a brit then obviously, because really no one cares about the UK aside from brits

                      too bad for you

                    5. It failed in its role to push Wii U’s out of gaming stores
                      And why should I care for UK sales? Maybe because it’s the second largest gaming market in the world, maybe???

                  2. that’s half a mil in JAPAN, not worldwide. The game will probably move 4 million + copies this year. You anti-nintendo trolls are hilarious, you spend all your time on Nintendo based websites trashing their games and hardware. Get a life you fucktards.

                    1. LOL @ hoping for 4 million sales. You sure love your precious Wii U bombing hard, aren’t you? You guys completely don’t get my point, sad isn’t it? Get a life you fucktards

                    2. you know, fanboys will be fanboys…don’t be stupid, you know dam well that mk8 didn’t fail of getting the wii u out there with the skyrocket of the 6.66% of sales of the wii u consoles.

                2. SSB is gonna be on the 3DS as well too though. And I gotta say, I’m kind of pissed that it is, honestly. I’m glad I can play on the go for the first time, but that damn thing just took what is probably one of Wii U’s biggest sellers. XD

                3. You do realize that SSB will be released on the 3DS too, right? Most of the people will go for the 3DS version because, well, many people who are into gaming already do own a 3DS, why would they bother buying a new console for $300 to play the game when they might as well just buy it for $40? Also, the 3DS version is gonna get released earlier, which, in my opinion, is a huge mistake too, as the hype for SSB is gonna decrease significantly after it’s out. And just as Shuhei has said, MK has a much bigger fanbase, so it’s a bit doubtful that SSB is going to do better than MK8.
                  So, I wouldn’t get my hopes too high about SSB, if I were you.

          1. What about the battle mode, actual relevant characters, mission mode (like MKDS)?

            The only finished part of the game are the races, and even that will get really repetitive quickly.

            1. Battle mode sucks. And the game needs better characters. Like, why am I driving around on a full fledged course for like 3-5 minutes trying to find where the heck this guy went instead of actually battling? Lol. And I want to be able to play as other characters like Kamek, Dry bones, Bowser Jr, etc. And yes, it is getting a bit repetitive now. That’s why new tracks should be added via DLC!

          2. Đonko is love, Đonko is life

            oh, now nintendo fans like DLC, once nintendo is doing it, of course, it isn’t something new.

            before nintendo started making it, everybody was like “o, fuck dlc, we want complete games, not that half-ass garbage”, but now nintendo didn’t put battle arenas and good characters on purpose, just so they can make more money on dlc of those only have to be smart enough to see through their shit, which most of you aren’t

            1. Nah, we’re talking about stuff mainly like shooters and racers, etc. Like, stuff that should add value to it. If CoD added more modes in it’s DLC (like Apocalypse from BO2) instead of mainly just extra skins and maps, I’d be alright with it. I don’t hate DLC. I only hate it when it’s being used as a cash grab. Like if Mario Kart 8 charged me $4.00 to play as Golden Mario or some shit like that, I’d be pissed. Lol. Stupid skins.

            2. Just had to go and run your mouth, didn’t you?

              Donko, normally I wouldn’t be mad at you for posting your opinion, blind and ignorant though it may be. But after continuously trying to ruin moments of happiness for so many Nintendo fans for no other purpose than to announce your supposed “dominance” over the Internet, I cannot help but be slightly peeved.

              This one’s for you, Donko. You’ve earned this. You’ve set my writer’s hand a twitching, and now you’re going to get beat down, through poetry.

              Not so long ago on a forum you know, was a man with a rod this big–>|

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              Perhaps this is why such a butt-sore sigh escapes his lips when he types.

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              Now my poem soon ends but before I press “send” or whatever that button does say,

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              You’re an unbestowed prick with a stick in his ***k and an ego the size of a boulder,

              and although you speak much, you lack poise and touch, which is why you have just got owned, sir.

              Love, EstocZero.


    1. How is that shitty?

      1.8 million Wii U’s have sold in Japan so that’s an attach rate of almost a third. That’s a fantastic result.

        1. And PS4 and Xboner will continue to lose momentum while Wii U keeps on selling off the stores XD And btw Mario Kart 8 seems to be outselling every 2014 game too, just saying :3

          1. How the hell is it selling out every 2014 game? The year is not over dumbass.

            And saying that it outsells every 2014 ame isn’t saying much ;)

            1. Yeah, I’m guessing you need more of that butthurt cream for your erected dick because MK8 is still killing Titsfall XD

              1. Stranga, some of the stuff you say is just downright fucking nasty. XDD XD Damn dude, you sure have a colorful vocabulary.

          2. That’s why it was reported just recently that the PS4 hit the 9 million mark, because it’s losing momentum, lol.

            1. Can I have some evidence that it’s losing momentum? You guys keep saying that, yet everywhere I see the PS4 is still smashing records

              1. I was being sarcastic there, quoting Stranga’s words with the “losing momentum”. Of course the PS4 isn’t losing momentum, not even close. It’s just what Nintendo fanboys keep telling themselves to make themselves feel better about the terrible sales of the WiiU, honestly.

            1. What utter, utter nonsense.

              MK8 is one of, if not the highest selling title this year so far and of the current generation, the other contenders being Watch Dogs and Titanfall. It is also the forth highest selling Wii U game. This means four out of the top six best selling games of this generation are Wii U.

              If that is shitty then you need to up your medication.

              1. Lol okay whatever makes you sleep better at night :P

                But then again, you must wake up on both sides of the bed.

    2. It did saved the Wii U, considering how many Wii Us are sold, this is a really good number. And it’s just from Japan, Wait for the rest of the world.

    1. Ignoring the fact this is Japan where mobile gaming is crushing home console sales. Here’s some medication to help with that full retard aka sasori mode problem of yours.

    1. Except that the other console doesn’t even need a system seller in the first place, the systems are selling by themselves

  1. Ps4 and xb1 have 0 games worth playing rushed hardware with unfinished broken games mostly on both what a fucking joke.

    Enjoy those broken fps pc ports

      1. God of War is so awesome. That game right there is a system seller. Except… It isn’t on the PS4. Lol.

    1. Wait, did I just see “rushed hardware”?
      You mean that day one Wii U fuck-long system update, eshop unavailability?
      Unfinished broken games like that game breaking bug in DKCTF and longer loading times than a Kinect sensor?

      1. sony did rushed it a bit, for the holiday, look at knack. Doesn’t mean didn’t rush their system, which they pretty much did

          1. I was looking forward to it. The idea of character was good, but the setting was…WTF. They never used the idea to it’s full ability. Also was the reason people were hyped for it because of its link to creator of crash or something.

                1. Nintendo is my Blood

                  Are you that fucking dyslexic that you cannot differentiate between “Know” and “No” twice in one sentence

                2. *facepalm* Be more like your alter ego TalkingStapler & actually use better grammar, my god! I’m not known for being a grammar nazi to others but… ugh! We know you can, surprisingly, do a lot better than this, kid.

            1. coming from the guy who said the easy breezy campaign on battlefield three was hard?


              Did you really think we would take your opinion seriously?

  2. People buying ps4 for cod and bf4 hahahahahahahahahahah whyyy? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah hahahahaha hahahah why why why? Hahahahahajajahahaha and Assassin’s Creed pfffff hahahahahah

    1. People buying wii u for 2d mario and 3 mario hahahahahahhahah
      whyy? hahahahahhahahahahaah hahahahahhaa
      hahahahhaha why why why? hahahahahhahahah (butthurt getting obvious here) and
      game and wario pfffff hahahahahahaha

          1. And we buy Nintendo systems for:
            Donkey Kong Country
            Mario Party
            Mario Galaxy
            Legend of Zelda
            Kid Icarus
            etc. etc. etc. the list could go on and on and on.

            Getting the picture yet?

  3. We’ll it’s been a while since I posted here lol but I have to agree with Anubis on both points. 500k is very underwhelming no matter how hard you try to spin it and the game does feel unfinished :/

      1. It WOULD be the best if it had a proper battle mode like MK7 and put in some more good characters. I’m playing MK7 battle mode right now and I’m just sittin here watchin my bro play MK8 battle mode and I’m like “pfft XD Wtf? Why was this not in MK8?”

        1. Haha so true. imo, they need to add some dlc.

          New battle modes
          16 new courses
          More characters that aren’t re skins or babies

          And finally. They need to add mission mode. The last time that was implemented strongly was in mario kart ds, and it was really enjoyable. I’ll buy all dlc for the game so it dosent matter lol

        2. Characters don’t really matter to me, as they have the important ones, as they don’t change the game like in Smash. Though, it would be nice to have Boo, Nabbit, Dry-Bones, and more, in addition to the (useless) characters they have added.

          The battle mode is both a yes and a no. It’s a yes, because it mostly fixed the system where you keep playing ’til the timer runs out, and you can actually loose. It kind of suck that they didn’t use arenas, though. Doesn’t really matter for my part, not really a fan of battle mode overall!

          1. Yea I can agree to that. They just need to keep adding things to the game so that it dosent get stale -_- because honestly. The game has gotten stale for me :/ it’s fun to play every now and then but it dosent have the same addiction level as past mario karts.

    1. condering the install base, and fact its a console japan its actually good, most likely it will go back up during the holidays

      1. Yea you have a point. Console life in japan Is slowly declining. Mk8 stands at over 2mil plus worldwide (now that’s impressive) so I expect the sales of the game to gradually increase over time.

        IMO the wii U is making a comeback and I’m glad I picked one up

          1. Yea, it has been a while lol. I think out last discussion was about Zelda or kingdom hearts. I don’t remember xD

              1. Lol yes, good to see you and some other familiar names :D!! I figured I’d stop by for old times sakes XD!!

                    1. includes the first one, also the graphic differences are actually night and day, bayo 2 looks more colorful…with more red too

    2. *facepalm* Did you miss the part where it said this is in Japan, the country which has shown it’s far more into mobile gaming than home console gaming right now? 500k in one month is pretty damn good considering the country.

  4. Consoles don’t need system sellers? What planet are you from? Whether it’s Mario, Halo, or strong third-party support, in the end it’s these system-selling games that people care about. Granted not all games are going to revolutionize gaming and they might not all sell 10 million copies, but 10 games selling a million units each will help you just as much. Probably even more because of the variety. Just look at the 3ds. It has become my favorite console and it’s done it with tons of good games. There’s isn’t just one game that defines the console for me, but there’s been so many games that I’ve played that have made it my most played console so far this generation.

    So sure, Mariokart hasn’t single-handedly saved the WiiU, but it’s obviously(sales reports!) helped. And there’s at least half a dozen games I’m looking forward to within the next year for the WiiU. And I’m not even counting Zelda or a sequel to the galaxy games or, my personal favorite Nintendo franchise, Metroid. I’m sure you’re here because you enjoy Nintendo products, so instead of just being negative all the time, look for some of the positives. Things are finally starting to look up for the WiiU how about you join the fun.

    1. Consoles do need system sellers. Otherwise, they’d be irrelevant. PC gaming would’ve been taken over it it weren’t for consoles. XD

      1. lol you clowns mention pc gaming defend wii u hardware lol. do you even own or know any gaming rig.

        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

          You don’t even have a gaming computer, nor do you know anything about PC gaming. Exposed.

        2. I am a true PC gamer. I may not have the best PC, but most of my games are on it. I enjoy many types of indie games, some of which include:
          Super Meat Boy
          Binding of Isaac
          Shovel Knight
          Cave Story and Cave Story +
          Volgarr the Viking
          Dust, an Elysian Tale
          Rogue Legacy

          What can you claim? Are YOU a true PC gamer? According to your video, you can barely even run a last-gen castlevania game on the lowest resolution, whereas mine can run Dark Souls 2 on the third-from-highest resolution smoothly, and without a hitch, even on online mode.

          Come back when you can actually stand tall with the big guys.

    1. Now where did you pull that fact from? Do you have to NOT be a virgin to be here? Besides, I’d rather read some good old fashioned Nintendo news than getting STD’s. :P

    2. How does age have anything to do with being a virgin?

      You could be five, or you could be 60. Being a virgin is not confined to age, whatsoever.

  5. 500K is not good, Mario kart 8 supposed to be a system seller and we should be within a million range (at least software units). I can’t care less about PS4 and XB1 and people who do not own those consoles should do the same, I have a Wii U (pride to have one) and don’t plan to buy any of these expecially the XB1. My only focus is nintendo and how they do business.

    Now for those who think Mario Bors smash will be a seller game they live in lala land.

    I don’t think Matrio kart 8 is unfinished game and I still have a lot of fun with it. I think mario kart is the game people should buy their wii U with. Nintendo needs to keep the momentum as from August 2014 if they want to sell more mario kart and wii U and have a successful christmas period.

    For me mario kart opened another opportunity for Nintendo. The question is: Does nintendo will take this opportunity and finally get back on track? Also from now to october what will be the next release (exclude any indie games and virtual console release)?

        1. No offense man, but If you have more Wii U games already than PS3, I have to say, you really aren’t using the system to it’s advantage. XD

  6. I have created this account just to say shut up to Shuhei Yoshida. You already posted more than 10 comment, just shut up already and stop complaining about shit.

  7. People these sales are good (not great but good). Remember…ITS FREAKING JAPAN! They don’t care for consoles, even the ps4 with all its hype hasn’t broken a million there. The only time I see consoles in japan really sale is during the holiday rush. Both the wii and ps3 only sold under 14-13 million there, while the handhelds were over 20 million. The console market there is on a decline. So these sales are not bad

    1. Seriously. Everyone calling 500k bad are clearly ignoring the fact the article says IN JAPAN. Japan, a country which has shown a preference for mobile gaming over stationary (home) gaming.

    1. Wow, a pissing contest sounds incredibly stupid. Yet I’d like to actually see something like that for some strange reason…

  8. lol soo you cliwns are happy for this lol. the wii u is not even getting due to its weak outdated hardware. how can the gamepad dispaly 480p resolution while an ipod 4 can display 720p and samsung galaxy s3 s4 can do 720p-1080p.

    1. Ahh the good ol trolling days. Brings me back :’) but seriously. What does your comment have to do with anything related to the article or anything in general?

      1. thats his thing, should have seen him spam his saving for 360 thing for months, he is a ironic troll

          1. That is the worse troll lmao.

            And not in a good way either that guy just keep talking out of his ass, but generally, I ignore him. However all the other degens on this site can’t get enough of him. Which is why the qualtiy of the new trolls (including him) are awful >.<

            1. @anubis, lol I noticed that. Geez tho, you would think after being gone so long that the trolls would stop but I guess this sites moderation is as bad as ever :/

              1. Yeah, I miss the days were iceazeama, JellyBean, adarazz, Pinwheel [etc..] were here. Honestly I don’t blame them for leaving.

                I remember when the commenters thought that they were going to get any sort of moderation, but I tricked them lol… I’m surprised that no one noticed.

                1. Ice and Pinwheel still occasionally pop up from time to time though. But yeah, I get what you mean. Lol 160+comment flame war battles. XD

                  1. Jellybean isn’t a troll, he’s still here I think he’s Kehool, correct me if I’m wrong. .

          2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Well your era was okay but still paled compared to the era of Aeolus, Neutron and Bill…

              1. Funny enough, ice and neutron are more apart of the youtube community. I always see them together making fun of things in the gaming community.

                You can tell who ice is lmao because his comments stand out.

      2. Nintendo is my Blood

        Ah, you thought, back from the dead are we?
        Meet sasori, he is the new troll in town, quite the troll in fact, let me tell you about him
        he bases his arguments on his intelligence (which is small)
        He is a hypocrite, calling us fanboys when he worships a dead anime
        he is poor as fuck, always talking about how much money he has (also not alot)
        He is sexist and hates woman
        He is a racist bitch and hates Martin Luther King
        Oh and his grammar is atrocious let me tell you

          1. The one that stands out is the one where he actually spells worth a damn & isn’t butchering grammar: TalkingStapler.

        1. Nintendo is my Blood

          Seriously, when can we get funny trolls instead of sasori, he actually astonishes me with his stupidity

          1. Nintendo is my Blood

            I mean seriously, his grammar, if you are going to troll at least learn some fucking English. This is what it should read

            “lol So you clowns are happy for this? Lol. The Wii U is not even getting due to its weak outdated hardware. How can the GamePad display 480p resolution while an IPod 4 can display 720p and Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 can do 720p-1080p.”

            Can we chip in and buy him some language lessons please?

            1. If you’ve seen TalkingStapler, sasori surprisingly can actually type without butchering grammar to hell & back. Or maybe the kid is truly crazy with some split personalities that are just as dumb as he is but with better grammar. lol

        2. Yes, good to see you as we’ll as the others. it’s been a while but I’ve finaly returned, and lmao!! Wow, what a description. The first thing I noticed was his grammar O_O I mean, how can someone’s grammar be THAT bad?!? For some reason though. Reading what he writes is entertaining.

          1. Nintendo is my Blood

            Have you seen his rant videos? I mean seriously, even iceazeama created 2 to 5 minute videos, but sasori rants for 20-30 minutes at a time, once even for 40 minutes, it was actually kinda sad that he has nothing better to do with his time.

              1. Nintendo is my Blood

                Clowns? Is that your word of the day? You seem to use it alot.
                Anywho, seen any good tits lately? Of course not, you are fucking ugly lol.

            1. Ice’s videos were joke videos. If i remember none of them were even on nintendo bashing.

              He never even mentioned this website at all in his videos. They’re nothing alike. Sasori is a sad soul. Though it’s funny because he got flagged to death from people here when the videos were not even on nintendo bashing.

    2. And how can you possibly say that without any links to support this fact?

      I can tell you right now, the Wii U supports graphics up to 1080p/60fps, whereas the XBone and the PSWhore can’t even lick the bottom of the nonexistent pixels of that amount.

      1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

        Correction, Ps4 can do 1080p 60fps, but it’s a little bit harder to make the game reach that. Xbomb can’t even function as proper bomb.

  9. Well i understand that the ps4 is selling without any real “system sellers” so you’re right… in a way. You see, once the initial hype wears down all you’re left with is style over substance and that only leaves a bad taste in your mind. It’s like having a crush on a cute/popular person only to later find out they suck/are jerks/conceited. It’s only going to be harder for them to change your mind afterwards.

    It’s great for Sony to be able to sell without having any real games to go along with their system, but if you’ve noticed lately, the ps4 is selling LESS than the WiiU. They’re already losing to Nintendo on the handheld front now they’re losing to them on the home console too? Sure you could argue that it’s only in Japan, but that’s their home country. That’s where their CEOs are at. It’s where most of their companies decisions are made. That’s horrible news for a company that’s BILLIONS of dollars in debt.

    Then we have Nintendo. A company that lives off its brand. I understand they don’t appeal to everybody, but they do a great job of living up to their name. Whenever they do something they put their heart into it. We all know their marketing sucks, so their best chance at success is to make sure they make products that people will want regardless of the ads. They depend on word of mouth. No style all substance. Well they do have style, but like i said, it doesn’t appeal to everybody. Look at wind waker, everyone criticized the art style, but once people played it they knew it was a great game.

    Same goes for the WiiU. It doesn’t look as appealing as the Xspy1 or the PS hype4, but Nintendo keeps on delivering. Slowly but surely. We’re on the second year and things are definitely looking up. It’s starting to build momentum. By the time the other consoles get their first killer app, Nintendo will have a steady stream of good games and who knows maybe Nintendo will be Nintendo and bring us another revolutionary game that will make us look at games differently. They have the talent to do it with and they have the hardware to experiment with, now it’s just a matter of delivering on that potential. Potential that they created because no one else does. I know it’s hard for me to expect the same from $ony and M$ when they’re content with giving us the same experience as last generation, only with slightly better graphics. What can you expect from greedy “me-too” companies that only came into the games market because they were jealous of the money Nintendo was making? Remember that it was them that came into this market and not Nintendo into theirs. They’re posers and all they can do is belittle Nintendo by labeling them kiddie only to try and mimic them at every turn.

    1. Hahahahaha… What you did with MS and Sony’s names in your comment is just mean XD Lmao xspy1 and pshype4 xD

      1. Can you blame him? The Playstation 4 is running on mostly hype while the Xbox One was originally going to have an always on function that needed Kinect to function, hence why some people couldn’t help but think the thing was probably going to spy on them.

  10. sigh. this place never changes. i thought i told people to talk about the games not the console itself. i mean that is why we are gamers right ? i suppose that has a different meaning now since the newer generation don’t know shit about quality games! i have had all consoles ( sega nintendo xbox .. tho i’m through with microsoft now since they screwed me over. playstation all the handhelds. i even had those 3frame games and i even had the last ever atari console. ) and i can tell you most games these days do not feel like games anymore. you have lost your way people and the only one that is doing something about it is nintendo but you all want your precious graphics and games that play themselves. i bet if you tried to play mario bros or megaman 1… you would not even get past the first world! that’s how dumb you trolls have become and you lash it out on people here and everywhere. good job. did you find a meaning to why you do this ? is it helping you in some way ? are your parents beating the snot out of you so you have to lash out on the internet ? i feel sorry for you guys. good luck in life, you’re gonna need it!

  11. Half a million in one month is pretty good going, particularly when the Wii U’s attach-rate is still pretty sluggish.

  12. Nintendo Commander Phazon

    Geez. 500,000 in Japan is good. It has sold 2 million worldwide in one month. Just wait for the holiday season…

  13. It seems many people don’t know how to read. It sold half a million in one month in one market. It did not sell half a million in all markets combined since launch. Japan’s gaming market is, and has been pretty atrocious for a while, so these figures are actually good. MK8 is selling at a nice and solid pace.

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