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Mega Metagross Revealed In CoroCoro For Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire


The latest edition of Japanese publication CoroCoro has revealed Metagross will have a  Mega Evolution form in the forthcoming Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire for Nintendo 3DS. Anime News Network says Elite Four Champion Daigo Mega Evolves his Metagross using a Mega Brooch. Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is due for release on November 28th in Europe and November 21th in the United States.

64 thoughts on “Mega Metagross Revealed In CoroCoro For Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire”

  1. I’m not a huge fan of the design but I’m not complaining I will grow to like it. I’m just happy it’s confirmed :D

    1. I’d rather have a stat boost. Its BST is pretty good as it is, it just needs some more tools on its arsenal. I don’t want them to tinker too much with the designs, but they certainly seem to be doing a pretty good work with the new megas so far (well, maybe except Swampert…)

  2. My hype for this game just decreased immensely. I don’t know why, but Mega Evolutions are starting to bore me. :/

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          It’s great when it comes to content and stuff but it becomes pretty boring when you battle online…

          Most have the same Pokemon in their teams and the exact moves…

          I guess they all attended “Smogon University”…

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              True which is why I think they should do something to change things up…

              Pokemon has become too generic battle wise in my opinion…

      1. I know they’re optional. But Mega EV’s are basically just beefed up versions of Pokemon. Pokemon games are too similar to the previous games. Especially this one. I know it’s a remake, but it just looks like X and Y 2 at this point. I still do kind of like Mega Evolution, but it was just introduced in X and Y and it’s already being used again. I wish they would just make a console game and maybe they might be able upgrade and change a few things.

        1. They’re not chaning the winning formula any time soon. Be thankful (or not) for the jump to 3D, that’s what Game Freak calls “taking a risk”.

        2. Dude, to be honest, HG&SS looked exactly like platinum, so that was kind of to be expected. if they just get the 3D better this time I’ll be fully content with the visuals.

  3. Uh hello!!! I love pwetty fary Pokemon that are as butifol as my mommy! They should get mega evilootions that make them even prettyer in this new game!!!

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Give it up, you can’t even copy the real one in a decent way, just like all these idiotic fake Commanders that tries too hard to imitate me…

        1. xD Another idiot that hasn’t caught on to the fact that Quadraxis does own one. If you haven’t been here in a few months, you should really keep your mouth shut about what people own & don’t own.

  4. EN TER eD
    U N B E A T A B L E
    N D E F E A T E D
    D E N I A B L E
    G O D
    ST aPlEr
    I AM G O D

  5. Mega evolutions rub me the wrong way. I beat Y without using it once, besides the time you were forced to. It just seems like a cheap way to win and the fact that final evolution pokemon get to have mega evolutions just make it unfair to the ones that need it. The designs are just…too much.

      1. No, you’re good. I never particularly cared for Gardevoir, but her Mega looks awesome. She looks like she’s fighting in a wedding dress. XD

        1. I always thought the same thing, like she’ s a graceful moonlight ballroom fighter or something like that. I wonder if her mega evo will be used in place of her final evo for this smash. (If she’s still in that is. :P)

    1. Are u kidding, absol besides ampharos were the ugliest. Absol went from looking decent to looking emo.

    1. Oh I’m ready for the Elite Four this time around in Ruby. I’ll just move my lvl 100 Eevee & Dialga to the game & obliterate them. I’ve also got Lucario, Greninja, Yveltal, Jirachi, & Celebi all getting close to lvl 90 & soon lvl 100. Not to mention Delphox & Chesnaught are getting pretty close to those lvls as well.

    1. Id have liked to see tropius. when I first encounterd him I thought it looked awsome. it reminded me of a story I read abt Africans sightings if a long neck dinosaur. But then I realized there was a banana hanging from its neck which to me was unnecessary and ridiculous and that made me lose abt if the admiration I had for its design. still itd be cool to see an evolution of it where they remove the bananas

      1. I see where you’re coming from. Trops is one of my personal favorites. The bananas always made think how cool it would be to have a pokemon that acts not only as a fighter but a food source hahah. I wish they’d instead find a way to incorporate the bananas into its move pool or maybe an ability.

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  7. Thanks Game Freak for put mega evos to pokemon that are powerful without it…
    If at least it have a good desing u.u

  8. pink0crystal0midbus

    OMG! Metagross is one of my top 5 favorite Pokemon!!! SO HYPED FOR THIS!

    I hope Milotic gets a mega. Water Dragon maybe? Also, Flygon needs a mega to make him relevant again as a Pokemon. I love Flygon’s design, but he’s useless in competative play :(

  9. More than Megas/extremely temporary forms, I wish they had actual evolutions. I’d love to see a full evo of Tropius, Spiritomb, a cooler Mawile design, Zangoose, Seviper, Milotic, and Sharpedo with the full body of a shark.

    Altaria, Flygon, Salamence

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  12. As interesting as this sounds, I really wish Game Freak would cater to the more underpowered groups of Pokemon.
    Metagross is still a nice touch though.

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  14. I can’t wait for the day GameFreak gives Eevee & every single evolution of it a mega-evolution. Pokemon like Eevee, Pikachu, & Jigglypuff should get away with getting mega evolutions of their own since they are so popular & practically mascots of the series in their own rights.

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