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New Smash Bros Character To Be Revealed On Monday

Nintendo Japan and Nintendo of America have announced that a new Super Smash Bros character will be revealed on Monday. Nintendo says it will live stream the event which takes place at 3pm UK time and 10am EST. Any guesses as to who the new character will be?

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136 thoughts on “New Smash Bros Character To Be Revealed On Monday”

    1. I trust the leak as well, after all those reveals, but I don’t think it’s going to be them. Why make this announcement if the character is someone as obscure as the Choir Boys? Chrom is the most popular of those three, so my money is on him.

    1. If they’re making such a big deal about it,then it’s definetely going to be a new character….I really hope it’s rayman!

        1. yeah, Mega Man and Sonic are good, but Pac-Man??? I mean yeah he’s a cool character, but he is certainly not a brawler. Plus putting him in makes the game seem… odd… it’s a nintendo fighting game after all

        2. You have a point, but the rule of Smash Bros is that they have to have appeared in a Nintendo game at some point to be added. At that point, they are treated as a Nintendo character.

          1. Um. Its Shulk, end of story. You saw the story, one of the xenoblade devs retweeted the post. Why would they do that if it wasnt shulk? Its not mewtwo, or shovel knight, or shrek. Its freakin Shulk.

        1. I don’t understand the point of your ‘derrr’ comment, you have no more of an argument than I do.

          I specifically said they missed a character, and that another may have missed another. Even if that’s not the case, there’s no need to be an idiot.

      1. What the hell is all this talk about deconfirmed characters? No one has been deconfirmed… wtf are you talking about? “Here are some new characters! And also, here are some characters we wont be putting in the game! ” dont think that ever happened…

  1. Please be anyone other than the big crybaby Shulk. I’d ask why people like him so much but its kind of obvious that most new Nintendo fans can relate to him.

  2. im hoping it’s either Roy, Mewtwo, Shulk or a completly new person we would never expect but Bomberman seems plausable.

  3. What are they meaning with the word “streaming event”? Is there something more than a character reveal? This doesn’t sound like they’re just “unlocking” the YouTube clip, does it?

  4. now when it says “character to be revealed monday”, it means an actual NEW character right? we’re not gonna get peach’d here right? CHROM DAMMIT CHROM!

    1. I would love that. Beat the heck out of Nintendo characters with my beam katana. XD Unfortunately, I find him highly unlikely. Fingers crossed.

  5. They’re doing a Direct for it?
    Must mean they consider tHis one a bigger deal than usual.
    Fingers crossed for Bayonetta…

    1. Ohhh….that would be awesome, so in other words, no chance in hell. (I would LOVE to be wrong so you could rub it in my face!)

      I’m guessing it’s Baby-someone.

      1. Still mad Nintendo replaced your favorite racer with a baby, eh? You do realize the irony in your anger, right? Your mad Dry Bowser, a clone, is getting replaced by Baby Daisy & Baby Peach, who are also clones.

    2. You do realise what that would do to the rating of the game right? ( not that I don’t want it, it’s just highly unlikely.)

    1. While that would indeed be awesome, sadly its never gonna happen. Six months ago I thought maybe Knuckles, maybe Zero, but eheh… no.

  6. this really should have been at evo. maybe they will announce one during the weekend as well even if its an old character from 64 or melee.

  7. Personally, I really hope and would love it to be Krystal!
    There’s a new Star Fox game in the works, perfect timing!! :D

    1. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

      Agreed. Chrom is my favorite FE protagonist. I just hope Ike the Douchebag didn’t end up replacing him.

  8. So, I guess the question is: which character is so important that they need a dedicated live stream and a notice three days prior to being revealed. No character so far has had this much special treatment. The only veterans I can see That happening for is snake, since he is third party, and mewtwo since he’s a long awaited returning veteran. But even then I don’t think snake’s return calls for this much publicity since sonic, pacman and mega man did not even get this much attention.

    As for the leaked newcomers then I doubt they would do this for choir boys, they are pretty obscure so they would be revealed during a normal direct if anything. Chrome and Shulk are more plausible. Fire emblem awakening was hugely successful and its sales saved the franchise. Meanwhile xenoblade chronicles was also hugely successful and had a big campaign to bring it the wewest

    Then there are characters that weren’t leaked, and the only one I can think of is Ridley. He’s highly desired by many and has the most vocal supporters willing to misconstrue any reference to size as a confirmation that he’s in, and he was greatly teased in the direct as being a boss but not fully 100% confirmed as such.

    So, if I had to put money down then I would say Ridley, I’m not much of a supporter of him, but if Nintendo is advertising a dedicated live stream specifically for a new character then the character with the most passionate supporters is probably the one that will get the spotlight.

    1. If Sakuri was interested in the “vocal feedback” then we would be playing with Shrek and Goku. He doesnt give two shits about all this feedback, he is an artist making a piece of art. He doesnt cator to ppl. If he did we wouldnt have pacman, or rosalina, or the wii fit trainer. No one was really calling for those characters to be in. So, we can assume its not Ridley, especially after the direct. Its Shulk. Xenoblade devs reposted the tweet. Why would they do that if it wasnt someone from Xenoblade? And if you did yoir homework, you would know Snake was only in brawl as a favor to the creator of MGS, who, during the development of melee, spoke with Sakuri and asked Snake to be put in Melee. But since Melee was so far into development, they put him in Brawl instead. He wont be in any future Smash Bros games. Sakuri didnt even want him in the game, he did it as a favor. Its not snake, or ridley. Its shulk. No need to overthink things.

      1. >.< You do realize there were a number of people wanting Pac-Man in the game, right? I'm willing to bet even a few wanted Rosalina in the game. Not that this matters anymore since we all now know who the character reveal was for.

  9. I think it will be more than one new character. My hope is its a villain trailer, show off king k rool, crowd gets hype. Ridley steps in, even more hype, and then ganondorf with a whole new moveset

    1. A damn shame your theory wasn’t the case. :/ Ganondorf saved for last as it reveals him having an entirely new moveset would make sense. The fact there is a “war” going on for Ridley as a playable character would make sense for him to be saved for last, too, if not Ganondorf. Oh well. Maybe one day…

  10. Monday is the first day of the week, and Ridley appeared in the first Metroid game…. RIDLEY CONFIRMED!

    Just kidding btw xD

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  13. At this point, it HAS to be a character from the Gematsu Leak like Shulk, Chrom, or the Chorus Men (the first character being the most likely due to the tweet). Anyone that hopes for a character that’s not on the leak is very delusional at this point.

  14. I hope it’s Sceptile. It would be amazing to have three different type of starters. Fingers crossed!!

  15. I like the hype Sakurai is making by revealing new characters and such… but i just feel like this game is better left for the gamers to find out who is in the game. I remember not following Brawl’s development at all and when i got the game I was extremely thrilled to see these new characters I had never thought to be in the game. It was so fun seeing that shadow and thinking “YES! NEW CHARACTER!”

  16. I just hope the newcomer revealed isn’t from the Gematsu leak. Although after seeing the Sneaky Spirit in Smash Run, it’s starting to look that way.

  17. I know it most likely won’t happen, but Geno? I mean his song is in the smash bros brawl files, so who knows.

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  19. I’ve still got my hopes set on Lloyd Irving! He is most famous for the Gamecube release of Tales of Symphonia. And considering he’s a fan favorite and people have wanted to see him since Brawl. Not to mention he IS somewhat relevant considering Tales of Symphonia Chronicles release, even though it was a PS3 Exclusive, that doesn’t exclude him. SSBBrawl came out in 2008, and featured Solid Snake. Who appeared on behalf of his appearance in the Gamecube port of Metal Gear Solid, called The Twin Snakes. In the same year, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots was announced, but Nintendo didn’t pull Snake out.

    Sakurai said a character from the “Tales of” games wouldn’t be out of the question. Why make such hope-inspiring statement if he’d never go through? Because Sakurai-san is smarter than that. (:
    Personally I’d love to see Zelos Wilder appear alongside Lloyd, or Emil Castagnier(I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR OPINION, DAWN OF THE NEW WORLD(Wii title) WAS AWESOME.)
    But they might go just for Lloyd.

  20. Oh Sakurai sure is trolling the people that looked to the Gematsu Leak for who might be revealed in this character reveal trailer. xD

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