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Xenoblade Developer Retweets Smash Bros Character Reveal Announcement, Shulk On The Way?

Interesting one of the Xenoblade developers has retweeted the Super Smash Bros character reveal announcement for Monday. Usually when a member of the Xenoblade team retweets a Nintendo tweet then it generally means that they’re somehow involved. This has led many to believe that the announcement will be for Shulk.

Thanks, Godot

266 thoughts on “Xenoblade Developer Retweets Smash Bros Character Reveal Announcement, Shulk On The Way?”

        1. Xenoblade was the best game of last gen. There is no other game that even comes close. You can literally take both mario galaxy’s, all 5 or 6 halos, all 3 uncharted’s, the last of us, all 3 batman games, all 3 mass effects, and they still wouldn’t even come close.

            1. I’ve never played it yet, but I will eventually just to see why it’s so critically acclaimed. I’ll probably like it though.

            2. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

              I fail to see how this is.

              Please explain, in full detail, how it’s a rip-off of that game, in story, gameplay, mechanics, and artstyle. Because, by technical definition, a game isn’t really a rip-off unless it borrows directly from another game coming out at the same time or from beforehand.

            1. Not even close, but if your mother and father were brother and sister and you were kicked in the head by a horse then yeah I can see how maybe you would prefer uncharted

              1. It’s an opinion, Xenoblade was my favorite last gen game, but there were really good games last gen that are better than Xenoblade.

          1. I Hate Digital Games

            I played only a few minutes of Xenoblade Chronicles and hated every minute of it. I wanted to slap everyone who praised it, causing me to spend $40.00 on that garbage! I hated the story, the characters, the art style, battle system, graphics…..EVERYTHING! It’s like everything I hate, all in one game. The only good thing about it is that it’s not a first-person perspective game.

            1. You played a few minutes of Xenoblade and say that you hated it?
              You don’t even do any battle in the first few minutes of the game…

              Yes it’s a hard and long game to get involved in… but try to give it some time — it’s worth it =]

            2. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

              how can you critique a game if you played only a few minutes of it? That’s like saying you hated the title screen and introduction/tutorial of a game.

              If you’re going to be stupid, at least support your stupid with a LITTLE bit of smart.

              1. I played enough of it to know that I could never get into it. When a game is good, I usually know it within the first several minutes (or hour) of playing it. But I never felt anything with this game.

  1. I don’t know who Shulk is, but people keep making a big deal out of him. He must be important then. XD Fine with me I guess.

            1. 12 was an ugly and boring game. The characters suck and none of them are very attachable. 13 had way better character designs, character development, and prettier areas to visit even if it was brief. Lightning by far dominates over main characters. She’s not some emo baby like Cloud. Not some gullible loser like Cecil and when she goes from her bitchy side, she starts to learn the error of her ways. Not some drastic change like Squall. We don’t see her resort to old habits in the two sequels unlike what they did for Cloud. She can beat a god and yet Cloud was inferior to Zack, who defeated a god as well but gets his ass killed from as simple as being shot by a barrage of bullets. Grand Theft VII … The best part to Lightning, if you don’t like her, you don’t have to use her. The game makes you try all six characters to get a feel of them in battle and story wise. In FFVII you’re forced to use Cloud. Killing him in battle isn’t the option people want, they want to use him when they choose to or dump him for someone else. Oh and another thing… atleast Lightning has a point to her game unlike Vaan… I highly doubt 13 is the worst, any Final Fantasy could be considered worst or better than each other.

              1. Never played any FF game, but I don’t know what the problem is with 13. I actually like Lightning as a character, too.

    1. Shulk is the guy from xenoblade chronicles, at first i made the mistake and read the name as “she-hulk” that was weird and embarrasing lol XP

          1. He sounds more like a woman anyways. Might as well be She-Hulk. I’m gonna start calling him that once Smash Bros. is available to play and dealing with playing as She-Hulk and She-Hulk players. Thanks lamatsucubo! :)

    2. I haven’t played any of the games, but from what i know, Shulk is the main character of Namco’s popular Sci-fi game Xenobalde Chronicles

          1. It still doesn’t compare to the fame of Mario RPG, and it wasn’t even fully done by Nintendo. Mostly Square? Atleast they were smart to give credit to Nintendo’s other IPs, even just as cameos.

      1. Uhm… Bandai Namco hasn’t owned Monolith Soft in years now. Nintendo owns 100% of Monolith Soft, making them a 1st party developer.

  2. If Shulk is in the game then that must mean a Xenoblade stage as well with some trophies. I have not played it but supported getting it on Wii. The only reason I haven’t is because no money to buy it seeing its one of the most expensive Wii hams aside from Metroid trilogy but will play one day

    1. A Xenoblade Chronicles stage?!
      Oh Lord, please let that stage be the nighttime version of Satorl Marsh or the first field area of the Bionis’s leg, with the awesome music to match…

    2. If you live in the Kansas city metro you can get it free at your local library, just go online and put it on hold, that’s how I got to play it

    1. Definitely, those two need to arrive and fast! Then we can finally get back Falco, Ganondorf, Captain Falcon, Mr Game And Watch, Ice Climbers, Mewtwo, Roy, and a few more fighters so that the gamewill be complete!

      1. I’m pretty sure those characters won’t be revealed and instead will be secret characters. It was the same with Brawl’s website

    2. Ness was my main, Mewtwo was my main, really wanted Dark Samus playable.
      If Ness isn’t here I’m gonna start swingin’…

        1. You don’t want Shulk but you’re ok with Kid Icarus getting a bunch of items and 2 characters? They have one new game and one other retro game, plus Xenoblade got much more acclaim than Pit did for his new game.

    3. They aren’t new challengers anymore. Considering the amount of characters that weren’t revealed before brawl’s release, they’re probably in. Besides, Shulk is from Xenoblade, which had another massive cult following.

    4. You still need to differentiate: Announcement videos are mainly ONLY for new characters. I guess Ness or Lucas won’t even get a trailer. They will just be unlock able while playing the game. They would never cut Ness, in my opinion.

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      I personally want both. Melia can’t be in it before Shulk. Shulk’s the protagonist. But Melia and Seven would both have diverse and unique movesets.

        1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

          Seven is who we call the seventh member of Shulk’s party. We call the member “Seven” in order to stop the spoilers, because let’s face it, Xenoblade is such an epic game and spoiling it is no joke.

          1. Yes. Spoiling Xenoblade Chronicles would be a travesty. A travesty I brought on myself when I was making sure I wouldn’t miss any achievements, not knowing New Game Plus would carry over the achievements & thus spoiling Seven’s reveal later in the game. Oh the awesome feeling I would have felt at the reveal if I had not spoiled it for myself. Oh well. I won’t be making this mistake again with Xenoblade Chronicles X!

      1. I HIGHLY doubt that 2 characters from a brand new game will make the SSB cut

        Let’s just not aim too high and just be grateful Shulk has a really good chance of getting in the game =]

        1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

          I just had this discussion with some friends yesterday.

          The game is getting some sort of sequel and one/some of the characters in the original Xenoblade could appear in it. Second, the game received critical acclaim, sold extremely well, and became a cult classic. Third, Melee got two Fire Emblem characters while the West never got a single FE game at that point. Fourth, Brawl got TWO Earthbound characters, one of which never appeared in any games in the West.

          It’s very unlikely, I know. I expect Shulk 100%, but I think Melia or Seven would be good additions on the basis of their fighting styles.

  3. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    Can Sakurai please not spoil the ENTIRE game? The best part of Brawl for me was discovering all the little references and nooks and crannies of the game when I didn’t know ANYTHING going in.

    It’s not like I can avoid the information when IGN and MNN report EVERY. LITTLE. THING.

      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        I do too, but we know it’s a fighting game and we know what kind of characters are in it. I don’t mind knowing a mode or two and one or two new characters. But he’s telling us EVERY item, EVERY character, EVERY stage, EVERY mode. EVERYTHING.

        1. It because its the fourth game in the series and it needs to sell the wiiu, and he knows that people are looking for reasons why to get this game instead of sticking with the old game

          1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

            Yes but we don’t need to know EVERYTHING. Show some new characters with trailers. That gets hype. But he doesn’t need to show us every item. No one is going to buy the game just because there’s a Steel Diver weapon.

            Nintendo doesn’t need to show every dungeon in the new Zelda in order to sell it. And there are WAAAAY more Zeldas than there are Smash Bros.

            1. Then stop looking for it on the internet. Keep away from the Smash news until a week or two after you buy it.

              1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

                I’m not actively looking for it. I check MNN for other Nintendo news but they report every little Smash detail too. The headlines and pictures (on mobile) reveal everything and are hard to skip over.

    1. But he wont…its just too big of a game. that said, melee will probably remain my favorite since i never got any spoilers before that game. everything was a surprise

  4. He’s gonna be the only character I use if it is him. Loved Xenoblade Chronicles. One of the best games I’ve ever played.

    1. He’s the protagonist of a Wii RPG called Xenobalde Chronicles. Definitely one of the best games Monolith Soft had made since Xenosaga.

  5. Nintendo Knight Equilibrium

    I wish they won’t reveal so much. I wanna be surprise unlocking characters while playing the game . To bad I’m not gonna be shock seeing Shulk going to be in the game :(

          1. With lower specs, gimmick trash Kinect, Forza Horizon rehash, Halo Master Rehash Collection, 720p third party games compared to 1080p for PS4 versions, shitty Games For Gold, bad console menu layout, 1990’s looking VCR console design, and PS4 having over double the sales of the Xbox One. Sure thing

            1. Nintendo Knight Equilibrium

              I know sales is really important but come on now where’s the fucking games atleast xbox1 got more impressive games than your ps4 shit and WTF you comparing menu layouts
              You must be a stupid in the head you eat ps4 shit and craps

              1. “xbox1 got more impressive games”

                Haha, good one, but April Fool’s passed a few months ago already

                    1. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

                      I love how butthurt you got over a passing comment from an anonymous user.

                      Need some ice with that burn, there, buddy?

              2. And the Xbox One literally has the messiest menu layout I’ve ever seen for a console. I’m not stupid, you are for typing such ridiculous comments.

                    1. Jesus, I scroll down the comments and then suddenly a trivial argument between two douches appear.

                  1. Sure, but I doubt the person angry at him could literally punch through their monitor screen. Lol.

  6. Can someone explain why Shulk would be such a big deal that he gets his own livestream? Megaman I get and Pacman didn’t even get his own stream.

    1. MegaMan did, he was in the E3 trailer. You may be confused with Wii Fit Trainer, who got a random trailer later that day.

      Pac-Man got a whole room of Nintendo fans to react to it, before it went online.

    1. We might see him in the next Nintendo Direct since both characters were mentioned on the Gematsu Leak, which is becoming more accurate thanks to most reveals so far.

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      1. Nintendo Knight Equilibrium

        I know that already, is that really important I know my engrish is bad. Engrish is not my first language anyways and you know what your ps4 shit still failing
        Idk why I bought this stupid console more power and easy to make games that’s bullshit where’s the pooping and crapping games huh

        1. How is it failing if it’s selling faster than the PS2…

          If you want games I can recommend a few for you…

          1. Nintendo Knight Equilibrium

            Okay what games is it? Not the games they have right now I don’t like them
            And give me some socom info while you out it
            This is the games that got me a ps2 and ps3

              1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                Team based Tactical 3rd person shooter, and its exclusive to only Sony consoles. How could someone like you not know this considering this is your favorite company?

                    1. It’s the place where I game most, but no.

                      And don’t judge people by usernames…

                      1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                        I said it was hard to tell, I didn’t say it’s out of the realm of possibility. Read for Pete’s sake.

                      2. You said “Hard to believe”, not “hard to tell”. At least when you try to think of a comeback you could have tried to be more accurate?

                        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                          Could you read the entire conversation first and see if this was really an insult battle? Also, my mistake on wording though.

                          1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                            Regardless, you don’t read what you say either. Plus, that was a wording mistake, so please, try to make actual sense.

                            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                              Please don’t pull an egotistical douche bag act, it won’t work. Nor will telling me “Try Harder” but there is nothing for me to try when I already effortlessly explained.

                      3. Nintendo Knight Equilibrium

                        Yes upcoming games,
                        Come on what upcoming games they have in the future? Name all of them, maybe one or two will get my attention
                        I’m a bit lazy to browse the internet right now
                        I hope one of them are socom and MAGs

                        1. Grim Fandango
                          LittleBigPlanet 3
                          No Man’s Sky
                          The Last Guardian
                          God of War
                          Ratchet and Clank remake
                          Let it Die
                          Uncharted 4
                          The Last of Us remastered
                          The Order 1886

                          1. Nintendo Knight Equilibrium

                            Sorry but All this games that you mention doesn’t interest me
                            I’m still on second thoughts on The last of Us remastered but I got this game on my ps3

                            1. Destiny
                              Battlefield Hardline
                              Advanced Warfare
                              Rainbow 6 Siege
                              Metal Gear Solid 5
                              Mass Effect 4
                              Assassin’s Creed Unity
                              Project CARS
                              Civilization Beyond Earth
                              Metro Redux
                              The Division
                              GTA V
                              Alien Isolation
                              Dragon Age: Inquisition
                              Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor
                              The Evil Within
                              The Crew
                              Far Cry 4
                              Elder Scrolls Online
                              Guilty Gear Xrd Sign
                              Witcher 3
                              Dying Light
                              Batman Arkham Knight
                              Final Fantasy 15
                              Mad Max
                              Kingdom Hearts 3

                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            The only ones that interests me are No Man’s Sky and LBP3…

                            The Last Guardian should probably not be included since it has been in limbo for like 4 years now…

                            And No Man’s Sky is heavily considered for PC too…

                  1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                    Well one thing is, no games… for 7 months, because there is literally dust on mine right now compared to the Wii U and PC I have, and most of the games on it, I have it on steam. At least it wasn’t like some console that explodes day 1 *cough* Xbox One *cough*

                    1. Nintendo Knight Equilibrium

                      Yeah I know, I still not lose hope in the ps4 but as I can see my ps4 going to collect dusk more and more. And Nintendo giving me more and more enjoyable games

                      1. Yep! More rehash Mario, more boring Zelda, more yearly Pokemon!

                        Meanwhile Playstation actually has VARIED franchises like LittleBigPlanet, Uncharted, etc and new IPs like Bloodborne and Let It Die

                          1. There has been a Mario every year

                            Zelda puzzles have gotten stale

                            Pokemon IS yearly

                            There has only been 4 Uncharted games and 2 LBP games, and all have positive reception

                            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                              Are you serious? Do you read what you say? In fact, do you even know reality?

                            2. So you’re telling me:
                              1988 didn’t have mario 3
                              1989 didn’t have Super Mario Land
                              1990 didn’t have Mario World
                              1991 didn’t have that Yoshi game
                              1992 didn’t have Mario Land 2
                              1993 didn’t have Mario All Stars
                              1994 didn’t have Mario Land 3
                              1995 didn’t have Mario World 2
                              1996 didn’t have Mario 64
                              1997 didn’t have Yoshi’s Story
                              1998 didn’t have Mario Party
                              1999 didn’t have Mario Golf
                              2000 didn’t have Paper Mario
                              2001 didn’t have Luigi’s Mansion
                              2002 didn’t have Mario Sunshine
                              2003 didn’t have Double Dash
                              2004 didn’t have Paper Mario TTYD
                              2005 didn’t have Mario Kart DS
                              2006 didn’t have New Super Mario Bros
                              2007 didn’t have Super Paper Mario
                              2008 didn’t have Mario Kart Wii
                              2009 didn’t have NSMB Wii
                              2010 didn’t have Galaxy 2
                              2011 didn’t have 3D Land
                              2012 didn’t have NSMB U
                              2013 didn’t have 3D World
                              2014 didn’t have MK8
                              2015 won’t have Mario Maker, Mario Party 10, or Mario VS DK?

                              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                Your list of Mario games are irrelevant…

                                All of them are not the same in the same genre nor the same gameplay, opinion invalid…

                              2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                Your list provides no evidence.
                                You said Mario is rehashed, instead you gave me a list of Mario games both Main franchise and etc, which in fact all of them are not the same. All you proved was they come out every year. Nothing else
                                Your opinion about Zelda is subjective, therefore debatable.
                                And your opinion about pokemon, seriously, get in touch with reality.

                              3. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

                                Yup. And most mario has positive reception.

                                Besides. Mario is kind of supposed to be a rehash. The games all play very similarily so people of all ages, from the total beginner to the expert, can get into those games and expect a fair challenge. It’s probably the best introduction to video games a guy could give a noob, and not too many video games can make that distinction. I mean, it’s simple…just jump, press secondary button to hit things, start to pause, d-pad or stick to move.

                              4. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

                                Now, I understand what you’re saying…but…could you maybe repeat it in a way where you explain why this matters?

                                I mean, maybe to you they’ve gotten stale, but I will gladly continue playing every damn game that comes out from Nintendo. Some I’ll love, some I’ll hate. But I will continue paying money for these games because I really respect Nintendo and totally support their franchises. I mean, every time I play those so-called “rehashes”, I feel nostalgia like no other game has given me.

                                This brings up this question: why are you on a Nintendo site if you think they’re boring and no longer like most of their games?

                                Rule 1 of the Internet: you don’t have to like something, just don’t be an ass about it.

                          2. Shuhei, just leave em be. If he wants to play his games, let him play his games. You can’t try to FORCE THE PLAYSTATION BRAND DOWN HIS THROAT. XD That’s like having my mom trying to feed me spinach. Lol.

                              1. Spinach is well, not really bad. It’s just slimy and nasty. And the taste depends on how it was made. Like one time I ate it and it was kinda like lettuce. And then next time I tried it… holy crap it tasted like slithery, wet garbage. Definitely hate it. Who needs vegetables anyway when we got V8? XP

                          1. WAT. You’d better get over here right now and drink this cup of tea. Tasting different flavors is always good! Jk. I’ve never played it before, but hopefully I can start with Second Son. Btw, what games DO interest you?

                            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                              Well to be honest, Infamous didn’t click. I’m not saying it’s shit, I’m not the type for superhero type games most of the time. Mainly what interests me is adventure like Uncharted, RPGs(just as long as it’s not Skyrim or Witcher which are huge borefests to me, something like Dark Souls or Fire Emblem), Tactical Shooters like ghost recon because teamwork is always great, strategy like Total War, survival horror like Amnesia, and the occasional platformer like Rayman.

                              1. Hm… I’d say you have a very interesting taste of gaming. :D Mostly what I like are adventure/ action, open world, platformers, and rpg’s. Oh, and I kind of have a love/hate relationships with shooters. Sometimes I just can’t stand them, but others I can’t have enough of it. Oh, and I’m actually hyped for Witcher 3. Although I’ve never played any games in the series. What turned you off about it?

                                1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                  Well what was a turn off was the concept, super hero with powers in open world. To others that a cool thought, it really is, but I rather handle things like any other person, grab a gun and go Rambo bullshit until the military finally manages to kill me, but Prototype kinda got my attention and it’s the exact same thing, but I could never understand why since both are games with guys having superpowers, though fun factor didn’t last long anyways because the superpowers made me feel like I had no limit and I could destroy everything and nothing could really stop a rampage of destruction, which was again, I preferred the more usual way, because guns solve everything XD
                                  For Witcher and Skyrim, it felt like a cluster fuck of content that had little depth or character, like you see an interesting landmark, but it does nothing other than just the fact that it’s there. That was my opinion.

                                  1. Haha. That actually does sound really cool to me. I’ve never actually had that kind of power in a game before… I think I’m gonna start getting into these super hero games more. Oh, and I’ve heard of Skyrim, but I actually have no idea what is. It looks like an RPG from what I’ve seen? Idk, but it seems to be popular.

                                    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                      It is an RPG, although if you were to ask me I recommend something else for you to play. I honestly think it’s overrated, it was fun for about a week then if went downward after that.

                        1. IDK about you but I enjoyed my time with infamous: second son and I’m loving tomb raider: definitive edition

                                  1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                    No it’s not. You just hate that I don’t agree with you, plus I don’t go around a talk like an idiot like the fanboys your talking about.

                                    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                      If they are what you claim they are, even though most of it or even none of it is true, which is in the realm of possibility.

                                      1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                        How about “No I will not if you cannot understand a simple sentence.”

                                      2. “I don’t go around a talk like an idiot like the fanboys your talking about.”
                                        I spot 2 potential English errors, one of which results in me not understanding it.

                                        And hypocrite much? Didn’t you say earlier that “so you attack the individual instead.”

                                        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                          Is that all you ever do? Pick at grammar and errors which provide no relevance?

                                          And you make no sense in trying to say I’m some hypocrite.

                          1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                            Picking at his spelling doesn’t prove anything other than you just wanting to pick at something that you can’t argue against, so you attack the individual instead.

                            1. Did you read my comments after that? I was wondering if he was trolling with that type of english

                      2. Lol, I could already see the majority reactions being: “Who the hell is this?”

                        Anyways, I don’t know much about Xenoblade, but Shulk looks pretty cool.

                        1. People shouldn’t complain because that was the same reaction people got when then saw Ness in smash 64 and the fire emblem characters in melee

                          1. Thiis,. If anything, I wonder how negative the response would be if the Chrous Men (who were on the same leak as Shulk) will be.

                      3. This all very interesting…but seriously im waiting to see Captain Falco! I’m hoping we get a look at F-zero themed tracks! Fire lands, mute city, white lands 2, and Silence. Cmon Nintendo dont fail me now!

                      4. Yes!! Hopefully that would be Shulk. And nintendo needa to make an HD version of xenoblade and release it now!

                      5. Most likely to be Shulk, I mean, they said that they will reveal a new character on Monday, get it… using the Monado, seeing the future, predicting something!!! Shulk can be a great character!

                      6. LOL at all the Gematsu Leak non-believers. We will be getting Shulk, Chrom, and Chrous Men as our last few newcomers whether you like it or not. Besides, you guys better be happy that the same leaker had mentioned the possibility of post-release DLC.

                        1. Just cause we have them all in doesn’t mean they are the only 3, the gematsu leak never mentioned rosalina

                          1. True, but the fact that Sakurai said that he’s “near the bottom of the newcomer reveals” makes the situation worse. That is, if secret newcomers won’t have their own trailer at all.

                      7. Guys those Gematsu or whatever leaks are confirmed to be true. It’s a fact that we are getting Shulk, Chrom, and Chorus Men now.

                      8. I don’t know…while it COULD be Shulk, honestly when it comes to NEWCOMERS we are COMPLETLY SURPRISED. No leaks or hints as to what it could be…so this is suspicious. I would love for it to be Bomberman though to be honest.

                        1. PS4 is destroying your precious Wii U both in terms of games and sales, so I suggest you don’t go around acting ignorant when all the evidence is available on the internet

                          1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                            Still making ironic comments. Yes, I don’t agree with him saying the ps4 fails, but you are really one to talk about being ignorant when evidence is all around the interwebs, but you are doing the exact same thing.
                            Check yourself before your Shrek yourself.

                              1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                Don’t put words in my mouth I never said. I said I don’t agree with what he says about the Ps4 being a fail, if you are assuming that I said it’s a fail, please read carefully before making up and or putting words in my mouth I never said.

                                1. Quote: “you are really one to talk about being ignorant when EVIDENCE IS ALL AROUND THE INTERWEBS, “

                                  1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                    Did I mention PS4 being a fail anywhere or are you trying to talk about an irrelevant subject because you never elaborated what is being talked about. Are we talking about melons or are we talking about corn husks? Is it a bomb or is it a dud? I don’t see what you are trying to say to me showing me my own statement other than telling it’s what I said, which is going no where.

                                    1. What? Dude, cake is one of the best pastries ever invented. It destroys all. Cookies ain’t got nothing on it. It is 100% the best. Right next to ice cream of course. ;D

                            1. @Glados I don’t even know what that means. People keep saying that on the Smash Bros community. I’m like WTF? How do you Shrek yourself?

                          2. Nintendo Knight Equilibrium

                            What’s that gotta do with me?
                            The Wii U giving me more fun than the ps4 u don’t get it don’t you?
                            Is that how you see it?
                            Ps4 is shit to me now. I don’t enjoy ps4 anymore so shu shu you pest. I just checked all the games that coming out and you know what I have zero interest to them.

                              1. Nintendo Knight Equilibrium

                                Shut your ass already the replay message is a messed. I didn’t see them awhile ago. Ps4 still shit to me
                                You got some good list up there
                                I tell you what got my attention
                                Metal gear solid
                                Final fantasy
                                Mass Effect
                                Kingdom Hearts
                                I’ll get that alien game too because imma sucker alien fan
                                And you know what idk if I’m going to play them because Nintendo is filling me up with their upcoming greatness, awesome, what of a kind games
                                Damn even Nintendo games idk if I can play them all
                                But I know for sure Im going to be playing
                                hyrule warriors
                                Super smash
                                Devils third

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                      10. Kinda dont want shulk in the game mainly because of his skills. I dont know much about xenoblade (currently watching chuggaaconroy let’s play) but seeing the future might end up as being a counter move and people will complain about that

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