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More Diddy Kong Racing 2 Rumours Pop Up

You’ve already heard the rather exciting rumour relating to Retro Studios and Monster Games resurrecting the Diddy Kong Racing franchise, now more information about the title has surfaced online. The sources can’t be verified, but a couple of members of NeoGAF claim they have insider knowledge of the project. You can read their thoughts, here.

“DKR2 to be released in 2016, codeveloped by monster and retro. monster is handling the 3ds version while retro takes care of the wii u.”

“It has a longer development cycle than usual because it will be the first ‘unified’ game (ala Smash Bros) produced by Nintendo of America. it is far and away Nintendo of America’s largest project to date. All NoA hands are on deck, including redmond’s NST”

  • Tanabe is a key player and is largely responsible for making this all happen
  • Amiibo’s were critical in reviving NoJs interest in DKR2. internal forecasts show Amiibo’s will sell like hotcakes and nintendo is going to make amiibos of nearly every franchise they have ever owned. one major objective of the game is to boost the popularity of lesser known franchises in order to push amiibos

“I’m gonna have to finally come out and be “that guy” in this thread.
Never thought this would be something I could say, but I have a line of communication with Monster, and while I can’t confirm 100% it’s DKR2, I can confirm, perhaps well outside my comfort level, that they’re working on something for the WiiU that is pretty much talked about by everyone involved as the most exciting thing to be done on WiiU yet, and that they are certain it’s going to blow people away upon reveal. I genuinely wasn’t told details because while I may want to know, I don’t trust myself with that much knowledge, so it’s likely best they didn’t either.”

“More fuel to the fire; Nintendo might have bought Timber in Oct 2012″

Thanks, Cory

134 thoughts on “More Diddy Kong Racing 2 Rumours Pop Up”

  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    -Core network unable to process statistical data about the game’s probability of creation or not-

    1. I don’t know, it kind of seems a little far fetched, I mean if this was already planned to begin with then it would be 2015 release date. That and the 3ds would be nearing its shelf life around then.

      1. lol end of the 3ds? umm you do realiza monster hunter 4 and smash come out for the 3ds close to 2015 right also many games announced in e3

        1. I meant for the date they gave for this “game”. By then it will be around the time they start showing off a new toy before releasing it.

      2. Man this would be pretty awesome. A bigger more open single player mode would be the greatest. I would love to see some kind of mixture of DKC2 with it. Like Dixie Kong as a payable character, some levels from the DKC2 like the roller coaster or the pirate ship with Kremlins on board… Even the Honey Bee hive! Boss fights like the giant pirate bird and of course Captain K Rool! Also the music would have to be left alone, just of course reorchestrated… Damn I put too much thought into this.. A man can dream right?

  2. I really hope this happens.

    I love Diddy Kong Racing so much, I want this more than the next Smash Bros.

    I have such fond memories of this game, on both the N64 as a child and the DS remake as…an older child. Honestly, I would love a new one to show just how they can revolutionize the franchise. I mean, compare Mario Kart 8 to Mario Kart 64. To see that happen to Diddy Kong Racing would be fantastic.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      I miss that battle game where you had to steal the eggs from your oppnent, I had so much fun with it…

  3. Well if there really is gonna be Diddy Kong Racing 2 then i say,”screw MK8″. Seriously if DKR2 is coming i wont even bother with MK8, DKR was always superior Kart game. And damn i have missed Timber, my fav DKR character, if Nintendo has bought him back then im happy as hell. Actually im quite happy to see Nintendo trying to get as much as they can “Rare” back. Iwata himself has stated that it is unfortunate that Rare isnt with Nintendo anymore in DKCR “Iwata aks”.

    Of course these rumours can always turn out to be false, but damn, i just wish that is not the case.

      1. HAHA i think your ears hurt because of i said,”screw Mk8″ if DKR2 happens, well let me tell you i love MK games, i just love DKR games more and seeing it making comeback would be a huge deal for me.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Haha I understand, let’s hope we don’t get our hopes shut down again…

          I’m so buying it if t’s true…

    1. Timber was in the ds version so i believe timber is nintendo’s. timber was in but not conker or banjo so that says something.

      1. Banjo, tiptup, conker and pipsy are all owned by rare ware so I don’t know who they will put in it.

    2. Nintendo Commander 4axis

      So you wont play mario kart 8 now because of a game that MIGHT come out in 2016!! Thats the stupidest thing I ever heard. Feel bad for you. Thats like saying you wont play super mario galaxy because super mario galaxy 2 might be coming out in a couple years…

  4. When I see Conker and Banjo in that video, it saddens me how Microsoft utterly destroyed them. Who the fuck wants to make their Conker game “yourselves!!!” Idiotic MS

    1. From everything I’ve read, it was the stamper brothers that destroyed rare. They were always going to sell. They wanted the money. Their crazy work hours forced most of their most talented employees to leave well before ms bought them.

    2. Yet another infamously big dick move by Microsoft butchering Rare and their IPs once more. If Conker 2 happened and get rid of DRM forever and stop screwing their consumers like last year, it might change my mind about Xbox One.

  5. Story mode made all the difference and makes dkr an entirely different experience than mk. Here’s hoping they bring back some of the excellent music as well…

    1. Retro got dkr’s composer, David Wise, for tropical freeze so it’s completely possible he would work on this one!

  6. Sounds like it might be true after all!!! I’ve never played Diddy Kong Racing before, but it sounds like it was a good game and a sequel is needed. I certainly love Nintendo racing games, so DKR on Wii U will be awesome to have, especially after the success of Mario Kart 8.

    1. Dkr has a story, over world, boss races…etc. it was very different from mk and a far deeper experience. Mk however, had superior tracks and multiplayer.

        1. Donkey kong’s series is B+ right behind the A+ titles of Mario, pokemon, and zelda. Metroid is C or C plus. Doesn’t compare to Donkey Kong at all. Donkey Kong 64 > Metroid Prime series. Diddy Kong Racing > metroid other M, donkey kong country > super metroid. It’s true….. It’s damn true.

          1. No it isn’t. Metroid Prime revolutionized FPS games, Donkey Kong 64 was just another platformer that couldn’t compete with Mario 64. Why are you even comparing a racer to an action adventure game? Donkey Kong Country and Super Metroid are around the same level, both of them aren’t better than the other

            1. Both series have great games… Donkey Kong Country, 64, DKR, and Jungle Beat are all great. Same with Metroid, Super Metroid, and all of the Primes. They all brought new things to the table (graphic capability of the snes, story mode in a racing game, “Metroid Vania” genre, sci-fi FPS, etc). Can’t we agree both series are good?

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  I have to agree, Metroid is not C or C+, it’s A+ considering it’s the only Nintenco franchise that is challenging when it comes to 3D games…

            2. It revolutionized FPS? How did it? People didn’t start playing COD, BF or anyother FPS because of Metroid.

              I actually had more fun playing Dk64 than mario 64. Dk64 it was challenging with 5 different characters to choose from which was different and had to make you think and do other things. It was a great game, only thing I had a problem with was the horrible final boss battle.

              And trust me DKC is much better than super metroid which was like any other left, right, roll jump, shoot game.

              1. Super Metroid is easily one of the best game ever made. Donkey Kong Country 2 was great, but nowhere near that level of masterpiece.

              2. Your comment is full of opinions and bullshit. I played every single one of those games you mentioned, and that’s the furthest from the truth you can be in.

                If you actually research, Metroid Prime is the highest rated shooter of all time, and it perfected the mechanics of a shooter.

                By your logic DKC is just another running and jumping game. Super Metroid was a mix of puzzle, platforming, shooting, and open world. DKC was good, but in terms of graphics, controls, and atmosphere Super Metroid wins

          2. “Metroid is C or C plus.”
            You better be talking about popularity.

            “Donkey Kong 64 > Metroid Prime”
            You can’t be serious. I love DK64, but it’s the most annoying colectathon ever. I have a hard time calling it a good game, even.

            “Diddy Kong Racing > metroid other M”
            What are you even doing here? In any case, I agree with this one.

            “donkey kong country > super metroid”

          3. Nintendo Commander 4axis

            Donkey kong 64 was only ok. And thats giving a little too much. That avalanche of bananas u had to collect of different colors was horrible!

          4. Metroid is definitely not lesser than a B title, but too bad it sells like one. It’s no surprise, vocal fans ask for Metroid. And when they play a Metroid they don’t like, some become the most harsh and vocal of critics, practically scaring anyone away buying it even though some people might actually enjoy it.

            1. Y’know, that’s a good possibility, and I’m sure it’s true to some degree. The fans scare away other potential buyers, making the sales stay low, making it harder to get a sequel. Probably happened with Other M. While it wasn’t as good as the Prime games (most games aren’t), and it did have a couple problems, it was still a pretty good game.

          5. Sorry, I would have to disagree on that one. Personally, I think that the franchises are more like this:
            Mario: A
            Zelda: A
            Pokemon: A
            Kirby: B+
            Metroid: B
            DK: B
            Star fox: B
            Kid Icarus: B
            Animal Crossing: B-
            Pikmin: B-
            F-Zero: C+
            Earthbound: Retired
            Ice Climber: Retired
            A lot of other franchises that i would like to see come back: Retired

            Yes, i just made a chart of how popular each franchise is. Don’t judge my nerdyness XD

      1. I know what their purpose is.

        But if they stuck to that mantra so firmly. We wouldn’t have had Metroid Prime 2 and 3.

        I’d like Diddy Kong Racing to return too, but Retro can only develop so many games. If I have a choice between Diddy Kong and Metroid, Metroid wins every single time.

        If DKR is due for release in 2016, and Retro aren’t developing Metroid at the same time, that pretty much means we’re not getting Prime 4 on Wii U.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Whatever the case, High Command already stated that they are working on both a 2D and 3D Metroid so whether or not they are doing them, atleast we will get 2 games from someone else…

    1. I honestly want another developer working on metroid. Retro did 3 already, it’s time they’d move on. They shouldn’t be known for ONLY making metroid games, and I don’t want fan shunning any other projects they work on just because it isn’t metroid.

  7. This better be true. Diddy kong racing was way better than mario kart 64. The music the gameplay the tracks. Like wow. I will buy it with my ears tied behind my butt.

    1. Am i dreamin? you didn’t called us “reatrds” or “clowns”, the world is going to end…

      1. He’s playing nice to avoid the whole heat from calling MLK overrated and he’s black, the brokeback I mean.

        Self-racist idiot.

    2. …. So you bash Nintendo for “Rehashing” yet you want to see a Remake?…. Hypocritical

      But I’ll give you this… at least you didn’t make yourself look like a big idiot as usual

        1. Now the balance has been restored, remember to be positive, did your search the person i told you?

        2. “i loved the remake on the ds but hated the gini’s missions.”

          ….. Pretty much says here you want a remake…

        3. “I loved the remake on the DS” pretty much exposed yourself hard again.

          Keep trying. You’ll probably win the biggest douchebag in the universe award.

  8. Diddy Kong Racing was the shit. I still rember dome passwords such as free for all, bombs away, joint venture. I hope this is true. Only thing MK64 had better than DKR was graphics.


    Oh……..and great news about Amiibo! A indepened publisher also said before they are most wanted by kidz , more than Skylanders or Infinity ones.

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  11. Seriously…….. retro making a racing game? You guys really don’t think monster could handle this themselves.? They make amazing racing games and i definitely could see them making diddy kong racing themselves. They did make exite truck but that’s nothing, they made exitebots as well. After seeing and playing that game they definitely could nail diddy kong racing. That game is truly underrated as fuck, it’s probably the best racing game on wii, best arcade racer i can think of last gen and most original racing game.

    You also forget that monster made the 3ds version of dkcr and helped make tropical freeze. They don’t need retros help, they specialize in racing games. Retro should make there own project.

    1. The reason why Monster and Retro both would work on this same project is to get it out faster. Same reason why Bandai Namco helps with Smash. And remember its just a RUMOUR.

    2. Retro is suppose to be working on one big project and a smaller one. Maybe helping monster is the smaller project?

  12. A sequel would be awesome! One thing they should do is bring back all the courses similar to how Mario Kart does. Imagine all the original courses reimagined. Hugs!

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  14. I hope this is just a small error, but they said Monster is working on the 3DS version, then go on to say they’re working on the Wii U version.

  15. I guess I’m the only one that didn’t really care for DKR. Though I always did love the characters.

  16. Oh man, if that’s true, we’re getting another piece of Rare legacy on the Wii U (after Tropical Freeze). And they won’t screw it if its a major AAA project for a home console… its just not comparable to handheld games like DKR DS.

    I would only miss the Banjo and Conker style of games, but maybe A Hat in Time or/and Lobodestroyo will smooth the way for this… if successful!

    I mean… just listen to the main theme of Lobodestroyo! (And forget about the graphics at this point, this is like the early beta stage of development!):

          1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

            He thinks he can make that alter ego of his go dormant for a while and pop back up when he thinks we forgot about it.

            1. I can recognize sasori’s writting pattern. he’s the talking fapper and the imbecile behind the church of fappers.

  17. when I was little I thought the lava world was cheese so I called it the macaroni cheese level anyway I would love a sequel to this game I love the first one so many good memories playing it

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      I think it was because the Xbots had just gotten their hands on the Rare facilities while it was on development for our empire and it was contract solidproof to be finished…

  18. Something doesn’t add up.
    The first guys says “Monster is handling the 3DS version”, the second guy says he talks to Monster and “that they’re working on something for the WiiU” and says nothing about the 3DS.

  19. I don’t see the point in making this game. MK is 100x better and the new one is already out. Instead they should release some MK8 dlc.

  20. Despite some of the controversy , I hope this is true. I still (on occasion) play Diddy Kong racing for N64

  21. I do enjoy Diddy Kong Racing so much back then and would welcome the sequel with open arms as long as it feels like the original but brand new. ^_^

  22. I hope there’s a decent track builder with proper sharing abilities. I can see it happening as per the rumor the developer is not Nintendo themselves.

  23. Honestly the DS game wasn’t bad, though, I like the feel of the N64 better but remember the extra stuff? That’s what made the DS so great.. xD

  24. I’m kinda a mix bag on this. While reviving DKR would be nice to see, it kinda bothers me because the DK franchise has all ready been so active lately. While F-Zero is still stuck in 2003 (2004 for JP) TT-TT

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