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Fire Emblem’s Lucina and Robin, Plus Captain Falcon Added To Smash Bros Roster

Nintendo’s three-minute live-stream has revealed the main player’s protagonist Robin and Lucina from Fire Emblem: Awakening, along with Captain Falcon as playable characters. The trailer – which you can see above – displayed the talents of Lucina and Robin with their various tomes in the battle arena against veteran fighter Captain Falcon, who returns once again.

But that wasn’t the full reveal, as Smash Bros fans can also play as the female Robin. Interestingly, there was also a clever tease of Chrom in the three-minute trailer – appearing as what seems to be a final smash or assist for Robin. Clearly those Shulk rumours were just rumours for the moment.

371 thoughts on “Fire Emblem’s Lucina and Robin, Plus Captain Falcon Added To Smash Bros Roster”

    1. Chrom isn’t playable though. If you go back and watch the trailer, he is Lucina’s Smash Ball attack…Also he isn’t on the Smash Bros site, only Captain Falcon, Lucina, and Robin.

          1. and of course Captain Falcon returns… Smash Bros is NOTHING without “Falcon PAWNCH!!” and “Show me your BOOBZ!”

          2. or his move sets, designs, and overall character is not complete yet… therefore making him unavailable to show fully.

    1. I think shulk is a tease the same way chrome is. They well most likely both appear, but chrome well most likely be a assist or smash, other wise the fire emblem roster might be a bit heavy (MORE FROM KIRBY, SONIC, MEGA MAN AND PIKMIN)

        1. We definitely need Meta Knight. Not bringing him back would be like admitting that he’s still too top tier for the other fighters without getting nerfed

          1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

            His moveset was VERY unique even though he had a sword. He felt very fresh and fun to use. Besides, this games is extremely lacking in villains.

            1. Agreed and he was a blast to fight against since those Meta Knight pros really knew their stuff. Adding him in along with King K Rool and a Metroid villain would even the scales

                1. I’d like to see Demise appear although I know that Ghirahim is the fan favorite from Skyward Sword. Dark Pit would be awesome to see as well! I just love those dark/shadow rivals and I’m sure that they can make him a unique fighter

                  1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

                    I think Demise would be better suited as a Boss character. I really fear that the final boss of Skyward Sword, the cause of the entire LoZ series, will suck as a fighter :/

                    I’d LOVE to see Ghirahim. He’s one of the few characters I wanted in this game and he’s one of the few (characters introduced after 2008) I think SHOULD be in it.

                    Dark Pit could be a skin… buuuut Sakurai changed some of Pit’s moves to fit the weapons from KI:U. Dark Pit could have a completely different moveset.

          2. True. So true. He was ridiculously OP due to the massive priority on nearly every one of his attacks. And his recovery. Oh, dear Lord, his recovery…

            In fact, he even was banned from many smash bros brawl tournaments, along with Sonic.

            1. I knew about Meta Knight, but Sonic was banned? He never seemed to be as high a tier fighter as the big guns like Olimar, Meta Knight, Fox, and the others. Was it because of some kind of infinite homing attack trick?

              1. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

                I believe sonic was banned due to the homing attack, and a few other really cheap, spammable moves. Most people who used him also were really frigging annoying, because they tended to spam his taunt, “you’re too slow!” EVERY TIME they got a hit in, not just when they knocked someone out of the ring.

                Not sure why he got banned over pit and a few other runners-up, but he did.

  1. Awesome! This was one of the better trailers and I’m definitely going to keep on watching it quite a few times. I’m thrilled that Lucina made it and seeing Robin enter the fray was great as well. Now that we have Captain Falcon confirmed as well, we’re one step closer to a full cast!

      1. Yes! We passed Brawl I believe. Now I’m satisfied even if we only get 3-5 more characters. (Jigglypuff, Ness, Ganondorf, and Mr Game and Watch are guarentees after all)

        1. Brawl technically had 39 characters, including transformations as separate. Just a couple more and we’ll be there

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Metroid needs another character just like F-Zero does…

                For Metroid it was a wasted opportunity not to have Dark Samus playable considering it is probably a bit more diverse compared to Samus than Lucina is to Marth…

                I expect to see Sylux as a playable character if any…

                And Black Shadow or Pico from F-Zero…

                  1. Don’t be afraid. Just say you want Ridley as playable. I know I do. Dark Samus can kiss my tail as I impale her bitch ass with it! Take my predecessor over with Phazon Corruption, will she!? D:<

                    1. Well, I definitely do want Ridley to be playable. I like Dark Samus as well though and all four of the fighters that I mentioned I would love to see in it. Just parodying the Ridley part since it’s so controversial

                    2. >.< I'm not afraid to let people know on here that I want Ridley as a playable character. I won't bash them for who they want, (unless it's 4th fucking party!!) so they better show me the same courtesy. If they have a problem with who I want, tough shit.

                    3. If there is a double post from me, it’s because I can’t see the first fucking one except for the >..< emote on the god damn post. So if everyone else can see what I really typed in the first one, my bad for the 2nd one.

  2. Honestly, I don’t get how Lucina can get in before ANY other Fire Emblem character. She really should be a Marth alt.
    Other than that, Robin looks pretty cool and Falcon is great as always.

            1. Actually if you want to be theoretical about this, if you were paying much attention to what Ken (A Marth Main pro player) was saying at the Smash Invitational, they have actually slowed down Marth a smidge, but feels like they have increased his base weight, meaning they’ve moved Marth up to medium weight class so they could slot Lucina in lightweight. All her moves arent, and wont be the same as Marths. Marths fighting style was passed down the royal lineage, hence why Chrom and Lucina fight in a similar style. It wont be a complete carbon copy, though.

              1. For what can be seen in the pictures, she has the same down-b and forward smash. I don’t recognize the attack on the second and third picture. So yeah, so much for her moves not being the same as Marth’s.

              2. Her up b, down b, jump a, forward smash, side b, and others are all exactly the same as Marth….soooo I think she’s a clone, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Take Young Link from Melee. He was a clone, but he was Awesome

          1. Lmao, Ike is not even in the slightest similar to Marth. They are two entirely different types of characters. Different weapons, different speed, different strength in attacks, different weight, different everything, pretty much. The only thing they have in common is the counter attack / down + B, as Mace has already mentioned.

      1. As much as I utterly despise and loathe Ike in moveset, character design, and personality, I have to admit, his moveset is unique, albeit shitty.

    1. Lyn is really the FE character that I’ve wanted since Brawl, but Lucina would have been my second pick. Chrom would have been great, but we need at least one female rep from the series. (Although I’m still hoping for Roy!)

      1. I’m all for Lyn, since at least she isn’t another blue haired lord. It just feels very weird to have Lucina alongside Marth when the roster didn’t have any clone characters yet besides Toon Link.

        1. I still wouldn’t call her a clone character just yet. Similar sword style, but hers seem to have more power while Marth uses a lot of link attacks. As for Toon Link, the smaller range definitely makes a difference competitively, but it is basically the same fighter. (Although I’m pro clones for the most part. At least they shouldn’t take up as much memory)

            1. Perhaps the quick jab and slash is a signature part of her moveset. I always imagined her as a quick fighter as well, so maybe Sakurai just thought that it would be a good move. I do hope that most of her attacks are original.

                1. Never mind, I saw the trailer again and she also has Marth’s counter, third jump, regular jump attack, and more. So….yeah she is a complete clone. D:

                  1. I told you, man. You can see that in the pictures as well, there’s one that shows the counter and one that appears to be the forward-smash animation.

                    1. Yeah, I don’t know how I didn’t catch it the first time. Ah well, it seems like the only difference could be her weight class. Supposedly she’s light while Marth has been bumped up to middle weight. That being said, I definitely hoped for more changes

          1. Sorry but a character like toon link takes as much “memory” as any other character, clone or not.

            1. Are you sure about that? I’m pretty sure that it still takes up less memory over all or rather, the memory may be the same, but it takes a lot less effort to implement the moves since they are tried and true

    2. If you look at the official website you can see it doesn’t say newcomer where Lucina is… Soooo, my guess is she’s an alt x)

  3. Chrom looks like he’s a part of Lucy’s final smash, rather than a playable character.

    At first I thought it was weird that the main character of Awakening didn’t make the cut while Lucina and Robin both did…but then I realize that both of them are more competent protagonists than Chrom.

      1. But Lucina already look like she’s an Alt for Marth.

        Chrom being reduced to an alt’s alt…now that would be something. He knows how Kellam feels now.

        1. Lucina is a new fighter. She has a newcomer tag on the Smash website. Even so, the “?” on her catchphrase in the trailer and the lack of a larger box may indicate otherwise.
          And Chrom is clearly Robin’s final smash, what are you people talking about?

          1. Lucina’s box on the website is not as big as a newcomers. She also doesn’t have the newcomer tag, like Robin does. She is an alt for Marth.

            1. Oh for gods sakes, I’m clearing this up right now.


              There, shes a freaking newcomer. Quit saying shes a freaking clone if you cant be bothered to actually click the god damned link to the full page instead of looking at the tiny box they cant fit a giant freaking newcomer sign in because Robin’s box is taking up space.

              1. Being a clone and a newcomer are not two exclusive things. Clone = new character with same moveset as an old one. Hence, she is a newcomer and probably also a clone.

    1. Chrom is part of robins (even though it should be lucinas). Also they probably chose lucina over chrom because she’s female which sakurai seems to be making a big deal about this time around

    2. I sort of agree with you on that. I love Chrom’s personality, but he really more served as a supporting character that ended up being really important than a main protagonist.

    3. Actually, Robin is the main character of Awakening. Chrom is ultimately a supporting main character.

  4. Grape Ape (Trisomy 21 Edition)

    Wtf nintendo?
    Instead this characters you preffer full the roster with mario, pokemon and fire emblem characters?

    1. I don’t know what you’re trying to say, but judging from the gist of it, Yes, because they’re nintendo characters. They’ve already revealed little mac, pac-man, Mii’s, capt falcon, and more, who aren’t from the 3 franchises you listed.

  5. Lol at the people who bolieved in Gemastsu’s leak.

    But Fire Emblem getting more reps than a series like Donkey Kong? King K. Rool for Smash damn it.

    1. I agree. If theres no more donkey kong or earthbound i wont buy this game. Way way too many fire emblem characters. More than the game deserves.

      1. Whoa now,
        My Ness could beat Symbiote Chuck Norris, but I’ll still buy the game if they leave him out…

    2. Because Fire Emblem has infinitely more character than Donkey Kong.

      Hell, it arguably has more characters than all other Nintendo IPs combined.

      1. Ummmm sooo? And I believe pokemon should have more. What? Over 700 plus pokemon that can actually be interesting. And Donkey Kong has memorable characters……not saying Fire Emblem doesn’t but still. They can put at least 1 more just like how Kirby had 4 in Brawl.

    3. Its heart breaking to see all this love for king k rools return. Stick in there, im sure he will be back soon.

    4. You will not get King K.Rool for smash.

      He is a RARE owned character which is now owned by Microsoft.

      Kremlings in Smash Run is the best you are gonna get.

      Why does no one understand this?

        1. Exactly. Every character besides Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. Is created by Rare and nintendo uses them…..why? Because Nintendo owns them.

          1. I believe all characters created within the Donkey Kong franchise are owned by Nintendo, with the exception of Conker and Banjo in Diddy Kong Racing, which was removed from- and replaced by Dixie Kong and Tiny Kong in the DS remake.

      1. Yes but they didn’t have “capt. Falcon joins the battle” or whatever. It was soley for FE characters.

        1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

          Yeah I found that weird and confusing. I had to check the site to make sure it wasn’t a tease like Game & Watch.

  6. LUCINA!!!!!! I can die a happy women now that my favorite character is in Smash. This will be the best Smash IMO, and now that she’s confirmed Sash is complete for me. Robin seems a bit random, but Chrom would have been a clone anyway.

        1. Once again, Sakurai’s game. If he put Pac-Man in there, I’m pretty sure Chrom ain’t too long a shot.

          1. Unless he puts in DLC which seems to be 50/50, he won’t be playable. He said the entire roster was chosen and finalized in 2012 during the Roundtable. Most likely after he finished work on KI: U

  7. Well guys… that’s the full roster. I guess Lucina is a new character… I’m just surprised they didn’t make her a Marth skin…


    1. Gideon van Diggelen

      This is definately NOT the full roster… He will reveal more probably and some chars won’t be revealed untill release!

    2. Dont worry. Ness is usually forgotten until the very end. Nintendo likes to forget about their good games.. Mother>Fire Emblem. All of these fire emblem clones should have been porky and flint.

      1. They havnt forgotten about anyone…
        How could you be so fucking retarded to think they forgot NESS?!?!

        Mr Saturn is allready an item, Sakurai is just holding off to keep the hype alive.

        1. Ness is always forgotten until the very end. Hes never revealed in any of the smash games but always winds up in there by the end of development.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Wants to have a lot of Mother characters instead because this silly human thinks it’s better…

            Thinks that Sir Sakurai forgets about Ness and then states that he is always “revealed” at the end of development…

            Then clearly Ness is not forgotten at all you silly human…

        1. Sounds like a typical dudebro.

          Mother was a great game with a great storyline. Its mechanics were unique for the time, and it had an amazing, dark storyline.

          It’s obvious you either didn’t play the game, or are too busy shoving a copy of Gay-lo up your butt, or perhaps Call of Dildo Black Cocks, to care about GOOD games.

          Well, I won’t be disturbing you any longer….have fun grinding against your FPS clones.

      2. Whether you like it or not, Nintendo cares more about Fire Emblem than Mother. Unless I’m mistaken & it’s Mother that is still getting new games & Fire Emblem is the one that ended at just 3.

    1. Infinite_Rubix_Cube

      Does it even matter at this point? I mean the majority of the characters that the leak predicted have already been revealed. The only ones left were Chrom, Shulk, and the Chorus Men.

      1. Yeah….After doing a bit of re-search I came to this sad conclusion. Also If you look back at the Miiverse post for the Fire-emblem Characters, A C.Falcon Pic was attached to it with the comment “And welcome back, Captain Falcon!! When are you ever getting a new game of your own?”

        Even Sakurai knows that he needs a his own game… He has an Anime after all! Hopefully Retro will pull through :)

  8. I hope the DK, Sonic, POKEMON and Starfox franchises can add more characters. I’m don’t really know the Fire Emblem franchise but it’s great to see them added. Also bring Jiggly back Anne Ice Climbers. If the 3DS can’t handle them I could understand.

      1. Dixie and K. Rool, hell yes. But why not Dark Samus as playable? There’s hardly any Metroid love or villain counterpart character for Smash. XP

        1. *coughs & points to the original Ridley* What the hell is he? Chopped liver? Please don’t list any other villains that are bitches compared to Ridley.

    1. Gideon van Diggelen

      Yessss… Because out of all the chars (there will probably be near 50 playable chars) there are 3 fire emblem characters and 3 pokemon ( probably 4 with jigglypuff) …

      Yea they really rule the roster -.-

    2. Out of a roster of probably about 50 we have 4 FE Emblem characters and probably 5 pokemon that’s only 9/50 of the entire thing

        1. Still not confirmed. Just like Ridley wasn’t confirmed as a boss. I don’t care if a fireball from Ridley was seen in that Direct awhile back during the boss segment. Til Sakurai says up front without any trolling involved, both Ridley & Chrom are still possible as playable characters.

  9. Its sad that the cel shaded Graphics in the video looked far better then the in game Graphics

    They should have made the character models cel shaded

    1. Yeah and that the hair doesn’t whine down when head is down. Physics of Cel shade. XD

      Seriously, STHU. Graphics are an afterthought of any game and you know it.

    1. One that can incinerate you with huge-ass lightning bolts, conjured up out of nowhere, that’s who. Sounds a lot more badass than charging in and slapping people with a sword, to be honest.

  10. No Shulk, no hype. Sorry, these characters just don’t do anything for me. But I’m happy for the Fire Emblem fangirls.

  11. Lucina, Robin? Well, guess I can’t help it. Awakening (aka FE13) is more popular than other FE games.
    Still wish other Fire Emblem protagonists have a chance of joining future smash bros games

  12. Fuck you gematsu leak, fuck you chorus kids and fuck you chrom, although I do kinda feel bad for his fans

        1. I would understand your complaint if the characters were similar to each other, but they’re definitely not. Every single one of them is completely different from each other, so I don’t quite get what’s there to complain about. A lot more of the characters fight with their bare hands, but you don’t see anyone complaining about that ?

          1. Lucina’s attacks didn’t look ‘completely different from’ Marth’s, and Toon Link is a clone. There’s only so much you can do with a sword, which is why I’m excited for Robin, but Lucina… not so much.

            1. We only saw a few seconds of footage of Lucina, so how could we possibly tell she’s a clone ? I saw two attacks that looked similar to Marth’s, but that doesn’t make her a clone just yet. And even if, it would still make her entirely different from any other character, besides Marth. And about Toon Link, he does have the same attacks as “normal” Link, but he still plays much, much differently.
              But you’re right, saying they’re ALL completely different each other wasn’t correct, apologies. But that would still only make it 2 pairs of sword fighters that are similar to each other, in case Lucina really turns out to be as similar to Marth as people think she will, which really isn’t that much.

    1. …and realized everybody else played the game except me. I then cried salty tears of shame as I ate my doritos, drank my mountain dew, and played Call of Duty for the rest of my days.

      There. finished that sentence for ya. ;)

    1. They might be less important but they are certainly more unique, just look at rosalina, greninja, little mac, robin etc

    1. You have absolutely no common sense at all, Mr. Double Standards. Never compare a generic PS4 shovelware to the Super Smash Bros. franchise.

      1. Lol you should never compare any ps4 game in general. Ps4 and its exclusives are trash. Time to fly around and shoot fire out of my ass. Whoa time to combine pieces together into a giant monster, omg time to stick octopus arms in my fat pussy.

    2. A generic PS4 indie<Super Smash Bros

      There. Now why don't you try that again for me, only this time, make it right.

  13. With any luck this game will again make Nintendo relevant to anybody who isn’t driven by Nintendo nostalgia

    1. I hate people like you. Really not giving credit where credit is due. Yesterday I was really bored and decided to buy a game for the Wii U. I ended up getting DK Tropical freeze and wow. That game is amazing. It reminded me that Nintendo is still the same great company that it always was. Fire Emblem Awakening was my favorite game last year as well. People like you need to stop being so ignorant.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Probably an Xbot that was born during the last decade and just like most children, they have no respect to their creators…

          1. Apparently you since you feel his way of acting on this site effects you so severely that you have to tell him to get one.

  14. Yo, what’s up with all these female additions to Smash?!???

    The game is called “Super Smash Bros.” not “Super Smash Hoes”! You fucked up again Nintendo.

  15. Nintendo, the only company that has “big reveals” for over a year that end up being characters in a fighting game.

  16. I gotta say 3 things about this: 1. This reveal is badass. 2. Good old Captain Falcon is back. :3 And 3. Most importantly, Rayman isn’t confirmed playable. THANK THE GOOD LORD IN HEAVEN because I don’t want Ubiliars tainting this game with their mascot as a reminder of what backstabbing jerkoffs they are. Then again, if he was playable, I’ll happily kick the shit out of him for the fun of it.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        The only twat here is you…

        You claim to be a game developer of some sort and yet you disrespect other developers’ jobs and descisions…

        It’s abominations like you that don’t deserve to work with games…

        Imature and a retard that can’t even give proffessional opinions about a game…

        1. You actually believed this asshat is a game developer? XD

          I bet he can’t even draw better than me. Let alone how to do math right. 1 twat is better than 2. What kind of retard logic is that? Retards like hillbillies are even smarter than him.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            And if he is, he is probably an Electron…

            I doubt he can draw better than me aswell considering I’m very good at it…

      2. Two twats are better than one big pussy who represents the 3rd party filth that is Ubisoft.

        2 > 1 (in your head 1 > 2) BTW, your math is screwed.

      3. Not really.

        Which sounds cooler to you…floating fists smacking people in the face, or someone who can shoot lightning out of his sword, summon wrath from the heavens themselves, and a woman who can cleave someone in twain before they so much as get butthurt over rayman not getting in?

        Besides, Ubisoft is terrible, from their clone of Steam, U-Play, to their badly-optimized PC ports, to their upright laziness in correctly programming games to better fit the Wii U (other than Child of Light, of course.).

        I would suggest changing your name to “U-Be-Soft”, because you do not deserve to own the name of an amazing Zelda villain.

        1. Finally someone called him on his name. Least me & Quadraxis actually take our names “seriously” on here.

    1. To be fair the did support the system the most out of any other 3rd party. Don’t forget Zombie U was an exclusive and look how bad that thing did. Good game though.

      1. Because smartass Ubisoft didn’t even advertise that shit right plus the reviewers also talked crap about the game and even scored it lower than Resident Evil 6…

        You can tell the majority of the gaming world has gone retarded.

    2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Too bad it is still a trophy…

      They don’t deserve anything until they price new games accordingly to gimped features at launch…

      1. Here’s a better idea for them and the rest of the 3rd parties: CUT THE BS and start giving us worthy, fully supported games ON TIME.

        Otherwise, don’t bother making games at all because they’re all crap anyway.

    1. You always need 1 or 2 clone characters just to fill up some space, it’s basically unavoidable if they want to add a substantial amount of newcomers

    1. Says the troll who thinks Namco Bandai is publishing Super Smash Bros. not Nintendo. GTFO, Robby. U salty because Nintendo delivers the best, fun, and innovative games ever made.

    2. And you will be OFF the PC before your mother comes home, mister, or so help me, you will be GROUNDED! Now get in your racecar footies and get ready for beddy-bye, or else you’ll not get dessert tonight!

  17. May have to train with that Robin if they don’t bring Ness back.
    And before the trolls start chewing on their keyboards, I said ‘if’.

    1. You’re right. The game is finished and this video is the same quality we’ll be playing in and anything that doesn’t look like a Pixar movie is unplayable.

    2. you DO realize that the Wii U runs games at 1080p 60fps, unlike the XBomb and PSWhore.

      If you’re going to troll, at least get SOME facts right, dumbshit.

  18. Isn’t Chrom Robin’s final smash or is it Lucina’s? Lucina should be Marth’s or Chrom’s skin, for me Chrom is more important, and he ended in a final smash! >.>

    I don’t care about the avatar Robin, he had no personality ’cause that depended on the the player. They should’ve gone for Tharja for an all magic Fire Emblem character, I actually thought it was her in the trailer, thought the magic + sword play style looks cool. But the avatar has no personality! XD

    Tharja would be more funny and cool, and Chrom is way more interesting and hot than Lucina! >.>

    1. If you want to go the more important route, Robin is THE main character of Awakening with Chrom as a supporting main character. And beyond answering questions, Robin had plenty of a personality. More of a personality than Link, that’s for sure.

  19. Thank god Captain Falcon got a cool trailer with the others, knew he would be in anyway. Completely unrelated, is LAME! People complain about trolls here? I WELCOME THEM compared to their incredbily G rated site. I got banned for NOT calling someone and idiot and banned longer for defending myself and being angry about an obvious reading comprehension mistake by the mod. They won’t even show me the comment so I can prove them wrong, their just smug and say “We’ll see you in two days.” Stear clear of that site if you have an opinion. They are power tripping losers who can’t take being wrong. FUCK YOU DES!!!! THIS IS SOMEONE SNAPPING DICKFACE! EVEN IF YOU WON’T SEE THIS!

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Nintendolife became irrelevant when they started to complain about something Splatoon related I think…

      HollowGrapeJ I think it was yiu that mentioned something about what they complained about…

  20. I had hoped for k.rool because in the 3ds version in smashrun there will be kremlings in it so i thought k rool would be in the announcement but i, m glad capt falcon is back!!!! Smash won, t be the same without him and ness i still wish for too :)

    1. I think the sword attacks will be regular attacks with the magic attacks being smash attacks. There’s a direction for each level of magic: Fire/Thunder/Wind, Elfire/Elthunder/Elwind, Arcfire/Arcthunder/Arcwind, Bolganone/Thoron/Excalibur. And whatever level each of the dark & light magic names are for the varying levels of power.

    1. They’re coming, they are the last two from the original game. I expect Ness will be announced last and I hope and expect an epic trailer for him.

    1. How because a few more swordsman were added? Even if they ALL were it still wouldn’t be close to Soul Caliber. They control completely different.


    Where is Ridley, Bowser Jr, King K Rool, Bomberman, Geno, or Ghirahim? :(

    1. Ridley’s too big and we have enough third parties so don’t expect Bomberman or Geno.

      (Also Bowser Jr is lame but that’s just my opinion)

    2. Ridley is dead but Sakurai is trying to revive him as we speak. As for King K Rool, he’s lost out at sea somewhere on his creaking ship. Retro couldn’t find him so they brought in the Tikis & Vikings.

  22. Looking at all these past post, I don’t understand why people would want some of the wackest characters to be in Smash Bros, especially characters only like the minority know. Minds well but every video game character that has ever existed in Smash Bros

  23. Hooray, more Fire Emblem characters, Why don’t you all beg Nintendo to put in all 719 Pokemon while your at it.

    1. Don’t like the series? Tough shit. You don’t have to use them, after all. In fact, you don’t have to even bother buying the game.


  25. So we’ve got Lucina and Robin (possibly Chrom too?) and Captain Falcon is confirmed to return. I am cool with this. However, I still have one lingering question…where is Falco?

  26. So mostly some characters that should have been there from the start and a Fire Emblem clone whoo hoo!

  27. Are people seriously still holding onto the ideal that Ridley will be in Smash?

    Like, seriously, the giant ass dragon that he is as a brawler?

    Why don’t you just centerlock the screen to your character and pick charizard and throw purple paint at the center of your screen.

    Pretty much what you are asking for when you say Ridley. You are basically asking for a Charizard clone.

    “Oh you know nothing Ridley is totally different”

    Yeah i get it but hes a fire breathing dragon that relies on brute strength. So hes basically guaranteed a charizard moveset.

    Not to mention that they would have to shrink him making him go from completely terrifying to a marshmallow.

    No thanks.

    1. Hell yes we are! We want Ridley. Don’t like it, tough shit. We’re not going anywhere. Unlike some of those retarded ass requests like Shrek, Goku, Kratos, least Ridley is actually first party & very important to Nintendo history as Samus’ archenemy.

  28. The only character showed that I was exited for was Captain Falcon. Why did they have to add so many Fire Emblem characters now? It’s one of the lesser popular Nintendo franchises and then people want to complain that there are too many reps from Super Mario. Robin is alright but Lucina literally looks like a female clone of fucking marth.

    1. Fire Emblem deserves all the exposure it can get.
      Saying it doesn’t deserve to have representatives because it’s not popular is silly, to say the least.

    1. Calm down, son. He’ll be in there, but will probably not be revealed. He’s been here since the very first game; there’s no way he’ll be removed.

  29. “R.I.P. Gematsu Leak 2013-14”

    Said no one ever.

    But seriously, I’m glad that Sakurai had exposed Sal for the fraud he was by having Lucina and Robin as fighters instead of Chrom. Though, I’m still afraid of the inevitable Rhythm Heaven rep thanks to the Sneaky Spirits’ roles in Smash Run.

  30. My theory:
    Just like Chrom was Robin’s Final Smash, Robin will be Lucina’s Final Smash. Chrom will also be a skin alt. to Lucina.

  31. thenintendoreviewer

    FINALLY CONFIRMED CAPTAIN FALCON!! It’s not Super Smash Bros without a Falcon Punch. I’m good now. Buying this game for sure. Shut up and take my money XD

    1. He was obviously going to be in the game lol! You don’t need him to be “confirmed” to know he’ll be there. That’s like wondering if Mario will be in the game.

  32. Both Ness and Jigglypuff will most certainly be in.
    They were 2 of the 4 original unlockables present in Smash Bros since the N64 era.
    So I see no reason why they wouldn’t be in.

  33. So happy with the announce. Kinda sad Chrom won’t be in this game, but 4 FE characters is enough. I really want Demise, ganondorf, or ghirahim. Or all of them cause they would play differently. And i think sword characters are dope. Looks like the best smash yet. Eat my shit if you disagree.

  34. Wishful thinking: Leaf (main character in Fire Emblem 5) and Hector (axe lord in FE 7) would be playable in a future SSB game

    1. No Isaac from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lighting Thief video game. He is the only character to be created for the video game and Nintendo owns him but Disney wants to buy him since they published the books and got the video games back from Activision and if they do Disney will just treat him like Capcom does Megaman.

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  36. Anyone else finds the bronze sword on Robin ugly? i know he can use the Levin sword. But why did they choose Bronze sword instead of, lets say, silver sword? steel sword? or even an iron sword. Please not the bronze sword :( it looks like a single piece of “bronze” with the shape of a sword

    Sry for my bad english btw, and i want to add that i love fire emblem so im really happy with those 2 characters. I just find the bronze sword design really ugly, i hope nintendo changes this

      1. Still they could give him the Silver sword, if he can use all tomes why he cant use the last non-special sword?

          1. True, i was going to say that on my first comment. He might be able to use other swords, anyway i really hope they change that sword, dont you think is the most ugly of all regular swords?

            1. Well maybe the swords will be like the tomes: throw away once it’s been used a certain number of times. Robin might be the first Fire Emblem character to get in the game with “weapons breaking after a certain number of uses” gimmick that’s been in the Fire Emblem games since their inception.

  37. Though it’s always good to see more characters, I hate when it’s someone I’m completely unfamiliar with. When I watched the trailer, I had no clue who they were (no, I’m not talking about Captain Falcon). But I just guessed that they were Fire Emblem characters. I have no interest in Fire Emblem. So I had no idea. Must be a demonic sort of game series wih those witchcraft sort of books they read spells from.

    I’m getting worried about Ness not being announced. In fact, it would be cool to see Paula join the cast. Also, wouldn’t it be interesting to see Bayonetta join Smash Bros? Just a thought.

    1. Okay. So you have no interest in fire emblem. What if I told you I have no interest in bayonetta and I have no idea what a bayonneta is? Does that mean that bayonetta shouldn’t be in the game? You should play fire emblem awakening, it received universal acclaim and no it isn’t a demonic game. And I should play bayonneta to see how that demonic game plays. If you played fire emblem awakening, you would understand how amazing it is for robin to be in this game. And ness will be in the game. If you look at history, the original 12 always makes it back…..

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  39. Need more villains, Ghirahim and Ganondorf (but have different move set for ganondorf like his actual magic in Zelda, looking at you tennis ball of death). King K Rool cause he should of been introduced ages ago. Dark Samus for metroid cause that’s really the only antagonist that could work I think (although really want ridley but he’s to big!). On a side note I am so confused as why people want Falco back, he’s a clone of fox when the option of having Krystal has so many more options (the staff).

    1. Fuck Dark Samus. Bitch ass whore needs to stay dead in Metroid & needs to stay as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Ridley deserves that first ever second Metroid spot more since he’s just as much of a constant in the series as Samus & the Metroids. And screw size. Shrink. Him. Down. Half the size of Giga Bowser should do.

  40. Yes for Robin & Lucina! Too bad Chrom might just be a Final Smash for Robin, though. And now people on Miiverse will quit asking about when Captain Falcon will be revealed as if there was any doubt that he would return. As for Ridley & Shulk, I guess it’s better luck next time.

  41. You guys realize that Chrom is in the game right?? Have you not played fire emblem awakening? Lol. Sakurai is trolling all the people who haven’t played the game. I’ll give you a hint. What happens in fire emblem awakening when your character gets a critical? Think logically and you’ll understand.

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