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Full Smash Bros Character Roster & 3DS Stages Will Be Reportedly Revealed In Next Month’s CoroCoro

Japanese publication CoroCoro will reportedly reveal all characters and stages for the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. next month. Spotted on the publication’s website, the translation for the upcoming brawler says the following:

“We’re including an additional jam-packed volume containing all of the characters and stages for the up and coming 3DS version of Smash Bros.!!! Keep your eyes peeled for when it goes on sale!”

Given the Smash Bros 3DS character roster is exactly the same as the Wii U version, the fully unveiled roster could be seen as early as August 12. However, it’s probably best to take this with a large grain of salt for now as some additional digging revealed that CoroCoro supposedly announced the full cast for Super Smash Bros. Brawl in a “Smash Bros Book” back in 2007, but later it was confirmed some hidden and unannounced characters were not included in the publication.

Whether the full character roster will be revealed in the next month is uncertain, but with the 3DS version’s release due for September in Japan (October for North America and Europe), the countdown to completion isn’t far off. Let us know your thoughts on CoroCoro’s supposed full roster reveal in the comments below.

111 thoughts on “Full Smash Bros Character Roster & 3DS Stages Will Be Reportedly Revealed In Next Month’s CoroCoro”

    1. We’ve got Samus and Zero Suit Samus from Metroid and since Captain Falcon is confirmed he will be the only character from F-Zero so don’t expect more characters!

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Still counts as one character…

        I think Sylux deserves to be the Metroid villain character if anyone since Dark Samus is just an AT…

            1. I hope that’s true, but considering the “we have plans for both 2D and 3D Metroid” declarations, I’m not very sure. Sounds like they have future plans, not titles in development.

      2. Well let’s not forget that there has been a Rayman trophy,Mr.Game and Watch in the Pac-Man trailer,a possibility of Paper Mario because of the stage,and possibly falco

      1. Two is plenty. Consider the retro IP’s for Nintendo of 1986. Kid icarus in a span of only 3 games deserves to have two characters represent as an apology for being shelved. As for Metroid, protagonist and milestone are key words to say why Samus and ZSS are the only two to represent Metroid as an early Female video game heroine!

        I would consider those things.

    1. Yeah I wish for some secret characters. It was dissapointing to know all the characters in MK8 but that’s what I get for going on the internets.

      1. Don’t blame the internet. The final roster was shit thanks to wasted potential characters. Obviously they were chosen to make it easier on the remaining space they had. Did we really need baby and metal versions of other characters over more iconic characters? No, no we didn’t.

          1. Hah. Those that like fast characters are mad they can’t use Snake. So they say he’s trash…..typical

        1. Dude, what game were you playing? Snake was great a crowd control but awful at one on one fights. He was VERY far from OP. Now Metaknight on the other hand…

    2. Fuck no. The game is turning into a slug fest of 3rd party losers. Megaman and Pacman are pushing it too far and it’s just to increase sales. Nintendo is still trying to work with Sega to gain sales through Sonic.

      1. You are a moron. I shit my pants when they announced megaman. Its not just “to make money” its because these are the most iconic characters from gaming history. Nintendo or not. Sakuri wanted to make a venue to have the best of the best duke it out. That means reaching out and working deals with 3rd party devs. While I dont really think Pacman is cool, I do think its fucking awesome to finally see Mario, Sonic, Megaman, Pacman, and yes, even Rayman as a trophy… all on the same screen. How can you not see that they are making history by uniting these once distant IP’s?? And they were all commercial enemies at one point. If Mario and Sonic were real, I cant imagine they WOULDNT want to fight each other given their companies histories. Quit trolling, and quit making ignorant blanket statements. Nintendo isnt about the money, they are about the product.

        1. ^^This. Although, I’m the opposite when it came to Pac-Man. I think he’s fucking awesome. Especially considering how a lot of people on Miiverse were against his inclusion into SSB4. I can’t help but to root for the underdog.

          1. Another reason why I still support Ridley as playable on Miiverse because of all the “no! He can’t be in cuz he’s too big! And he can fly!” blah blah blah.. Til Sakurai truly confirms Ridley as a boss or I drop dead, I won’t let up with the support.

  1. I don’t really care about secret fighters. I’m gonna want them and end up looking how to get them online. And plus, I’d rather play as the characters and just fight already rather than spending most of my time looking for the characters.

    1. you can unlock all the characters just by battling, so they could remain a secret if you really wanted.

      1. Yeah, but would you really wanna play 20,000 matches BEFORE getting every character? That method isn’t even worth it,

        1. That number is slightly inflated. I doubt you’ve played or will play 20’000 matches in your lifetime. More like 300 matches. Dont be so dramatic. And yeah, some ppl prefer to do it that way. Dont judge.

          1. I’ve already played 5,000 matches in less than a year (just got the brawl notice a few months ago).. I’ve been playing smash since melee came out.

      2. I just pray that the hidden characters will remain challenging to unlock like they were from 64 and Melee.
        I was slightly disappointed with how easy it was to unlock everyone from Brawl.

        1. I wasn’t. I enjoyed unlocking them through a story mode. Looking back on it after playing 2 games form Koei Tecmo’s Musou/Warrior series, it felt like that form of unlocking where you have to progress the story to unlock characters. And if no one liked that, they could just do it the hard way & ignore the Subspace Emissary.

    2. Preach it! Amen! I give zero shits about these staying secret. If you don’t like spoilers, you should probably avoid the internet for a few months. They’re an eventuality.

  2. I hope Mario is announced for this game. He may be a minor Nintendo character but I’ll love to see what moves they’ll give him

  3. Hopefully sakurai will change his mind and give the wii U additional characters to make the purchase more enticing. I mean, it’s wasted potential for the wii U to have less characters considering the power gap between the 2 systems.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      It should obviously have exclusive features just like the 3DS will have…

      I will be very shocked if the Wii U version has about the same amount of content or less…

      It should have more…

      And personally I’m thinking now that he might surprise everyone with a Story Mode even though he said he wouldn’t anymore…

      1. I sure hope so because right now the games are looking too identical. If the wii U version doesn’t get more characters, a story mode, and just more content overall then I will be very disappointed

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


          Whatever it ends up like, I just hope it’s a step beyond Brawl and not a step back…

          1. Agreed.

            But If you mean make every character heavier again like in Melee then you are asking to for newcomers to not enjoy the game…instead let the grown men who still plays Melee have a good time.

            I have played the demo for WIIU. But how can I judge the performance. I can’t

            Game isn’t complete till then

            1. casuals had just as much fun with melee.
              the only thing that made brawl “better” to them was more characters and stages.

              people were hype for brawl because of how much they liked and enjoyed melee. casuals and competitive alike.

              to say that it wouldn’t be fun for casuals if it were like melee isn’t very well thought out imo.

      2. He only said there will be no ‘cutscenes’ like in the subspace emissary but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a story mode

        1. Their are new features for the new game….but we are asking for cutscenes? You might as well push the release date back! The would have to out do the impressive scenes Brawl had. They had to drop one idea to guarantee a release frame…and work on the online play which was done!


    1. Well would Sakurai say it is “totally not out of the realm of possibility” or totally not in the realm of possibility?

  4. I’m holding out for Ganondorf with a Toon Ganon and Demise skin, Jigglypuff, Game and Watch, Falco or Wolf, and of course Ness. I think there are enough new characters, now i just want to see returning characters. Other than that the roster is pretty beefy and anyone else added will just add to the awesomeness of this game.

    1. haha, I 100% agree, there are many new characters, and now we need to know the returning characters will be back! but like you said, if there are more awesome characters, great.

  5. You see, this is what I mean by spoiling the fun of finding out yourself. I will not look for this book, bad enough sakurai is viewing all the stuff but this is going too far in my book. Count me out…I will unlock this shit on my own like I did in the original smash, melee, and brawl.

  6. Just want to say… how many more characters do you want? There are a ton of them… just like Mario Kart everyone seems to be concerned about what isn’t there than what is…

  7. I find it weird that the 2 people that have been left out from the original is Ness and Jigglypuff, Seeing how Ness had almost been left out in Melee and Brawl and Jigglypuff was a joke character.

      1. Hell yeah Jigglypuff can whip ass if you know how to use her and that mega punch correctly and when to use her final smash right. Hold “B” and let her charge she can knock people out if used correctly. Don’t let her innocence fool you.

  8. All I want is indie third party shante third party phionex wright and and watch along with our roster now not to mention beyonetta and chorus kids to

  9. I wish each version had exclusive characters. I don’t understand why they chose to keep them the same they have different stages so they won’t b compatible with each other

    1. Could be data capacity…and compression of the files. Stages will have 2 songs each. Music could be down scaled a bit. The stages would have to essentially be adapted from existing software to keep the gameplay “familiar/nostalgic” on the device. (except Palutena’s Temple).

  10. Falco better make the cut. He’s the only non-confirmed veteran left that I care about. Still holding on for some more new characters too like Ghirahim. Or bring back Ganondorf, but for the love of God, please don’t make him a clone of Captain Falcon again. Also his Wind Waker appearance as an alternate skin would be nice.

    1. OK yes for Falco! but the roster is full on the website. the three slots were filled. s for Ganon he is de-cloned in Brawl since the last 6 years. Don’t need to explain the changes made to his stature unless you only consider the ”Punch” move similar still…when it’s not

  11. Don’t forget about the nfc!!
    mabe we can put in other characters because it will be linked in amiigo just my 2 cents ;)

  12. I just want Ghirahim, Ganondorf, Falco, and Ness. I don’t really care about any more new fighters/vets. I doubt we will get Ghirahim and Ganondorf though since there are already 4 Zelda characters in this game (ALL RETURNING CHARACTERS, WHY CAN’T WE GET A NEW ONE?) I seriously would’ve loved to see Toon Link gone and just have Ghirahim instead. This new SSB is really lacking villains.

    1. I predict a villain trailer next that starts with Bowser calling in the rest. Then Wario, Ganodorf, and Wolf make thier return. And in a stretch Kig K. Rool and Ridley are shown (playable or confirming as stage hazard).

      1. At this point, I want Sakurai to hurry up & actually confirm Ridley. This teasing on whether he’ll be a boss or playable is becoming unbearable.

        1. Just put those of us that want him in as playable out of our misery already if he’s a damn boss! That way, I can start concerning myself with other shit like how the hell am I going to unlock all of these awesome characters without a Subspace Emissary type thing returning.

  13. I know I’ll be just bitching about it but All I want is someone from Mother. Earthbound to come back. Either Ness or Lucas. I think is because is what Keeps Earthbound around.

  14. Don’t any game companies believe in secrets anymore? Why do they have to reveal every freakin’ character etc.? Games just don’t have that mysterious magic of the classics anymore.


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  16. just ONE more new character trailer. please! though the last one was cool, it was devastating at the same time…

  17. Why does everyone on here expect the wii u version to come with exclusive characters? Sakuri made it clear the roster will be the same on both, what is so wrong with that? If there are exclusive characters on one platform or the other, then owners of only one platform will feel shorted. The concept is to deliver as identical an experience as possible on both systems, so that switching between the two is seamless- and you can master the 3ds version between october and “the holiday season” allowing you to pick up the wii u version and already know the intricacies of the game, character move sets, what items do, the physics, etc. Its ingenious. And no one is talking about it. Do you know how hardnit must have been to develope this game on two very different platforms simultaneously?? Im sick of all the shallow complaints on here. Just appreciate the beautiful work of art that you’ll soon get to own.

    1. It’s possible the 3DS version will lack a few secret characters til the Wii U version is ready. When it is, a free update will be available that adds the missing characters to the game. This way, the 3DS version won’t be hindered by the inferior hardware as the data for the extra characters will be saved to an SD Card instead of the game card. Now that’s one way to keep the inferior system from holding the superior one back.

  18. I want this. I want that. Why isnt this character in the game? SHREK 4 SMASH!

    Why are there so many idiots on this thread? I cant take all the negativity. Cant someone just have faith, for once, that even if their favorites dont make the cut, this game will still stand a chance at becoming the best Wii U game to date? Sakuri told us no cutscenes in game and we all throw a tantrum. Then he gave us 3 minute long stunning cutscenes for each character reveal. So we essentially got what we wanted already. Tons of beautiful hd cut scenes BEFORE the game even came out. So what do we do? Instead of praising the marketing genius of giving us one spoonful at a time to build anticipation, we whine and moan that “the wii u version better have extra content” or “megaman and pacman are pushing it, and its all just for sales” what a bunch of self entitled, uneducated you know whats.

    1. It’s subtle to show Captain Falcon in the video. To my surprise without the black paint style caption. Since he is well known to some degree it was just rhetoric

    2. I want Ridley as playable, but, unlike those other ungrateful swine, I won’t complain if he is a boss instead. But if he is revealed as playable, expect even more complaining from the ones that were so heatedly against him. Of course, same can be said if he’s revealed as a boss. I can see some of my fellow Ridley supporters degenerating into whining little shits if this occurs. Either way, someone is going to be complaining when this game is out & all of the secret characters are revealed. There is no escaping this inevitable fact.


  20. Counting the clones would be 39 after Wii fit Trainer, Robin, AND Villager. Or you can say the Mii Fighter are separate classes of the three abilities then you have 42…unofficially topping the BRAWL roster in terms with announced roster so far..

  21. Here’s my list of hopeful characters that will make the final roster by universe.
    Donkey Kong: Dixie Kong, King K. Rool (as a villain/boss)
    Earthbound: Ness, Lucas (as alt. skin)
    F-Zero: Black Shadow (as villain/boss)
    Game & Watch: Mr. Game & Watch (duh)
    Ice Climber: Ice Climbers (well, duh)
    Kid Icarus: Medusa (as villain/boss)
    Kirby: Meta Knight
    Mario(all alt. skins): Dr. Mario, Mr. L, Daisy, Dry Bowser, Cat Bowser
    Metroid: Sylux (or other hunters from the DS game)
    Pokemon: Sceptile, Jigglypuff (just ‘cuz she was a veteran, ugh.)
    Star Fox: Falco (Arwing Final Smash), Wolf (Star Wolf Final Smash with his teammates coming in with their modified Wolfen star fighters), Crystal
    The Legend of Zelda: Ganondorf’s incarnations (as alt. skins with different Ganon Final Smash), Ghirahim (as villain/boss)
    Wario: Wario (…yeah, well duh)

    now for the franchises unrepresented in any game:
    Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles (please, please, please!!!), Custom Robo, Isaac from Golden Sun, Flynn from Shin Megami Tensei IV, Monster Hunter (with Switch Axe), Elite Beat Agent (can switch between Morris, J, and Derek), Wonder Red from The Wonderful 101, Bayonetta, Tempo from HarmoKnight, Chorus Men, Cooking Mama, Phoenix Wright, and Professor Layton. (also most of these could be assist trophies, except for Shulk)

    Please, disagree and add whatever you think will be good additions as well, except for Reggie, Goku, Naruto, and Shrek.

    1. Too many 3rd party characters asked for. Least Shulk is a 1st party character since Nintendo owns Monolith Soft no matter how much many people bitch to the contrary.

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