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Nintendo Reconfirms Bayonetta 2 Will Include Bayonetta 1 Disc

Nintendo has reconfirmed that Bayonetta 2 will be packaged with a physical disc of the original Bayonetta. On the other hand, consumers who want to purchase the digital versions of both titles will need to make two separate purchases via the Nintendo eShop. Either way, the duo will be listed for the same manufacturer’s suggested price. Bayonetta 2 launches in October for Wii U.

The physical/disc package will include two discs: one for Bayonetta 2 and a separate one for Bayonetta 1. With the digital version, consumers will need to make two separate purchases, but the price of both will equal the total for the retail combo version. So you can buy one or the other separately if you want.

68 thoughts on “Nintendo Reconfirms Bayonetta 2 Will Include Bayonetta 1 Disc”

    1. Day 1 X 2, if I have the patience to pick the physical game up the day it releases.
      Might head straight home and play the digital.

  1. Good to know.
    I never got around to finishing my Xbox 360 version, so this is a nice move on their part.
    It also gives other people who have never played the first game a chance.

      1. Haha. Same here.
        It’s also great to know that Digital purchasers wont miss out on this sweet bundle.

        1. However it seems like if you just want to download one or the other you only have to pay half the price! So for those you played all the way through the first one can download the sequel and opt out of downloading the original paying only once, which will cut the price in half. That’s really interesting.

  2. Im so glad they are doing this, loading times on Ps3 version are what killed the game for me, i didnt finish it because of those loading times just ruin experience for me. It seems they have handled porting that game to WiiU well, of course im more excited about Bayonetta 2. I dunno it just seems that PlatinumGames is one of the few truly respectable developers out there, they arent blinded about sales, rather they wanna make fun games and they put effort in them. None of their games never dissapoints. Vanquish,MadWorld,Bayonetta,MetalGearRising etc. all of them rule. This is a dev that i like to see getting big, heck even Okami and Viewtiful Joe from their Capcom days kick ass! I hope they get to make adventure beat em up DBZ game at some point in the style of MGR and Bayonetta……

    1. … Dang, I forgot. I was gonna get a PS3, but I remembered PS3 versions of games have way longer load times than their 360 counterpart. ._.

  3. Wait,so are they saying that:
    Physical = Bayonetta 2 for $60 dollars with a free copy of Bayonetta.
    Digital = Buy either Bayonetta 2 and/or Bayonetta. The price of buying both together will be $60. So does that mean Bayonetta 2 digital is cheaper? Maybe like $40 while the original Bayonetta is like $20?

    1. Bayonetta 2 will still be $60 digital. If you buy Bayonetta 2 digital, you get Bayonetta 1 digital for free. If you buy Bayonetta 1 digital (whatever its price is, i’m guessing around $20-$30), what you pay for Bayonetta 1 is deducted off your Bayonetta 2 purchase.

    2. Okay, think about it this way: Physical and digital are priced the same and both offer two games in one. But igpf you have the Black Wii U with the Digital promotion, you get a discounted return as eShop credit so technically, digital is slightly cheaper and you can get more. :) Either version is up to you to decide.

      Physical with return value or digital with no fear of game damage or loss (if you have it backed up via external storage)

  4. That’s good. One of the best parts about physical is being able to feel DAT DISK. It’s just so smooth and round. Definitely way better than digital. I have a 2TB hard drive connected to my Wii U right now and I’ve only downloaded 2 retail games. PHYSICAL ALL THE WAY! :3

    1. Those laminated edges, OOOHHH, OOOHH YEAH PHYSICAL DISK, yeah I’m more of a physical disk typa guy. Call me old fashioned

      1. Hey man, check yoself no need for the stfu part of that statement. Besides everybody has preferences mine happens to be physical copies rather than a digital

  5. A two for one package is always great but if bayonetta 1 added to the price of bayonetta 2 wouldn’t that help them compensate for the sales of the first when it was released?

  6. I think this is a smart move by nintendo. it encourages those who are only curious or lukewarm about the game to try it digitally first – which i think i will be doing. If i like it, i’ll go back and play Bayonetta 1, if not, i don’t spend the full $60 bucks. I view it as a win-win. too bad the messaging got confused when it was first announced.

  7. Wow, I just realized how awesome Bayonetta looks in that picture. The short haircut and the mischievous look on her face. XD She gots swag!

    1. I hope so too. If it doesn’t, I’m going to every Wii U owner’s house who doesn’t have a copy and slap the ultimate living sh- I mean… I’ll be disappointed. XD

  8. This is ultimately the best 2-for-1 deal ever from Nintendo and Platinum Games. Bayonetta 2 on the first disc and the enhanced HD version of Bayonetta on the second disc. I had the digital download on PlayStation 3 (despite the better quality of the original on Xbox 360). But when the Bayonetta 2 collection launches this October in America, I’d be more than mind blown when I play both titles… beginning with Bayonetta HD.

    Take my halos… right now!!!!!!!

      1. idk, , I’m just having a hard time seeing how I would enjoy this game but ill probe rent it from gamelfly to try it out. I’m not one to broaden my horizons easily, if you catch my drift

  9. something tells me this is gonna end up being one of those rare games you won’t be able to get easily in a few years like the metroid prime trilogy, anyone else getting that vibe? or is I crazy :3

    1. Doubt it. This game is downloadable too so of course those retail stores are gonna keep selling em if they want to be able to compete. Lol. :P

        1. Yeah. When the 3DS eshop permanently dropped the price of some games like Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 to $29.99, Gamestop was quick to slash the price down too. Lol.

          1. dude. that…completely went over my head haha :x I’m such a pootis, don’t tell anyone of my nubness D:

          2. $29.99 is supposed to be cheap? I didn’t buy Mario Kart 7 all these years because of not being able to find it cheaper than that.

  10. I really wanted to get the Metroid prime trilogy when it came out, but I was like a freshman in high school and I had no job or money, now I’ve graduated and I have money, Wahoo!

    1. Hey man, I know how you feel and have been there. XP

      Wish there was more copies or a HD remake of Prime Trilogy with online features and play for the MP2 mode.

      And let me tell you, I gotta be the luckiest bastard in the world for finding what appears to be one of the last brand new copy of Metroid Prime Trilogy last year, the one with the limited edition case and artwork. It was in a WalMart near my job and I just had to buy it especially since I got the used one from GameStop, still managed to return it.

      Who knows. Maybe you might strike gold and find a rare new copy somewhere yourself like I have. :)

      1. Hey you and find it i know it just have to be patient and lucky, i don’t live in the states and in here is really hard or expensive to get a good deal on collectors edition, the stores may bring one or two and sell it for x3 times the price, so when i saw the prime trilogy i think it was like $100 i was like wtf i have all the games i don’t need this, then i regreat it. Years passed, seeing a lot of the ebay sellers prices going to the roof, then gamestop doing their release with no metallic case it was a desapointed. But lastly when a friend was in the states he got me the trilogy one from gamestop, and at that same time i got a really great deal on ebay for the case with all the inserts like 20 bucks!!! and won!!!, man!!!! i was so happy!!! i got the game in both editions, and one copy of the game thats wath i needed!!! so yea keep looking and be patient.

  11. I must admit, if I didn’t think Bayonetta was hot, I’d have no interest in this game. I always feel interested and intrigued whenever I see women that look similar to this. With the dark hair and glasses.

        1. Doesn’t work that way for me though… I don’t care how hot or beautiful the woman looks in a video game. Because if I’m spending $60+ on a game, I’m sure as heck gonna be looking for the gameplay. XD

          1. Well, even I won’t buy this until the price comes down. Even if I have to wait years and get it used. The only time I pay full price is if I KNOW I’ll love the game. Such as Smash Bros. and Zelda games.

            1. Idk. I think the price would depend on the success though. Wonderful 101 bombed and that’s $20 or less at Gamestop now. This will probably do much better than that, but only time will tell.

  12. discs can break, be stolen or lost. the movable parts in your wii u disc drive will break over time. i have made over $100 in digital download promotion dollars since launch. lot’s of e-shop exclusives and discounts. entire library at my fingertips when i load up. why would i want a shelf full of packaging?

    1. That’s true and its where digital takes advantage of, eliminating all possible risk of physical damage and even saving space from piles of cases by storing it digitally and still have that purchased saved in your accounts for backing up and redownloading later. The only issue with Digital is the pricing and storage. Once those are addressed, digital wins

  13. Good thing for Nintendo to reconfirm this smart move to ensure fans that they’ll get both games for the price of one. :)

    But I gotta ask, has anyone here played this game? I never tried it before and kinda feel nervous of buying this but might end up disappointed of my expectations. How is this game?

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  15. I’m going physical with Bayonetta. If the game is damn good, I’ll get it digital for the day my physical copy is no longer functional.

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