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Sakurai Clarifies Lucina’s Differences To Marth In Smash Bros Screenshot

characters_smash_brosSuper Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai has clarified a few of the differences between Lucina and Marth after yesterday’s character reveals. For those who are unfamiliar with Fire Emblem: Awakening, the two characters are interlinked throughout the RPG story but have significant differences, particularly in their weapon stance. Though the game’s director says their physical abilities are exactly the same, players will feel subtle changes in the way both characters fight. Here’s what he said on Miiverse:

“Along with Robin, Lucina joins the battle!! Her physical ablilites are identical to Marth’s–it must be in her D.N.A. However, where Marth’s power is concentrated in the tip of the sword, Lucina’s attack strength is balanced throughout the weapon, which might make her easier to control. She’s also a little bit shorter than Marth.”

Despite Lucina and Marth owning the same D.N.A, Sakurai adds that the smallest change to the way each character fights is enough to give them a separate character slot. Plus, he also reveals Lucina has a tiny albeit significant feature that differentiates her from Marth.

“With the Wii Fit Trainers, the male and female Robins, the Villagers, and Little Mac, varying their appearances and voices works just like selecting alternate color variations. However, whenever there is even a small difference in abilities, that character gets an actual roster slot. That is why you can select Lucina individually.”


“By the way…there’s probably no chance you’ll be able to see this in the game, but Lucina has the mark of Naga in her left eye.”

123 thoughts on “Sakurai Clarifies Lucina’s Differences To Marth In Smash Bros Screenshot”

    1. but thats the point…i dont like clones either but she spent her LIFE studying the royal families sword techniques…..she is a descendent of marth….same family…same fighting style…..u cant really call that a clone…u call that a lineage.

      1. Except she had been shown to use a different style than what Marth uses in Smash. It had been implied that the fighting style in Awakening is a style that Chrom based on the royal family sword techniques. Also considering this game take place much later than the original Fire Emblem, it would be expected that the sword techniques evolved. So Lucina really is just a useless Marth clone in the end. They threw away her fighting style that she shared with her father, in favor of cutting corners so they didn’t have to make a new moveset.

  1. That’s too bad :/ I wish she weren’t a clone.

    If she handles like Roy though that would be great. Roy was the man

  2. Lucina’s fine with me. I’m just glad the game is getting many more female characters. Lol, Brawl was an utter joke when you counted the female characters. There’s Peach, Zelda/ Sheik, Samus and… does Jigglypuff even really count considering it can be two genders? Lol. Anyways, I’m thankful. Also, hopefully with Lucina in the roster, people can finally notice that Marth is a guy. :P

        1. I just want characters that are interesting to play as. Idgaf whether they are male, female or genderless. And she doesnt seem very interesting to play, since she is just a clone. And she seems to be even worse than Falco and Wolf.

            1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

              Wolf’s moveset was almost completely different. Falco had different moves as well, but was more similar to Fox.

        2. You could be the type of person who plays a character because the character is fun, because gender shouldn’t mean anything.

          1. I’m aware of that already. But some of my other favorite characters are women. And they weren’t in the last game sooo…

        1. Are you kidding?

          A large portion of the cast isn’t even human.

          A character is a character, keep your politically entitled bullshit out of video games.

    1. That Jigglypuff is based on the anime Jigglypuff, which was female. So yeah, I guess she counts. Of course it’s good to see more gender options, but Lucina still feels like a waste of resources.

      1. Yeah that’s totally how Pokemon work, they only have one gender in their whole species.
        Oh wait, gardevoir can be a guy and so can jiggly puff and pikachus can be girls

    2. Since the alternate colors of Jigglypuff give her girly accessories instead of changing her color, it stands to reason that Jigglypuff in Super Smash Bros is a female.

  3. ah I know right I really miss roy he was awesome to handle and easier than marth, since Roy was more a “hit hard but not so fast” chatacter which is more balanced than marth.
    Ike was no match for me, he’s very slow and difficult for me to handle…

  4. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    I guess this explain Toon Link aswell…

    But really, why not Dark Samus then?…

    Dark Samus is more diverse compared to Samus than Lucina is to Marth…

    I really hope to see another Metroid and F-Zero character in the final game, atleast either of them…

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Chrom is just useless, pathetic hero that needs all the help he can get in the game…

        I wish Donnel was a character, my Donnel just owned every boss in the game including Grima…

            1. Sony Commander Kratos

              Donnel is useless unless youre playing casual easy mode Commander #exposed #casual #psvita #betterRPGS

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                You just exposed yourself knowing that because I never play on easy/normal modes on any game…

                1. Donnel also joins severely underleveled and gets killed very easily by everything early on. You have to slow down your pace quite a bit until he is able to reclass out of Villager.

              2. Lol, false. On the contrary he was critical to succeeding in the hard, classic mode. Do you even know how the two modes worked?

                Wow. IQ’s must have sharply dropped in the few days I was gone.

                1. Hard Classic is easy though. In Lunatic and Lunatic+, Donnel especially doesn’t stand a chance, since practically every enemy kills him in one hit , meaning he needs even more babying than usual to reach a level where he can take out enemies without significant support.

              3. You just admitted you play the Vita.

                Enjoy your PS4 accessory, allow the ‘casuals’ to actually play a real portable gaming system like the 3DS.

                Look, it actually has a gaming gallery, Nintendo support and everything.

                How’s Type-0 treating you? Oh wait…

              1. Samia was very powerful, and was a great support character when in a bind because of her mobility. Lissa on the other hand, she had very limited uses. . .XD

              2. Lissa too??? Gah! Iheavy breathing* Make it stop! D: ;_; :( >_< You hate all my favorite characters! XD

                          1. Dang man, you’re cold… She’d probably be crying if you said that to her. XD

            1. My thoughts exactly, Seeing Dark Samus as an assist trophy makes me sad cause her moves could have easily been different from Samus. I guess adding a clone with ONE difference makes it ok then…

            2. Some people might be completely allergic to this idea since apparently asking for him is just as bad as asking for 4th party characters like Goku or Shrek but Ridley is still a possibility. That boss segment with Ridley’s shadow wasn’t a true confirmation since we know Sakurai likes to fuck with people in this way, so he could shock people & reveal Ridley is playable. Unless people want a Metroid character that’s pretty much just a generic side character.

          1. They’re still either clones or gay twins, the latter definitely applies to Fagtendo Fagmmander Fagaxis tho

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              Thank you…

                              The Palefuzz cannot handle my cybernetic fabulousity…

                            2. DOESN’T MEAN ITS A PART OF A METAPHORICAL INTERNET COOKIE Get yo’ mind outta the gutter

                  1. But you said Nintendo Commander Quadraxis was gay and he isn’t so saying that nintendo is as doomed as he is gay means nintendo is safe so ♪you….have……..FAILED♪

          2. I don’t care. Falco was a clone, but he was just slightly different enough to make him fun. Young link, Doctor Mario, Pichu… They are all clones but they had things that made them unique. Fire Emblem Awakening was the game that I feel saved the 3DS. No one really owned a 3DS until it came out. I invested over 200 hours into awakening, which is more than any other 3DS game I own. There is going to be more characters than this so just shut up and play this amazing game. I can’t wait to play as Robin by the way! FE Ftw!

            1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

              You talk about the other clones at least being somewhat different, then excuse Lucina from being different because you’re a fanboy of the game? Then you tell people who complain about clones (and have been complaining for over a decade) to shut up? Wow.

            2. “FE saved the 3DS”

              “Less than six months later on July 28, 2011, Nintendo announced a significant price reduction from US$249 to US$169 amid disappointing launch sales. The company offered ten free Nintendo Entertainment System games and ten free Game Boy Advance games from the Nintendo eShop to consumers who bought the system at the original launch price. This strategy was considered a major success, and the console has gone on to become one of Nintendo’s most successfully sold handheld consoles in the first two years of its release.”

              FE;A came out in Japan late 2013, worldwide 2013. It sold well, but it didn’t save the 3DS. It did boost system sales too, but the system wasn’t in trouble.

              1. Late 2013 for Japan? Try 2012. Get your facts straight. Also Mario Kart 7 is considered the one of the worst selling Mario Kart games. Also, I never said she is different because i’m a fan boy. Read the article, it states she is different enough deserve get own slot. She has similar moves, but she is still get own character. And the party about me telling people to shoot up wasn’t about clone characters. It was for all the people complaining that this game isn’t how they want it. Also your name is dumb and you need a quick kick to the groin. Wow.

          3. I figured as much. She should have been an alt skin but I guess he wanted to have for female characters. Which is a good thing

            1. One problem with her being an alt, Lucina isn’t marth. They are separate characters. Male WFT is still the WFT, female villager is still the villager, female robin is still robin but lucina is not marth

          4. They gave us 4 fire emblem characters but couldnt give us anyone from golden sun, elite beat agents, xenoblade chronicles. Thats weak. All 4 of them sword characters which some of these sword characters could have been from these games mentioned

            1. Just cause they are all sword characters doesn’t mean they all play the same (minus lucina). Marth, Ike and Robin play completely differenly despite all having swords

          5. I’m really glad Lucina made it in, despite being a clone, as she, along with Lyn and Eirika, are excellent examples of strong heroines from the Fire Emblem series.

            1. She along with Lyn. Eirika can’t do squat hahaha. I wish people would stop complaining about Lucina. If Chrom was in the game he’d be a clone of Marth too. Least this way it’s a more interesting character.

              1. Ya but chrom and lucina got aether along the way and they both don’t seem to use it
                And what I find odd is that lucina fights less acrobatic and powerful
                But they decided to make her just nimble like Marth
                Doesn’t make sense to me
                Also Marth has been gone for thousand years there is no way she could know how to fight exactly like Marth unless she was actually there studying him
                But I’m still happy she is in I just didn’t think they would make her a clone/semi clone character

          6. They butchered so much game lore in this article and even Sakurai doesn’t seem to know what he is talking about here. Marth and Lucinia are two totally different characters from different games and timelines in the series. They hold distant, distant lineage over hundreds to thousands of years, not the same DNA and they are not interlinked at all in the games plot. In Awakening, there is a mystery man, who dresses similar to Marth, however wears a mask at all times, who ends up being Lucinia in disguise. It saddens me that even Sakurai doesn’t seem to know the lore very well.

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          8. …way to fucking go sakurai going back on your word and putting useless clones in now if she was just another skin for marth that would be fine but wasting a character slot for a clone is just stupid! it wasn’t enough to waste a spot for mii fighters (can’t be played online..sooo what’s the point?) but you had to waste a spot for Lucina too!! OMG sakurai fail….just fail

          9. …way to fucking go sakurai going back on your word and putting useless clones in now if she was just another skin for marth that would be fine but wasting a character slot for a clone is just stupid! it wasn’t enough to waste a spot for mii fighters (can’t be played online..sooo what’s the point?) but you had to waste a spot for Lucina too!! OMG sakurai fail….just fail

            1. When I heard Mii Fighters were offline only, my hype for them pretty much took a nose dive. It would have added a whole new level of competitiveness into the game if customizable characters like them were allowed online as people would have to go into online with a strategy ready for if one of the opponents was a Mii Fighter.

          10. Thank you, Sakurai! It’s about time someone explains this! I told my friends about Dr. Mario things, and they always gave me “clone” answers.

            P.S. Huge Dr. Mario fan.

          11. I think she’ll be faster and lighter too, along with having a better air game since marth’s has been nefred

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