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Club Nintendo Platinum And Gold Member Rewards Announced For North America

Nintendo of America has revealed exactly which rewards Club Nintendo members holding the Platinum or Gold member status can receive. Unlike previous years where Nintendo has offered special physical items to those with 300 or more coins, this year the company has solely opted to reward members with a selection of digital games.

While platinum members will be able to choose from the full selection, where you must have over 600 coins to qualify, gold members will choose from half of the digital games on offer.  Elite status members can only choose one free digital game, so make sure you log into your Club Nintendo account to see whether you’ve qualified with gold or platinum. The full selection of games are listed below, or you can check them out here.

Platinum Only:

  • Game and Wario – Wii U
  • NES Remix – Wii U
  • Earthbound – Wii U
  • Dr. Luigi – Wii U
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D – 3DS
  • Fluidity: Spin Cycle – 3DS
  • Dillon’s Rolling Western – 3DS
  • Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move – 3DS

Platinum and Gold:

  • Ice Climber – Wii U
  • Kid Icarus – Wii U
  • Super Mario Bros. – Wii U
  • Zelda II: The Adventure of Link – Wii U
  • Donkey Kong 3 – 3DS
  • Wario Land 2 – 3DS
  • Metroid – 3DS
  • Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins – 3DS


360 thoughts on “Club Nintendo Platinum And Gold Member Rewards Announced For North America”

    1. Don’t comment much but I agree. This is an absolutely horrendous reward that screams of laziness. The rewards have been getting worse as the years go by.

          1. Me too. And to think I was going to buy a zelda themed wii u system later this year to go with the release of the new Zelda game. I am thinking of boycotting Nintendo and their games. I wish I lived in Europe or japan. Awards are way better there. Square enix gives better prizes as does playstation membership, though recently they have started to go down in quality free monthly games now $15 a month instead of the usual full retail price game for free. I hate the new free cheap indie games once a month.

            1. *facepalm* I think you might be going a bit overboard with the anger toward Nintendo over this if you go through with boycotting Nintendo & their games. Think of the countries that don’t have Club Nintendo & therefore don’t get a damn thing. Be grateful Nintendo is offering us SOMETHING for buying their games & consoles.

        1. you guys want physical thing like calendar , toys , bags and other stuff !?!? its just USELESS that do than take dust COME ON !!!!

          1. It’s called collectibles that hardly anyone else can get. The download games are things just about anyone can get if they have the money. Not to mention those rewards we’ve been given this year might just be rewards for using Club Nintendo coins for down the road.

    2. It’s bullshit because last year I was gold and got smash bros and I saw the posters and stuff and It looked awesome. Now I get to choose from games that were released last year or earlier, that I am not interested in or already have. I waited a year for a physical reward.

      1. I do. I just downloaded a digital version of donkey kong country returns. It’s almost 18,000 blocks though.

      1. Except Plus is a DRM itself so if you get anything free from it and when Plus is expired, you can’t play this games either until you pay again. That’s bullshit. Same for Xbox Live. You gotta pay $60 to get those randomly selected free games when I can go get it used for less than $15 right now.

        1. Also, Club Nintendo is a rewards system. Nothing negative will happen if you don’t register any products. PS Plus and XB Gold are paywalls. You literally cannot play online if you don’t subscribe. So on top of your Internet bill, you are paying a subscription fee in order to play online.

        2. How is it bullshit ? You pay $50 a year and get access to about 72 free games in those 12 months. Tell me where exactly you can buy 72 games (that are actually good and not even old) for $50. Why is it such a big deal that you can’t play them after PS Plus expires ? The games are a feature -of PS Plus- after all. You can’t benefit from the perks of a real life membership, like in a club or a gym or something for instance, after you stop paying for it either, can you ? That’s the point of a membership, lmao.

          1. Bad example.. Here’s a better one. If you have a membership to Sams club, or some other bulk good store, do you have to return everything you’ve purchased after your membership expires? Nice try though.

            1. Bad analogy… PS+ offers discounts on new games every month, and anything you BUY you get to keep… You have to PAY to be a member of sams club, which gets you a DISCOUNT on items, nothing for free just by paying for a membershiip from sams club. Great job proving yourself wrong with your own comparison. ;)

              Not to mention you need PS+ for PS4 anyway, so 72 free games a year for the $30 i paid for 12 mos. seems pretty good to me :/

              1. Wtf are you talking about?
                It was compared it to a gym membership, which is a dumb comparison. Its more like sams club because the things you get on discount don’t have to be returned when your membership expires, where as with ps plus you lose what you payed for if it expires. Nice try though.

                1. Yea, I compared it to a gym, where you have free access to the training tools and gym rooms whenever you want -as long as you are subscribed-. Same goes for the games on PS+, you have free access to the games whenever you want -as long as you are subscribed-.
                  You don’t have to return the things you bought with a discount through the Sams club membership, because you actually -bought- them, paid for them ADDITIONALLY to the membership itself. When you buy games with PS+ discounts on PSN, you don’t have to give them back either. You can play them after your PS+ membership expries too, because you actually -bought- them, paid for them ADDITIONALLY to the PS+ membership, similar to the case with the Sams club membership.
                  SimplyRetro made perfect sense with what they said. You, on the other hand, did not. Nice try though, lmao.

                  1. Poo made perfect sense.

                    Sam’s Club is an optional membership that doesn’t punish me if I don’t join. PS Plus is NOT optional in the sense that if I don’t subscribe I am being punished by not allowing me to game online at all. If PS4 is the main console that I want to play online multiplayer on, I don’t have the option to use a different service. PS Plus is my only option.

                    So if PS Plus is such a great service, why am I not given a choice? Why is there an online paywall? If everyone thought PS Plus was amazing then everyone would join regardless right? What is happening here is that my privileges are being taken away and I am being forced to subscribe if I ever want to play anything online.

                    Why can’t I game online for free, but also have the option to pay for PS Plus if I want ACCESS to those “free” games? Why is this service being forced upon me? What about consumers that strictly want online multiplayer only? What Sony should have done was give their consumers a choice.

                    Nice try though.

                    1. Nobody was talking about the online fees, we were talking about the free games that come with the PS+ membership and why it’s okay/not okay that you can play them only when you’re subscribed.
                      Next time, bother to carefully read what people are actually talking about before jumping into the conversation just to talk about something entirely unrelated.
                      Nice try though.

    1. I think we all forgot that you must pay monthly to play online on those consoles, your looking at 8 bucks a month or as high as 10 a month if you dont buy the 1-year. Nintendo doesnt charge for internet

        1. Both are $60 a year.

          I paid for a year of PS+ and the free games that I got so far across my Vita, PS3, and PS4 were probably worth over $200 already. The service pays for itself.

            1. Wrong. Club Nintendo is a rewards system. Nothing negative will happen if you don’t register any products. PS Plus and XB Gold are paywalls. You literally cannot play online if you don’t subscribe. So on top of your Internet bill, you are paying a subscription fee in order to play online.

              1. And where does the money go that people pay for online multiplayer ? Right, it’s being invested in online infrastuctures and servers to offer a stable and a much-better-than-mediocre online multiplayer experience for the players.
                Maybe that’s why Nintendo’s online multiplayer usually sucks balls.

                1. Nope. PS3 and PS4 server quality and service is the exact same actually which means that the online could have been free from the start. The money goes directly into Sony and Microsoft’s pockets.

                    1. Butthurt because the quality is the same? Sony knows that people will pay because they paid for Xbox’s online last gen.

                    2. It only seems the same to you because you are still unable to make any friends online. Maybe if you gots you somes edumakation, things will change.

                  1. Sorry, but I’m pretty sure they’re not the same.
                    Besides, there are games featuring 64 player multiplayer, so it seems logical to me that it takes more to keep those stable than 24-player multiplayer.
                    It’s not the greatest thing to have to pay for online, but knowing that the money goes to improvements of both stability and security, I’m okay with paying, especially when considering all the other benefits I get through PS+.

                    1. *games -on PS4- featuring 64-player multiplayer

                      Accidently left out something there, sorry about that. (:

                2. Microsoft did not use it for their online last gen. They had no dedicated servers last gen. It is better now.

                  1. Sorry, should have made my point a bit clearer. I was talking about how Sony is doing it. I honestly have no idea what Microsoft does with the money or how their servers are, as I don’t own any Xbox products and have no real interest in them.
                    Thanks for the correction nonetheless, though. (:

              2. You’re a dumbass. PS Plus gives you GOOD games literally EVERY MONTH for a small regular subscription fee. Nintendo? They give you uh, Game And Wario after using up so much of your money buying their games. Which is the better deal? Go figure

                1. Really? You’re going to buy these games either way! Nintendo doesn’t have to give you coins to register them but they do. This is all FREE. You buy the game you were going to buy anyway and you get FREE coins. The only thing you’re spending is 2 minutes of your time to fill out a survey for said coins. This is of no benefit to Nintendo because most of the surveys are bunk anyway. This is a gracious gift from Nintendo and they are giving away FREE games for nothing in return. Sure, it would have been nice to have a better selection but at least we have the option for FREE.

                  And sure, PS plus offers games all the time but you are still paying them. There is an incentive for Sony to do this.

                  1. You’re full of BS if you really have this mindset. So after being a loyal Nintendo customer, saving up your coins and whatnot, THIS is the reward we get? Past years were MUCH better than this. And besides, you have a choice for the PS subscription.

                    1. It doesn’t change the fact that this is a rewards system. Quit going full retard, aka sasori mode, or quit trolling, whichever one you are doing. You know as well as anyone there is nothing negative to Club Nintendo. Quit acting like people are just buying the games for Nintendo consoles solely for the damn coins on Club Nintendo.

                    2. Chozodian Emissary

                      Oh I’m in agreement on the lackluster list of rewards, but you’re missing the point. Nintendo gets NOTHING from Club Nintendo. We register the games we were going to buy anyway for FREE perks. Sure, Nintendo gets surveys from us but I’m positive that most of those surveys don’t actually give them information worth offering FREE physical rewards and FREE downloadable games.

                      PS Plus gives you choices? Of course! You are PAYING Sony for those choices. They’re getting something out of it.

                      You can choose not to register your Nintendo games if you want to look at it that way. Or you have a wide selection of FREE games to choose from right now, regardless of the selection you have a CHOICE here too, and Nintendo gets NOTHING in return.

                    3. @ridley

                      Even though there’s nothing negative in Club Nintendo, is it not fair enough to expect better things from the service based on rewards from the past? Sure, it’s free, but this is literally the worst selection of rewards in CN’s history, and it’s really pissing me off

                    4. @Shuhei: I’m not saying the rewards aren’t bad this year around. In fact, my own post at the bottom of the comment section shows I hate these rewards for Club Nintendo just as much as others. I’m just saying there is no reason to go all ballistic on Nintendo because of it since they really don’t have to offer us anything at all. Not to mention the fact a lot of countries don’t even get a damn thing from their respective Nintendo representatives.

        1. I got my Plus Subscription for $19.99 and I re up on my Gold Memberships using coins from the Bing Rewards.

          Both can be very cheap if you’re smart.

    2. What are you crying about? Free games are free games,man! If you would choose one, which one would it be?

    3. Because its a bait switch to woo fools to buy 360/One to go through their Paywall and premium for free online BS. But I must agree. This Club rewards is abysmal. XP And I’m a Nintendo fan.

    4. Yeah, they had to put something like that in place because Sony was doing it. Sony is still doing it better though.

    5. really xbox gold is horribly its 60 dollars a year nintendo doesn’t do that they try something awesome and different and this is the respect they get I would rather have digital games over nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Nintendo is my Blood

      What? You Americans are so ungrateful
      You turn down free health care
      You value your gun laws more than human lives
      and you turn down a free game?!

      Most countries don’t even have Club Nintendo so you people are selfish

      1. I’m not even American, kid.
        I didn’t turn down shit, infact I redeemed donkey kong country returns.
        I’m going to enjoy now.

        1. Nintendo is my Blood

          Then if you aren’t American, why say “I was hoping for something that I can get in the mail”?

            1. Nintendo is my Blood


              I never once said you were Canadian
              though that may explain your stupidity…

              1. Obamacare is a shit healthcare plan that is paid for by people who work. More taxes for the working class while the welfare losers get more benefits.

                fuck Obamacare

                1. That problem has existed long before Obamacare you idiot. Welfare, Social, all of those benefits have been around since FDR. Where the fuck have you been? Dwelling in the homes of the racists and morons who blindly vote Republicunts without researching their background first?

                2. are we really bringing politics into a club nintendo discussion? Obamacare sucks but nobody said u have to use it

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Elaborating on that it might be true, I don’t know much about how the Obamacare works but in Sweden, the taxes goes to the “free healthcare” for everyone…

                  But since the conservatives of this country wants to become just like the US, everything is going downhill…

              2. Nothing is FREE you moron! How could you possibly think that healthcare is just being given out free. Who is paying for it if it is free?

                  1. What money? I’m a purple freaking space dragon that works with Space Pirates. I don’t need to carry money. Why don’t you go ask Rita Repulsa for money, you deadbeat husband? lol

                    1. Haha Rita is trying to divorce me and take everything so that’s a no go. Leaving me for Billy the original Blue Ranger of all people!

                    2. lmao Wow. I didn’t expect the deadbeat part to actually be a fact. lol I’m not in any better position, though, since Samus already wiped out the freaking Space Pirates years ago. Sucks to be the remnant of a once feared army of monsters.

      2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Plus they have the cheapest prices too in the world, crybabies to the max…

        No wonder why their IQ is only 85…

        1. Its disappointing to see our commander of all people go out of his way to bash an entire country of nintendo loving citizens especially when you usually sound like an insightful person.

          Don’t be like that, bro

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            I bash my “own” even worse…

            It just annoys me that they cry so much about everything when they have the cheapest things ever…

            Just the Wii U, it cost like 350 dollars when it first came out, here in silly Sweden it cost around 540 dollars and with reduced price it still costs a bit more than in the US when it launched…

            They should be glad that they don’t have the same prices…

            And they also get the most promotions out of everyone in the world besides Japan…

            But I’ll try not being so harsh…

            1. If it makes you feel any better, Xbox actually gets the most promotions here. Xbox advertising Fifa, Xbox advertising Batman Arkham Knight, Xbox advertising Titanfall, Xbox 360 holiday bundle, Xbox Live cards in almost every retail store that sells gift cards, lmao. Even the front of my Gamestop has a huge picture of Xbox One sitting right on the window. It’s an Xbox fanboy’s dream come true. But, yeah, Wii U does get a lot of great deals over here. I got a Pro Controller (although it was a knock-off from Nyko :P) for $22. U mad? XD Jk

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Well that’s no shocker since the US is the Xbot Homeworld after all since Japan is ours…

                The Sonyans still suffer from identity crisis both in the real world and ours…

                I’ve finally decided what my new youtube channel will be all about, I just need to learn how to execute it in the way I want to…

                1. Identity crisis? Europe/US is Playstation’s turf, Nintendo can have whatever remains. Xbox can just screw off.

                  Besides, the PS1/2 were the best selling consoles of their generation, and the PS4 seems to be following in their footsteps. I doubt there’s much of an identity crisis here

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    Even though you Sonyan might dominate somewhat in Europe, still doens’t make it your homeworld considering the Xbots have a very strong presence in most countries you are established aswell and our empire still has a strong presence in quite a respectable area…

                    Further more, it’s mostly Sonyan warriors that invades either Nintendonian territories or Xbot territories and assaults them in every way possible to promote their own sacred machines…

                    And even worse, they still do not have after almost 20 years any mascot that says “Playstation”…

                      1. They had Crash Bandicoot during the early years, but yeah

                        But are you fucking serious? Have you seen the Xbox Fanboys on IGN or Gamespot? They treat Phil Spencer like GOD, and they troll on pretty much every article.

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          That’s why I said “mostly”, obviously there are going to be exceptions…

                        2. You seem to be right. Most of the Nintenhaters are are from Sony’s corner of the video game universe. From what I’ve seen, sasori is one of the very, very, very few Xbots here.

                        3. You’re basing it on this minor websites. Have you seen the major ones? Xbox fanboys populate the community like the plague

                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            I think we can all agree that the Xbots are more like an infestation…

                            Annoying but easier to destroy by our forces…

                        4. PS4 is selling out of specs hype. Nothing else because we are now in an era of humanity stupidity as I see it grow and fester everywhere.

                          What would happen if PS4 doesn’t deliver? It would be ruled as much of a graphical dud as Vita/PS3. Yes, Xbox can go fuck off since PC already exists before it so there’s no point for the Xbox to exist.

                          1. It IS selling off of hype, yet with the “enormous hardcore Nintendo definitive epic 100% awesome” Wii U games, why isn’t it selling?

                        5. *Reply to your other comment because I couldn’t reply that directly*

                          Reason why Wii U is half flopping because of why PS4 is “winning”: Specs/Power hype BS from stupid “gamers” thinking power is all that matters. Well, if a game looks pretty but plays like shit (Ryse, Knack), is it still a great game? Hell no. Gamers are thinking gaming priorities backwards plus the dumb hate on Nintendo over they “kiddy” reputation because of colorful games. So fucking what? I see too many damn shooters these days that I rather go for a colorfully creative game instead.

                          1. Typical Nintendo fanboy speech: Call of Duty sucks balls even though the review scores were good for that specific year, but Mario is always the best game ever made, even though most nowadays are a total rehash

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          I only have my normal channel right now but I’m going to create my Commander one soon…

                          Meanwhile I just edit some videos for fun…

                  2. Just cause your prices are even worse doesn’t mean someone else can’t complain if they feel a price is too high. I however had no issues with the price myself being a u.s. citizen.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      True but it’s almost always the ones with money that complains assuming if they are telling the truth about owning all consoles etc etc…

                      I barely see any “poor” gamers complaining compared to the “rich” ones since they are spoiled…

                      1. true, I’m certainly not rich, I am able to pay my bills and I can save money cause I don’t go out blowing it on drinks like lots of my friends and peers. I also live in a place where the rent is split 4 ways otherwise I’d be screwed lol.

                2. He’s not OUR commander. Maybe towards you, but not towards me. I just see him as another internet geek like all the rest of us on a Nintendo site.

              2. Exactly. Not sure about the IQ part, but I would say americans don’t realise how lucky they are. I have to fool Club Nintendo of my location to even get these rewards. Why should a loyal nintendo fan have to be restricted to only the US? And the fact that people here are saying ‘These are lame!’ kinda makes me upset considering there are MANY people that can’t even get these for free or can’t even afford to buy them easily.

                Over here, you would never get less than $1000 for a new gen console from a retail store, even if it’s discounted. While US gets to pay $40-$60 for their new games, we have to pay $130-$210 for ONE new game. I even have to start importing my games now, and even that comes as low as $80+ for a new game.

                I’ll say Americans probably won’t know what they have until it’s gone.

              3. Very funny you should go do stand up Jerry. You have to agree that spending money on nintendo versions of games and expecting something good at the end and getting this sucks.

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


                  I’m not interested in any of them besides Dillon, still not an excuse…

            2. Just so you know, health care is not free in America. In fact, my insurance jumped from $250 a month to $1200 a month. It’s only free for select low income families.

              1. Nintendo is my Blood

                $1200?!? My brother had to get his tonsils removed and it cost R17000
                which is approximately $1590

                And that is just tonsils, not even full medical aid

                $1200!? My god, first world problems

                Americans and their prissy ways

            3. First, Obamacare is not “free” and it doesn’t even apply to those of us in the middle class or higher. Obamacare only helps those who didn’t already have Obamacare in the first place. AKA the really poor/those who chose not to have any.

              Second, we have had the right to own a gun since the beginning of our country’s creation. Why should that be taken away now? There have always been shootings. Only difference now is that the shootings are plastered all over the news stations 24/7.

              Thirdly, well…we have Club Nintendo so if Nintendo doesn’t do something we like then we have the right to complain, because we bought their games!!! Part of the purchase of a Nintendo game goes towards the earning of coins on Club Nintendo. So if you are unhappy with that Club Nintendo part of your purchase then complaining is a completely viable option.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                So you blindly obey like sheep just because it says so in the constitution?…

                Just because you have the right to do anything doesn’t make it right…

                It’s just the same as allowing these infectious nazis still live…

                1. Nintendo is my Blood

                  Blind American fool, do you not see? Guns are not a right, they are not a privilege, they are a means of murder, just because you can own one does not mean you should own one

                  accidents and murders could’ve been prevented if morons like you didn’t have access to one

                  South Africa was shocked when our local hero Oscar Pistorius, murdered Reeva Steenkamp

                  and why? Because he had a gun, if he was so scared as he truly claimed and DIDNT have access to a gun, Reeva would still be alive today

                  Is that to say you cannot persecute Muslims with guns because they are “terrorists”? No, because “it’s in the constitution” BULLSHIT

                  If I see a man with a firearm, I would arrest him because guns are not a privilege, they are a curse

                  1. guns are used for defense, hunting, shooting targets, sports etc. Felons are not allowed to legally own guns in the US. Guns can be misused like anything else, even by a tyrannical government. There have been murders committed with knifes, should we now ban all knifes? no, of course not. The guns or knives are not evil, but some people are. Deal with the bad people and leave the good ones alone.

                2. Only “sheep” believe that nonsense about a gun free world. The criminals will only have guns giving them more power. Laws just take the guns out of the good guys hands. Numerous studies show that conceal and carry reduce crime since the bad guys won’t pull a gun on a law abiding citizen trained on how to use firearms.

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    You probably only read the NRA reports and nothing else…

                    Is that why you have the most schoolshootings in the world?…

                    And most of these shooters were considered the good people before they did it because they were bullied by the mainstream definition of “good people” because they cannot see that they are the root of all evil in society today…

                    And only a fool would believe that the primitive criminals wouldn’t raise a gun towards a “law abiding citizen”…

                    And you should also know then that people more than often kills a family member than a criminal but you rather defend your pathetic so called rights instead of letting your family member live…

                    1. The shootings are a result of bad parenting. Parents that can leave their gun accessible to child that “won’t find it”.

                      A ban on guns only takes it from good guys. Criminals will always find a way to acquire one.

                      The ones turning on their own family are uneducated people and those that shouldn’t have had access to it for having mental problems.

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        There is no such thing as “good guys” or “bad guys” when it comes to guns…

                        The real world is not a video game but Americans see it that way…

                        That’s why there are so many in the army today that joins it because they believe it to be like BF or CoD and if they survive, they are damaged forever and then realises how retarded they were…

                        Civilians should never have guns, only the law enforcement should but seeing how retarded they also are, specially in the southern states, they are even worse considering, they kill, assault and just plain abuse a human…

                    2. school shootings were nearly entirely if not entirely committed by people on psycho-tropic drugs or by those who where withdrawing from them.

                  2. Yeah people are fucking dumbasses. A GUN FREE LAW!!! LET’S LICK LOLLYPOPS AND STUFF. WARM AND CUDDLY!!! *you figure out there is always ways to get guns and now criminals have the guns and we don’t* DON’T SHOOT AHHH HAAA MY GUN!!! *pulls out lollypop* criminal shoots your head off, rapes your wife and kills your kids* and you could of had a way to protect yourself from the world……

                    FUCK GUN FREE WORLD!!!!! I NEED A SAFE HEAVEN!!!!!

                    1. Really im an anonymous. Well fuck this website. What a kind welcome back is this GuyS!!! Just you know, make me an anonymous. I see…… how it is….. oh i see……. *walks away and turns back* oh and i see…. i see how it is.

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        You have to try harder…

                        We have all evolved, or in some cases devolved since your absense…

                        1. Nintendo is my Blood

                          I suspected that anonymous was iceazeama, he has a certain tendency to write in “hyper-actively” fashion

                  3. Nintendo is my Blood

                    There is nothing wrong with law forces using guns, but average humans cannot handle that power of managing to kill at will

                    Police can have guns, rednecks and extremists such as you cannot

                    While we at at it, why not give a monkey a sword and tell children to go near


                      1. Nintendo is my Blood

                        My apologies HGJ

                        Though it is fascinating to see the social process of how humans can change topics so quickly from the original topic, the brain works in mysterious ways

                      2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        Yes, I’m done now, no one will ever change their minds until it’s too late…

                        Anyway, how did you come to make your name?…

                            1. Hm… Well um. It’s pretty simple. I’m a skinny person. So I say “hollow”. Favorite fruit is grapes so I added “Grape”. The first letter in my name is J. So that’s why that’s there. I also go by just GrapeJ since that’s what I use most in games. Also, if you wanted to know, I’ve been here since mid 2011 commenting through a bunch of different accounts, but I started using mah name regularly around February 2014. :3

                              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                I see…

                                Poor you, an innocent little boy back then amongts the countless of wars between Aeolus, Neutron, Bill and the defenders of our empire…

                          1. *average xbox one fanboy problem*

                            FUCK YOU i will rant about REAL LIFE problems as much as I WANT…… NOW, I wan A 1 bag of doritos and 2…. SOME FUCKING MOUNTAIN DEEW!!!! *scratches stomach* ehhhh just wait *tries to catch breath* SOOO my PRobLEm is…… WHAT FUCKING FLAVOR DO I PICK!!!! do i pick the delicious cool ranch or or sexy spicy HOT nacho or or or JUST REGULAR NACHO!!! UHHHHH and then what mountain dew FLAVOR!!!!! FML!!!! i CAN’T BReath….. uhhhh. ranting to long…… out of breath…… arm tingling……… face feeling……. numb…….. uhhhhhhhehhhh……… *falls on floor*

                3. I think you forget when Europe get something they don’t have and then they moan like no tomorrow. As someone say they have cheaper stuff even when you convert in your own currency. The only beef I have with the yanks is when they criticise the Uk chart which is the same as USA (replace FIFA by Madden or NBA) … total hypocris if you ask.

                4. Complaining is our American right. That’s the whole point of democracy, you don’t like something, you debate.

                  However, Nintendo is offering a ton of games! Allbeit most of them have been on the eShop a while now and most of us have already bought them, but nonetheless, they are offering a ton of great games.

                5. Dude get out of here with that. It’s a raw deal. Stop defending nintendo, and stop spewing your obvious hate towards america. Neither are perfect.

                6. Don't be a sheep. Think things through.

                  There is no such thing as “free health care”. You obviously don’t understand how it works. The “free health care” is paid for by taking money out of the pay checks of hard working Americans who are attempting to make a living for themselves and their families. Being free to pursue the cause of making a better life for yourself out of hard work, determination and ingenuity has been one of the ideals that has made America great. Unfortunately, Democrats see no problem forcing those who strive to succeed, including low income earners and middle class families to pay for benefits for those who are not interested in doing anything. Being charitable in your giving to help someone who is in need is noble, but being forced by your government to do so is not charity, it is tyranny. I hear a lot of Republican bashing, but they are the only ones who get this and actually attempt to stand for peoples individual liberties. If it were left to the Democrats who want no borders, no military defense and no individual accountability, America would cease to be it’s own sovereign nation.

                7. Fuck you asshole. There is no such thing as free anything. Second our genius forefathers made the second amendment so we can fight you, enemies and even our own government when the bastards get out of hand. Three:these free games suck or we bought them already. Eat a dick you Shitty european or what ever shit country you’re from.

            4. I’d get Game and Wario, but my Gamepad charger is dead. :( And you need it to access the eshop. Man this sucks. The ONE TIME I become Platinum, this thing decides to break. Ugh. I’d get DK for my 3DS, but Idk. Never played any DKC games and I heard that one was frustrating. And I hate frustrating games! XD Also, was hoping for physical rewards, but hey, it’s free money, right?

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    You really have a bad luck when it comes to the Wii U…

                    Somehow I sense I will too…

              1. I was afraid of that, DKC being frustrating I mean. It’s probably the most obvious choice to get but I hate a game that tries to be the most difficult it can be. I like a challenge just as much as the other guy, but if it gets me irritated with a repeated ‘Game over’ screen, then I’ll probably give up, play something else and forget about it (which I don’t like to do).

            5. And who in their right mind would get something like Earthbound or Zelda II? No offense to Earthbound (it’s a good game) but it’s like $10. You have to be crazy or just really cheap to waste it on that. I mean, c’mon. XD

              1. Nintendo is my Blood

                If you want Zelda II over anything else on that list, you would be brain dead

                Zelda II is the worst Zelda game of all time, not even a Zelda game

                    1. Nintendo is my Blood

                      Never speak of those
                      Technically they aren’t even real Zelda games as they weren’t even developed by Nintendo

                1. Come on man, think about it. There was only ONE other zelda game at the time. No formula, established rules or legacy to fulfill.

                  Sure, now it seems like a black sheep but at the time they had no idea where the series was going so they gave it the old nintendo try and spun it someplace new. It didn’t quite work so they spun it back. I don’t think it deserves the hate it gets.

                  1. Nintendo is my Blood

                    Pokemon made a good second game, Metroid made a good second game

                    They completely changed what the mechanics in the first Zelda game had so of course people would hate it after all they expected something else

                    1. Well mario 2 was well received and it was quite different then the first. (Yes I know the whole mario 2 story but its not the point)

                2. Spirit tracks is 1000% worse than Zelda 2. Let me guess, it was too “hard” for you.

                  That’s why Zelda games are so frickin easy these days. People don’t like challenges anymore.

              2. The reason why I’m considering Earthbound over DKCR3D is because I prefer physical copies of games. They hold more of a sentimental value over digital download versions in my opinion.

                1. I 100% agree with you. I bet you have a “shelf” right? All gamers who like physical copies have a “shelf”

                  1. Yeah I have a shelf. I just like the feeling of looking at it and deciding what game I feel like playing today.

                    1. Through the glorious, poetic contrast between the cartridge of old and the sleek, modern design of the cases today, a shelf stands as a monument to the characters you fell in love with, the adversity you’ve surmounted as well as the adventures you experienced both in amassing such a collection of media as well as through the media itself. From garage sale hunting with friends to that last second ebay snipe you filled that shelf one game at a time till stood a testament of one’s dedication. A shelf is not only yours but who you are. Its a beautiful thing.

                        1. i really really wish i could put my platinum reward on my self this year

                          you don’t know how done i was just looking at the rewards (Especially since i own most of those games in one form or another or in this case one system or another)

            6. Well great, I finally go Platinum and this is it? Already own some, and the rest I’m not interested in.

              The fact some of my coins will expire next year, ugh. What a huge let down.

            7. Lame!! Though ill gladly take a free game I enjoyed getting the rare swag they gave every other year!! This was the only way you could get those items and just seemed to mean alot more!! Anyone can buy those games!!

            8. Are you fucking serious nintendo? This is possibly the worst selection of loyalty gifts I had to choose from. Every single one of these games are fucking old and most of us already own most of these games already. The only game I dont have is game and wario which i heard was garbage.

              1. A game like Game and Wario is best experienced with friends. In fact, there’s multiplayer only modes in the game, so if you aren’t around people that much, steer clear of that game. Lol.

                1. I tend to enjoy the wario ware games but its just this one that i heard was just plain bad. Meh, i decided to get earthbound since ive never played it before. But still though i paid over a $100 just for a $10 game!?

                  1. Actually if you got Platinum status, you paid $600 or more, which makes the bullshit 100x more outrageous.

                    1. Because you only bought the Nintendo games for the free coins & the eventual free reward once you reached gold/platinum status, right? That’s a stupid reason to get mad about the rewards. If anything, get pissed off for the fact none of the games they are offering interest you. It’s not like the points was all you got from paying $600 to Nintendo.

                  2. You made a good choice. Earthbound is a game that pulls you in like no other, and gets better the farther you progress. Enjoy!

            9. Nintendo is my Blood

              If my country had a promotion like this, here would be my picks

              Game and Wario – (a full retail game that costs R500 is a bloody good freebie)
              NES Remix – Wii U
              Dr. Luigi – Wii U
              Dillon’s Rolling Western –(this game is brilliant, I was very impressed with it and hope they make a 3rd one)
              Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move – (also a great game)

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                I would only choose Dillon’s Rolling Western because that is the only one I’m interested in having DKCR3D…

                The rest I’ve already played eons ago and the Remix one doesn’t interest me either…

            10. BOOOOO! I do the surveys so that I can receive something exclusive from Nintendo. Something you just can’t buy anywhere else or until it pops up on eBay. This is sooo sad. The last few years have just been getting worse.

              1. I was hoping for MK8 soundtrack, too. But man. This selection… most of it is games I already own. Not often Nintendo disappoints me like this.

            11. What a disappointing year rewards, Mario Kart 8 sales didn’t push enough momentum to improve the rewards… Might as well get something… :-p

              Here’s to hoping next year will be better…

            12. This is my first year dealing with Club Nintendo, but I’ve been a platinum member for months now. So do we get to pick x number of titles shown, or just one? (For Americans, that is)

            13. Nintendo is the most greedy fucking corporation out of the big 3, “it’s a GOOD deal, your ungrateful!!!!” NO nintendo is ungrateful for it’s fans that they kicked in the balls over and over again, to many times to count and then releasing a toaster for a home console, AND IT WASN’T EVEN BUNDLED WITH BREAD…… FUCK!!!!!


              Yeah so NINTENDO doesn’t need to do this, might as well not. It at least will make me forgot how shitty they’re in this department,…. like pretty much every other department. When sony gives you, strider, murmarssi or whatever the fuck it’s spelled and more, they give you high quality new games every month for free. Just pay fucking 50$ for online a year. NOT to mention i just got a shitload of ps1 masterpieces for 1$ a piece on psn, games that would be really expensive to get physically now too…………. so yeah NINTENDO thanks so much…….. i can just buy your overpriced nes game for the same damn price.

              Well atleast i don’t have an xbox one, i did once but accidentally throw it out the window and ran it over, by accident……… it’s an ugly ass doormat. It’s pissing me off i might just smash it again.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                “Well atleast i don’t have an xbox one, i did once but accidentally throw it out the window and ran it over, by accident……… it’s an ugly ass doormat. It’s pissing me off i might just smash it again.”

                I love those wonderful words…

                1. The xbox one destroys lifes. I had one and found myslef eating MOUNTAIN DEW AND DORITOS!!! NOOOOO!!!!! IT WAS SOOOO HORRIBLE, AND IT WAS BOTH TOGETHER just to make it worse!!!!!!!! So worrying about my health i throw it out the window and then ran it over, now it’s a doormat, and i hate looking at it.

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    Sorry to hear that, but yes, too much doritos and mountain dew, I guess that’s why they call it the “Watercooler”…

              2. Your comments are as funny as ever XD

                    1. I know! It’s a fanboy wasteland now lol. There’s still some intellegant commeters like Shuhei Yoshida, but not as much as before.

                      1. I’ve noticed very hostile man children if you ask me and i’ve noticed that even with “no trolls” IT’S MORE HOSTILE THAN EVER!!!!! WTF!! They don’t even talk about games, or anything. very boring off topic
                        bullshit, and even if it is off topic it’s lame unlike before. I’m glad i left all those months ago, it was feeling dull then, like around fall time. Now it’s like just awful, i have no interest.

                        You can’t even joke around or be creative or anything anymore it seems. Just suck that nintendo cock and be mind controlled like xbox fanboys are to doritos. I hate that but there is better places to go now.

                        1. Yes. The comments section has really gone downhill. It was acually better when there were good trolls.

                          And by “better places to go”, you mean you are going to like Wii U daily or something?

                          1. The youtube gaming community. (I mean it’s YOUTUBE you can go anywhere, so it’s convenient as well) Like the community with people like blackbond, the laughing stock doc tre, shokio and all of them. Though the youtube gaming community is just as bad as this place now. It’s all about EXPOSED EXPOSED and the same old shit news story telling. Very dull now, but it’s still better than this, all people actually aren’t drones and people will agree with you if you “trash talk” nintendo and there shitty ways. Pretty much you will find the smart people of this website all over the place instead of majority of these hostile disgusting pathetic fanboys who don’t know wtf they’re defending/talking about. So yeah it’s a lot better but still isn’t that good. I know people like nuetron are there.

                            IDK but this place is dead and is probably the most hostile gaming website ever. fuck that, Anyway just for the heck of it since this is a gaming website, what games have you been playing lately?

                              1. MH3U is a great choice, probably the best game for wii u even if it’s just an glorified wii game, and i played most wii u exclusives, none of them did much for me. Though i think wii u’s better games and more fresh games as well are coming out, so hopefully they deliver.
                                I actually got pikmin 3 but haven’t touched it yet, got it for free…….

                                I’m playing older titles at the moment haha wtf right but there’s seriously i drought everywhere right now. Playing resident evil remake and shadows of the collossus (pretty close to the end in both) and after that depending i will play fatal frame 1&2, maybe jak and daxter, then i just got a ton of ps1 games for a 1$ a piece on psn (talk about crazy good deals, unlike nintendo’s poor excuse of deals) so i have quite a bit of stuff.

                                Though i might get shovelknight for wii u, the game seriously looks awesome. It’s getting a lot of positive things being said about it,

                                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                  Yes but you were more of a challenge to some of my comrades than the current ones…

                                  We need quality challenges…

                                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                    Too late, you already exposed yourself…

                                    The next troll that arrives into our base will forever be known as Anubis…


                                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                        I’m the security commanding drone itself, I am warning itself so I cannot be warned…

                                        1. Yeah, I’m definitely enjoying MH3U. However, you should really give Pikmin 3 a chance because It’s actually really fun and has a lot of replay value to it.

                                          Lol and there’s nothing wrong with playing older games ( they were fun then, and they’re still fun now). You’ve definitely made a good choice when getting Shadows of the Collossus… it’s a really awesome game!

                                          And as for what you get next, get Jack and Daxter, I’ve heard good things about it :) Plus I think you should get Shovel Knight ( am acually considering on getting it myself).

                                          Enjoys your games :)

                                          P.S: It’s good to have a smart veterian back on this site (even though I doubt you’ll stay here for long :P)

                                        2. This site beats nintendolife, they banned me for NOT calling someone an idiot and banned me longer for trying to defend myself and explaining.

                          2. Excuse me but who’s greedy again when you have Microsoft shoving Kinect to make Xbox One cost more than PS4, shove DRM/paywall, charge $60 for free online play you can get from PC, making an Xbox when there’s PC already that has the same shit and with Sony now doing Xbox Live on their consoles and make Plus DRM when you can’t play free games after sub is expired same goes for Live.

                            Nintendo makes their consoles and games as affordable and fun as possible, provide free online play regardless if it works or sucks like PSN getting hacked multiple times which never happened to NN even once. I get this rewards is disappointing but its not greed and its still compensation for our support. Looking at Xbox Live free games which is just baiting freebies to get Xbox and waste $60 a year on the same free games I can get for less than $15 right now at GameStop anyway without the Paywall and DRM hastle.


                          Now this is really a great offer. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D is an excellent game, while NES Remis, Dr. Luigi are fun. I´m going with DKCR 3D

                        3. a. Physical things I can collect are much better (such as Majora’s Mask soundtrack)
                          b. I already own every single one of these games except for the pure shit ones like Game and Wario sooooo yeah this sucks.

                        4. Lame……I would have preferred something collectible not a digital copy of a game I have….I will just wait for something cool next year…..

                        5. I agree this is terrible. I tell other what a great system and games they have and I have shelled a lot of $$$$ for this offering. This is pitiful most of these games are old or terrible to even consider. The fact that many of these are under $15 on the eshop is even worst. Nintendo fans shouldn’t get this insult for either level of loyalty. I’m just really hurt at the fact the first time I ever hit platinum and this is what I get in return. Major FAIL nintendo.

                            1. NOOO, DON’T Be UNgrAteFuL!!! We just have to spend 350$ to GET these AMZING AWARDS, WHEN the competition gives you free high quality games and sales A MONTH!!!! Just have to be 50$ a year for ONLINE. Let’s just do what the the nintendo fanboys are doing….. pull our pants down and wait for iwata to take us…….. OHH I CAN’T DO IT, IM BAILING!!!! DO AS YOU WISH!!!!!!

                        6. I must say, compare to last year, I’m disappointed with this selection. Half of these rewards I already got nor don’t want anyway. I was expecting a free Wii U game besides Wii Party U or some shit. Maybe that cool scarf Japan is getting with Hyrule Warriors. Man America is so fucking cheap.

                        7. Point 1: The comments become abundantly clear that most people don’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to world events, they can truthfully comment on there own problems within there country’s but that does not equal or amount to anything that is wrong with there country. It’s only the problems they are facing and not the whole picture (I understand that in some country’s 80% of the population are facing and fighting same problems as each other but that is not the root problem of what is wrong. The real problem is the leader of the country and the money that is backing them). As for people thinking that Americans have it great the truth is not so. The only thing great that The United States of America holds right now is the “American Dream” that people from other country’s want and believes still exists, very few people achieve this “dream” anymore. The USA is in a uncertain state of chaos as is most other country’s. There “World Leaders” or “Elected Officials” have made poor decisions. But I’m not going to get into a world political debate here on a Nintendo form.

                          Point 2: I think the reason people are upset with the games Nintendo have chosen to give us for free, is that in order to reach Platinum you’d have to have bought and owned a lot of games. So there is the problem is most people would’ve already owned these games at some point in time and sold it because they didn’t like it or didn’t play it anymore. So to them is feels like they wasted there time to become a platinum member because the end result is a game they’ve already owned at some point.

                          Point 3: If Nintendo wish to continue offering Platinum rewards this way I have no problem with it, they just need to make the selection of game more appealing to people offer more then one Wii U game ( I know there is more then “one” but they are things you could buy for cheap on the E-Shop ) I know this is the first time around for this and Nintendo are not strangers to trying new things and I’m sure if this is the way they chose to offer rewards next year the list will be better.

                        8. So instead of getting mad that Nintendo isn’t being fair to fans in other popular regions and rallying up support to convince Nintendo to offer Club Nintendo in other territories, you guys get mad at the Americans who are disappointed that the previously mentioned service is losing quality? What right do you have to tell them how to feel? If you’re disappointed that you don’t have it and they’re disappointed at the lackluster rewards list then that should tell people that Nintendo needs to work on their rewards systems, and not that Americans and all of their political issues that you barely understand are stupid. And yeah, game pricing is incredibly unfair at times but a lot more goes into setting prices than just the value of the USD, such as cost of living, etc. So stop just converting the prices from your local currency to the US Dollar and saying “look how cheap theirs is! Crybabies!”. If you’re really sick of the prices, everyone could stop buying games for the rest of the year or longer until the companies agree to always match the USD MSRP exactly. How about that?

                          Either way, especially when coming out of a time of extreme dissatisfaction and a new home console that has suffered plenty of game release droughts in its short life span, you really should offer great rewards for fans and loyal customers all over. Plus, a lot of time and money goes into earning those coins/statuses and if you really value customers sticking with and constantly buying your products and doing surveys then you should at least offer a couple exclusive rewards. What does the fan who owns all/most of these games here do? Wait til next year and spend a bunch more money along the way..?

                          Btw, Club Nintendo has been around for a while. It doesn’t make sense that it’s not available in more places…

                        9. What in the holy fuck, balls, cunt, ass, shitt, goddamn anus, titty, cocksucking, motherfucker, kinda bullshit, monkey snatch pussy fart nonsense is this? Come one nintendo. Jesus!!!

                        10. This pisses me off so bad. No physical prize at all? It’s like a bait & switch. What they hell did I amass all these points for? I could just go out an BUY one of these games if I wanted them. Club Nintendo should be for stuff you can’t get anywhere else.

                        11. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          Do any of you complain about this on Miiverse?…

                          If I had my Wii U back from repairs I would despite not being an American Nintendite…

                          1. I’m going to, you is there a way to contact them on their directly or do I have to post a complaint on a random game community?

                        12. I spent more money in games than you people from north america and we don’t have a club nintendo (saying that I spent more money in games not mean that I buy a lot of them, is that because games here costs much more, 3ds games around 50/60 dollars), I’d love have that majoras mask sound collection that once had in Club nintendo =(((( so unfair..

                        13. We had to wait 15 DAYS for them to announce THIS CRAP???? We should have at least gotten an exclusive downloadable game if they really wanted to save money and go all digital. Better yet, they could have given us a smash bros demo for EITHER Wii U or 3DS, and it would expire the day the game was released in North America. That wouldn’t have cost them anything!!! Just take the Best Buy demo and make it a Club Nintendo reward. This year’s prizes are downright insulting. Why is Japan treated better than us?

                          1. And to the people who say “stop griping”, if you don’t stand against this at some point, they’re just going to keep pushing their luck each year, making the rewards worse and worse. We have to take a stand now so that we can stop this downward spiral.

                            P.S.: I am not stupid (unlike others) and will still download one of the games.

                        14. Still nice that they offer us stuff. But come on….the quality of prizes has decreased dramatically throughout the years.
                          I really don’t have an incentive anymore to spend my time filling out their surveys if this is all the prizes are.

                          European nations…you’re not missing out on anything. It’s a scam.

                        15. As Club Nintendo fan (redeemed 2x amount for platinum) I must say the choices are crap:
                          Game and Wario – Wii U ->crappy minigame collection
                          NES Remix – Wii U -> already own
                          Earthbound – Wii U – $10 game mixed in?!
                          Dr. Luigi – Wii U – already own
                          Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D – 3DS – owned on Wii
                          Fluidity: Spin Cycle – 3DS – already own
                          Dillon’s Rolling Western – 3DS – already own
                          Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move – 3DS – already own
                          Platinum and Gold:

                          Ice Climber – Wii U – crap (own on 3DS)
                          Kid Icarus – Wii U – already own
                          Super Mario Bros. – Wii U – already own
                          Zelda II: The Adventure of Link – Wii U – already own
                          Donkey Kong 3 – 3DS – crap (own on Wii U)
                          Wario Land 2 – 3DS – eh.. maybe
                          Metroid – 3DS – already own
                          Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins – 3DS – already own

                          So my choices are Game & Wario, Earthbound, Warioland 2 or to add a duplicate on another console (DKCR 3D or Ice Climber or DK 3).

                        16. gotta love all the people bitching at the people that are upset. These are terrible games to give out for something like a platinum award considering a single game nets maybe 50 pts and a console 160 pts. that is at least 12 games you have to buy in a year if you don’t buy a new console that year. Not to mention this year’s prizes are considered terrible in comparison to past years where platinum members got statues or fancy playing cards. At least if you are giving out games give out games that are relevant to right now. Why not a Windwaker HD, the new Donkey Kong, one of the 50 new marios, any of the 3ds games that game out in the passed year. I mean they are already giving those games away in that buy a wii u and a game and get one free thing they’ve had all summer. If you are going to give shitty platinum prizes then at least up the quality of the club store content have you seen what Japan, Australia or even Europe get in comparison. Club Nintendo is a joke in North America.

                        17. I don’t care what you guys say about “but they’re free, so you should be grateful!” Yeah, no. The amount of money you need to spend to get to gold and platinum level is enormous. If they’re going to make an elite status level for people that buy a shitload of Nintendo products, they damn well better make sure they have worthy rewards for it – otherwise, don’t fucking have a rewards system.
                          This offering is pathetic.

                        18. God it’s ungrateful shitfucks like these that make me regret being born in America. These are FREE games. U asswipes don’t know how to appreciate shit. And don’t gimme that ‘you had to pkay blah blah’ crap. You didnt have to do shit. I got Elite status just by buying games i wanted, not because of Club Nintendo. And i get a FREE game for buying games that i want? Only Americans (i’m American) could be such ungrateful cunt tards. And 2 the ppl saying u could just buy them: THEN GO FUCKING BUY THEM. I’ll just get them for free.

                          1. It’s not so much as they are ungrateful for what they got. It’s mostly because they all look so CRAPPY in comparison to a few years back.

                          2. Also, many people already have the games that they wanted, and a good third of the selection of games is crap

                          3. If a company is going to offer a rewards system, and then have an ELITE STATUS TIER, and then they just offer rewards that could normally be just purchased otherwise – give me a fucking break. Yeah, it’s free. But a free bag of shit is still a bag of shit. I guess if you’re happy with free shit, then by all means, continue rolling over like a good dog for Nintendo and they’ll keep thinking that what they’re doing is a good idea and that they can keep cutting corners and being lazy when it comes to rewarding their customers. It also comes down to how North America in general tends to get screwed when it comes to rewards as opposed to Japan.

                            You know what this is? This is akin to spending hours getting rupees in Wind Waker in order to buy 30 items from the boat shop for that “special gift”, and then finding out that the gift is the shop keeper yelling “I APPRECIATE YOUUUU”.

                            And if you regret being born in America based off of comments like these, maybe you have more pressing issues to worry about.

                            1. ^^This. Thanks for the reminder, though. FUCK YOU, BEEDLE!!! YOU’RE WORSE THAN TINGLE!!! GREEDY, UNGRATEFUL ASSMUNCHER!!! Least what you got from Tingle actually did something for the game.

                        19. Currently writing an email to customer support instead of just sitting here and whining about it. I suggest you all that hate these rewards to do the same. Wish me luck!

                          1. Indeed. Contacting their support in a respectful and courteous manner and giving them feedback on the rewards is the only option available to us.

                            1. yes please give a civilized complaint over the rewards instead of bitching about it, which you shouldnt because they’re free. Even if the selection isn’t the best, a free game is a free game is a free game.

                                1. Sent the email and got what sounds like a generic reply. However, it says my concerns were forwarded to departments that could “use it as they see fit”. I hope if enough of us get our opinion out, this will never happen again.

                        20. Nintendo, I love you… But come on. The physical rewards for purchase on the site have been getting worse, and there are way fewer than there have been in the past. And now this? Come on…

                        21. Probably Game and Wario for me! It’s that or Earthbound but I wanted to actually throw money at that one to show my support! Been holding out because I haven’t had time for for a lengthy RPG.

                        22. Can someone please give me a code for donkey kong country returns 3d. Always wanted the game but never had the money for it.

                        23. I’ll just get metroid since all the other games dont really look that fun besides Dk 3d which I already play ed

                        24. So these are the ones that im most intrested which one should I get?
                          Game and Wario
                          Donkey Kong Country returns 3d(Already played it on wii)
                          Earthbound(Always wanted to try it)

                          1. I haven’t played DK country, but I can say that Game and Warrio is meh. Not as good as the microgames in previous Wario titles. There is one mode that consists of having to multitask playing microgames and hiding that is really fun, though. But other than that, the other modes are sub par.

                            Earthbound is a classic turn based RPG. If you like Snes RPGs like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, then I suggest giving this one a try. It’s pretty cheap, and I don’t know if you want to spend your free game on something worth 10$.

                            It’s your choice, though. Hope you enjoy either of the three.

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                        26. Well this is good news for me, I would have hated to miss out on any free collectibles since I’ve been lazy to register the games I’ve bought

                        27. Wow this really sucks. I already own most of these, the rest I have no interest in. So I spend well over $600 a year and spend a good chunk of time filling out surveys that other companies would actually pay for. I have been a 6-time platinum member, and a current gold member. I guess I won’t even waste my time going for platinum in 2015.

                        28. What if someone has all of those games? It should be a limited item or something like a figurine that would be made just for this occasion. Something that says thank you for being a fan and loyal consumer, not mostly $10 or less games when you spent well over $100 in the first place. Was really looking forward to putting something on my shelf…

                        29. This is BS. They should get rid of CNA already, the rewards they’ve been for the last year have been complete crap.

                          You have to spend tons of money to achieve gold and double that to achieve platinum.

                          I don’t like xbox or ps but I have to admit that even you have to pay for a subscription you get much more benefits than this shitty CN rewards.

                          The subscription for gold or PS+ is way cheaper.

                          I hate you CN

                        30. I just read every comment and everyone in here just basically turned this from a club Nintendo thing to ps4 or Xbox one discussion then to government and healthcare then to who’s the moat greedy , then came receiving things in the mail then back to angry over rewards and of course being angry over people being angry over the rewards lol it’s like we’re one big family having an argument that changes subjects every ten seconds but in the end we’re all still a family and think these rewards suck

                        31. Sweet. I’ll be getting Earthbound.

                          A lot of butthurts in the comments.

                          We don’t pay for nintendo’s online rewards, unlike Sony and Microsoft. Stop bitching

                          1. “we don’t pay for Nintendo’s online rewards”

                            Lmao! Silly me, I thought there was a thing called Club Nintendo, where you had to PAY MONEY TO BUY GAMES to be a Platinum member, which leads to “free rewards”.

                            Your logic fails

                          1. Get Earthbound if you haven’t already! Otherwise get Game and Wario. Then buy the superior Tropical Freeze for Wii U. :)

                          2. DKCR for 3DS is great and a lot of folks prefer the controls on the handheld rather than the Wii and it offers a host of new levels in the Golden Temple but if you already have it on Wii it’s essentially the same game. If your wife isn’t much of a gamer I’d suggest Game & Wario, especially if she’ll play it with you.

                            I love snagging games that my wife will play, they’re few and far between so when I can I grab them just to get to play it with her.

                          3. Donkey Kong 3 is the better game, though both are shit. If you haven’t gotten Earthbound I recommend doing so

                        32. Not to be ungrateful, but this is by far the biggest b*tch slap Club Nintendo has gave us for buying and registering their games. Getting to 600 coins is not an easy feat, and for us to choose only 1 from a list of years old games, and no physical rewards, I take it as an extremely lazy move from NoA to reward our efforts.


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                        35. I’m very glad that most people are as pissed off at this as I am. I hope Nintendo feels people’s anger and disgust and never does this again. I try so hard to reach Platinum status every year. But never again. I don’t give a rat’s ass about digital games. I have 10 Ambassador’s Program games on my 3DS, and I never play them. Digital SUCKS! Nintendo has reached a new low. And that’s coming from a fanboy. I feel SO cheated right now. (o _ O)

                        36. This is so sad, I was expecting something much better. Nintendo doesn’t know what they’re doing anymore… All of these rewards are SHIT. Like come on!

                        37. This is awesome! I have been putting off getting Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, and now I get it for free! (:

                        38. A bunch of $10-or-less, 20+year-old games, even for Gold-only members, is no way for a company to reward its loyal customers who have sank $300 or more into buying their games- I understand why everyone feels cheated, including myself.

                          I wasn’t a CN member until April (so I could take advantage of the free game for MK8) so I don’t know for sure, but, weren’t some of these current rewards offered as Platinum/Gold rewards a year ago? They didn’t even mix that up?

                          1. No, this year’s list is different. For instance; I snagged Metroid II for my 3DS last year. This year’s Gold list seems to focus on NES titles.

                            Yeah, I wish the selection was better but at least there is a selection. Nintendo gets nothing out of this and we get FREE stuff. Yeah we spend 2 minutes on a survey but that doesn’t help Nintendo enough to warrant FREE games.

                        39. I wish there would’ve been physical rewards like posters or something special for platinum members but I guess this’ll have to do. These are the most lackluster elite status rewards in my opinion. I know they’re free, but I expected there to be a calendar, at least.

                          1. *punches a wall* Hiya, Giygas. I’m one of those Platinum members you have spoken of. -.- FUCK!!!

                            1. So you bought it when it was 40% off? Damnnn that sucks. I bought it day 1 so it doesn’t really affect me. Anyway, I got DKCR3D since I never picked it up. Didn’t know that it took up a whopping 18,000 blocks though. So what did you get?

                                  1. I might give in before time runs out & at least get the original Super Mario Bros game for the Wii U. Or I might even get Dr Luigi. In the end, I might as well get SOMETHING for filling out all of those damn surveys to get the coins for the Platinum/Gold status.

                                    1. You should get Dr. Luigi. It’s a good old fashioned, fun puzzle game. You can play local co-op in that game as well. The prizes this year are disappointing, but at least Nintendo is still offering Club Nintendo while Xbox/Sony don’t have a rewards program. This Club Nintendo thing is just a bonus. The games are the true rewards.

                            2. I don’t know why they put Earthbound on sale before the rewards were announced. They should’ve initiated the sale after so that Platinum member who didn’t have Earthbound yet could’ve gotten it for free.

                        40. Thanks Nintendo …. But I don’t have the hardware to use any of these rewards :( How about something for the Wii Shop Channel ? You know, the console that everyone and their grandmother own.

                        41. If these were physical games they were offering instead of digital, it would be the greatest Platinum rewards yet. But NOOOOOO…….Everything has to get ruined by digital sh**

                        42. wtf I feel robbed of my Platinum status. I’m seriously not interested in any of those games. I would of already bought them if I were.

                        43. Platinum:

                          Game and Wario – Wii U~I don’t want a minigame game! Nintendo Land sucked for this reason since it didn’t have online!
                          NES Remix – Wii U~For what I had to do to get Platinum status, fuck no!
                          Earthbound – Wii U~I already fucking bought this! Fuck you!!
                          Dr. Luigi – Wii U~I don’t want this shit! I don’t even care for Dr. Mario or Tetris!
                          Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D – 3DS~I own the original on the god damn Wii! I don’t want to go through all of that pain & suffering again! It was challenging enough the first damn time! A 2nd time would be fucking infuriating!
                          Fluidity: Spin Cycle – 3DS~I don’t even like this name so why would I like the game!?
                          Dillon’s Rolling Western – 3DS~I don’t give a flying fuck what others think of this game. Shove it up your ass!
                          Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move – 3DS~I hated the demo of that one game in this series & I fucking hated it! Get this reward out of my fucking sight!

                          Platinum and Gold:

                          Ice Climber – Wii U~I love the Ice Climbers, Nana & Popo, & I want a remake or sequel but the original game does not interest me in the slightest. Sad to say.
                          Kid Icarus – Wii U~I love Pit but Uprising’s controls were bullshit, so I’m burned on the actual games of Kid Icarus right now.
                          Super Mario Bros. – Wii U~Sorry but this game lost it’s appeal to me once I played Super Mario Bros 3 & Super Mario World.
                          Zelda II: The Adventure of Link – Wii U~I own this already on the 3D-fucking-S thanks to the Ambassador Program for early adopters of the 3DS! They have some nerve offering this game!
                          Donkey Kong 3 – 3DS~I barely liked the original Donkey Kong, so fuck off!
                          Wario Land 2 – 3DS~Wario can kiss my ass!
                          Metroid – 3DS~I already own this, too! God damn it!!
                          Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins – 3DS~Don’t fucking want it! I’ve got enough Mario games right now!

                          FUCK YOU, NINTENDO OF AMERICA!!! YOU CONSERVATIVE CHEAP ASS FUCKTARDS!!! I’M SICK OF YOUR SHIT!!! Do I even want to fucking know what Japan got for their Platinum & Gold Status!? Yes! I do want to know! Someone tell me so I can be even more pissed the right fuck off if their rewards is actually something I want! Since our ClubNintendo is connected to the eShop, we could at least be given the chance to choose any of the damn games available in the eShop for free for those of us that reached Platinum status, but no! Nintendo of America had to pull another bullshit stunt! This is bad as fucking delaying The Last Story & Xenoblade Chronicles! Fuck, fuck, fuck you very much, NoA!

                            1. do somethig productive and waste more than 300 dollars so you can get a game that you probably already have bought instead of begging

                        44. Nintendo doesn’t have to do any of this. It’s a rewards system that you allows you to benefit from games that you would buy anyway. I like it because I’m on a budget, the physical gifts we’re cool but I like the selection of games.

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                        46. I’m really enjoying the theme/design of your website.
                          Do you ever run into any web browser compatibility problems?
                          A few of my blog readers have complained about my website not
                          operating correctly in Explorer but looks great in Chrome.
                          Do you have any advice to help fix this problem?

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