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Miyamoto Will Appear As A Guest On The Fatal Frame Presentation

We’ve already heard that Koei Tecmo and Nintendo will be providing a Fatal Frame presentation on Nico Nico, but what we didn’t know is that legendary video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto will be making a special appearance. Miyamoto will appear as well as Keisuke Kikuchi,, Shin Kibayashi (author of the manga), Mari Asato (the movie director), Ayami Nakajo and Aoi Morikawa. You can see the times for the event, below.

  • Thursday, July 17 at 2:30 PM in Sydney
  • Thursday, July 17 at 5:30 AM in London
  • Thursday July 17 at 12:30 AM in New York
  • Wednesday July 16 at 9:30 PM in San Francisco

Thanks, Aeolus

62 thoughts on “Miyamoto Will Appear As A Guest On The Fatal Frame Presentation”

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  3. Cool. Maybe he’s helping with the game. Or he is going to announce something else that is unrelated to Fatal Frame for Wii U.

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