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Rumour: GameStop Manager Says Smash Bros Wii U Will Be Bundled With One Amiibo, Launching Around November 21st

A GameStop manager has been in contact to say that he’s heard rumblings in the office that that every copy of Smash Bros for Wii U will come with a free Amiibo figure. He also says that he has been hearing that the street date for the Wii U version will be November 21st. He wishes to remain anonymous, so I can’t verify these claims. However it does sound fairly plausible. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for Nintendo to grace us with an official release date.


217 thoughts on “Rumour: GameStop Manager Says Smash Bros Wii U Will Be Bundled With One Amiibo, Launching Around November 21st”

      1. No, that means I can just have my game shopping spree the 21st instead of 20th. Besides it’ll be my Sweet 16!

    1. A day before my birthday? Please let this be true! Also, we should be friends. Just because of the birthday thing.

    2. Its 2 days before my birthday!!! Thats when i get my Wii U!! My little brother laughed at me for wanting Wii U with Smash and RE revelation instead of Ps4 with advanced warfare and battlefield but hey its Smash brothers!

      1. Anyone find it funny that older teens (such as my best friend and myself) and adults want a Wii U but kids younger than 16 want a PS4.

        1. Actually I’m 14 and I want a wii u and a ps4, (mainly for kingdom hearts 3) even though wii u is way better. I had the choice to get any of the next gen consoles and I got the Zelda wii u bundle then my 16 year old brother got mad because he wanted a ps4.

        2. I find it ironic, but it makes sense. Because older teens are more mature and say, “if the game is fun, i’ll play it.” But all the little kids are like “BLOOD GORE AND GOOD GRAPHICS! THIS IS WHAT THE TEENS LIKE, SO I’LL BE COOL!”. Just put the first quote in a deep, voice that has voice cracks and the second really squeaky and high pitched.

    3. That sounds very convenient if the release date is true. And come on people let’s be realistic the Amiibo is going to be Reggie Fils-A-Mec with his “My Body is Ready” look.

        1. Same here, followed by Power Suit Samus, Zero Suit Samus, Lucina, Charizard, Pikachu, Mario, Bowser, Pacman, Megaman, Sonic, etc. In fact, thinking about it, I want Ridley revealed as playable just for the god damn chance to own a fucking amiibo of his ass! Fuck the haters! I want my god damn Ridley figurine! So fuck ’em! lol

    1. I doubt having them release on the same day will be an issue. They’re both must have titles and on different consoles.

  1. It should be Captain Falcon, but it better not be his dumb kicking stance, I want him doing the Yes!! emote, a falcon punch, or the Knee of Justice.

      1. Same. I’m not too thrilled with the idea of them doing a pose that involves that stick up their back or ass. I would feel like I should leave it in the god damn packaging so it won’t break. @.@

  2. I’ve heard rumblings that Goku will be confirmed for SSB and Hyrule Warriors on September 25th. He will have a regular Amiibo as well as S.S. levels I-IV Amiibo figures.

    I wish to remain anonymous.

    1. You know what would be great? If Sakurai puts in a Pokemon type mode into SSB for people who have Amiibos.

      You pick 3 amiibos that you own and you battle against another person and his 3 amiibos.

      When one is eliminated, you have 5 seconds to put another Amiibo in to battle.

      You can battle with any amount of amiibos. From one Amiibo to 3 but you have to own them obviously.

      1. I thought of something similar, inspired by the pokemon battle event from SSBM.
        There should be a setting so that you can only take damage from items. So that way, us players can set the only item to pokeballs and the item rate on high. set for 3 stock. then you run around the stage trying to dodge your enemy’s pokemon attack while you summon your pokemon to counterattack. this would be even better in melee, because there is not limit to how many pokemon can be on stage.

    1. Imagine if they slowly start putting in Capcom characters like Ryu or maybe a Resident Evil character which leads up to a Nintendo Direct where Nintendo announces the acquisition of Capcom!

        1. The internet will explode! N4G, MNN, VGC, IGN and other websites will explode in butthurt comments of people who say,”How can Nintendoom by Capcom, the Wee U iz ded!

      1. Honestly they should buy Sega and platinum. Sega actually has a bigger list of IP, not just sonic, but house of the dead, golden ax, vactorman ….and platinum would would give them a wide range of interesting T and M rated IP like bayoneta and mad world.

        1. Both are good but. I mean you are pitting Sonic, House of the dead, and vactorman against Megaman, Resident evil, Dead rising and Streetfighter which are very popular.._ especially Resident evil which is the biggest franchise out of all Sega and Capcom franchises.

          1. I agree with you completely but there is also one more factor. What is Sega releasing as of late? Sonic games. Where do Sonic games sell best? They arguably sell best on Nintendo platforms.

            Nintendo already has a Sega audience but they dont have many mature titles. Capcom can help with this and bring in

            1. I agree with you completely but there is also one more factor. What is Sega releasing as of late? Sonic games. Where do Sonic games sell best? They arguably sell best on Nintendo platforms.

              Nintendo already has a Sega audience but they dont have many mature titles. Capcom can help with this and bring in the mature crowd.

              Games like Dead Rising, RE and MH. Along with games like Mega Man to treat the nostalgic gamers.

      2. I think Fighting game tournaments would take a huge hit if Nintendo bought Capcom, Wii U isnt really compatible with other system controllers and there is no real wired option for the Wii U (other than the upcoming adapter for gamecube controllers) which is very important in the fighting game community

      3. Wait, isn’t Resident Evil rated M? I’m pretty sure Nintendo has a policy for super smash that says that they won’t insert characters from rated M games, so that the rating of super smash doesn’t go up. But yeah, I want then to add Ryu, Chun-Li, M.Bison, and Zero (if shulk isn’t announced).

        1. Snake is from a rated M game. Me personally, I want Bayonetta. But that’s probably not gonna happen because she looks too “suggestive” or whatever. Why is it that you can never have a sexy AND badass character? Maybe if people stopped focusing on just her looks, they’d realize how good a fighter she is. >_>

      4. xD Oh that would be fucking awesome! This is the only way I’ll be cool with any more Capcom characters getting into SSB4. In fact, Megaman would no longer be a 3rd party rep for SSB4. xD

        1. And this would leave a third 3rd party character slot open for the taking. Not Snake, though. Konami can keep him away.

  3. YES!!! That makes GameStop the second retailer with November 21 as the rumored date, Toys’R’Us has been listing that date as well, here’s hoping it’s true. It’s the same day as Pokémon OR/AS as well so I can pick them all up at once! Ntm the date makes sense since Black Friday is November 28, they’ll want that game, the controller/adapter and the SSB/Wii U bundle on store shelves for Black Friday if they’re smart.

  4. i saw someone post a toys r us leak on instagram a few days ago. im guessing either thats the date or before. this game won’t be released in december we all know that. i hope there is a wii u bundle as well that has a logo and not just black

  5. If whining by random people on the internet were a factor they should care about at all (which it isn’t), they really should go for just bundling someone “non-controversial” like Mario or whatever.

  6. u guys forget link between worlds and 3d world hit the same day last year so yesssssss this seems believable

  7. A GameStop manager? I guess we can rule out SoSorry and Imaginary Commander then… we all know they’d never rise above janitorial duties. But ya know, nothing wrong with that! Someone’s gotta do it.

    1. You can only rule out sasori since he’s just a punk kid. Quadraxis, on the other hand, is in college. Wait. Are you one of those people that get all mad he’s role playing?

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        It probably is, I just get more energy and power from all their self-afflicted butthurt…

        1. You feed off both the love & hate from everyone. Just like people like John Cena. Both feelings toward you feed you onward ever forward.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                I see…

                I guess I’m worse since people gets mad just by looking at my name…

                It’s so pathetic…

                1. Oh trust me. If a wrestling fan just so happens to come across these comments & doesn’t like Cena, he’ll most likely get mad at just seeing his name. lol That’s how bad some people really dislike the guy now.

  8. The release date is perfect if true. A week before Black Friday with the amiibo. They may be the next Tickle Me Elmo causing parents to murder each other in stores. This could be huge for Nintendo. Bundling an amiibo with the game is a great idea.

  9. Am I the only one getting Amiibos just because they’re toys? :P I don’t even care what they do in the game. I probably won’t even use em. But I’m gonna collect them just to have… And play with. Lol. XD

    1. Nope, I want them on a shelf in my room just to show off and admire. The DLC is just an added bonus. 😄

    2. If any of them have that god damn stick up their ass to keep them attached, I’ll definitely be keeping them IN the packaging for safe keeping to never be used. I’ll be like fucking Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory & go all psycho on anyone that even tries to remove it from the package.

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      1. I must have Ike, Lucina, Marth, kirby, fox, sonic….at this rate might as well just say ALL OF THEM!!!!!

        1. I want em all too. :3 I think I might just get the ones I mainly want though. I guess I’ll start with Rosalina since she’s my favorite Nintendo character ever. :D

          1. Well I’ll probably start out with Kirby cuz I heard they’re only releasing 10 at launch. Then when more come out I’ll get all the obscure Nintendo character and 3rd party amiibos (fire emblem, f zero, megaman, sonic, pacman).

        2. pink0crystal0midbus

          I’ll eventually collect all of them. If I slowly collect them all, then it won’t feel like a ton of money! LOL!

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  14. The bundles should be randomized and kept secret until the buyer opens it up, that way it’s fair for everyone rather than “first come, first serve”.

    1. It’s obvious that if true every bundle will come with a mario amiibo. I’m sorry but mario as iconic as he is is not as awesome a fighter as the others.

      1. Actually in my personal opinion Mario is a very well balanced character and is viable for competitive play

    2. How is “first come first serve” not fair. If the release date is in advance then anyone who wishes to make a purchase can PLAN accordingly.

      Besides, life is not fair. So grow up, stop whining, and accept it like all others who possess at least some strength.

  15. If one really is bundled i’d assume it’d just come with one of the random ones shown at E3, and hopefully the right side of the box is clear/transparent so you can see the figure yours comes with. If it’s blind and I got Peach or something i’d be a tiny bit sad lol. (Even though I am good with her in Smash, I don’t really need her amiibo…)

    1. pink0crystal0midbus

      I bet you it will be either Mario, Link, Kirby or Donkey Kong. I also bet you that you will be able to choose which amiibo you want lol! Nintendo knows enough not to make it a secret and piss someone off if they got an amiibo they didn’t even want.

      1. In all likelihood Nintendo will probably bundle the game with an EXCLUSIVE Amiibo that cannot be purchased outside of the bundle. Think about it. They are very clever and will make more money from people who are going to collect them all. Kind of like McDonald’s Happy Meal toys. Their crummy food is bundled with the toy causing the consumer to spend more money out of pocket if they want to have a COMPLETE collection.

        Has anyone noticed the overwhelming amount of people here that have stated their desire to collect them all? Also there are many people who are toy collectors that will buy these Amiibo as a collectors item investment.

        Again, think about it.

  16. If this happens. I know what I’m getting for my Birth Day!!! :D I love November it gets the best movies, the best games, the best books. I just wish the weather was nice here in New England :/

    No pool parties for me on my birthday…

    1. New England huh? I plan on going to college in Massachusetts next year if everything works out, more specifically Boston University, can’t wait. So…weather isn’t nice? Well that’s a bummer…

  17. Sounds unrealistic for it to release on the same day as Pokemon.
    But I hope the thing with the amiibo bundles is true. And if it is, it would be great if there were bundles with different amiibos to choose from and not just the same amiibo for everyone, like, I don’t know, Mario or something. Nothing against Mario, but I’d rather have Bowser or Ike. q:

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  20. omg yes!!!!!! :D please lets this be its only fair that nintendo try to make up lost money on wii u, so I’d like amiibo trophies and amiibo stickers I think 5.99 sounds reasonable for minor characters and $10 or $15 for more important characters please Nintendo im willing to pay id be good business also if you can give me a season pass at and other dlc would be cool too im willing to pay up to $50 each or 150 per pack! think about it!Iit’s good business. I Dont think its fair to give me a complete game in return for buying ur game. Times are changing and if u keep giving a full game 4 paying full price, ull go out of business. :'( I cant live in a world where leapfrog would have to substitute my need for kid games.

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  22. Can you only preorder the bundle through gamestop or can it be done through some other store like best-buy? I’m looking online and no one really has it listed :[

  23. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

    i hope the police take some of these “grown men” to the mental institution hospital for mental help.

          1. You grow up, punk. Only immature people feel they have to avoid anything remotely kiddy to feel like an adult. Oh & you should know video games are practically toys themselves. If I shattered your concept of what it means to be mature, good. It’s time you are shown reality before it’s too late.

      1. He’s a stupid little bitch ass kid that thinks playing mature games makes him some badass. Just bash him like we always do, since it’s what he apparently likes. Fucking god damn masochist.

    1. haha isn’t this the same guy that can’t buy M rated games cuss his mom says otherwise (new here so still getting used to the usuals) XD

        1. I don’t suppose he’s in a position to talk about who’s “grown” and who’s not then. The levels of exposing are going through the roof commander! MAKE IT STAHP D:

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Oh if you have read the countless of exposures several of us have done…

            The word has lost its meaning…

      1. I’m a usual but I dont comment much I usually just stick to the shadows (walks back into the shadows while moving my hands around mysteriously like the penguins from Madagascar)

        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

          You know, I no longer think the Xbot is a pathetic ape anymore, a disgusting bug is more like it, don’t you agree?

                1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                  He is beyond help now. He’s already lost his humanity because just about everyone already degraded his humanity to being a a mere lolcow for entertainment purposes.

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    Admiral, what is HollowGrapeJ’s trolling account?…

                    I’m too occupied with the wars to notice such details…

                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            -Too much corruption around our sacred territory-

                            -Upgrade initiated-

                1. Off topic, but can somebody please help me? As of recently, I’ve been extremely disappointed with the Wii U and I am almost at the point of selling it. I was originally planning on keeping it and getting a PS3, but I don’t know how much longer I can last with it. I missed out on the entire last generation of games and I really want to get a PS3 as soon as possible to get the games. I don’t know what to do. I’ve enjoyed playing Mario Kart 8 since last month, but now I’m already kind of bored with it. I even stopped playing my Wii U for 2 weeks straight. It feels as though I’m losing touch with the Nintendo side of me. :/ More and more of the games I like keep getting on other consoles I don’t have and I’m getting sadder and sadder each time I see a game get delayed on the Wii U. I’d imagine that if I sold my Wii U and all of it’s games I have, I’d already have more than enough for a new PS3 right there. So can somebody please convince me before it’s too late? Smh… I just don’t understand. :(

                  1. Get the ps3 hell get the ps4 instead. I’m sorry man but if you could only have one get the one that’ll have more games. This is coming from a guy that owns a 2ds, wii u, ps3 and soon a ps4. That white ps4 destiny bundle tho.

                    1. Ok. Idk about PS4 though. I’ll get around to that later. Right now I’m must concerned with all the games I missed last generation. Thanks for the advice though.

                      1. No problem dude. I prefer playstation myself (cuz it gets multiplats plus jrpgs sony exclusives etc). But I just can’t live without smash bros and fire emblem. I don’t even care about mario anymore just smash.

                  2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    If you become a Sonyan then so be it…

                    Just don’t become a Sonyan extremist or we will be forced to destroy you…


                    1. Question if I may but why are you a fanboy mate? You should just be a gamer and enjoy everything gaming has to offer. Just my 2 cents.

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        Just a suggestion or advice, don’t take everything I say too seriously or you might get braindamaged like some people who takes gaming beyond seriousness…

                        Just an advice…


                    2. I won’t become a “Sonyan” I respect all three companies. I don’t know. I may keep my Wii U for Smash Bros since Brawl was so much fun and the new Zelda and Splatoon look pretty good. But it’s taking too long to come. Honestly, I’m considering even selling this thing as fast as tomorrow if I have to. I just don’t know what to do! I’m stuck deciding between two of my favorite gaming companies. Sony and Nintendo. One is telling me to stay and not to go to the other side, but the other is telling me to go on ahead and try new things. :( Remember, I’ve never owned a non Nintendo system before, that’s why it’s so difficult. Ugh.

                      1. Nintendo is my Blood

                        HGJ… give the U a little more time, we have Hyrule Warriors next month (which I see from your profile pic, you are looking forward to yes?)
                        and then Bayo 2 and SSB, alot of things will come out next year but if you are buying Pokemon ORAS, that will keep you entertained for a long time depending on how hardcore a Pokemon player you are.

                        In the mean time, go replay a Wii U game you haven’t played in a while, if you have WWHD try go for the 100% challenge or a 3-heart run

                        1. Yeah, Hyrule Warriors and Smash Bros are what I’m looking foward to the most. And Bayonetta 2 as well. I have WWHD, but I am still relatively new to these games. I’ve only played ALBW and it is nothing like Wind Waker. I’m kind of lost right now because I’m a noob. :P Splatoon and Zelda U are my most hyped 2015 Nintendo games. Followed by Yoshi’s Woolly World and Mario vs Donkey Kong. Ok, maybe I change my mind. I’ll give my Wii U some more time. I’ll buy a PS3 for my other games. It’ll take a long time to do that though and I’m really impatient. But hopefully, Hyrule Warriors can hold me over. Oh, and #Lanaisbest :P

                      2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        I’d advise you to keep your Wii U until Smash Brothers…

                        Many who sells their Nintendo systems regrets it sooner or later, trust me…

                        But I understand your position…

                        1. Nintendo is my Blood

                          It is tough being a Nintendo fan because Nintendo set the standard so high for video games that anything they do afterwards may not be as good as the nostalgic memories we all have of playing Pokemon Red on our 8-bit LCD GameBoy screens while on holiday from school.

                          It will never feel the same but Nintendo are still the best
                          My motto is: If you buy Nintendo for 3rd party, you will regret it
                          All the best Nintendo games were made by 1st or 2nd party

                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


                            It’s just sad that our young padawans like HGJ are too young to have experienced the true age of gaming where only gameplay and challenges matter and not the abominations we see today…

                            But one thing we higher ranked veterans needs to do is to demand more games from High Command and at a faster pace…

                            And less defective Gamepads…

                            1. True, I wasn’t born back then to be able to experience old games back when gaming was getting big. I’m part of the new generation where gamers care more about graphics than gameplay and stuff. And I admit, it has rubbed off on me… Graphics do affect my decision on purchasing certain games. I remember when I popped in Mario Kart 8 and was amazed at all the wonderful details in it. And then I downloaded MK64 (never played it before) and I have to say… The smile on my face quickly turned into a frown followed by a “Wait, what? It used to look like this? Lol.” I don’t care too much about graphics though. I just like the way they look in some of the newer games because they’re so good to look at. :3

                              1. Nintendo is my Blood

                                I suppose that would be the downfall to being born in this age, that you will never be able to experience the “newness” that was video games at the time

                                But once you experience things such as Pokemon, it has become better without walking off the path of what it originally was

                              2. I’ve been around since the Atari 2600 days. And graphics never made TOO much of a big deal to me. But when I got a Wii U and saw HD graphics for the first time, it sorta spoiled me in some ways. But I can still play NES and SNES games and appreciate what they were (and in many cases, still are).

                                I didn’t think I could stand playing The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask in this day & age (with those super blurry and dark N64 graphics). But I started playing the Gamecube port (on the Zelda Collector’s Edition disc) with my niece, and it wasn’t as bad looking as I thought it would look. I guess it depends on what game or series it is. For example, I can’t tolerate looking at the original Super Mario Kart. Those graphics (and mode 7 scaling) are hard on my eyes. Especially with my astigmatism.

                                1. Most games ranging from 16 bit to 3D to HD are ones I can deal with. You can’t even pay me to play 8 bit. No way. That just hurts my eyes. Most N64 games look good to me. The one thing I hate about HD is that they make the words SO FREAKING SMALL. Absolutely hate that.

                                  1. That’s a shame you feel that way about 8 bit games. My NES collection is my most proud collection. I have nearly every game in the US library of NES games. Went broke many times to achieve that.

                                    1. Sorry, I just can’t stand 8 bit graphics. I don’t care too much about graphics, but 16 bit is the end of the line for me.

                        2. If you’re able to buy back the Wii U by next year or at least next year then i say go for it you can play ps3 for the next few months and hopefully by the time all the games you want for Wii U come out you’ll have enough to buy a new one. Maybe juat hold on to whatever games you would want later on

                          1. Oooohhhh, right. That’s the thing that I forgot to mention. If I sell my Wii U, I’m getting a PS3. And then my goal is to later focus on the PS4. The plan would have to be to never look back. If I sell my Wii U again, I most like won’t be buying one for the rest of the generation. I probably should’ve said that earlier. XD

                    3. Dude I’m starting to feel the same way almost, though virtual console games are keeping me busy. Golden Sun, Advance Wars, Mario Tennis Power Tour (yes you heard right: Mario Tennis, from the same studio that brought you the masterful Golden Sun it is definitely an amazing sports rpg, and I’m not even into tennis XD) I have some other VC games but you prob played them already (Earthbound, Megaman 2, Mario & Luigi superstar saga).

                    4. Be sure to eradicate your NNID, if you do. I don’t want to get on my Wii U one night & come across some little douchebag in the form of you. >.< But I highly suggest waiting at least for September for Hyrule Warriors & Smash 4, so we can work together, or against each other, online on those games since they might be the only chance we ever play video games online, because I'm not going to be doing online on the Playstation 4, that's for damn sure, even if I do own one at some point. But anyway, it's a shame you are a sucker for 3rd party games. In fact, if you are gone from Wii U, I'll have yet ANOTHER reason to trash Ubishit for their delaying games & damaging the Wii U's reputation.

                      1. Yeah, I’m not feeling the Wii U right now. Had it been 2015 or something, I’d be having the best time ever with the system. If I’d have known Wii U would have went through all this, my idiot ass would’ve gotten a PS3 from the start. And in addition, they would’ve had way better bundles. I’m a sucker for third party and I can’t live with it. I haven’t had a third party game since April 2013. NFSMW. If I keep missing out on them, I’m going to go insane. XD Third party games are like my food I need to eat to survive. Nintendo games are kind of like dessert for me. They are best served after the main course. But I’ve been eating so much dessert that It’s gotten to the point where I just need to not pick up any cookies at all until I take a long break. :P I do not hate it, it just simply didn’t have all the games I wanted. If I sell my Wii U, I will still regularly come here and defend the Wii U. If I had the other consoles, I wouldn’t even be having this conversation, so you can understand, right? :)

                        1. 50/50 since I’m 50% into Nintendo 1st party titles & 50% into 3rd party titles, so it’s no real problem for me when there is a lack in 3rd party support. So unlike you, I’ll actually survive just fine with the lack in them. >.<

                    5. I am a very big nintendo fan still enjoying smash brawl this many years later. Although I hate to say this, get the Ps3 if you aren’t enjoying Mk8 anymore, if you aren’t going to play smash Wiiu, or aren’t looking forward to any other wiiu games.

                      On the other hand, you could use the opportunity the get some of the
                      Wii games you haven’t gotten to experience yet, I recommend: Paper Mario,Both galaxies, Kirby’s return to dreamland, epic yarn, and even the extremely costly Xenoblade chronicals

                      1. You can also emulate the Wii games on a PC quite easily too. I actually had a Wii U and sold it while I could still get $250 for it used. I just emulate any older Wii game that I want to play. The only one I know of that doesn’t work is Skyward Sword.

                  3. ==========================

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                    In the title cut scene for Super Smash Bros. for N64, we see all the characters are toys, and the stages are the toy owner’s imagination. Now, we are becoming the toy owner, since we own the characters, with the new Amiibo.

                  6. Would be cool if it was a random figure and not the same! Then everyone had a different start figure~

                    If it would be the same, I would imagine it being Mario

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                  9. Would not be surprised really. If they want Amiibo to sell they need to push it. If they give one away with a big game like Smash Bros you’re going to get people to try it. They don’t need a portal of power to use them, just the GamePad that they already have. If you give someone something they’re going to at least try it, so they’ll gain sales from other Amiibo figures if people like it. So unless it doesn’t deliver anything of value, it should boost the sales.

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