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Sakurai Explains Why Chrom Isn’t Playable In Smash Bros, Says He Lacks Any Unique Characteristics

Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai says that he cut Chrom from the roster because he lacks any unique characteristics. Sakurai explains that he thought long and hard about adding Chrom, but he decided that Chrom would just end up being too similar to the other sword-wielders like Marth and Ike. Here’s plenty of information about the inclusion and Chrom and other characters in Smash.

“We’ve just announced two new characters who will be joining the fray in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U. One is Robin, the avatar from Fire Emblem: Awakening, and the other is Lucina, a swordswoman who plays an important role in the same title. I’ll skip over the details.”

“What? Not Chrom!?” I suspect a lot of you will ask. Of course, Chrom is quite popular, being the protagonist of FE:A and all. However, I chose Robin and Lucina, and I will elaborate on my reasoning.”

“Robin appears in the game as a Tactician and functions much like a Mystic Knight (note: FF terminology, but equivalent to magic swordsman). I thought to utilize his all-around nature by assigning swordplay to his Smash attacks and magic tomes to his special attacks–that is, allow him to use magic.”

“His neutral special is thunder magic that grows stronger the larger you charge it. He uses fire magic for his side special, and wind magic for recovery as his up special. Although Robin doesn’t use dark magic in FE:A, I decided to assign it as his down special. It isn’t the first time I’ve given moves to a character that they don’t use in their respective game in order to capture certain aspects of the original title.”

“I also implemented the system used in FE:A, in which tomes break after overuse. Likewise, I included a similar system for the Levin Sword, which breaks after a certain number of uses. However, both the tomes and the Levin Sword will quickly regenerate after a set period of time.”

“Lucina uses the same techniques as Marth, a fighter with whom I’m sure most of you are already familiar. I even went so far as to make their strength, speed, and special attacks almost identical.
However, what sets Lucina apart is the fact that the strength of her attacks is uniform along the blade. Marth’s playstyle emulates the elegant swordplay of a fencer by dealing more damage when he strikes with the tip of his blade, but the damage Lucina deals is evened out. Thus, I think that Lucina will be much easier than Marth for novice players to play with.”

“I played all the way through FE:A and really wanted to include a character from that rich cast in Smash Bros. Naturally, I considered adding Chrom to the roster, but the decision wasn’t easy by any means.”

“At the end of the day, Chrom would just end up being another plain-old sword-wielder like Marth and Ike. Compared with other characters, he lacks any unique characteristics.
Conversely, when the idea of including Robin came to mind, conceiving the character was so easy that I immediately saw how it would work. From standards to specials, grabs to throws, all aspects of his moveset just fell into place. Not only did he possess characteristics unlike other fighters, but he also captured the essence of the Fire Emblem series. It was perfect!”

“In the end, if a game isn’t fun, then there’s no point. Of course, it would be really easy to make a game by churning out a ton of similar characters, but that’s not how I produce games.”

“Initially, I had considered including Lucina as one of Marth’s alternate costumes. After all, she has a close relationship with him in FE:A. In such cases, even if two characters’ names and voices differ, as long as they function the same way, I assign them as alternate costumes. The Wii Fit Trainers, Villagers, and Robin are examples of this setup.”

“However, even though Lucina shares her physical stats and techniques with Marth, the characteristics of their attacks differ. When two such similar characters function in an even slightly different manner, I give them a separate spot on the roster since that will affect battle records and whatnot. In that sense, you could say she was very lucky to join the fray!”

Thanks to those who sent this in.

198 thoughts on “Sakurai Explains Why Chrom Isn’t Playable In Smash Bros, Says He Lacks Any Unique Characteristics”

  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    Our empire really needs to cut that garbage talk about “novice” gamers…

    We veterans couldn’t care less and they should learn to play, not handed everything at day one…

    This is why we have more retards in this world than ever and increasing…

    1. This game isn’t for veteran gamers only though. Naturally, they want to attract new people to the series too, people who haven’t played SSB before, people who aren’t experienced. So including easy-to-play characters isn’t too surprising, really. It’s a smart move, even.
      I would understand your complaint if the whole roster was made out of “novice characters” only, but it isn’t. It has something for everyone, veterans and beginners.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        In other words, further proving my point that games just become easier each generation because “gamers” today are lazy and retarded…

        This is why we have these graphic lovers or spec lovers today because they already get the learning experience of gaming cut out almost entirely…

          1. “Chrom would just be another generic swordsman” wat. Lucina is HARDLY more Unique than Chrom, atleast Chrom doesn’t look like a female clone of Marth. It’s fucking bullshit. It’s so fucking stupid it hurts.

        1. I’m guessing you know nothing about business, because they it’s the best way to make a profit because if it’s too hard, then new people won’t buy it and they will lose money

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            The irony is that this is exactly why our empire has been losing momentum the last couple of years…

            Because it got the “kiddy” reputation partially because many games were easier than the previous generations…

            1. Yeahhhh sure Dark souls 1 and 2 is a easy game lol and if you talk about Nintendo theres Donkey Country: Tropical Freeze right ?

                  1. Because in the game *spoiler alert* Lucina dresses and acts like Marth, so her being a Marth clone makes much more sense than Chrom being a Marth clone. Plus, Lucina is a female, Sakurai is adding more females to the roster because past entries have too few female playable characters.

                    1. Heh, speaking of Fire Emblem & difficulty, The Sacred Stones, Shadow Dragon, & Awakening were way easier than FE for GBA, Path of Radiance, & Radiant Dawn. & because of TSS, SD, & Awakening’s easy difficulty (even on a high setting), they’re by far my least favorite. I blame the non-campaign battles, which ruined the balance of leveling up; & their offer of super-strong classes, which is self-explanatory. & sure, I also share in some of the blame for engaging in those non-campaign battles & thirsting for more power (I was corrupted). I just wish the series was more focused on the campaign (& all that entails), & left non-campaign battles out, or in a seperate mode, or focused on Arenas for leveling up. Whatever, the door on unbalanced choices should’ve been closed tight like FE GBA, PoR, & RD. Then again, Awakening apparently saved the franchise.

                    2. @Anonymous: I don’t mind the casual setting for the game. It doesn’t effect the enjoyment of those that prefer to take the hard route of the game since they can just ignore the easy settings. It’s silly to complain about the option for an easier difficulty since it’s just that: an option.

          2. ^ This is true. When I first started gaming, games were not hard at all and actually starting to get easier. If they still had SNES level of difficulty to this day, well let me just say that I would have a different hobby instead… Games had the right level of difficulty for me. I find myself struggling to play Nintendo’s older games. Of course I’m not gonna buy something that’s too hard. If you were born back then and played Nintendo games from like NES, then sure, you can just say I’m a noob or whatever and just suck it up, but it’s not my fault games were like that as I was growing up. You guys have to remember that they still DO cater to veterans as long as you just put it on hard mode. Most games today have a hard mode too. And don’t forget about the Wii and how that became a success. Tons of new people started gaming and they just found the games with the Wii simple and easy to use. And that right there is $$$ for Nintendo. XD

        2. What does this have to do with the game being easier though ? You can adjust the difficulty of your opponents, the game being easy or hard doesn’t really have much to do with how easy a character is to get used to. Easy-to-play characters usually are weaker than the challenging ones, in terms of strength or attack power, so people choosing those novice characters are most likely going to have a hard time dealing with opponents on the hardest difficulty anyway. Besides, SSB is a game that’s mostly played online or with friends, and you can’t choose how difficult or easy it’s going to be to beat them, you can’t choose their difficulty level, after all.
          I get your point with games getting easier and easier and I agree with you on that one, it really sucks. But this is a fighting game where you can actually choose the difficulty, which you mostly can’t do in other games like platformers or something, so the whole “games getting too easy” thing doesn’t apply here, in my opinion.

          1. Small corrections on my own behalf:
            *People who are new to the series are going to have a hard time dealing with opponents on the hardest difficulty.
            And *characters that are easy to get used to deal lower damage per attack, but if you know how to play with them, you’ll still be able to make a great deal of damage.
            Didn’t mean to come off rude, calling some characters weak or anything. Just wanted to clarify that. d:

          2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            What bothers me the most besides making a game easier in some way is the promotion of it…

            This will further alienate other empires…

            1. Heh, speaking of Fire Emblem & difficulty, The Sacred Stones, Shadow Dragon, & Awakening were way easier than FE for GBA, Path of Radiance, & Radiant Dawn. & because of TSS, SD, & Awakening’s easy difficulty (even on a high setting), they’re by far my least favorite. I blame the non-campaign battles, which ruined the balance of leveling up; & their offer of super-strong classes, which is self-explanatory. & sure, I also share in some of the blame for engaging in those non-campaign battles & thirsting for more power (I was corrupted). I just wish the series was more focused on the campaign (& all that entails), & left non-campaign battles out, or in a seperate mode, or focused on Arenas for leveling up. Whatever, the door on unbalanced choices should’ve been closed tight like FE GBA, PoR, & RD. Then again, Awakening apparently saved the franchise.

        3. No dude. I want more people to play with me when I play smash, so if I’m playing with someone who has never played before, if they can find a character they can easily pick up and play as while I can beast mode Link and they can still ENJOY playing even if I win most of the time, THAT is awesome. I want more people to play with. Choosing to exclude others because or your self-righteous worth as a “gamer” can’t allow, is entirely moronic. I implore you to think on it, man. Let’s be inclusive, not exclusive.

        4. I agree COMPLETELY. I read your comment and really enjoyed the part where you mentioned games are becoming easier ’cause “gamers” are lazy and retarded. I mean really, all those COD kids and children enjoying the new SSB should seriously go fuck off to casual land because the are just filthy FILTHY casuals.

          Just kidding!

          Fuck you, you stupid bitch.

          Obama is funding ISIS and Fukushima irradiated all our food.
          I guess its a good thing all I eat is PUSSY.

      1. @Marce: I particularly found DeDeDe to be tricky to play as. He’s rather slow, his B+up is impossible to time, and has a luck based attack. And Jiggilypuff is a tougher one too- you need to have really good timing and mobility to be good as her.

        But Marth? He’s definitely not a hard character, like you said. He was my main man in Melee, and I must have been under 10 years old when I first played it- he wasn’t hard back then. And besides, the game is rated T for teen, and babying the players isn’t really necessary.

        1. Now that you mention it, I find Jigglypuff to be harder to master than others, but I’m blaming balance and small hitboxes for that one, not complexity. Never really had much of a problem with DeDeDe, since he has a good reach and recovery.

      2. Brawl started the “easy mode” I believe. Characters like lucas for instance. He’s I guess the Lucina form of Ness. His moves are more powerful and tend to have a bigger hit range.

        1. Not really. Lucas is quite a bit different than Ness, he’s slower, stronger, different hitboxes and sweetspots, different follow-ups and different moves, and Ness is actually the higher tier character. Lucina plays almost identical to Marth, the only confirmed differences are her sword’s knockback being more balanced throughout the blade compared to Marth’s focus on tippers, and she’s shorter which probably means less range.

          1. I prefer Lucas’s play style compared to Ness. He’s easier to fight with and his fully charged UP smash is basically KO.

    2. The catch is that easy to play characters are bound to be weaker or less effective all-round. So, for the novice who learnt the basics through an ‘easy’ character, to get better after that they’d have to pick a more advanced character. Which they then can, as they’ve have been able to practice the game mechanics.

      Also, easy to play characters were in Smash since the first game. It isn’t like you learnt it with the hardest character…

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        No, we all started as beginners…

        The difference today and yesterday is that today gamers get everything “pre-installed”, no one wants to experience the joy of learning real skills anymore…

    3. You’re prolly really bad at smash anyway, and are prolly a novice skill level player, stfu please

        1. Sure are a lot of people getting pissy about your opinion, Quadraxis. Then again, this isn’t anything new for you. >.< Carry on, comrade!

            1. I’m surprised I haven’t gotten any flack for my name yet. Then again, I don’t role play my name sake as much as you tend to do with yours. >.< I just haven't felt the urge to do so… YET!! Oh & since one person can't stand it when you do it… There we go… This outta do it… lol…

      1. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

        Nice fedora you’re wearing, my man. You must get all the m’ladies, you alpha male, you.

    4. That’s pretty simple-minded, games are for everyone, not just veterans. I don’t really see how including easy-to-use characters is even hurting veterans, or making people “retarded”? One character in a game will probably not cause mental illness. I also don’t understand what “handed everything at day one” even means, since you unlock things as you play in Smash. I’m even a veteran myself and I can honestly say that you don’t speak for all of us with that strict mind of yours, I’m happy to see new people get a chance to enter the world of smash.

    5. I believe that in a game as immensely popular as Smash bros, catering to what novice/casual gamers like is important. I would dislike more than the smallest amount, but adding Lucina as well as Robin seems like a smart move at the end of the day. New players often perform better with sword characters at first, leading to Marth as a good pick up. How well one does has an impact on their overall experience of the game, and taking away Marth’s advanced mechanic will help with this.
      Lucina will pretty much serve Roy’s purpose, except instead her sweetspot won’t be at the base of the blade. She will also probably not be slightly weaker in the air. Even in advanced play, there are people that are turned off by Marth’s need to tip the blade to perform best. So, this character should honestly be a welcome addition to both the casual and competitive scene in Smash.

      Plus, she’s a girl. So, now people might stop thinking Marth is a girl and calling him a girl and saying he wears dresses and putting him in dresses.

        1. I don’t know why, but I actually feel as though I just took offense to that. Idk whether it’s the part about the Cheetos or the American part…

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                It’s like nighttime there, what else can you do?…

                Besides sleep or engage in sexual activities…

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    Depends on what your definition of sex is as there are a lot of variations…

                    You can have sex, you’re not ready yet for it…

                    Which makes you better than the more primitive apes that cannot control themselves and only does it because their pathetic society tells them to…

                    1. I wish I could fast foward to the age of 21. Just to see what it’s like. And then go back in time to see if it was worth it.

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        Although it’s great that you wait, personally sex for the first time should be done with someone you trust and feel 100% comfortable with…

                        That you’ll know you won’t regret afterwards…

                        I just don’t get what the fun is all about with these apes that gets so drunk, have sex and forgets all about it in the morning…

                        It’s so stupid beyond reason…

                        1. By the time I get someone to fulfil that need I’m probably gonna become addicted to it. o_O

                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            Most do…

                            I didnd’t, because like you know, I despise most humans…

          1. no to be mean but not everyone has a console so they cant play whenever they wants thats why there are novices

          2. So did we all just forget that games have a difficulty level? Or do all old school gamers make the rest of us sound like elitist. Gaming is for everyone who is willing to give it a try and not for snobs who look down on beginners or intermediate gamers. You’re a gamer no matter what level you play at so stop with this BS. I’ve spent too damn many years listening to you “hard core” or “old school” gamers grip about difficulty levels this and beginners that… shut up! If you need the nostalgic feel of difficulty that games from the NES/Atari and Arcade days then take your ass back there and play the retro games. Leave the new generation of gamers alone. They are learning to embrace our world and how the hell are they going to get any better if people like you constantly push them away? It’s unheathy! Gaming is for everyone and gaming should be FUN!!!! Its a learning experience, difficult or not! I’m out!

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              How about they cater to both and not just one?…

              Games are about fun yes but veteran players cannot have fun if games are easy…

        2. I like the way he thinks, but Lucina should have gotten some more changes (at least like Dr. Mario – Mario was in Melee. Different neutral B and modified smashes. That would be enough)

        3. In before people misunderstands what he’s saying; It’s not Lucina who replaced Chrom, it was Robin. Lucina’s in because her 3d model was already in development as an alternate skin for Marth, but when they added her characteristics to the moveset, she became different enough to be a standalone character. So don’t blame Lucina for the lack of Chrom. She didn’t take anyone’s spot in the roster.

          1. I do love how you clearly stand up for Lucina as she wasn’t the replacement character. Though her spot and like several other fighters who fight similar to other fighters sadly take over some spots of a few select characters who could be come up with a more unique moveset. Although I would’ve preferred her as an alternate skin, using her would be more fun to be playing as while using Marth’s moveset. Either way, I’m looking forward to playing as her for fun and glory. :)

        4. That was the worst excuse I read ever. Here’s a few things wrong with his reasons:

          1. He says he’s not unique enough but neither is Lucina. I mean her and marth have the SAME MOVESET. How the heck is that unique.

          2. That just shows he made Lucina a separate character just to please the fanboys and females that plan to play the game

          3. He could have easily made chrom an alternate to Ike seeing as how they both have aether and are similar in size.

          He had no reason to not include chrom as playable other than…. Can’t think of anything because he had no reason


          1. Exactly. A damn alternate for Ike could have been done. Although, I’m still hoping for Priam as an alternate for Ike since it’s his descendant.

            1. Exactly and there’s no way around it. Lucina is a clone so that reason of his is out of the window, and like I said, he could have made chrom an alternate costume for Ike. No excuse

            2. SherlockWillFightBilbo

              Yup. The biggest question I have is: “Couldn’t Sakurai have made Chrom a skin for Ike OR a clone of Ike whose sword deals damage equally/only at the tip?” He could do the same exact thing that he did with Lucina. He’s so full of it.

          2. Oh oh- better yet- have Chrom (or Lucina for that matter) be a dual wielding swordsman. One hand have a Rapier and the other Falchion. Plus, Aether would make even more sense, if they used two swords. Why didn’t they do that? Sure it’s not cannon in the cutscenes, but I remember both of them have two swords when they first join.

            1. THAT would’ve been awesome. A Fire Emblem antagonist would suit the roster well, better yet if he uses an axe. Personally, I really was expecting the Black Knight, but I guess Awakening took preference.

          3. “3.He could have easily made chrom an alternate to Ike seeing as how they both have aether and are similar in size.”


            Chrom and Ike are NOT similar in size, and Chrom is actually closer to Marth in size, and both of them plus Lucina are part of the same lineage. They all learned the same fighting style and use the same blade, Falchion.

            Your first two reasons are very accurate though.

            1. Ok fair enough, but my main point still stands, that his excuse for not adding chrom as a playable character is bad. Lucina as a character proves that

              1. Yeah, he basically just wants to add female characters just to do it at this point. Honestly I don’t think there’d be as much fuss over Chrom not being in if Lucina was just an alt costume like originally planned.

          4. Yea his reasoning came out of his ass as much as I love the man. Like you said, if Chrom isn’t in cause he’d be too similar to Marth, how the hell can he explain Lucina who has the exact same moves just with a different hit distribution. I don’t care if they were developing her for 5 damn years. How did they develop her and think it was ok to keep her in with the same moves? Alternate skin sure, but just making her hits balanced in the hit point is not close enough to keep her as a separate slot. And she looks too similar to Marth. I haven’t even played the game yet and Chrom easily looks like the one I would want in the game.

          5. 1. He was talking about Chrom not being unique enough to create him a new moveset, Lucina is a clone, basically a female Marth.
            2. Yes, Lucina was originally the “female Marth” costume, I believe Sakurai decided against using different characters as skins, so he tweaked Lucina’s sword and gave her a spot in the roster so his work on Lucina’s model wouldn’t go to waste or just be a very detailed trophy.
            3. No, Chrom and Ike are not really similar, Chrom is more like Marth being his descendant, and if Sakurai decided against using different characters as costumes, it would explain why Chrom is just a part of Robin’s Final Smash and not a Marth costume.

        5. If he didn’t want to add characters that were too similar, then why the hell did he make lucina an actual character?

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        7. XD This is gonna piss some people off. Then again, either I care about Fire Emblem to begin with and almost all FE characters are similar and uninteresting to me anyway. All have sword play and magic..just like Link and Zelda/Shiek.

          1. The main character of most fire emblems is a sword user. But in the game, there is a variety of different weapon types: lances, axes, magic, bows, and staves are the main ones. Anyway, I dunno to what extent your sarcasm or snarkyness was in that post Stranga, but you should try out Fire Emblem Awakening. It’s quite fun.

          2. It already made me angry the second he said those words out of the trailer… I’d rather have an Ike clone than Lucina after all. And in addition, I never even cared for Marth in Brawl, so this just makes it worse. I am disappointed to the max. At least we have Robin (who was a way better choice than Lucina btw) I hate Lucina now. I’m gonna beat her up after this launches. XP

        8. “At the end of the day, Chrom would just end up being another plain-old sword-wielder like Marth and Ike. Compared with other characters, he lacks any unique characteristics.”

          And Lucina has just so many unique characteristics that she is identical to Marth in nearly every way. Pretty Unique! Wow!

          1. Exactly, i mean what the actual fck? he says chrom would be a copy of marth when lucina ALREADY IS. Geez christ Sakurai….

          2. Did any of you even read the article? Lucina is a character only because Sakurai first added her as a costume, but made a slight change to her, and he didn’t want the statistics to be screwed so she has her own roster spot.

        9. So……Chrom wasn’t added because he’s similar to Marth? Oooooookkkkk…….#Lucina

          I prefer Lucina to Chrom anyway, but they certainly could have chosen him over Robin. I don’t mind him not being playable, but I don’t care for the reason. He definitely has some “unique characteristics” that would have justified him being in the game

          1. Fuck that shit. Make Lucina as an alternate costume like most of us was expecting from her anyway & give us Chrom to go alongside Robin.

        10. He keeps using the “Chrom isn’t different enough from other Fire Emblem characters!” reasoning to justify adding Robin, which is fine, Robin’s totally different… but Lucina? She seems to be an easier-to-use Marth and considering their few differences are stat based aside from her being a little shorter and a woman, that kind of makes the argument against Chrom very weak… Just seems like he could’ve added Robin and left it at that then for new FE chars., and gave us someone else from one of the other franchises…

        11. I think there didnt need to be a reason, or atleast this one just isn’t good when Lucina is just Marth so why not Chrom?

          Sakurai should have just said he wanted more female characters to represent the series thus Lucina and Robin who can be both.

        12. A shame he didn’t think Chrom was unique enough. I guess this ultimately explains why Dark Samus is a trophy instead of a playable character. Well the Gematsu Leak almost had another character giving more credit to the leak til Sakurai decided on this for Chrom. “No! You’ll get your day now… as a Final Smash for Robin! *troll swerve*” Oh the moment he reveals Ridley as playable character or as a boss will be the day he pisses off a lot of people as he trolls either us that want him playable or those that want him as a boss. Well I will probably be part of the minority of Ridley fans that won’t actually get mad at Sakurai if he reveals Ridley as a boss.

          1. I’m not a Metroid fan, not that I dislike it or anything just never played a single game but I’m fine with supporting Ridley as a fighter or boss.

          2. “I guess this ultimately explains why Dark Samus is a trophy instead of a playable character.”
            Dark Samus has many unique abilities that no character in Smash has in any remotely similar way. Just take a look at the attack she does when summoned. That could make a really good Down-B. I get what he says about Chrom, and he might be right, but that’s not the same for many potential characters, and certainly not Dark Samus.

            1. Well he felt Chrom would be way too similar to Marth so he most likely felt Dark Samus would be way too similar to Samus in her power suit. And that tends to be true. Dark Samus’ attacks are basically phazon attacks of Samus’ normal attacks: Phazon Beam = stronger Power Beam, Phazon Missile = stronger Missile, Phazon Bomb = stronger Bomb. The only things that would set Dark Samus from Samus would be the Metroid ability of levitation, flight, control of Phazon corrupted creatures, & space travel without the need of a body. Sakurai could probably have made up some moves, but he probably couldn’t think of any.

              1. The ability to use tendrils and clone herself should be more than enough to think a moveset for her. Hell, he could just take the abilities of the power suit that Samus doesn’t use in Smash and give them to her, like the speed booster or the space jump. Even if he only counted with Samus’ abilities, there’s really no excuse. He could create a moveset for Little Mac, he can do the same for everyone.

                1. *thinks of Dark Samus being a knockoff of Venom with the tendrils* xD I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it. lol You have a point there, though. Nothing can change that now, though, since Sakurai has already decided. Maybe in a few months after both Smash Bros have released, he might include new playable characters in DLC like Dark Samus.

                    1. I heard somewhere that Sakurai was interested in DLC for Smash Bros but said he hasn’t fully decided on it yet. It might have been from someone on here.

                        1. *facepalm* Amiibo are toys of characters that are already in the game. You don’t even need to buy any of them. It isn’t like DLC.

          3. I’ve never cared about Ridley. The only reason I know he even exists is because of Super Smash Bros Brawl. I know some people want him in, but I don’t care for the purple dragon. If he wants to please the people the Ridley fans, then he should go fot it. But I definitely won’t be using him at all.

              1. I don’t hate him. I just don’t care about him. I don’t like the way he looks or acts.. I don’t care about Ridley being downsized to get in the game. But If I had to choose a version, I’d go with the badass gigantic boss Ridley instead. Most of the versions of Ridley’s I see are giant ultimate dragons that shoot out fire and can pick Samus up with one hand. Awesome! But, If he got downgraded from that level of badassness just to be put into the game, I wouldn’t really care about him anymore. I’d just beat his ass with another character. Haha.

                1. Well if Ridley does by some chance get in as playable, I’ll be sure to attack you first then. lol

          1. Basically, Marth deals the most damage when he hits the opponents with the tip of his sword, meaning, the farther away your enemy is when you hit them, the greater the damage. They still have to be in reach of your sword though, of course, lmao.
            Lucina, on the other hand, deals the same amount of damage, doesn’t matter what part of the sword you hit someone with. No matter if your opponent is basically standing in you when attacking or if you hit them with the tip of the sword like you’d want to do with marth, it’s gonna deal the same damage.

              1. Lucina is pretty much flat chested. Of course, it’s to make it easier for her to pass herself off as a man considering she pretended to be a guy named Marth for the first 10-12 chapters of Awakening. So since she is her own character, she’ll most likely be getting an alternate costume of her wearing the mask & having short boy hair.

                1. Woah, wait. What? So that “Marth” with the mask was just Lucina? Damn you Ridley! I didn’t play the game yet! That would’ve been a great plot twist… o.O

                  1. I know that feel. I was spoiled like 2 months ago. It wont really matter, im gonna get the game tomorrow

                  2. >.< Well you should remember this is My Nintendo News, not Miiverse. And I don't even know how to spoiler stuff in this website's comments so… sorry I spoiled it for you. Not like it would matter. If you're as smart as I think you are, you would have recognized Lucina as Marth in the game since only the mask & hair would have been different. Her outfit as Marth is the same as what you see in Super Smash Bros 4 Wii U/3DS. So in a way, Sakurai has spoiled Awakening for people that have a good eye & are smart enough to put two & two together.

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        14. that is such a load of shit. saying chrom has no distinct characteristics when lucina is A FUCKING CLONE! what is her unique characterisitc? oh thats right. lady parts. she’s marth with a set of tits.


          this motherfucker has to go, Smash 5 needs a new director stat. sakurai is fucking dumb.

          1. Robin replaced Chrom, not Lucina. You seriously need to chill and actually read the damn article before you rant out stupid things.

          2. His reasoning is god awful but no, he should not be taken off as director, he’s the one who makes the games so good in the first place besides the few little things that pisses everyone off like this or adding tripping.

          3. Shut your bitch ass up. You don’t like it you make a better game. Then again you probably couldn’t.

          1. I’d be happy if he took her out due to people being upset, that would at least show that they are listening to the fans a little. I don’t want clones in this game, they have no place in Smash. Melee’s biggest flaw was introducing clones to the series. Make Lucina different than Marth besides her hit distribution and I’m fine. But having the exact same moves just different hit balance is as clone as it gets. Maybe Sakurai is still upset about Clone High being canceled from MTV and that’s why he puts these clones in Smash :p

        15. This is so hypocritical, he says chrom would be boring but then adds lucina as a clone, not just a clone but one of the most clone-like in smash to date. I still like Lucina more but this pisses me off so much

        16. Chrom isnt unique enough but Lucina is??? what bullcrap is that oO she could have just been a alternate skin for marth just to have more female characters for the sake of emancipation.
          She looks so much like him and has the same moves the only difference is that her sword does equal damage overall instead of the tip of the sword and that alone gives her the right of a extra slot??? much unique, so wow…….not

        17. The Smash Bros. fandom is the only one I know of that complains about gaining characters.

          Yes, Lucina’s a clone of Marth. Yes, Chrom could have been a clone of Ike (if there was really nothing unique about him). But if you had to pick one or the other, which one makes more sense according to FE:A?

          And some of you guys are mentioning things about Lucina taking up ‘spots’ or whatnot from other characters, which is pretty hilarious. It’s not like she would have taken up that much time or resources – it probably took around a week or two to program her, tops. And I doubt there’s a limited amount of slots, but whatever.

          Don’t get me wrong, I would have liked Chrom (if only because of Matthew Mercer getting to voice someone on Smash Bros.) but I’ll be giving Lucina a try. Maybe ‘easy-mode Marth’ will grow on me.

              1. And Ike has a descendant in Awakening by the name of Priam. Could have replaced Ike for Priam. I don’t see why he removed Chrom for Robin when he could have removed Lucina for Robin and make Chrom a mix of Ike and Marth because that’s basically what he is.

                1. Priam would be pretty good for that. But he’s a bit of a minor character, at least IMO.

                  And yeah, I think that’s what everyone (including me) was expecting would happen. Chrom as a mix of Ike and Marth may be pretty average or generic – like the Mario of swordfighting – but hey, it would have been a new character.

        18. I wouldn’t mind if Smash Bros retired some veteran fighters – such as Ike or Olimar – to make room for newer characters with the same movesets such as Chrom or Alph. The issue becomes who “makes the cut” each generation because you know Mario and co. aren’t going anywhere.

          At the end of the day, this game is supposed to be a celebration of Nintendo’s rich history. I am fine with Chrom being relegated to a final smash and having Ike as playable. either way, Fire Emblem, one of my favorite franchises, is really well represented.

        19. That was a BS excuse. Im happy that Lucina is in the game but not putting chrom in was a mistake. He could of been faster then ike but weaker and slower then marth but stronger. Hopefully there will be dlc.

        20. “Chrom would be a plain swordsman like Marth and Ike” so your telling me that he brings nothing new to the table? Well what about Lucina. She’s the laziest clone I’ve ever seen! She brings nothing new to the table!

        21. So Lucina is the exact same as Marth, just her attacks does different damage.
          “Chome isn’t unique”
          Don’t lie to us Sakurai, you and Nintendo just have boners for Lucina and it either her or Chrom.

        22. In other words, novice players = female players. That’s what I think Sakurai is saying.

          Still bull that Chrom isn’t a playable character.

          I like Lucina’s inclusion, don’t get me wrong. But that same reason for her could have been used for Chrom, just as another character’s clone (Ike).

        23. Sooo… She’s unique by not being unique? Well, Sakurai said it, so it must be right! “Chrom was too much like Marth, we’re putting in a girl that plays EXACTLY like Marth and has hardly any difference at all! It’s unique!”

        24. It is funny how nobody realizes that it doesn’t matter if it is Chrom or Lucina who is playable. They fight exactly the same in Fire Emblem: Awakening, and so they likely would in Super Smash Bros as well. Let me explain it so that it makes sense to even the most thickheaded people on this site. Lucina made the cut, and plays like Roy did in Melee. Chrom didn’t make the cut, but guess what? If he had, chances are that he would play the way Lucina is confirmed to play, just like Roy did in Melee. Since Lucina was confirmed playable, people have been complaining that she is a Marth clone. What these very people don’t seem to grasp, is that if Chrom had made the cut, since he would have likely had the same play style that Lucina does now, then everyone would all be complaining that Chrom is the clone of Marth, instead of Lucina being the clone of Marth. I think that Sakurai knew that regardless of which character he chose to be playable (Chrom or Lucina) that they would have played the same either way. So, seeing as how Sakurai is being a lot more female friendly with this game than any of the previous games, he chose Lucina over Chrom for that reason. There’s nothing wrong with that at all, and I don’t know why he didn’t just say that. Besides, Chrom was pretty much deconfirmed the moment Ike was confirmed to be returning from Brawl. That being said, I would have liked to have seen a playable main character from Fire Emblem who DOESN’T use swords, someone like Hector (FE6/7: axe wielder), Ephraim (FE8: lance wielder), or even Ike’s father, Greil (FE9/10: axe wielder). That would have been cool, but considering how much emphasis has been put on Awakening, that was probably never going to happen. Even a non-main character who doesn’t primarily use swords (could use swords secondarily or tertiarily) would have been cool too, like Dart (FE7: axe wielder), Cormag (FE8: lance wielder), Gatrie (FE9/10: lance/axe/sword wielder), Shinon (FE9/10: bow wielder), or Soren (FE9/10: magic wielder). I would have loved to see a playable Haar, fighting on his wyvern if possible. That would have been very interesting and unique. Heck, even a playable Laguz from FE9/10 would have been cool and unique. The Hawk King Tibarn or The Lion King Caineghis would probably be the best options there. But realistically, none of those options were ever likely to happen. At the end of the day, we have Lucina confirmed playable. While she is unfortunately a Marth clone, we have to remember that Chrom would have been a Marth clone too if he had been playable. If there are going to be clones, then personally I’d rather one of the two clones be a female, just to increase the number of females on the roster. Though they better not use this reasoning as an excuse to cut Falco and put Krystal in his place. I’d be fine with Wolf being cut in favor of Krystal, but not Falco. End rant.

          1. “They fight exactly the same in Fire Emblem: Awakening, and so they likely would in Super Smash Bros as well.”
            Nice false pretext for an argument. Didn’t know Bowser used wrestling moves in any Super Mario Bros. game. Hell, didn’t know you can punch people on F-Zero if you’re racing with the Blue Falcon.

            Let me quote Sakurai for you: It isn’t the first time I’ve given moves to a character that they don’t use in their respective game in order to capture certain aspects of the original title.

            1. Since you quoted Sakurai, you should know that Sakurai probably couldn’t think of anything to add to the moveset to make them unique from the ones they’d be clones of. So since he couldn’t think of any, he went with the female character so there will be more females in the game.

              1. He couldn’t think of anything unique, so he added a clone anyway. Great thinking. I’m all for having female representation in Smash, but NOT just because they’re female. If he wanted a female Fire Emblem rep, why not Lyn? She’s much more prominent in the history of Fire Emblem, especially in the west. If he wanted a female Awakening character, why not Anna? She appears almost on every Fire Emblem game. Hell, I’d even take Tharja if we didn’t already have Robin in the roster.

                1. Pfft! Screw that! Put Tharja in anyway! lol We could use a character that is solely magical attacks. We have enough characters with physical attacks, anyway. We could use a character that is all about non physical attacks.

                  1. Well, this is a fighting game, after all… Not having physical attacks on the A button would be a great disadvantage. Mega Man is the closest thing we’re getting, I think.

                    1. Well Sakurai said he wants uniqueness. Tharja would be the most unique character in the game. He could just have her use regular magic attacks for her basic A attacks while Dark Magic attacks are reserved for the special/smash B attacks. She could go in “best at long range attacks” category.

                      1. Yeah, that might work. It would be a pain to balance, though. I guess the incursion of Mega Man opens the roster to this kind of crazier, more extreme moveset types. Let’s hope we see more of that in the future.

                        1. Yes, because Wii Fit Trainer is obviously the most important character in all Nintendo franchises. Amirite? *trollface*

        25. This explains Sakurai’s laziness in studying more movesets from certain games or coming up appropriate or best moveset for them. Hell, nobody cares about Captain Falcon’s moveset that appears out of nowhere!

          1. Capt. Falcon’s moveset actually came from the base character early in smash bros development when it didn’t have iconic Nintendo characters. Then it was known as Dragon King: The Fighting Game.

          2. Kind of unfair to call the man lazy don’t you think, people need to get there heads out of their asses and appreciate the things the man has done. Everyone is bitching about Lucina being a clone even though Chrom would have been the same way, I mean there is only so many ways a person can swing a sword.

            1. Agreed. We may not agree with his choice but we damn well better respect it. Even when his hand was broken, and most likely still sore & healing as we speak, he continued to work on Smash Bros so he can give us the game before we reach mid 2015. He could have just stopped right when his hand broke & delayed the game for mid to late 2015 but didn’t even though he would have had every right to do so. You could sorta tell his hand was not fully healed up back during the Smash Direct when he was trying to do his hands in that Iwata hand gesture thing.

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        27. Chrom is my character in fire emblem awaking I used him the most if you get him stronger he has some powerful moves and he is quick I don’t get why he isn’t playable I don’t like Robin that much years is moves are cool and yes good with magic but has a character dident much care for him

        28. >says chrom wasnt included because he would be too much like other characters, depsite having an archer class
          >adds lucina as a clone with the exact same movement physics and animations as marth
          sakurai what the fuck are you even talking about

          1. She was originally a Marth alt costume, everyone read the frickin article. All Sakurai did was upgrade her from alt costume to playable character, he didn’t program the character with the same idle animation and moves, he simply removed her as a Marth alt and gave her her own slot. In no way does this limit the existing roster because Lucina was originally an ALT however Sakurai as an after thought decided “Hey why not seperate Lucina from Marth”. Honestly people she is not taking up one of your so called precious roster slots, if anything Lucina should be thought of as a bonus character that took next to no time to develop seeings as how she was originally an alt costume.
            P.S. I know I said “alt costume” a lot but it seems that this fact just doesn’t get through to people.

          1. There’s also the fact that the majority of fans, according to a poll, prefer Lucina over Chrom by five ranks, and this may have included Sakurai.

            1. If this is the case & the fact Lucina is female are the reasons, I wish he would have just used them as the reasons why she got in over Chrom. We probably could have had less complaining that way.

              1. I almost threw my Wii U out the fucking window when I heard Chrom say “Maybe I’ll get my chance another day”… T_T

        29. so..chrom doesnt get in because…he isnt unique enough….but Lucina isnt all that unique from marth and she is in….does that make sense to anyone else? Also, is anyone else feeling like Sakurai is…playing god? If you get my meaning…

        30. I’m sorry this explanation makes zero sense to me. Chrom has no unique characteristics other than being the most deeply developed character in the game let alone of all blue haired protagonist, is the tying bond to everyone’s ultimate fate and existence, but because he isn’t like another character he’s another boring swordsman? It’s like he didn’t even play the game beyond reading spoilers that “Marth is actually Lucina” and seeing her character design. None of Chrom’s sword handling was unique? Really? His critical attack names write themselves as special attack commands for this game. So we get Zelda and Shiek as two separate roster spots and Samus and Zero Suit Samus as two separate roster spots, but no inclusion of Chrom. I wonder if Dr Mario, Mr L., Ganon still with no sword and Dark Link will actually be in the game too, you know because they’re so unique.

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        32. Why not make Lucina and Chroms skins to Marth? The 3 of them can be together and you can choose the one you want, or put Lucina as a skin for Marth and Chrom as a skin for Ike, Lucina looks the same as Marth and Chrom is taller and more muscular like Ike. It could be like Robin, the Wii Fit Trainers and the villagers, you can be Chrom or Ike, or Marth or Lucina. Or what about having Marth, Ike, and then Lucina WITH Chrom? Make Chrom and Lucina go together, they can be like Robin, you choose female or male Robin, and with them you choose Lucina or Chrom, see? two double characters, that would’ve been easier. But, oh well, whatever. Yeah, Chrom would end like a normal swordfighter, but that’s what Lucina ended up like, she doesn’t have unique characteristics too other than being female, maybe should’ve given her her own moves and make her playable along with Chrom, they both play the same, but different from Ike and Marth, so you have then like the Wii Fit trainers. Have Chrom & Lucina in the same spot, having the same abilities, but different from Ike and Marth, so you can play as both, you just choose the one you want more.

          I would’ve done that, making Lucina and Chrom be in the same spot, like the two Robins, they are alike too. make Chrom be an altenative use for Lucina, you want to choose between female Wii Fit trainer or male? Well, you can choose between Lucina and Chrom, the most important male and female fro Awakening together in the same spot, you choose the one you want to play with. That’s an option, but maybe Sakurai didn’t want to have two Fire Emblem characters being double characters, since you already have Robin, at least you have Chrom in a final smash, but let’s be honest, Lucina is there ’cause she’s a woman, so you don’t play as a blue haired dude again, but she ended up being a normal swordswoman, just like Chrom would’ve ended being like, but he could’ve put them together, and you choose which, make Chrom be Lucina’s alternate costume or skin, like the villagers, the Robins, and the Wii Fit trainers, just with a different name when you play him and of course voice. But I guess it’s ok now, it is how it is, I just hope Tharja is at least an assist trophy! XD

        33. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

          Wait…so he adds a clone like lucina, then refuses to add chrom, who is in the game far longer, and has just as important a role?

          Yup, that makes sense.

            1. I also really, REALLY want to know if Robin is in fact the same Tactician in Fire Emblem with Eliwood, Hector, & Lyndis. That tease in the DLC stages with Lyndis! D:

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