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NPD: Estimated Numbers Put Wii U At Around 140K And Nintendo 3DS At 150K In US For June

The kind folk over at NeoGAF have estimated that the Wii U sold 140K units on the back of Mario Kart 8 in June in the United States. The Nintendo 3DS managed to sell 150K in June in the US. We’ve already reported that Mario Kart 8 was the second best-selling video game software in June and Tomodachi Life was the ninth. You can read what Nintendo had to say about the results, here.

  • PS4: Number 1 best selling = 269K
  • Xbox One: Doubled sales from the previous month  = 197K
  • 3DS: 150K (up 55% over May, was 225K last June)
  • Wii U: ~140K (up 233% over last June)

Thanks, Kyle

71 thoughts on “NPD: Estimated Numbers Put Wii U At Around 140K And Nintendo 3DS At 150K In US For June”

  1. Awesome. By the end of this year, Wii U sales will greatly increase. Mario Kart 8 is only the beginning. Hang in there Wii U. :)

  2. If what’s selling your system are merely two franchises (Smash Bros and Mario Kart), it’s actually quite alarming

    1. Smash Bros and Mario Kart? Wait, what happened? Did the Wii U’s other upcoming 2014 games get cancelled? XD Don’t worry, the Wii U is gonna be fine.

      1. Smash will help worldwide, HyWarriors, Fatal Frame, and Bayonetta 2 will help in Japan, (Bayonetta 2 will also help in the US plus Canada!) and (I think it comes out in 2014 o.O) Yoshi’s WW will help in certain places to a certain degree…

        1. System sellers? Name one system seller for PS4 and Xbox One. …Exactly. That’s the point I’m trying to make. No one bought those consoles for one game. But multiple games.

  3. Finally some real numbers. If this is true, it’s actually pretty good. Let’s see how the upcoming games are going to affect WiiU sales. Hopefully it will keep up the good numbers.
    Good to see the PS4 is still going steady too, lmao. Man, sales are going to go even higher once Destiny and all the other games are out. Second half of 2014 is going to be daaamn good for gamers, seriously. (:

    1. Yes, Destiny was already going to sell the most on PS4, but now it’s gonna sell even more. :P And finally HD Smash is coming!

      1. I know right ? Especially with that white PS4 coming up.
        And dang, I’m so looking forward to SSB, it’s going to be so so good. d:

        1. I really want the white Playstation 4. It sucks that I have no money every time a great deal comes…

          1. Yeaa, the white one really looks super nice. But as much as I like it, I still wouldn’t change it for my black one though, every Playstation console + handheld I’ve had were black, except for my PS1. (:
            You shouldn’t be too sad about missing out on the deal though, they’ll bring a stand-alone white PS4 without Destiny later on to Europe, and it might come to the US too, so maybe you could still get it one day. q:

              1. 0, lmao.
                Always been into Nintendo and Sony stuff, grew up with those two. Plus, they give me nearly everything I need. Anything else I want that’s left out by those two, I get on PC. (:

  4. In what Universe is 120K Wii U sold for June considered a success? This is Mario Kart we are talking about. People were hoping for a 1-2 million console push. This is pathetic. America and I guess the world are clearly not ‘getting’ the Wii U. It’s pretty much up to Amiibo and Smash to save the ship from sinking

    1. For your information, its only in US if you didn’t know, and I’m sure people knows that this is a good increase for the WiiU sales in US

      1. Yeah, I know, but Nintendo needed a 1 million increase not 140K. It’s pretty much officially done at this point. I’m thinking maybe 10-12 million lifetime sales. Just awful. Hopefully they make their next console backwards compatible so we can keep playing these once supporting the Wii U is no longer viable (I’m thinking holiday 2015 will be last support).

            1. Sorry I called US region when I meant North America, its an old habit back in the days when I worked in a game store. US is the majority of North American sales and still is. The Regions break down like this for sales, North America, Europe, Japan, and rest of the world (which includes stuff in the pacific islands and latin america cause those sales are often just change).

              Fact of the matter, Japan has had the highest console sales in 2013 (March 2013-March 2014) and equal to North America for lifetime sales of the Wii U. Europe is only a couple hundred thousand behind for lifetime sales and was equal to last years sales. Its selling well or good for Japan and never really let up. Its selling average for Europe, but Europe never turns in good numbers for Nintendo, not even in the Master System and Genesis days. And UK has always been a dead country as far as sales, France has historically done better for them. Long story long, usually the North American region is anyway from 2x-10x the sales of Japan (this goes for Sony Games too), but they are equal or less than the sales. But this time the US/NA is selling horribly consider its spending power and population. Its the only region its actually doing bad in.

              If you check the last year in stock reports they list sales of Wii U consoles (not shipped but SKUs moved). Hope that elaborates and makes it a little clearer for anyone that doubts what is going on.

            1. no if you compare the market( 300 millions vs 66 millions). US has done pretty much the same as UK where Sony and MS lead the market and Nintendo come last. As for Japan, they are more portable then home console, but Japan has been hit by that tax. So it’s no wonder the Japanese market is not as good has it’s use to be 10 years ago.

              1. Japan is had similar numbers to the DS era before the Wii came out. DS would sell around 20-30K a week and the leading console would be somewhere around 10K. I remember it being the same for Gameboy and PS2 except PS2 I think was closer to 20K a week.

    2. Jonathan Robitaille shut that shit up. It’s idiots like you that always trying to spoil everybodies joy, so take your fanboy ass on somewhere before we treat your ass like sasori.

  5. Someone must of given Nintendo alittle “incentive”….. Remember all those investor meeting little while back? “Either destroy, or be destroyed”, at least that’s probably the jist of what was discussed, by both parties, for sure

      1. He’s sad, his “predictions” failed and exposed his stupidity, he should dissapear from the internet also he should change his nickname for sasorideidara obi the BUTTHURTED pupper master lol

  6. Nice to see Wii U is coming back up. Probably by Christmas, Wii U will tie, if not, surpass PS4 globally. :3 And then that’s when the real old school console wars ignite. As for Xbox, it can crash and burn its PC wannabe ass. I still believe Xbox’s existence is pointless from the day it started two gens ago.

  7. Sony Emperor Xperia

    Sony still number 1

    Ps4 stays winning where it Matters

    The new Xperia Z2 smartphone which im using with my ps4 for 2nd screen gaming is more powerful than Weak U.

    2.3 ghz Quadcore processer
    3ghz of Ram
    And does 4k Ultra HD recording

    Weak U is only a 1.2 tri core
    1gig of Ram, and other 1gig is there for decoration

    And is too weak to do 4K.

    Food for thought


    Signing off

  8. Wouah NPD don’t praise the Wii U too much would you. Xbox double its sales (yet but how many units)? PS4 number one, OK how many units they sell in June 2014? I don’t know it seems fishy for me. They gladly put 140K for Wii U but don’t communicate the number for the other 2 does not matter if they are higher or lower. What pissing me off is the way the so call expert treat a system they obvisouly are not fan of.

    Furthermore smash bro won’t be a seller system like Mario Kart and I think Nintendo should not rely on Smash bro to sell hardware but a group of software. I am sure Smash bro will hit the 1 million unit but it won’t sell much hardware.

    Maybe me being pessimistic but they are too few software coming out this year. Nintendo should not just focus too much on eshop and digital games (new and virtual). it’s time to wake up and work hard to keep that moementum given by MK8.

  9. 150k in the US? I wish we had an actual up to date current lifetime sales. Looks like we’ll be waiting for the end of the fiscal year to find out that number. Whatever. I’ve got my Wii U & the games are coming so nothing else matters.

        1. If I did know of one, I wouldn’t be complaining about the article here not telling us because then I could just head off to that site to find out.

  10. hairyfriendof_yoursi

    the sales-boost is nice, but not as high as expected. it seems that former very strong nintendo-trademarks like mario kart, super mario etc. are not as attractive as they used to be for the consumers.

  11. Hopefully it will do better next year.. It’s still behind XB1 & PS4 but it’s still way better than last year’s sales. =]

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