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Target Seemingly Makes Shelf Space For Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3DS

zelda_majora_mask_target_shelfTarget has seemingly made some shelf space reserved for a Nintendo 3DS version of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. The picture above supposedly comes from a Target employee, who says he thinks the American retailer has accidentally confirmed that the Nintendo 64 game is coming to the handheld. Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma recently admitted that he is aware of the demand for a remake of the classic.

179 thoughts on “Target Seemingly Makes Shelf Space For Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3DS”

    1. Noooooooo, I wanted it for my wii u!!!!fuck, god dammit, son of a bitch! Nintendo, just make something so i can play my 3ds games on my wii u, i hate the little screen, and the little button layout

      1. I do agree that there should be more cross buy/cross play, but I’m fine with the 3ds. Have you tried an XL?

        1. I do own it, but i’m a a big guy 6’4, and my hands are huge, so i just like to play on a normal controller, i actually own an xbox 360 controller custom made for big hands xD

              1. I don’t even know what that is. And knowing the stuff you say, Glados, I probably don’t want to know either. XD

                    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                      Weird shit? Yes, but this is not weird shit, this is hilariously bad anatomy.

      2. You should look into getting a grip for it then. I have one for my 3DS XL from a company called DreamGEAR and love it

          1. Wow, I guess US really does get everything cheaper. Dualshock 4 costs $59.99. I haven’t ever seen a controller higher than that price before.

  1. I want Majora’s Mask 3D as much as the next guy but anyone in the scanning department at Target could have made that tag, put it there and snapped a photo of it. It’s really easy.

      1. I’m pretty sure he meant anyone with access to price stickers. Anyone with managerial access can print out a custom sticker since they essentially have the sectioned paper to print it out, which in the system you can either select a pre existing upc and name or create your own. They do it in retail stores all the time, especially when they put things on clearance, adjust prices, or receive new stock.

      1. Oooooooooooooooohhhh, now it all makes sense… MM 3D is without a doubt confirmed, but this is fake. An employee probably was bored and wanted to troll around…

    1. What? $45 is a bit LOW where you live? Wtf? New 3DS games here in US never surpass $40. Man, I never realized how lucky I am. XD

      1. I live in Brazil, here the wii u costed R$1800,00 something like U$900,00. The PS4 costs R$4000,00(+/- U$1800,00) if you buy in a store, a lot of people bought it illegal (no Brazilian taxes) for R$1600,00. So, yes Americans are very lucky.

        1. Wii U only costs $300 here. And PS4 and Xbox One $400. Do you have a Wii U yet? That’s insane. If a Wii U costs that much, I’m afraid to even think about what an $1000 gaming PC might cost.

          1. I do have it, because I am a huge fan of wind waker and mario kart, and just so you know the minimum wage in here is R$ 734,00. The government thinks that electronics is something that supposed to be taxed, do to the fact that the majority of the buyers are going to be rich people. Therefore the middle class and poor people don’t have acess to games and other products.

    2. Most of the games that aren’t first party are 39.99 and the Nintendo ones or at least most of them are 45 it’s not low for a 3ds game or atleast where I live how much are they for you?

  2. Over at ZeldaInformer (I think there) there is some more information which basically guarantees this is fake. Would be rad though

    1. When they do a 3ds remake, it is upgraded to HD. They are hand in hand. Just go enjoy all the artwork within OoT. You’ll see it is HD too

  3. Without so much as a video or even a preview of anything to begin with, but somehow a store is the first to know? Fake as hell

  4. Its so fake. No way any Nintendo 3DS game would be priced over $40 since none of them did. This is just a tease like the last one days ago.

      1. From the pic, seems too close to being English to be Canadian and forgive me if I’m wrong on that part.

        The article doesn’t say which country this store resides from so who knows. But I believe this is just a stunt for attention.

    1. Nintendo would make more money putting on the 3DS. But if they do end up putting it on the 3DS and not the Wii U only because of that reason, then I’m gonna be really angry. That would almost remind me of how 3rd parties don’t put games on the Wii U because they won’t make as much money as they want. >:(

      1. It’s not that it would make more money but more the fact that Ocarina of Time 3D is on the 3DS, so it makes more sense to put a Majora’s Mask remake on the 3DS since most of the models for the game would already be ready since the game used roughly the same character models & enemies from Ocarina of Time for Majora’s Mask. So it would mean less time & effort put into make it since Aonuma is busy with Zelda for Wii U. Unless you want that game to get delayed so he can put Majora’s Mask on the Wii U. We can’t have one without the other getting pushed back.

        1. Yes. NOW it would make sense. But imo, it should’ve been on the Wii U to begin with. If Nintendo decides to remake a game and put it on one of their systems, I’d want it on the more superior system.

      2. Yep. People turn a blind eye when Nintendo sets the standard for 3rd parties like Ubisoft.
        Only Nintendo doesn’t release “broken online” – they just strip it out all together and charge full price anyway… That was if we get a game at all.

        apparently it’s ok if Nintendo does it.

  5. I work at Target in the states. I have seen so such thing come in. I feel like an employee made the tag.

  6. Clearing shelf space for a game that isn’t even done if they are even working on it at all. People thinking Nintendo’s just going to be like “SUPRISE ITS OUT RIGHT NOW GO GO GO!” with no advertising or hype? If it IS happening and they are working on it, they are saving any announcements for months before it comes out.

    1. That’s a nice fan trailer. Too bad a Majora’s Mask remake belongs on the 3DS along with it’s predecessor: Ocarina of Time. Majora’s Mask 3D will go nicely right next to my downloaded copy of Ocarina of Time 3D in timeline order.

      1. Yes!! And I love the polished 3D effects Ocarina received. I really hope I get to play this in 3D also…and hopefully they release an up scaled version on wiiu as well, maybe give us a cross-buy discount. (but I doubt it)

        1. I think Nintendo should work on an app for the Wii U that lets you play 3DS & DS games on your TV. The app would need you to own a 3DS, though, in order for it to work so that way it won’t interfere with the sales of the 3DS. It was okay with the Game Boy Player since Nintendo was retiring the brand name at the time, anyway.

            1. Bigger screen if the games are upscaled to not look like crap. And faux HD resolution wouldn’t be so bad, either. Then you could get Majora’s Mask on the Wii U in some capacity. It’s win/win! lol

      2. I agree that this is one heck of a fan trailer. The only thing that gets me is that no person has come out and taken credit for it. This video has never been claimed. Who actually made it? It could be Nintendo. That would be fantastic! No matter what platform it comes out on, if it does at all, I will be one happy individual. Being halfway through it now on my N64, this is only making my cravings for a remastered tale or terror to appear for me to delve into, and completely encapsulate my being with all its masky glory.

        1. What if Majora’s Mask comes out for both systems? The 3DS version would be done ages ago— OoT came out in 2012, TWO YEARS ago– and the Wii U game could be separately developed by Grezzo, as per usual. I wish I could post the meme with the Taco girl saying “Why not both?”

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Then it would be even better aslong as the Wii U version features extra content…

    1. Please, just stop saying “empire” and shit like that. You’re making other Nintendo fans look bad.

      1. Our Empire will be made stronger for when Majora’s Mask 3D is made for the 3DS. You will respect our authority! xD

      1. Speaking of which, sucks to hear that you hardly have any labor force anymore now that you have to close out dozens of facilities to make up for your stupid money burning decisions. lol

  7. Can someone tell me what is so good about Majora’s Mask? I’ve never even played it before. And please compare it to Ocarina of Time as well. I want to hear the differences.

    1. From a pure gameplay perspective, Majora masks does everything Ocarina did, better by many moons. That alone makes it a superior game. As a bonus, there’s also a surprisingly deep story (for a Zelda game), a fantastic “real-time” cycle system, great characters, and a great big world that feels quite expansive even today.

      A good point of criticism towards MM is that it’s heavily side-mission based and features only a small number of dungeons. But people who take this that seriously are missing out on the entire point of the game to begin with.

      It takes huge risks in what it does, and I can certainly see how it might be divisive, but if your brainwaves are tuned into Majora’s specific frequencies and vibrations, your life will forever feel richer for it.

      1. Less dungeons hasn’t really been a downgrade, though. After all, some of the best Zelda games have been lacking in the dungeon department: Majora’s Mask itself & Wind Waker.

        1. Hey, I was trying to be a *little* objective here, at least. Oh, and dungeons are TWW’s least of problems.

          1. Good thing I got Wind Waker HD so all of the issues except the amount of dungeons has been resolved.

            1. I got around to playing Wind Waker HD again today and it absolutely bored the life out of me. It doesn’t give me the same type of excitement I got from playing A Link Between Worlds. Now that was a true masterpiece.

  8. Honestly, Majora’s Mask needs to come to the Wii U instead of the 3DS. What’s the point of upgrading the game to 3DS graphics? It should be full blown HD. Not to mention, 3DS already has enough good games. Wii U could benefit from it instead. I have a 3DS XL, but I would prefer it on Wii U. I don’t care about portability.I have enough time at home playing games. HD! HD! Not 3D! Not 3D!

  9. am i the only one who wants it on 3DS? think about it this way. th whole reason many peoplee disliked MM was cause of being force by the time system to reset time. the 3ds protability helps alot with tbh the n64 game is to primative to be ported onto a new console…. windwaker has a turnable camera, it had all the features the HD version had. simply porting over the majoras mask game with its N64 play style wouldnt work, and changing the mechanics to allow for turning would just be strange. OOT3D is amazing and fun, and should be togther with it brother, Majoras Mask 3D

    1. You do know Nintendo could fix that on the Wii U as well… They did it with Wind Waker HD so why not a HD version of MM.

    2. No. You’re not alone. There are tons of us that also want it on the 3DS to go with Ocarina of Time 3D. We have enough Zelda games for the Wii U right now, anyway. It’d mean less time taken away fromt hose games if Majora’s Mask is remade for the 3DS where most of the work is already half way done for a Majora’s Mask remake.

  10. It wouldn’t help with Zelda U releasing Q3-Q4 of 2015.
    Releasing it on 3DS would be more efficient for Nintendo, It’s faster and cheaper. Whether it’s in HD or 3D you’ll never look back.

  11. I hope it’s real because im picking up a 3ds xl in two weeks! Got some serious catching up to do. And I’d buy a Majora’s Mask remake no doubt, the game is a master piece, imho.

    -listen to Jack Parow-

  12. Man, I feel like Nintendo is wasting their time bringing this to the 3DS. Both Ocarina Of Time AND Majora’s Mask needs to be brought to the Wii U in HD. The 3DS isn’t a big enough enhancement. These games deserve the HD treatment. Or at least bring it to both 3DS AND Wii U. And if they ever come to Wii U in HD, PLEASE LET THEM BE A PHYSICAL, RETAIL RELEASE. AND NOT DIGITAL-ONLY! Why does Nintendo always have to be told these sorts of things?

    1. Yes! Yes! Yes! Would MUCH rather have HD! 3D isn’t enough of an upgrade! It just feels like a waste. And plus, Nintendo needs to give the Wii U all the good games they can! I mean, they started out on consoles in the first place so why switch to handheld?

    2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Enough with OoT remakes and releases, there have been like 10 already…

      I don’t want to see another OoT for another 5 years…

    3. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      And if they make a HD remake someday, I want the bosses to be atleast 3 times harder with some new attacks…

      Tired of the super easy crap difficulty in that game…

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Even a baby can beat the OoT bosses when they are beginners…

          And unlike Smash Brothers, OoT has been re-released several times already, it needs an improvement or to make you and me happy at the same time, a difficulty option…

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              I really need to destroy someone soon…

              The “noobiness” around me is disturbing…

              1. Play a violent video game then. I’d recommend playing God of War for maximum bloody violence, but I forgot you don’t really like the other two companies’ products… :X

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Xbot products that is, but mainly Electron, Behtesdian and Crytek…

                  Sonyan sometimes but for the the most part they just don’t interest me as much to warrant a purchase for me…

                  1. I would buy a PS3 just for God of War 3. And I would buy an Xbox 360 just for Halo 3. Me and you seem to have very different tastes. :P

                      1. Wouldn’t that actually be the other way around if I like all consoles including Xbox, but you only prefer Nintendo? XD

                      2. You really do have nothing else going in your life apart from bragging to random people on the internet and pretending to be a “commander” of an army of blind fanboys, do you? And you keep claiming others are a waste of human existence? What a joke.

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          If that makes you feel any better than your pathetic existence then go ahead and believe in it if you want, I don’t even care…

                          I know what I am, that’s the only thing I ever need to know…

                          Enjoy the last remaining years you and the rest of your mongrel race have left…

                        1. Hell no. That’s more like you trying to survive. In God of War 3 you can literally beat people’s ass to your heart’s content. Even your own characters is pissed and that adds to the fun factor. ;D

                          1. Oh the joys of when I played God of War & God of War 2. A shame going to the Playstation 3 for God of War 3 is out of the question. Maybe if the PS4 gets a God of War game, they’ll release the first 3 in a bundle specially made for the Playstation 4.

                            1. Grr. What’s with this random “your comment is awaiting moderation” crap!? Maybe I used God too much. xD Did one of Miiverse’ admins get a hold of WordPress? lmao

                              1. You aren’t getting God of War 3? For shame, Ridley. For shame… That game alone is more than enough reason to own a PS3.

                          2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            Too bad I don’t have my Wii U back…

                            It seems to have a unique malfunction considering I earlier this day got a message from them saying:

                            “We apologize for the inconvienience but we had to send your Wii U to a special specialfacility.”

                            A real Commander console right there it seems…

            2. Obviously it’s fake, yet pretty smart. Now if Nintendo denies it we know it’s not in the making, otherwise it probably is.

              By the way, a PC costs almost twice as much in Sweden as in the states. On the other hand we got free healthcare for everyone.

            3. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              It’s either a prank or these fools mistook Hyrule Warriors “Moon” footage of a MM remake…

              1. Nintendo is my Blood

                If some employee was trolling, I will have his head on a stick

                We were trolled by Zelda Williams, I will NOT be trolled again

                  1. Nintendo is my Blood

                    Well, as you know she and her father are LoZ fans and have worked with Nintendo before since they have a “relationship” of sort.
                    Before E3, she said she had a “special surprise” we assume it had something to do with LoZ
                    at the Smash fest at E3, she walks on stage with a balloon (or plush but that is irrelevent) And it was Majora’s Mask
                    We thought “Was this the surprise? MAJORA’S MASK CONFIRMED?!”

                    Turns out her little stunt had nothing to do with Majora’s Mask and her surprise was her appearance at Smash fest

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      I see…

                      She probably thought she would please MM fans, she just angered them more…

                      1. Nintendo is my Blood

                        She said it was her favorite LoZ game, but she got us excited for something we didn’t care if she attended or not
                        It pissed me off

                        1. This is what happens when you guys get overhyped for something. This is just like with the Cranky Kong incident.

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            6. Fake fakety fakerson.
              No 3DS retail title goes for 44.99. Not even one in demand.
              When something is listed it shows up online for pre-order, maybe, but on the store shelf itself? No way.
              Wishful thinking.

              1. If your in America they don’t go for that price but everywhere else all the first party games pretty much go for 44.99 its a picture from target Canada so the price totally makes sense and there a another picture that they aren’t showing on this website that shows them checking on there stock computer that shows it’s on the store database and not just a print off

            7. You guys DO know that there’s a zelda 3ds case? MM might stand for medium size.

              Of course, I’m still hoping for the best.

            8. $45 for a REMAKE on the 3DS? Weird price even though in Canada games went up $5 on Nintendo games it still doesn’t add up since it 3DS games in the states seem to be $35 a lot these days.

            9. So many referances to MM.
              Now i’ts a 100% guarantee. I mean, why would you feature Skull Kid in SSB4 if there wasn’t a reason? Why reference the mask everywhere in your Zelda artwork? My sister will be pleased

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