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Here’s A Look At Princess Ruto, Darunia, Sheik And More In Hyrule Warriors

Scans from Japanese gaming publication Famitsu are currently doing the rounds online. This latest batch of Hyrule Warriors scans show off the recently announced Princess Ruto, Sheik and Darunia as well as stages from the acclaimed The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time such as Death Mountain and Lake Hylia. You can see all the scans, above.

77 thoughts on “Here’s A Look At Princess Ruto, Darunia, Sheik And More In Hyrule Warriors”

        1. i guess my whole masks idea with deku,goron, and zoras went down… oh well, at least they still made it in as potential named characters.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Because the primitive male apes thinks it’s girly or gay and believes it threatens their pathetic “manhood”…

            1. Yeah. And When I’m in the kitchen I’ll grab myself a nice Butcher knife from the drawer and cut your ass up. Don’t judge women. This pathetic joke is seriously getting old -_-

        2. I do not know. I actually ussaly prefer to play as women anyway…

          Zelda and Kid Icarus have ALWAAAYYYSSS been female focused -good.

        3. @Jesse Ren Saario sasori is known for his sexist comments about women, i think @in lulz we lust is referring to this aspect of the narutard.
          hyrule warriors looks amazing.

    1. I can’t think of many relevant male characters to be honest. Who would you suggest? (Besides villains, every Warriors title has let you play as multiple factions and I’m sure Ganon & Co. will be playable)

      1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

        Groose, Mido(probably), the guys from the Resistance in TP, Zelda’s Brother(A Link to the Past), and maybe Linebeck.

    1. I was never bothered by the zoras & gorons being naked in Ocarina of Time. Sadly, they have to be given clothes with the more “realistic” graphics approach or we’d never hear the end of the whining from soccer moms & religious nutjobs that forgot the simple fact that humanity was never meant to wear clothes to begin with in the religion they hold with such “high regard.”

  1. Koei-Tecmo is on FIRE releasing more characters in Hyrule Warriors. Even the supervisor from Nintendo is impressed at the quantity of kawaii female characters… Queen Zelda is one of many. Damn, Link… youse one lucky son of a–

  2. From What I see is confirmed
    * Goma is a boss
    *Darunia weilds the megaton hammer
    *Ruto seems to use magic around water magic
    *Lana uses a staff that holds the Deku trees powers
    *Impa gets a lance
    *Oot Link and Zelda costumes
    *Sheik’s weapon Kunai knifes
    *Lake hylia is arena
    *Deku tree is arena
    * Appears to have puzzle pieces
    * Weapon upgrading oe building
    *Hyrule castle might be area, but could just be a part of hylia part of a zora domain

    1. If the art is to be trusted, it looks like Impa is using a naginata. Also of note, in the Warriors games, any character can use any weapons, so just because they’re using that weapon in screens (eg. I spy Impa using a bow) doesn’t necessarily mean that weapon is theirs.

      1. According to what we we have scene every body gets another weapon and there are sub weapons like bombs, the bow, and the hook shot. I think this will have different weapon system then most warriors, games, but then again I haven’t played DW before

        1. Ugh! Guys, don’t remind me of Majora’s Mask Water Temple. But as you said, Quadraxis, still a great temple even if it was aggravating as hell the first & second time.

  3. I love most of these characters but I do wish it had more variety of male characters. Thats not being sexist, just being balanced. Kafei from Majora’s Mask would be cool, Rauru possibly, Quill the Rito postman (although art style adjustment might be difficult without ruining his look).

    Its hard thinking of cool secondary male characters since most sidekicks tend to be female. Groose was funny but I’d never play as him, reminds me to much of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast xD

    1. If you think about it, there are actually more female characters in the Zelda universe that have potential as playable characters. I think this is why the roster has more female characters.

  4. Love the new characters. The roster is amazing so far. Still holding out for Tingle, Ganondorf, Happy Mask Salesman, Hilda, Koloktos, Toon Link, Skull Kid, Ravio, Nabooru, Kotake and Koume/ Twinrova.

    1. You forgot to mention Saria & Rauru in your list to have a full set of the Ocarina of Time sages.

  5. Apparently that’s the premise of the game. Cia only brought together the three worlds of SS, OoT, and TP.

    1. Yeah, MM is still technical on the table, due to it not being a true era in the time line, but apart of Oot

      1. We already saw the MM moon in the game, so it is safe to say more MM mask characters will come.

    2. We know Cia brought together parts from different times in the Legend of Zelda, but it has never been stated that it is ONLY the three you mentioned.

      1. Women. Only they would feel threatened by great looking fictional female characters… I wish I could say this was me being sexist but this sadly holds some truth.

  6. Ooooooo, Ocarina of time alts and I’m really glad they gave darunia the megaton hammer
    Also sheik needs this design as an alt in smash

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  8. Ned the other 3 sages of Ocarina of Time in this game! If you forget these 3, Koei Tecmo, damn you! D:< You better make it up to us by having them appear in a freaking sequel! Oh & it'd be nice to see Medli & Makar in the game to represent the Earth & Wind Sages.

  9. Its nice seeing they announce content in “Game Packs” as it were

    so we’ve had Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword and now Ocarina, whats next? Majora? Windwaker?


  10. Its the same fucking rehashed Dynasty Warrior game, but with Zelda sprinkled on it. Nothing interesting.

  11. It would be funny to see that topless great fairy from Twilight Princess. The one inside that desert hole, where you have to fight several floors of enemies. That was probably the first topless fairy I ever saw in a Zelda game. And I forgot all about her until I replayed Twilight Princess.

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