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Explosive Bayonetta 2 Gameplay From San Diego Comic Con 2014

Online gaming publication IGN managed to get some hands on time with Bayonetta 2 at this week’s San Diego Comic Con. The site played through the explosive second chapter of Platinum Games upcoming Wii U exclusive. Bayonetta 2 is coming to the west in October.

61 thoughts on “Explosive Bayonetta 2 Gameplay From San Diego Comic Con 2014”

  1. Sony Emperor Xperia

    No its not the feed its the Wii U,
    You correct the game does look last gen,because its running on a last gen console with,less Ram and Cpu speed ,then a smartphone

    1. Nope, it’s the feed because if it was the console doing it, then that E3 event a few months ago with Sony having to show there games and ending up with sometime a blurry last gen mess, the PS4 is last gen in your eyes. Good to see you finally realized that the Wii U/PC Master Race is the place to be.

    2. Hello there, Sony Sasori! I see you’re just as retarded as Xbox Sasori with that “last gen” bullshit. It’s okay, though. I’ll give you the benefit of a doubt since you’re special in the head, now run along & play with your smartphone.

  2. Yo, is any non smash fan going to CC willing to give a Smash demo code for an amount of Club Nintendo points? So far all I can find is NSMBU, so the deal is I’ll find more and I will offer to give Points first. If you are a douche, !@#$ you. Otherwise, thank you. [yes, I am very desperate]

    1. Not entirely sure you can do that. I believe you have to play the demo when the rep comes to you. I might be wrong though.

  3. The header pic is just awful. Bayonetta’s back is broken beyond help and that sucker looks like a tongue.

    1. It’s called big boobs & a very flexible back. It’s not as impossible as you might think to bend that way.

  4. Does anyone know how this works? I mean, will I be able to play these games even of I don’t have a badge to get in?

    I live in SD and I really never cared about CC lol but I wanna play SSB so bad

    1. I came down from LA for the day just for the lounge. Completely FREE…..NO SDCC stuff necessary. Just walk in and wait in a line for your game of choice. :-)

      1. Wow really? Is it that cool?
        Do they also have any merchandise you can buy? Not necessarily from Nintendo. Also, do you know what else is in the lounge?

        1. There was a ridiculously long line for tshirts downstairs that weren’t related to Nintendo. I mean a really long line just to buy tshirts. Bayonetta 2,Hyrule warriors, smashwiiu& 3ds, shovel night, Sonic boom, kirby triple d, yosjis wooly world, mk8, gucamelee, amiibos on display…..Pokemon art academy are all i can remember right now. Lounge is open until 7pm except Sunday i think it closes at 5pm.

  5. Just played this have at the Nintendo lounge and out looks AMAZING. CHAOS in a good way. I wasn’t interested before but after playing the prologue I’m definitely buying. Same for Hyrule warriors. Smash was great but it feels so different as far as the weight and speed. More Melee-ish and not as easy as Brawl. Couldn’t pick a fave cause each has true strengths and REAL weaknesses. Little mac is NOT OP. Mastering these new movesets will be the challenge for the new game. Beautiful game. 3ds version too although the button placement will throw you off at first…and second….and third. Smash run is not easy btw and the stage is huge. Never the sane experience twice. Buying both indeed.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        I normally don’t like these type of games but getting 2 games for one and a lot of features then yes please…

      1. im a nintendo guy but your comment is… i dont know.
        infamous on ps4 looks betther then all ps3 games that exist.

        there is (still) no wii u game thats looks than a ps3 games.

        wii u is not that good in the moment i hope the games getting betther.
        almost 3 years old console and no graphic highlight… its a shame!

  6. I can’t wait for this game to come out after watching this vid. While both are totally different, the gameplay of Bayonetta reminds me of Kid Icarus: Uprising. You have a linear open world level with hidden secrets, bosses and enemies at certain points, and a boss toward the end. Of course style and story is different, but certain mechanics seem the same.

  7. Man, she walks like such a slut. It’s like she’s just begging for sex. Not that I’m complaining.

  8. Wow. This looks so out of date it’s unreal. Like on par with the 360 version that came out Tonka ago. Shame. It won’t even sell more than 500k. Love bayonetta but it belongs on the next gen systems

    1. What next gen? Did they announced a new xbox, new nintendo or the PS5 already? Because currently we have the XONE, PS4, and WiiU as current gen system. So what do you mean by next gen?

    2. It’s IGN’s feed. I see IGN is already trying to make this game look bad with their shitty feed.

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  10. Wow. The IGN feed sure is pathetic & shitty. Anyone that watched the Twitch stuff in HD knows this game looks a hell of a lot better than this feed is showing. IGN, upgrade your feed cuz this sucks ass.

  11. Anyway, on to the video itself. I noticed how Bayonetta’s clothes change into a very skimpy one piece. Is it doing that on purpose or is it a glitch? I hope it’s on purpose. If it’s a glitch, I hope they leave it in. xD

  12. This feed actually does look bad after playing the game at SDCC yesterday. I thought it looked very next gen and VERY mature.

    No that’s not a glitch. Lol. The blood and sexual innuendo are all there amongst the craziness.

    1. Sweet! That’s why I was hoping it was on purpose because it looked like her clothes were receding from her body & becoming some of her attacks.

  13. i saw to much in the last few months.
    im no exciting anymore… i think more how boring this game is.
    15 min gameplay… so boring.
    and the graphics… i dosent look realy bether then ps3 version.
    this game will flop.
    i wished nintendo helped out with eternal darkness.

    1. Says the pretendo who watch IGN videos as your saving grace. You lose, Franz. The HD graphics in Bayonetta 2 looks better than the PS3 port of the original. Even the Xbox 360 original Bayonetta looks and plays better than the inferior PS3 port. You can’t tell if this fucking game is gonna flop. Put down your tarot cards (because you’re not Miss fucking Cleo) and think positive for a change.

      Nintendo and Platinum Games are the dynamic duo of making fun, challenging, and unique games. And there’s a great possibility that Bayonetta 2 (including the free disc enhanced version of the original Bayonetta) is gonna sell better than last week’s Wii U exclusive title The Wonderful 101.

      Nintendo is gonna be fine. They’re focusing on new IPs like Project STEAM, Splatoon and co-developing Devil’s Third and Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden.

  14. The jump from snes to n64 was a modern marvel it will never happen again graphics will never increase significantly to where they are noticeably different because most games look the same or get carried over from the old console to a new console so you just get used to looking at shit no matter what year it is.

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