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Bayonetta: Bloody Fate Coming This October On Blu-Ray

FUNimation has announced that it will be releasing Bayonetta: Bloody Fate in the United States this October on Blu-Ray. The anime film based on the acclaimed Bayonetta franchise follows the events and characters of the action packed games. Bayonetta: Bloody Fate launched in Japan back in November.

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51 thoughts on “Bayonetta: Bloody Fate Coming This October On Blu-Ray”

    1. Yeah, I’m skipping this one. Would it have seriously been too much to just make a PG version that still had amazing action scenes? We have films like Godzilla vs Gigan and Bonds Beyond Time so it can definitely be done.

      1. Why would they do that? Bayonetta has always been Mature. There’s no need to tone it down from what it is.

        1. It’s a sign that our civilization is falling apart. Everything is super gritty just to be gritty. Trust me, the matureness isn’t needed. It would be better without it. Look at Attack on Titan and how it got wrecked. Or Sword Art Online as it was awesome until the second arc played out and it decided to get gritty. Not being gritty is one of the reasons why I prefer Nintendo to Sony and Microsoft after all

          1. Yeah, but Bayonetta was created around Mature themes. It’s in her personality. If you take that away she wouldn’t be Bayonetta anymore.

            1. Morrigan is also a Very similar character, but they managed to make a pretty decent (so I’ve heard) TV show around her. Bayonetta can definitely keep her personality without having to show so much on screen. Her costume isn’t that revealing so it isn’t a problem and they can artistically show her murdering the opponents so that it’s not as violent. It’s anime so there are a lot of options on how they could do that

          2. Actually look at the art style, the gore is done in a tasteful way. At least I think so and I don’t fight offensive. I even find it beautiful.

      2. Due to the fact that the game is rated M there is absolutely no reason to make a movie rated pg. Who is the movie for if they tone it down? The children who shouldn’t of been playing the game to begin with?

        1. The film would just be better. You can watch a film even if you’ve never played the game. That’s the whole point of making a film! It’s to attract new audiences and it doesn’t have to even be kids, but smartly keeping away from excessive content typically works better. Look at Lucy. It opened with almost 50 million and it was R. It could have made over 70 million easy if they had just tweaked a few scenes to keep it PG13

      3. What heroponluigi said. If they made the movie PG & allowed any child to watch it, they’d want to play the games the movie is based on & the parents, being blind to the maturity of the games, would buy the game for their children when they should NOT be playing it. Now if the games themselves were E for Everyone, then it would make sense to make the movie PG, but that’s not the case.

        1. I think we need to give the parents more credit. They definitely understand the M rating. I also don’t think that kids would automatically want to play the games. Take Minority Report. I played the game, but didn’t watch the film. Or Star Trek, I watched the film but didn’t play the game. They’re not always connected

          1. Give the parents more credit? Oh you mean the parents that get Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield, Resident Evil, etc for their 7-13 year old? Uhhhh… no! The only parents that have any sense about this are the parents that actually grew up playing video games.

              1. lol Sadly, some of these parents buy these games for their children because they actually want to get their children into guns. :/

                1. True, supposedly even the army uses games like Call of Duty to help their soldier strain. It is a decent method as a realistic video game can definitely help at times. Getting children into guns doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing tho, it all depends what they do with it. If it’s so that they can defend themselves…then I may be on board with that. Still, it’s a cruel world out there and that’s why we need to minimize violence whenever possible! :o

      1. At least you didn’t mention Netflix since they have a few anime series and films unlike the massive library of anime on Hulu Plus. And yes… CrunchyRoll is indeed a website.

        1. True. But Funimation is the almighty god source of anime. XP Hulu is for people that want to watch tv and stuff on multiple devices.

          1. Funimation is great, but I have yet to get a subscription with them. Besides Crunchyroll has everything that they would have anyway.

            1. No, I mean everything anime related, not just the shows. You can buy other anime products and buy Blu-ray DVD’s (like this) and all that other stuff. But it’s costly. One DVD alone will cost you more than your video games. So I can see why you might just stick with the free stuff. XD When I get a job though, I’m gonna buy everything from there. Video games and anime are my life. ;)

              1. Video games and anime are life indeed (after family of course). Still, Crunchyroll offers tons of anime apparel and collectables, as well as Japan-only items. Like you said though, those things are expensive, but worth it if you’re really into the anime. I’ll definitely need a job again next summer. . . XD

      2. Yes, Crunchyroll is a website/ app that provides anime to subscribed customers or registered online users. Great for all your anime needs! 👍 😃

  1. This film doesn’t really look that good to be honest and I’m an anime fan! I’ll stick to Naruto Blood Prison and One Piece World Z as far as upcoming (Meaning I haven’t seen them yet) anime films go

      1. I just don’t like way the animation looks. Everyone usually looks the same, just with different hair styles. And everyone has unrealistic pointy chins and noses. And FAR too big of eyes. Though many characters look cute because of this style, it’s just too unrealistic to suit me.

        1. I used to think just like you until I started watching them. You can’t judge it based entirely on the style. The unrealistic aspects of anime is what makes it good. And I’d prefer it stay that way instead of taking a more realistic approach. Popular animes like DBZ where people have powers, can fly, etc are the reason people watch it. Not to mention, anime can tell very good stories. Some that can never even be made possible if it tried to be realistic.

          1. I watched several Studio Ghibli films because my ex girlfriend loved anime so much. But I didn’t really care much for any of them. Even the ones I liked the most (Secret World Of Arrietty and Castle In The Sky) still wasn’t THAT great. They wasn’t something I’d ever care about watching again. And despite people’s praise over the film, I hated Spirited Away!

            The only anime I ever liked (and even bought the DVD box sets of) is Pokemon. But that’s where my like for anime started and ended. I can’t see myself ever being a fan of anime in general. Especially manga. Don’t even get me started on that.

            1. If you haven’t already given up on anime, I would recommend you watch some of the comedy animes at least. I don’t like all animes. I find some of them to be stupid and boring. But eh. Whatever you say man. Just… don’t completely bash anime or else I will have to be forced to assault you. Sorry, I just love it a lot. XD

              1. I’m not saying everyone should like anime, because if we’d all have the same opinions we’d be robots and it would be boring.

                But I kinda raise an eyebrow when someone says ”I hate anime”, then admit they barely know anything about it.

                Can you HATE a genre? I suppose so.
                Can you HATE a fad/trend? You’d be more than justified for that one.
                But saying that you HATE an entire medium? I dunno, it just doesn’t make sense to me. If someone told me they have books, or music or movies, I’d have the same reaction.

                tl;dr. you can’t HATE anime if you don’t KNOW anime.

                1. Yeah, I used to not really care for it back then either. But then I started watching shows and learning more about it and now I think it’s awesome. I actually used to watch shows like DBZ long before I even started getting into anime. I just never knew it was an anime at the time. I was like “Wait, there’s a whole genre of things like this? Heck yes! I have to watch that stuff!” And now I’m addicted. :) But I kind of hate how some people view anime mainly based on the style. Like how characters have big eyes, brightly colored hair, etc. It’s not a big deal once you get used to it. In fact, I’m so used to it now that anything without brightly colored hair and big eyes might just seem a bit boring to me. Lol.

                  1. >.< Anime seems to have that effect. Once I got hugely into it, American "cartoons" have lost a majority of their flavor. I can still get into The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad! (Stan's far right tendencies really piss me off at times but he's practically a smarter version of Peter Griffin so he's another funny idiot when he isn't being a total asshole,) South Park, & Scooby Doo (on occasion.)

                  2. Funny thing is, my favorite animes tend to be the more adult oriented, ”realistic” ones like Baccano! or Cowboy Bebop. In other words, no big eyes or unnatural hair color.

                    But my point is, within animes, there are many different artstyles. So bashing it based on hating the style makes almost zero sense.

                    Also, I don’t think Pokemon counts as an anime since people only watched it when they were kids and couldn’t tell the artstyle was different at a time. In other words, it was just another cartoon like any other.

        2. Yes all anime look the same.

          Dragonball Z and Death Note? Yeah, they totally look like the same shows.

          Miyazaki movies and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure? Can’t even tell them apart.

          Pokemon and Hellsing? You could switch the names and I wouldn’t even know!

  2. I wasn’t really interested in this movie & only cared about playing the games but that music being played… @.@ Okay. I’m now interested in this movie. But I think I’ll wait til I’ve played the games, though, just in case the movie has some spoilers related to the games.

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  4. haven’t played the game, but maybe that means I could enjoy this movie better since I won’t have to criticize it for not being a 1:1 adaptation.

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