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NES Remix Pack Includes Super Luigi Bros.

Nintendo has confirmed that the newly-revealed NES Remix Pack will come packaged with Super Luigi Bros. Announced yesterday during Nintendo’s San Diego Comic-Con livestream, NES Remix Pack is a physical version of both NES Remix and NES Remix 2. It will be released in stores this holiday season.

34 thoughts on “NES Remix Pack Includes Super Luigi Bros.”

  1. Wouldn’t it be great if they took every game from Nes remix and made a physical version? I’d definitely buy Kirby’s Adventure again in the form of a disk.

    1. I think it would be better as like a compilation disk like it could have mario 1, 2, 2, 3, zelda 1, 2, metroid, kid icarus, kirby’s adventure and a couple others

  2. Wait- what’s Super Luigi Bros. Is it a full length version of the NES original or is it a microgame style thing like NES remix?

  3. Sasori will bless thee with gaming truths if you open your heart to his message. He does not wish the children to be lost in rehash ignorance nor does he wish to see Nintendo Commander destroy himself with the downward spiral of gimmicks and faulty hardware.. Sasori is still open to kindness and forgiveness, even for an arrogant Swedish meatball. Selina Ruiz carries the seed from the foretold lord… Neutralizer of the “Mongolians of Unnatural Decent”..

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    1. What a prophet you seem to worship, “Church of Sasori”, black magic and voodoo and – “unborn foretold lords” -worship is an unforgivable crime here….. But as, Lord, a title plastered to me formed from arrogance of savages that dwell and the cowards in charge of this website (comment section), I will give your false belief a home, here at MyNintendoNews, as only you will be able to free this website from the disorder that is, “Church of Sasori”

        1. And me! If you actually invest yourself and try to get everything in the game, it’s definitely worth it. Just because Mr anonymous only played the game for 10 minutes, compared to my 12 hours, doesn’t give him the right to bash a game meant for old-skool gamers

  4. I hate it when Nintendo does this. I have done purchased the original Nes Remix, and was planning on picking up Nes Remix 2 later this year and then they go and release both of them on disc. Just like they did the samething to me also with Wii Sports HD also. When I would much rather have the disc copy over a digital copy anytime.

  5. I’ve been so thrilled ever since I first read this post. I’m SO glad that they’re releasing these games onto a physical retail disc. But I bet that all Platinum Club Nintendo members who chose NES Remix as their Platinum reward are pretty pissed off. I myself never chose a reward. I’m ditching this year’s Platinum rewards. They SUCK!

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