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Square Enix Japan Registered Trademark For Prequel Trilogy

A recent trademark listing shows that Square Enix is busy developing a Prequel Trilogy for one of its beloved franchises. There aren’t any hints regarding which series it is that they’re planning to turn into a string of prequels, it could be Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Bravely Default, or one of their many existing franchises.

66 thoughts on “Square Enix Japan Registered Trademark For Prequel Trilogy”

  1. Oh please, not Kingdom Hearts… not trying to insult the series or anything, but it really needs to move the story forward (like the 3DS game did)! No more prequels…

    It scares me to think it might be Final Fantasy getting this treatment… because considering how much Square-Enix likes the FFXIII games, I’m afraid we might see three MORE of those… and I’ve seen Lightning more than enough at this point. Then again, a prequel to any of the games before XIII would be just as bad of an idea, if X-2 and FF4: The After Years are any indication of their quality…

    Hopefully it’s something that hasn’t seen too much of the light of day. Perhaps a Brave Musashi prequel? Maybe one of their lesser-known IP’s? I always like it when the forgotten gets their time in the spotlight again. :)

      1. Kingdom Hearts 3 apparently doesn’t exist lol With Kingdom Hearts there’s a strong potential for a prequel before even Birth By Sleep.

        1. Yeah, KH 3 seems to be like XIII Versus or XV as they’re calling it now..

          I don’t know, I wasn’t fond of Birth by Sleep. Didn’t like the characters or the setup. Personally I wouldn’t want to explore that story or even further back, but that’s because I didn’t like BbS at all.

          1. If it’s KH I would guess the game would be Birth By Sleep Volume II, but otherwise, they have no reason to go backwards anymore

            1. The Keyblade War and the events that led up to it. Easily a lot of potential that could be explored in those areas.

              With that said, I would rather they stay away from Kingdom Hearts as well. I doubt it’s KH though. Square Enix has so many other properties.

                1. That game doesn’t really count. Although it does use characters and references from the core series, It’s not canon (and sucks).

                  So they *could* create a game that fits into canon for the series about the Keyblade War. But, let’s have them focus on getting KH III out for now. Hehe.

          1. It would be so awesome if we somehow ended up with FF back on Nintendo. Probs wont happen, but one can dream!

            1. I would love for Square to come back to Nintendo! Final Fantasy XV or Tomb Raider… or Rise of the Tomb Raider… on Wii U would be freakin’ awesome!

  2. As long as it’s not more FF13 games I do not care Square Enix. You could make a prequel trilogy to Pingu’s Wonderful Carnival and it I would be more happy.

    1. More final fantasy VII spinoffs/prequels would be to much in my opinion, VI and IX deserve it more. Now what i’d really want would be a prequel to Final Fantasy 2 from the emperor’s perspective.

      1. Oh totally agree, FF VII already has too much. I was just using FF VII as a reference to what they could to with VI or IX. II would be interesting as well.

  3. much better then ps4 and xbone. I sold xbone cuz i realized its all third party shootem up games. I own a 360 so no point in same ol dame ol crap. Now nintendo games are something special. We have all loved thesr charecters and games for 20 years! Sony and micro will NEVER have that on nin!

    1. I heard the Last Remnant was terrible. But is it? I’m intrigued, it’s like $5 on steam so I might pick it up

    1. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if that were true. 3 prequel games leading up to the events of FFXIII.

  4. Unless it’s for Chrono Trigger or Bravely Default, I’m good & will continue to wait for Kingdom Hearts 3 & Final Fantasy XV. Nothing else from Square Enix concerns me.

    1. Oh man, I forgot about Chrono Trigger, & it’s one of my favorite RPGs! Right next to Skies of Arcadia Legends & FF IV. FF Chronicles was my favorite PSOne purchase as far as Squaresoft & RPGs went.

  5. A prequel trilogy to Parasite Eve, Secret of Evermore, or Bushido Blade would be great, albeit highly improbable.

  6. the only prequel I am interested to would be Final Fantasy dissidia/ dissidia duodecim or final fantasy tactics, may the prequel of secret of man (seiken densetsu 2). I don’t see any point of doing any prequel of any final fantasy games. Bushido blade will be a nice move but what will be an even bigger but very risky move will be a prequel of xenogear (1,2,3 and 4) saying I don’t which a prequel of xenogear since the team left square and form monolith

    1. They attempted to make prequels to the Mana games with that horrible World of Mana project a few years back, but it would be really nice if they made a better effort to breathe life back into that franchise. I absolutely loved the first 3 Seiken Densetsu games and Legend of Mana was pretty neat, however it was the beginning of the end of the series… If they did it right, I would welcome a trilogy of Mana prequels.

  7. Maybe it refers to the Final Fantasy XIII HD for PS4 and XBOne that surfaced a couple of months ago and eventually they’ll announce FF XIII-4??

  8. Lawl, chances are these are all prequels to Final Fantasy XV. Have prequels planned out before you have the chance to find out whether people actually took to your self-absorbed, incomprehensible joke of a game, what a fucking ingenious strategy!

    More likely it’s a prequel to some old games because god only knows Square has lost all faith in themselves as purveyors of new games. That being said, I wouldn’t mind a Final Fantasy VIII prequel or something like that.

  9. This is non-Nintendo, but I would really love it if it was Drakengard. That franchise deserves more attention.

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