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Nintendo Posts An Overall Loss Of 9.4 Billion Yen

Nintendo announced today that they have posted an overall loss of 9.4 billion yen due to lower than expected sales of the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U. The company said that they sold 510K Wii U consoles and 4.39 million units of Wii U software worldwide during the quarter. Nintendo also said that they sold 820K Nintendo 3DS consoles and 8.57 million 3DS games. They posted a loss of 9.4bn yen despite sales of 74.6bn yen.

56 thoughts on “Nintendo Posts An Overall Loss Of 9.4 Billion Yen”

    1. Except that Nintendo still has a ton of money they’re sitting on. This is better than last year. They’re recovering. Sony is in trouble financially, Nintendo is not.

      1. Sorry, but it’s WORSE than last year actually. There’s an 8.4% drop in net sales over the equivalent quarter last year

              1. There have been losses for years. The only reason why Xbox is still around is because MS has money to burn. Why do you think the newly appointed boss wants to get rid of it?

      2. That’s good. I definitely want to see Nintendo stay in the game and show the world that they’ve still got this. They are one of the biggest video game companies still left in the game after all!

        1. Nintendo has over 10 billion dollars the money they lost is less than 1/1000 of what they have if you are gonna to say they won’t have much money soon, soon is not the correct word to use. If Sony lost that money you could say soon.

        2. Actualy this was calculated, if they spent 240,000,000$ each year (which is actually way above what they spend) they could last just over 15 years without any income. Chances are they could find something to make money on in 15 years

    2. You should add Microsoft onto that list from the amount of jobs being lost from that company… just saying.

      1. True, with all three companies out of the picture, Samsung and Apple can completely dominate the market. I wonder which company would buy out all of the good IPs. It would definitely be a pretty big change in the system.

      2. The jobs cut at Microsoft were to cut fat, and reorganize the company for better results.
        They well also hire back the same mount of people over the next 2 years, so its not really as big a deal as you would think

    3. Buried in reams of financial data is the revelation that Nintendo have 812.8 billion Yen (£6.7/$10.5 billion) in the bank – enough for it to take a 20 billion Yen loss (£163/$257 million) every year until 2052. Then there’s almost 469 billion Yen (£3.8/$6.0 billion) held in premises, equipment and investments. When that runs out – we’re in the year 2075 by this point – they’ve got some of the most valuable intellectual property in gaming to sell off before the company goes out of business.

      1. Never understood why Nintendo is doomed, when Sony is close to bankrupt, and just about turned a profit this year because they sold their PC division and laid off employees, saving them 250 million dollars….

        PS4 will need to sell like crazy every single year… And even then the company as a whole will still likely continue to post huge, unsustainable losses.

  1. No offense, but NIntendo definitely had too much hopes. I understand the Wii U not selling as well as they had hoped, but the 3DS has been dominating every week. Just how high were they actually hoping that it would sell? They need to hire some new statisticians and fast!

    1. 3DS had a poor Q1 by its standards, even with Kirby: Triple Deluxe and Tomodachi Life achieving “wide popularity” worldwide. It’s also trending a fair way below its equivalent numbers for Q1 in the last financial year, as you can see below.

      1. Right, but the actual sales are still looking pretty good. It makes sense that it would sell less than the last year because so many people already own it. I just think that Nintendo’s expectations were a little unreasonable

  2. If people think a game was going save Nintendo then there is a pretty good reason why you do not own a huge business. PS4 isn’t saving Sony either after a $1.29 billion loss. This doesn’t happen in weeks, going to take months, maybe even years. This is still fantastic because things are still getting better and hopefully losses become less and eventually back on track. Same goes to sony/.

  3. Ugh, another loss. Iwata please wake up and get more third party support. You can’t honestly expect JUST your limited first party devs to fill up the schedule of an entire year for TWO consoles

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  5. Fire Reggie and that other gimp. That well save you a few mil Nintendo. Not denying the Wii u has some great games. But the console is a complete disaster. Won’t even mat h GameCube totals

    1. Not necessarily true. I’m sure plenty before me has said this but I’ll just point this out. One of the reasons why Sega ultimately failed was due to the release of way too many consoles in a very short timeframe. This lead to both consumers and customers losing trust in them. For developers, they won’t bother developing for Sega’s “newest” console because they worry that when the games eventually releases, no one would get them due to ANOTHER Sega console releasing. Therefore, there was a lower number of third party games than it should have been, and this leads to the consumer part. Consumers won’t buy their console because there aren’t much third parties on it compared to its competitors. And the same logic applies as to the third parties. Consumers won’t buy the console because they think there would be yet another Sega machine. So all this applies to Nintendo as well. Wii U owners would be fucking pissed at Nintendo ditching them in less than 1 and a half year, and they’ll lose trust in the company.

      tldr version: Making a new console this soon would simply be a downward spiral for Nintendo

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


        All our empire needs to do is to deliver big games at launch and then at a steady pace without many delays…

      2. agreed to most but one thing…

        The Consumers are split in two catagories for the gamer world. But there are so many types of gamers and I made at least 5 types to defy them all.

        Plus to add to it, the consumers wouldn’t want to by the consoles all because of “sega dreamcast” bullshit, its because the name itself. Haters are the ones that think “look its another dreamcast, wii failed u, wii u wii u wii u” etc. So I don’t know where this “because its a dreamcast is because consumer don’t want” bullshit is coming from but its not it. That I can guarantee you.

  6. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    This is upsetting but I will be shocked if they still make heavy loses when the next year’s reports are done…

  7. It should be noted in the story that this time last year they posted a net loss of 23.2 billion yen. So for the net loss to be that far down shows dramatic recovery, I say next year will only be a loss of 600,000 yen.

  8. Don’t fret. This is just a sign that Nintendo is investing. Think about it. A 9.5 billion yen loss despite 75 billion in sales? They have to spend money if they expect to turn the Wii U prospects around. One big title over the course of one month wasn’t going to pull it out of its slump on its own.

    On top of that, judging by the various patents and trademarks they’ve been filing recently, they’ve got to be ramping up their R&D budget. Besides developing the successors to the 3DS and Wii U, they’re working on whatever their “Quality of Life” platform is supposed to be.

    1. oh ok so this is just a business drop and expected for them…? Yes, now it makes sense to me. its just how the old saying goes, “you gotta spend money to make money”. In other words of how I’m seeing it now, they are preparing for the future already…aka fusion and QOL. On top of that, amiibo figures, game development investments, and accessories.

  9. They bought capcom thats why the lost is that big xD ok but it makes no sense why would so much on what are they spending it?

  10. Nintendo may have suffered a loss. But it sure sounds like they’re doing pretty good. And with awesome games like Smash Bros., Hyrule Warriors and Zelda etc. still on the way, it will only get better.

  11. This is proof fanboys don’t know wtf they’re talking about. I remember saying Nintendo lost billions. But fanboys never believe anything. There’s no reasoning with them. Anything “negative” you say about Nintendo is because you’re a fanboy of another company. #oh the irony

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