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Nintendo Spokesperson Says Iwata Is ‘Recovering Steadily’

Nintendo spokesperson Yasuhiro Minagawa has revealed that company president Satoru Iwata is “recovering steadily.” During the executive’s absence, however, the firm won’t make important decisions. Iwata recently endured surgery to remove a bile-duct growth. As a result, he missed Nintendo’s annual shareholder meeting and this year’s E3 trade fair in Los Angeles.

“Iwata is recovering steadily,” said Minagawa. “There is no interference with his business as president.”

145 thoughts on “Nintendo Spokesperson Says Iwata Is ‘Recovering Steadily’”

      1. Dude I’m playing god of war for the first time… Game play like a bag of wet dick. I feel bad for you.

  1. Hopefully in his downtime he had had time to reflect and had even bigger ambitions for the Wii U. I really would like to see the Wii U do well and with Super Smash and Hyrule warriors coming out I think it will.

    1. Eh, I think they’re planning on just riding the Wii U out and doing enough to make the Wii U owners happy. They should do their experimental stuff now. Since games don’t come out too often for it, we’ll take whatever we can get. Might as well throw it to the wall and see what sticks, but plan ahead for the next console to not face the same hiccups that the Wii U has

  2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    I just heard that the Playstation is being called “Gaystation” by the news and the current Pride-festival here in Sweden ahahahahahahahah…

    1. Gaystation? Never heard that in the states. Love my Ps4 though. Best console I have ever bought. Followed very closely by my Wii U mind you. With the release off Hyrule Warriors and Smash my Wii U has a good chance to become my favorite. :3 Don’t fail me now Nintendo!

      1. Have you only ever bought those 2 consoles? I have both, but they’re only winning power-wise so far, neither has enough games to keep me very active on them, beyond Netflix :/ but the Fall is looking good Wii U and next year for PS4

        1. Also own a PC, every Nintendo handhold since the color, PS1, PS2,Wii, and if you count it a Ipad 2. Used too play the 2600 at my grandparents. So yes. I have owned a few other gaming platforms.

      2. Yeah, I’m pretty much like you but I’m Nintendo and then Sony. Comes down to it, I can care less about the Xbox. Both Nintendo and Sony put out great imaginative games, but it seems the xbox is just riding the 3rd party train….

      1. Pretty sure I’m not gay if that is being implied… -_- Married with a kid on the way. Honestly, I don’t see what the big deal is in liking a video game system over another. I love my Wii U and Ps4.

          1. Never said you did, just said if it’s being implied. -_- maybe you are the one who can’t read straight.

            1. Also, I want responding to your picture. I posted my comment right after your content posted so I didn’t even get to see your comment. Your making a bigger deal out of it then me. Get your panties out of a knot and have a nice day.

                1. So… should I be offended you want me gone or happy? I have no hard feelings for Nintendo and constantly shower them with praise. I rarely say anything off topic and if you go back and read anything I have posted on, you would see I am a positive commenter and contributor to on topic conversation. If the majority of people here agree that I should leave than so be it. Most the comment board on this site is filth and hate anyway. Trolls run rampant, sexual deviants are everywhere, and most of the time the comments have nothing to do with the article in any way. I won’t stick around if I am not wanted.

                  1. Don’t mind some of these people. They see your name & just assume your a Sony fanboy. Unfortunately, we can’t blame them considering we have that Sony Commander Kratos running around. Not to mention Shuhei who sometimes let’s his Sony side get the better of him. lol

                    1. Shuhei Yoshida…

                      You know, I still can’t figure the guy out, one minute he defends Nintendo and then trashes it the next. He sometimes does both…I really can’t make out if he is a friend or foe in aspects of a company in a sense. I guess it just goes to show you that you can’t judge a book by its cover.

                      Anyways, Kalas is right dude, don’t mind the idiots here, they just see your name and instant judge you. I call myself snowman so most people can’t judge me off bat but some do try and I prove them wrong.

                      Once I get my other system back, how about a match on street fighter 3 online edition?



                      I warn you though, I’m rusty now but over time I get better so Hugo and Akuma I can use good, but I’m not that hard to beat, however, I will give you a run for your money. :)

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                I hate when they make a different set of consoles just to please a certain group…

                As if they belonged to an entirely different species, stupid idiots…

                But then again, a part of the blame is because of these groups, they feed the discrimination by distancing themselves from everyone else…

      2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Now the Sonyan imbeciles cannot bring out the gay insults because they would only insult themselves…

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        And now the society has put an end to their pathetic insults because now they are allied with the gay community…

        In other words, the Sonyans belong to me ahahahahahahahah…

  3. Wow… I just read my comment… I’m tired apparently… I meant to say that in his downtime he was able to develop a plan on how to expand the Wii U user base. They sold a ton of Wii U consoles with Mario Kart. Maybe if they do a Smash Brothers bundle and another free game for registering it they would have a chance to catch up to Playstation or XB1. People really love free hand me outs. Even if it was a code for Classic 64 Smash Bros on Wii Virtual Console it would sell like hotcakes. Then again, Our may sell just because it’s a smash bros game and won’t need any free games to push sales.

    1. Bad news? How can someone feeling better be bad news? Nintendo had really been stepping up their game the last few months. If anything this is great news!

        1. So its bad news of hearing a CEO, a responsible CEO on top of that, recovering from his possible cancer treatment?

          You’re an ass and hope you get cancer too.

    2. Still wanting Iwata to die, eh? Pathetic wretch. I don’t give a fuck if Iwata is in charge of 3 “bad” consoles, he doesn’t deserve to die over it.

        1. Tell that to EA you moron because they’ve been cheating your money for YEARS plus MS making Xbox a POS DRM with paywall.

          Fucking idiot…

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        I hope the abomination nostaligaww dies a very brutal and horrible death in the near future so we get to finally stop hearing anything more from his primitive nazi garbage…

            1. I’m not the one wishing death on someone over a video game console. Now run along, lil bitch. Go cry over your Wii U over the fact it’s never going to be a carbon copy of the Playstation & Xbox consoles.

            2. Kinda making yourself look like a hypocrite there =w= ah the idiocracy of young adults, a teens entertainment

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            They’ll die by themselves because they are obviously beyond fat for being the hateful nazis that they are…

    1. What? The president of a company of a box-shaped piece of plastic that I particularly dislike hasn’t died because I don’t like that distinct inanimate object? “Damm it!”

        1. Dumb bitch. Just because they have animated porn with underage kids in them over in Japan doesn’t mean everyone over there is like that. That’s like assuming all of Germany were nazi scumbags or assuming all black people are trash because of a bunch of idiot gangsters.

            1. TypiCal LiberAl bs. odd h0w blks Are a minority Yet The Majority of prisoners a blk makes U think. That dumb were all equal bs is whats gotten A bunch of trustful Airheads killed by those they defended. No tears shed.

  4. Well that’s good. I hope he gets better soon. The sooner he gets better, the sooner he can implement ways to help the Wii U.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      It should be pretty obvious that it will, I’d be surprised if it doesn’t…

      It would only confirm that he gimped the Wii U version in favor of the 3DS one…

  5. Im glad hes recovering from his Stupid pathetic decicisions and Gay tendecies

    Why Wasnt wii sports club not launched with the Wii u as a free pack in like the Wii, Instead of Nintendoland?

    Why Wasnt Windwaker HD ready at launch when it only took them 6 months to make it?

    Why isnt Capcom being bought with those billions his wasting on this dumb Gay

    QOL project?

    Wii U needs games and Capcom would be a perfect solution to that

    Why Platinum Games isnt a 2nd party developer for Nintendo ?

    Why isnt there Gamecube VC and Sega Saturn Vc since nintendo is tight with Sega?

    Why couldn’t they make a wireless Gamecube controller for Wii U Instead of the usb Gamecube control adapter?

    Where the hell is The Last Story 2?

    Why arent we told what Retro is working on?

    1. I don’t wish death upon this guy, but he seriously needs to wake the fuck up or resign already. Further decline is inevitable with this clueless shite at the helm!

  6. im Glad Mr Iwata is recovering from his mental illness which has cost this Once great company billions since the decline of Wii amd the failure of Wii U.

    i agree with the sentiments of Hard Dick

    love how he used emphasis by comparing the incompetancy and Stupidity of Mr Iwata to Homosexuality

    very spot on

  7. @nintendo Commander you sound mad at me for no reason, are you Gay?

    @Aeolus i Dont need you co-sign friend

      1. NC… Hard Dick and Aeolus are one and the same, literally, look at their typing, both have unnecessary caps, implying either they cannot write properly or have broken keyboards, the latter is highly improbable.

          1. Probably why he named himself “hard dick”…lol, oh ahem, sorry…but it is noticeable on how he came out of nowhere and avoided trouble by saying he likes the wii u. A good cleaver way but a stupid name to try that as…now if he said NC something then he might fool a few more smarter people but he needs to change the way he spells thing or do captions right. Hey Mr. HD, I’m giving you this info so you can try to troll harder and hide fully.

  8. The Wii U (Japanese: ウィー ユー Hepburn: Wī Yū?, pronounced /ˌwiː ˈjuː/) is a video game console from Nintendo and the successor to the Wii.[8] The system was released on these dates: November 18, 2012, in North America; November 30, 2012, in the PAL regions; and on December 8, 2012, in Japan.[9][10] As the first entry in the eighth generation of video game home consoles,[11][12][13] it directly competes with Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One.

    The Wii U is the first Nintendo console to support high-definition graphics. The Wii U’s primary controller is the Wii U GamePad, which features an embedded touchscreen. Each software title may be designed to utilize this touchscreen as being supplemental to the main TV, or as the only screen for Off-TV Play. Each game may support any combination of the GamePad, the Wii Remote, the Wii Nunchuk, the Wii Balance Board, or Nintendo’s more classically shaped Wii U Pro Controller.[14]

    The system is backward compatible with Wii software; this mode also utilizes Wii-based controllers, and it optionally offers the GamePad as its primary Wii display and motion sensor bar. Nintendo features these online platforms for Wii U and 3DS: the Nintendo eShop for official software and content; and Miiverse, a social network which is dedicated to free use by Nintendo system owners and is variously integrated with games and applications.

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      So, in conclusion, either you create fake alias to agree with yourself or you have severe personality disorders

  10. First of all i want to come up in this and say F hard Price you freaking faggot and F you bitches who think im that faggot so what if we both use caps?

  11. A bile duct infection won’t stop Iwata from working. That is some admirable constitution at work there.

    Anyway, get well soon, Mr. Iwata!

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      1. Still in stores. He passed it up for a Wii U game. lol I know this because he said so on another article a while back.

    3. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

      Where’s your Xbox then huh? Don’t give me that shit that you will buy it, because you don’t have it either way.

      1. The sad thing is he’s spending the money he could be using to get his precious XB360 on games for a console he says he hates. xD

        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS


          There is just too much KFC store in his head, so much he had to take out his brain to make more room.

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  13. I hope he gets better. I never really cared for him, but he is a human being after all. I can’t stand hearing anyone die…

  14. Sickr, if you’re reading this, get rid of these idiots Nostalgiaww and Sasori that still haven’t learned his lesson from talking stupid nonsense.

    Seriously, I just want to reach through their PC screens and beat their bloody asses unconscious for wishing Iwata to die like if he ever did something so horribly unimaginable to humanity. He’s not Hitler, Putin or even Bush manipulating people for support to murder more people for money.

    Iwata is only doing his job and every profession comes with faults, even from the best at times. But comparing to other dickheads and greedy CEOs on the planet like EA and Walmart, Iwata is one of the saints who actually confesses the company’s failures, commits to redeem those mistakes and even took a hit in his salary to make up for the losses and keep his employees denying investors from laying them off.

    Does that sound like a bad CEO to you idiots? If so, I can only pray to god to give you bastards the same, if not, worse kind of sickness that Iwata has and die faster in your basement bedrooms that smells like Doritos and dogshit of your pathetic mother loving lives.

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      foolish idiots like you will never learn. dont distrub sickr, he’s playing the destiny beta.

      1. More like so sickr can’t deliver the Ban Hammer on your head because you’re so desperate for the attention we give you on this site. lol

    2. You’re actually making yourself look much worse then them. Who the fuck writes 4 paragraphs of hate speech towards 2 people…?

      1. Seriously, I am getting fed up with people like sasori
        Maybe we can get someone to track him down and beat the shit out of him?

      2. Not really. He’s wishing death on bad people who are wishing death on Iwata for no good reason as if Iwata is Hitler or some shit. And I can’t blame him. I wouldn’t wish death on the losers but I would wish that something happens that teaches them to be better people instead of worthless little crybabies on the internet. But we can’t fix stupid.

    1. Hey since everyone’s hating on him I might as well join

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    1. If you get an Xbox One, make sure your home is equpped with a blast shield and fire insurance because once that shit blows up, you’ll be surprised of what damage a $500 black box can do.

  15. Oh it’s nice to see Iwata is recovering….. Is the a sign? Will the Wii U recover? :O ohmyyygosh!
    Pssst just resign already.

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