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Philadelphia GameStop Requires Customer Fingerprints When Doing Trade-ins

A new policy is in place at Philadelphia GameStop stores which requires customers who trade in video games to provide a fingerprint scan. The company claims the collected thumb prints will go into a database to enable police to track down thieves who bring in stolen goods. However, City Solicitor Shelley Smith claims that the state isn’t requiring GameStop to abide by this. Here’s a few reactions from customers at Philadelphia GameStop stores.

“I really don’t appreciate it. You fingerprinted me like I’m in a police district. No, I’m at a game store.”

“That is a little absurd, it’s just a video game.”

“I think it’s an overreach. It’s going too far.”

“I know that it only happens to people who go to jail, they get fingerprinted.”

“When I went, I got my finger scanned when he broke it out and said ‘I need your fingerprint,’ I said, ‘for what’?’”

164 thoughts on “Philadelphia GameStop Requires Customer Fingerprints When Doing Trade-ins”

    1. yah … well, your finger prints are probably on the game already … you give your finger-print out all the time.

      still … wtf

      1. Right or whenever you go to a notary public, they get your fingerprint. That’s for legal documents though. Gamestop wanting it is ridiculous, but those complaining after they agreed shouldn’t complain. Just go trade in your game somewhere else or sell it online.

        1. It’s likely required by law. For many states or counties, it is required when pawning or doing trade-ins. Best Buy has been doing it ever since they implemented their trade-in programs. Pawn shops (at least more legitimate ones) have been doing it for years.

          It might feel like invasion of privacy, but it’s also a protection for companies against legal actions and can help victims of theft.

          Besides, we all have a choice. I’m sure nobody at GameStop strapped these individuals to a chair and forced them to give their fingerprint.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Choices that are being limited every damn time they pull things like this…

            And that’s why I said the freedoms you all so have is an illusion, and the same thing is happening all around the globe, in the west mainly because the US is behind most of it aswell…

    2. Seriously, I can’t believe I’m reading this right now. I bet their sales tanked like nothing else. Wonder if they’ll be able to recover from this nonsense. Fingerprinting customers…lol, wow…

      1. are people really that stupid. They act like this affects them in some way, first the government already has their fingers print unless they are an illegal, this is faster and easier than all that paper work, the only people complaining are the thieves, these are the same people who are ok with apple collecting your finger prints.





        2. Ass, this is a video game store, not a government/law agency that only requires it if there’s a specific incident involved. They always check shit before taking or rejecting merchandises as final sale so what is the point of fingerprints when you’re not pawning anything or visiting a parole officer? Not even Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Big Lots, hell none of the major retailers that sells video games does this kind of BS that they know obviously violates consumer trusts of being treated like a criminal in a sense.

          This is beyond stupid and so are you agreeing to this crap and BTW, what were to happen if someone works inside GameStop, does some shady shit and then decided to use your fingerprint to cover his tracks? Your ass is gonna end up in jail while the real crook laughs behind your back. Now do you see why this is stupid idea?

  1. They have been doing this in Utah for years, so I thought this was nation wide. They have to do it because they act like a pawn shop.

    1. They’ve been doing this in California too, although it wasn’t so much a “scan” as it was just inking your finger and pushing it on the page. And you had to do it twice. Keep in mind I did this like a year ago, so fingerprinting isn’t really news.

  2. So what’s to be of Rayman? Sure Rayman Legends hasn’t sold well (it sold only 1.3 million copies on 7 different platforms) and Nintendo downgraded Rayman’s presence in Smash Bros to that of a trophy, but Rayman is one of Ubisoft’s original mascots. Ancel has been working at Ubisoft since he was 17 years of age and has been responsible for some of Ubisoft’s (or Ubi Soft back in the day) greatest games, even Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 was a lot of fun when you play with three other friends (and I say that from experience).

    1. requiemforadreamcast

      Well luckily every Assassin’s Creed game makes money and there’s two of them this year, so I think there’s still a good chance we’ll see another Rayman in the near future. As much as I love Origins and Legends, I think they should go for a 3d Rayman next time.

    2. Lol. I remember when selling 100,000 was awesome. Now to think that selling 1.3 million copies is a failure is crazy.

      1. Almost always, they want to sell a lot more than 1 million copies. Games cost a lot to make, and they need money to pay employees for some years or year before their next game. 100,000 copies is really not a good number, seriously. No game developer, except for indies, would even think that’s a worthwhile number. For some games, that’s not even acceptable first week sales.

        1. And this is based on the idiots who base their games solely on graphics and minor game play changes. We’ve been in the Graphic and First-Person Shooter era for so long that systems are focus entirely on delivering just specs and graphics. It’s a bloody shame to be honest, as I see nothing entirely worth wild on a Xbox one at all. I see nothing but the same games with different stories on PS3, and for what is new on their system is, again, a FPS. Games aren’t challenging and fun anymore like they use to, and people milk off these bug filled games where you have to wait for a patch or DLC to make the game complete as it should have came before. Games and hardware are at a downward spiral in sales — no shit, this is why.

    3. I really enjoyed Rayman throughout the years, I even liked Rayman Legends.
      Guess at this point it’s up to debate, would still hope to see a new Rayman.

      All we can do is hope, numbers don’t seem to lie.

    4. “Nintendo downgraded Rayman’s presence in Smash Bros to that of a trophy” that the same Rayman who has never been in Smash and was never going to be a playable character? How do you work that out to be a downgrade?

  3. Hahaha. WTF? That’s ridiculous. If that happened here in Aus, I’d say thanks but no thanks. I’ll stick with ebay or gumtree.

  4. Nintendo is my Blood

    A bit over the top don’t you think?
    I mean it might be even more dangerous for some GameStop employee to have access to hundreds of people’s fingerprints all willy nilly

    1. To be fair, what can a crook do with your fingerprint? I can understand why giving out your social security or credit card number can be potentially dangerous, but fingerprints should be harmless unless you have some kind of secret vault that’s fingerprint protected

  5. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    And this is why I’m against Xboxes and other similar crap, this is a direct violation of human rights…

    Whoever is fine with these things deserves to be examined and then thrown in the bin…

    1. This is no violation of human rights as nobody is being forced. This is a retailer who provides a non-essential service for entertainment.

      The right you have is to shop there or not.

  6. Unless you are wanted for stealing, what’s the big deal? Biometric scans are used for a LOT here in Ohio. Punching timeclocks, operation cash registers, banking… is this really invasive? The policy indemnifies Gamestop from charges of receiving stolen property, lowers their corporate insurance policy, and allows the store to stay in business. Don’t mistake me, I loathe Gamestop entirely, and am SO GLAD I don’t have to go there, but this is nothing. Come complain when they want blood for a DNA scan.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      And this further proves just how enslaved you Americans have been since WW2…

      You actually think it’s fine and okay for the imbeciles in power to have control over every aspect of your lives because you are so brainwashed into believing their nonsense…

      The most free nation in the world? Even strict muslims have more freedoms than you do…

      The freedom you so love and think you have is only an illusion and the worst part is that you’ll never believe me and others who tells you this…

      I pity the common people in the US because they have been severely brainwashed by their goverments for cycles…

      I’m done with this now…

      1. After spending 5yrs in Germany I gotta say you’re right. Born and raised In America and I couldn’t wait to get back home, came back to disappointment. Restrictions run rampant masked as benefits for the good of the public….

        P.s. hope your gamepad comes back soon

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          It’s just an abomination to hear all these things from the US and even worse that most accept it…

          It’s funny how they don’t like taxes and yet they have taxes for every little thing…

          I got a message today, they have repaired it and will let me know when I can pick it up, thanks by the way!

      2. Every part of the world is basically the same, the only place left that wasn’t was Iceland but even that is changing.

        The fact you think your form of government isn’t just as corrupt just shows how moronic you really are. No one on this fucking planet is free in the literal meaning of the word, this entire place is a shit hole and doomed. All because of people everywhere who can’t think for themselves, it has nothing to do with just the American government or Americans. It is everywhere.

        This has been going on before America even existed or countries in general were ever around. People have always been this way, do you even know anything about history commander? Or as always you just sit on your high horse like your shit never stinks or like you’re some supreme being who is above everyone else when you are a human just like the rest of us.

        Seriously go learn about our entire history and get back to me as if we have ever been free, no matter where or what there is always someone or something trying to control and manipulate everyone. What you fail to realize is everything we see now is simply repeating itself because that is all history does anyway.

        Religion is a perfect example that this has been going on since the birth of man. Religion was started as a form of control and probably is the earliest form of a type of government.

        So no I don’t agree with your idiotic statements at all that America is the only god damn place where things are corrupt in the world or the only place where people are just easily brainwashed into believing whatever they are told, give me a fucking break. Every form of government on this planet is corrupt and has the same stupid group of people who ruin it for those of us who know better.

        Obviously you must be one of the brainwashed idiots you constantly speak of if you seriously think otherwise.

        So sick and tired of other people from other counties all attacking each other or acting above one another as if their country is absolutely perfect also, I don’t stand behind any country. The earth is one piece of land just divided by water, so you can all act better than one another be we will all suffer the same I can assure you that, because when these problems get so far out of hand it won’t just be places like America affected by it, it will be the entire world.

        Every continent on this planet has the same god damn problems but with different people. So get over yourself.

        More importantly no one thinks it’s okay, only morons who live day to day without ever thinking for themselves, about their future or the future of their kids and so on do. So you trying to group together everyone in America is completely stupid, as if in every other part of the world everyone is super intelligent or some ridiculous bull crap.

        Annoys the living hell out of me anyone agrees with your dumb ass. You act just like Sasori, you may say different things but the outcome is always the same. Pure ignorance.

        So I hate to break it to you but you are on the same shitty planet as the rest of us, you don’t have some spaceship where you can just fly away once all the shit hits the fan, you’ll be here along with everyone else.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          As always you just love to stalk me and think you know how I think…

          Just go and wither somewhere…

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Except this article was about a place in the US and not the world, ipso facto the stupid one is that one for assuming that I only blame the US for these things, I hate the entire human race to the deepest core of my essence and I don’t accept anything from anyone…

            1. We’ll lets be honest, the comment section is never on topic with the article but you never stated “it’s only the U.S” maybe he/she thought that you were implying it

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Do I have to draw a picture, present the mathematical calculations and show a movie for people to get something?…

                And the only reason to why that human comments to me is because she/he is so butthurt just because I roleplay a character, how sad can you get?…

                She/he has been after me for months and always insulting me and taking things so seriously it would make any hardcore fanboy a casual by comparison…

              2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                I’m off to play games now instead of being surrounded by the more primitive lifeforms…

        2. Nice article lol. I also strongly agree with the religion part. I believe that there is a GOD more than everyone else on this planet combined. There is no doubt in my mind, and nothing anybody says or does will ever make me second guess. That being said, religion has been a major way to control the population for many years. The truth is, however, that when people aren’t religious they are worse. That’s when apathy towards your fellow man, abortion, adoration of celebrities, PETA, furries, and bronies becomes the norm.

          1. Yeah, religion is a huge misconception. God doesn’t want your religion, He doesn’t want you to DO things for Him or to DO things to make yourself feel better. All He wants is a relationship. Talk to Him, learn about Him, and He will gently guide you.

            There are so many demanding things you are supposed to “do” to earn acceptance in a church or religious community. So many people misunderstand what the bible is saying. Then you have so many people using the bible and religion to control the masses. It’s really sad.

            It’s amazing how mankind can take something so simple and turn it into something completely convoluted.

            1. And this is why I refer to myself more as spiritual than religious. I believe in God, but I don’t follow everything that the bible & churches teach. People take the bible way too literal sometimes.

              1. Yeah, there are some crazy things in the bible and some folks take it to extremes… Everything in that book is a lesson, it has something to glean from in every story. This unfortunately opens doors to a whole lot of misinterpretation.

      3. You’re out of your mind if you think Americans have less freedom than someone over in the Middle-East. I’m certainly no fan of what the NSA and our gov’t has been doing, but in terms of overall freedom including speech, religion, etc, the U.S. still is leaps and bounds above just about any other country in the world.

          1. Yeah, ok. It’ll be just like you say.
            Still showing how much you really don’t know about governments and the U.S. in general. But whatever – your’e entitled to think that way even if it is willfully ignorant.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Nothing humans do shocks me at all now, not after what I’ve seen during my whole existence…

      4. Ell not me. They can give it their best shot at me but I’m the type who don’t take BS lightly and easily like the rest of these brain fucking dead fools.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Well obviously, you’re not a sheep…

          My stupid country is trying to do the same thing, they are met with riots and other things…

    2. I have to agree with commander on that one. I am not going to debate on the NSA global spying but when you hear/read/listen to the American’s reaction you can so tell there is a huge cultural and mentality difference between the rest of the word and North America (which include Canada).

      Personally I would not stand for it. I don’t trust any government and even less private companies to deal with my personal data (which nowadays is worth much than them knowing how much you have on you bank account).

      On the other hand if you don’t see the danger, today is fingerprint in 10 years is a chip or a barcode on your neck (exaggerate a bit) I feel sorry for you.

        1. if I implied that I thought this and other stuffs just happen in North America. It’s not the case at all, what I meant is how the reaction or the thought process to a given situation are different from a continent to another. In the case (data gathering and spying) we can see clearly see the reactions are influence by the culture/way of life not really by the individual. at east that the way I read/see it.

    3. Your ignorance and stupidity at accepting an entry access into your privacy buffles my senses. What logical human being that is intelligent and has common sense would agree with this police state policy. This is America and people are throwing away their rights like its candy.

      1. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

        its only social reject who can’t handle the police and government knowing about your past.

        1. that girl I used to know

          Ah yes those social rejects, like in Stalinist Russia, or nazi germany…how about north korea or Maoist china. Those social rejects?

      1. It is actually law in Florida, GameStop just has been a little slow complying. Best Buy does it and so do other retailers who do trade-ins (along with pawn shops).

  7. They have done this in Indiana for years. It has something to do with people stealing games and selling them there. They have their own database of them tied to the transactions. It has nothing to do with them giving the prints to the government or anything of the sort.

    1. Do you think for yourself or not? the spying last year did not open your eyes I see, sheeple I tell you. You talk a lot of trash against Sony and DRM and accept physical life DRM with open arms.

      1. I do think for myself. I think that it’s better to play along with the methods in play and get the things I want than to jump to total paranoia that all these groups want to spy on us. They can spy on me all they want. All they would get out of it is a guy that works, plays video games, and spends time with his fiance.

    2. that girl I used to know

      Stealing games from where? A store….a person? If from either of those how can they tell/prove it’s their game?

  8. Game Stop has been doing this for years in Utah, Texas, and California for at least the last 15 years. I’ve never been comfortable with this but then again I’ve never traded in stolen games so I haven’t been directly affected by this policy since I’ve been trading.

    It sucks that it’s a requirement though. Now this little retailer has my thumb print along with millions of others. Kind of eerie.

      1. The first game I ever traded was in Houston Texas and they got my thumb print in ink. Maybe it depends on the city?

  9. They do this at a lot of Gamestops. None of you would be complaining if you had your game collection stolen. They are just trying to keep people from trading in stolen games. I wish more places did this.

    1. How often does a game collection get stolen to justify every person doing a used game trade in to have their fingerprint scanned?

          1. It’s not a new policy, it has been implemented for years at other game stops and second hand games stores. It is more of an insurance policy for those businesses so that they don’t have to take responsibility for buying stolen items.

    1. This is stupid by far from GameStop. What other scams have been done before by consumers when they are being scammed themselves by GameStop with ripoff trade ins, resale of used games and even employees do some shady shit as well as behaving unprofessionally towards customers.

      Finger print these nuts you jackasses.

  10. The sad part is all the mynintendo news comment gurus above, except the smart ones like Nintendo commander and You thought that discredit this nonsense.

    1. A friend of mine had all his games stolen as well as his consoles and the thief brought them into gamestop to sell. He was able to get his games back and the guy who stole them was caught.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


          You are one of the sheep that believes these things are okay just because of a few incidents wher ethey caught a thief…

          You’re probably a pro-weapon possession too…


        2. Now looks who’s talking about “using alternate” accounts. You’re blantly ripping him off now. Fucking hypocrite of a mentally retarded reject in life.

      1. All they have to do is check the damn serial number and see if that console’s seller has an account tied to that. That’s it. No fingerprint BS required. This is a game store, not a Pawn Shop or a parole office.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


          That’s what they did with my Wii U when I sent it for repair…

          It wasn’t Gamestop though…

        2. Under many state laws, it *is* considered a pawn shop. When you give goods for cash or cash values, that is considered pawning in many states. GameStop is not exempt just because they’re a large corporation.

    2. Commander is a total dumb ass, just as stupid as Sasori but at least we all know now that Sasori is actually just mentally ill. Commander on the other hand chooses to be stupid.

      Which I think is actually far worse. I know he uses alt accounts just like Sasori does, just to make it seem like people are actually agreeing with his retarded logic.

      Who I am kidding, this is probably commander.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Says the stupid one talking so much nonsense that I never even brought up…

        Assumes I have alternate profiles when I don’t, obvious that it is you that does have them…

        How fun being a sheep…

  11. Nothing new. Disc Replay stores do this. If you object, then you probably are the ones trading in stolen goods ;)

  12. Well, this is a required LAW in most areas that sell Second Hand goods. It is for ‘Second Hand Dealers’ or in most cases you may call them Pawn Shops. Like a couple have said you’d want to know who stole and then sold YOUR stuff! This is how they catch thieves, or attempt to anyway. Most thieves sell on Craigslist now anyway so they don’t have to hand over an ID or thumbprint. Also within this 2nd Hand Dealer law requires the business to hold the items for a certain time period before they are sold, so the original owner may get their stuff back. I’ve had to take IDs for any trade-in at my store for 14½ years and it makes me happy when I hear Game Stop is also forced to follow these laws. Sitting on a Pre-Owned Madden for 15 days is gut wrenching. Up until 10 years ago it was a 30-day hold law, but when it went digital the hold time dropped.

  13. I totally agree with this finger print thing. Why? Because the consumers just can’t be trusted nowadays unfortunately. You have 8year olds who go into toy stores to steal and 10 year olds who are already pulling off scams. The adults arent any better. Sure you guys are saying “oh but its just a game.”

    Sure its just a game, but if they let you go by because its just a game, everybody else will expect to go by for the same reason and then money will always be lost.

    I don’t see the big deal with just getting your print scanned. If you didn’t do anything wrong, there’s no problem in following protocol.

    1. We can’t be trusted? Those motherfuckers are conning customers every single day and you’re saying we can’t be trusted? Are you taking the piss?

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      The last thing I bought from them was the Pokemon Y 3DS XL version, since then they can just get lost…

  14. Uhh, we’ve been doing it at my Florida Gamestop for almost a year now. This is old news. And the official policy is to only do it for people who trade for cash, and people who trade high value products like consoles, and iphones. If you trade a game for store credit, which is what most people do, no finger prints are required, so it’s really not that big a deal. And so far, I’ve seen no complaints other than people just giving weird looks.

  15. As this measure is supposed to protect the majority of the public this first comes across as a good idea. Games are semi high value and easy to steal. But in reality it’s very, very very bad.

    The reason being is that it’s basically opening Pandora’s box. What next? Will people have their thumbs checked at football games or baseball games? Will you have your eye retina scanned at a nightclub? This sort of thing can not be allowed and people supporting it are too fearful and weak to realise this.

    Governments use criminality as an excuse to keep more tabs on the public. Stating, ‘it’s a way to protect people’. BS! Governments always come up with this type of nonsense instead of actually sorting out the route problems of society. Stop criminals F*****G stealing in the first place. Educate them. Punish them. Provide help for them. Whatever it takes. But don’t punish the rest of society with ludicrous nonsense.

    I don’t live in America so I won’t comment on its problems. And yes there are all sorts of different issues in all sorts of different countries, America is not unique. But there are places where zero or little crime exists. Ironically I’m on holiday in Madeira, and there is NO crime here. And guess what? No one’s scanned my thumb.

    1. Obviously, none of those Americans here remembers that the FBI already has their fingerprints on file. Until 2001, the FBI’s field offices would collect fingerprints on all children in school in kindergarten for the purposes of helping to find lost or kidnapped children. As laws and tech progressed, the law was no longer necessary.

      We are talking about a fingerprint here. If you write a check in America, the bank requires a thumbprint for cashing it. Federal law. They’re not demanding teeth, first-born, and the right to sodomize you at will. In an era of nude room body scanners and cavity searches, a FINGERPRINT is that objectionable? Next, you’ll object when a police officer asks to see your driver’s license. I agree their has to be a limit, but considering from the time you leave your home to the time you get to your destination, 10 to 15 cameras have you on film, a fingerprint is the least of your worries.

      1. that girl I used to know

        Next, you’ll object when a police officer asks …
        umm am I behind the wheel when the officer asks? Why would that be ludicrous? Ludicrous is when I’m minding my own business, hurting no one and am asked for my drivers license. Driving without a license is dangerous and can end up impacting someone financially and or healthwise. Or when I’d like to sell a game and collect the whole “five” dollars
        Gamestop wants to give me. “Please expose thumb”! I’m
        innocent … And by the way, I’ve never had to thumbscan to
        cash a check. Maybe I have an honest face?

  16. They don’t do this in Alabama and probably won’t for a while, being as we get many policies late. Even so, this is completely ridiculous, as I feel like it’s against my rights and privacy. Sure they can only do SO much with a fingerprint now, but with future tech who knows how much damage can be done. iPhones can be open with a person’s fingerprint, what will it be next?

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  18. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

    lol so suddenly you clowns think the fbi is on to you. LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO XD

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      About 10 people in here already has half your life in their hands, just think about how much more Gamestop would have, not to mention that the goverment would control you like a puppet, but since you want to become a puppet, maybe you’d like it…

    2. So you actually think half of these people aren’t joking about?
      Wow you’re thick.

      I know you can’t handle the police and you’d crack under pressure, also, I’m guessing you like getting your finger print scanned in and put in the “Morons to scam” list at GameStop… oh wait, YOU ARE THE MORON THAT WOULD LET THEM! XD LOL

      Also, “The Clown Destroyer”? Why do you want destroy yourself?

  19. Stupid people always feeling offended and crying. They are viewing this with a wrong perspective. Fingerprints are one of the best ways to ensure an identidy. I feel like a boss whenever I have to touch the scanner, only I have that mark, nobody else. It ensures my account and personal info. This is my opinion.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      “Fingerprints are one of the best ways to ensure an identidy. I feel like a boss whenever I have to touch the scanner, only I have that mark, nobody else. It ensures my account and personal info. This is my opinion.”

      Maybe you should think about how that information of yours would be handled once you come across some evil mind at Gamestop or any other place…

      Too late with the idiots in all goverments but common people having your ID? No thanks…

    2. Actually, it really isn’t, photo ID is the best id you moron.
      Well if you want them to scam you then go ahead kid but make sure mommy is with you.

  20. As someone who’s had their Xbox 360 and games stolen by “friends” a couple of years ago I think this is an excellent idea. This method would have probably have saved me the hastle of going around to their house and smashing their windows when our useless police force didn’t do anything about it!

  21. Where’s the Wii U section in that picture? Wtf? It’s basically nonexistant. Guess that explains why it ain’t selling well. Cuz places like Gamestop and Walmart neglect it. ._.

  22. I’ve went to a Gamestop store earlier and ask for a screen protector for my new 3DS XL. The guy offered me a Vita screen protector. I was like “This is an insult, you’re looking at a 3DS ambassador!!!!!!!!!!!!” Then I turned around and left.

  23. Is this really necessary? They ID you usually don’t they? I don’t trade in anymore cos I would always regret trading my games away, but this just seems a bit too much. Maybe it’s only for cash trade-ins they required and ID, but either way just get an ID from the person or kid’s parent and if stuff turns out to be stolen you have plenty of information from that. I really doubt that people are out there scamming GameStop considering they’d have to steal a huge chunk of games to get anything of value.

  24. Take your fingerprint AND make it seem like they are the FBI or something? So, basically your going to take my identity put it on the shelf for what 30 percent of what I paid for the game? Pigs, who the hell bought your stock to begin with?

  25. This isn’t new. Every state has different laws, I work for Gamestop in Florida and it is our state law to finger print customers who trade in games, but only for cash and system trade ins. As it is a safer and reliable way for police to help track down any stolen games or systems that might have been taken. Because if someone steals your game, guess what? Good chance they will probably try to sell it, and what store buys your games? Gamestop. Trade ins are treated under our Florida Pawn Law which is the same thing you would have to go through in a Pawn store, as employees we don’t like having to do this every time but we explain to customers why it is being done and that we have to do it. Sure it’s a bit shocking at first but, if you think rationally it makes sense and it harms you in no way, of course unless you are the thief.

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  27. Just yesterday my sister in law told me she had to go through this process in Portland, OR, but that happened over a month ago. I guess is the new policy.

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