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Europe, Australia & New Zealand To Receive Hyrule Warriors Special Edition Set With Link’s Scarf

Nintendo of Europe has confirmed Zelda fans across Europe, Australia, and New Zealand will receive a Hyrule Warriors limited edition set. Similar to Japan, the bundle will include Link’s Scarf, which has the Triforce emblazoned on the front of its highly fashionable – according to the latest Hylian Vogue magazine – bright blue and orange material. Eager fans will be able to purchase the limited edition set straight from Nintendo UK’s online store for the recommended retail price £49.99, as well as other participating retailers.

Also announced in today’s Hyrule Warriors Direct was the addition of Ganondorf’s alternate costume. Club Nintendo members who register their copy of the game between 9am BST on September 19, 2014, and 22.59 BST on October 17, 2014, will receive a free download code for a Ganondorf Legacy Costume Set. Nintendo will unveil further information on how to obtain other alternate costume sets in future weeks.

If you missed any of the Hyrule Warriors Direct and its subsequent action, you can watch it all in the video posted above. And if you’d like to see the alternate costume sets, you can view the video, here.

49 thoughts on “Europe, Australia & New Zealand To Receive Hyrule Warriors Special Edition Set With Link’s Scarf”

    1. NOOOOO THIS IS BS. AAAAAAAHHH!! Please, America. Please, please, pretty please! Better yet, TREASURE BOX! I’d pay more for that! Come on Nintendo! Ugh! :(

        1. The two Ganon costumes are for NA Club Nintendo only. And who would seriously wear that scarf outdoors? It’s just a display item which is rather useless. If they had picked better colors maybe.

          1. It’s meant for display. And dlc can be released anywhere later on, but at least Europe gets the option for something from the collectible version Japan has. Honestly, that treasure chest is pretty awesome, I don’t care if it’s extremely limited and costs $150, I’d still get it. I always get stuff in collector’s editions when I have the option. They could get us the scarf like Europe at the very least

      1. Nintendo World NYC got the super limited MK8 box set… which I had the pleasure of scooping two of… hoping they announce something similar that is exclusive to the store.

    2. On the other hand, CN isn’t available in Sweden. So we probably have to wait a while for those costumes.

      1. europe do have club nintendo, are one is actually better because we get phisycal items like statues as rewards

  1. Still not getting it, Hyrule Warriors looks awful, I’ll wait for real Zelda. Sweet combo for people who want it though…

      1. Not the graphics or anything, but the gameplay, which of course is subjective. I just don’t like Dynasty Warriors’ gameplay at all. It doesn’t look satisfying to me to play the game. But it’s cool that there’s a game for everyone’s ‘needs’.

        1. Alright. Well, good that you explained why. But it’s not “awful”. It just isn’t your type of game.

    1. Yes. I very rarely buy special editions because there’s so many of them that they’re hardly special anymore. But a SSBU special edition would have to be an instabuy.

    2. More likely to be an amiibo edition or GameCube controller special edition. Not that I don’t agree that that’d be awesome, but Nintendo does like to throw controllers in with their games, and it is the first game to use amiibo, so it makes sense

  2. Hopefully the U.S announces that we get the Treasure Box Special Edition.

    Seriously. Why doesn’t Nintendo U.S do special editions or cool preorder bonuses like the REST of the entire world?

  3. At least I wont be that sad because if it was selling in america I wont have money to pay for it. I just spent 126 dollars buying one gamecube controller plus the adapter on amazon..60 dollars only taxes..

      1. but it is the gc smash controller, it’s that because in my country I have to pay a lot of taxes =/ (Import Fees Deposit $61.78 haha lol)
        smash edition is 29 dollars at amazon, at least, I’ve preordered it

  4. Its like NoA doesn’t want our money anymore. I guess I should just follow suit and not buy their products then.

  5. This is the second we’re getting screwed over, first the Blue Shell edition of MK8 and now this? I was reconsidering buying the game when I saw Fabulous Ganondorf but this just completely pissed me off. I’m not gonna dare to touch the game..

    1. Don’t forget we also got screwed with A Link Between Worlds. I was really hoping this would come to the Americas. It’s actually the only reason I watched the Hyrule Warriors Direct at all.

  6. Thanx for this video! Been looking for something more substantial than just watching the fight mechanics on this game. Interest just hit the next level! Can’t wait. <3

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  8. I’m kind of glad we here in North America aren’t getting the special edition because I wouldn’t want to open the box! I bought the Wind Waker HD Limited Edition and ended up never opening it because I didn’t want to depreciate its value, hahah. So there’s a silver lining after all.

    1. No, but if we got the treasure box then you totally would wanna open it cause it makes the treasure box music :D

  9. Are we in the States the only ones getting the Ganondorf alternate outfits through Club Nintendo? If so, I’d rather get the Triforce clock or Link’s scarf as I’ll gladly buy the alternate costumes when they are in the eShop later on. Either way, Japan is once again getting the best deal as they are getting the alternate outfits, the Triforce Clock, & Link’s scarf all in one. Of course, they have to pay more but still! lol

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  12. So I’m a bit late to the party after being without internet for a month. I’ve tried the usual places (Game, Nintendo store, Amazon) in the UK to try and pre-order this but they’ve unsurprisingly sold out. Does anyone know anywhere else I could possibly try to get it?

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  14. The US never gets anything. I had buy my husband the treasure chest that holds 3DS games from out of the country for over a hundred bucks….ugh. We were lucky to get a poster with the recently released game, Destiny. Kinda sucks, but what do ya do??

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