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Ganondorf, Zant And Ghirahim Confirmed As New Playable Hyrule Warriors Characters

Nintendo has revealed brand-new information about Hyrule Warriors. During today’s Nintendo Direct, the publisher confirmed that players of the upcoming action game will be able to take control of The Legend of Zelda series’ primary antagonist, Ganondorf. Zant and Ghirahim are also featured as playable characters. The game is still scheduled to launch on September 26th for Wii U.


Some of the information discussed in the online presentation included:

  • Adventure Mode: Players are faced with a grid of challenges that looks like the map from The Legend of Zelda on NES. Completing each challenge unlocks a new region of the map, and with it, a new level of Adventure Mode. Certain characters and weapons can only be unlocked in Adventure Mode.
  • Costumes: Club Nintendo members who buy and register Hyrule Warriors within four weeks of launch will receive a set of alternate Ganondorf costumes as free in-game downloadable content. More details will be made available on For certain other characters, Nintendo will make downloadable alternate costumes available as pre-order bonuses from select retailers in North America. Nintendo will announce more information about how to get these cosmetic add-ons in the future.
  • Playable Characters: In addition to Ganondorf, players can opt to play as various characters from The Legend of Zelda universe. Each character carries his or her own specialty weapons: Link (Hylian Sword), Princess Zelda (Rapier), Impa (Giant Blade), Midna (Shackle), Sheik (Harp), Agitha (Parasol), Darunia (Hammer), Princess Ruto (Zora Scale), Zant (Scimitar), Fi (Goddess Blade), Ghirahim (Demon Blade) and Lana (Book of Sorcery).
  • Weapons: A Chain Chomp will make a guest appearance as a weapon. As the story advances, new weapons will become available to some characters, such as the Magic Rod for Link, the Baton for Zelda and Spear for Lana. Weapons have special abilities called Skills that increase attack damage, or perhaps increase the chance of finding Hearts. Filling the Focus Spirit magic gauge will temporarily increase a character’s abilities and help to mow down huge numbers of enemies. And Bombchus are back, just bigger and more explosive.
  • Game Play: Players can level their characters up to increase HP and attack skill, or they can grab materials dropped by defeated monsters to craft Badges to increase a weapon’s number of attacks, create longer combos or extend Focus Spirit time.
  • Co-Op Mode: Two players can play a local co-op match, with one player looking at the TV and the other looking at the Wii U GamePad controller. Single players can also play on the TV, or using only the GamePad in off-TV play.
  • Locations: Players will face down hordes of enemies in familiar locations, such as Skyloft from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Lake Hylia from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Twilight Field from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.
  • Classic Zelda Elements: Players will recognize items from their favorite Zelda games, including bombs, arrows and a Hookshot. The game is filled with familiar Zelda staples, such as Cuccos, Rupees, Gold Skulltulas and plenty of grass cutting.

113 thoughts on “Ganondorf, Zant And Ghirahim Confirmed As New Playable Hyrule Warriors Characters”

            1. Why do people keep asking this question? It’s been answered numerous times already that there are harder difficulty levels. It’s always the same people bashing the game even though they’ve never played a Warriors game to know that there’s a lot more depth to it than it’s given credit for. The graphics look great, it’s called having an art style.

              1. Well no I’ve never played a dynasty warriors game before so I didn’t know it had harder difficulty levels. I’ve also never seen this question asked before.

              2. The graphics are passable at best. Compared to mario kart 8, for example, they look like shit. Of course having multiple enemies on screen and bigger areas demands more from the system so of course it won’t look as good.

      1. Here’s a suggestion: Ask for 3 $20 Nintendo eshop cards and download this when it releases, or ask for $65 and wait for this to come out. :P

  1. I’ll state the obvious.. If Ganondorf is still in Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS, THIS version would be awesome, and may allow for way more differentiation from Captain Falcon than in the past.

    1. Hopefully you don’t live in North America because we don’t get pre-order bonuses from Nintendo anymore. The CN promotion will be our bonus.

      1. They announced in the N. American Direct that we would be getting the DLC bonuses depending on which retailer we buy the game at. So, it’s already been confirmed we would
        be getting the downloadable DLC packs in America.

  2. The design looks like it had a huge amount of inspiration from Mongol warriors. This Ganondorf looks like a badass, and like a threat. Really cool.

    seriously those braids that he was rocking for awhile look lame.

    1. Finally another that hates, or at least dislikes, Ganondorf’s Princess Leia hair from Twilight Princess. His design for this game is most likely heavily inspired by Demise’s design. His weapon of choice was obviously an inspired mixture of Demise’s weapon & Wind Waker Ganondorf’s weapons.

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    1. was never promisied. They haven’t shown everything they said more to come and game does have some kind of online mode

    2. It sucks but it should have been expected, to be honest, since online hasn’t been much of a strong suit for the Zelda franchise itself.

  4. Anyone notice how Ganondorf, the reincarnation of Demise, is known as the demon king while Debbie the fabulous is a demon lord? Huh, huh?! Lol just a “did you know” for you peeps. Hugs!

  5. Assuming ganondorf is in the next smash bros, he better have a different moveset that’s actually inspired by the Zelda games instead of taking notes on the fighting style of a pilot that drives around hover vehicles at hundreds of mph/km/hr. If not then might as well replace him with Ghirahim seeing as he was pretty unique in SS (include ganon/demise in his final smash to please the butthurts XD) imo. I digress, but this game looks sick! I just hope it doesn’t turn repetitive after a while.

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      As much as I want Ghirahim in the game, he’s most likely just a one-time villain in the Zelda franchise. So they’re probably going to go with Ganondorf again.

      I really hope his final smash makes him transform into Demise or something. Maybe Ghirahim comes out and transforms into his sword. But they need to get him a new moveset like you said.

  6. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    Almost everything up until the last five minutes was stated already or shown in trailers. Ganon was a cool reveal, but retailer DLC costumes? Seriously?

    1. If your crying about not gettin a dlc costume. You are actually the intended target.

      “it means… know thy self”


  7. Thinkin’bout purchasin’ this fine specimen.

    no online coop though…


    I won’t support offline coop only anymore

    fuck em’

    other games to play

      1. I think PinkInk was trolling. ;) If he/she wasn’t trolling though, then I don’t know. Lol. They troll so much that I can’t tell when they’re serious anymore.

  8. I’m wet because the weather is humid in SoCal and I spilled a glass of water on my pants. I’m a pants type of person. Hug?

        1. I hadn’t realized there was more people from SoCal that goes to this website. Or that people that live in SoCal are called SoCalian’s… Well now we know! :P

          1. yeah dude me neither, and that SoCalian thing was just bullshit haha I don’t think anyone calls each other that but I guess it can be our thing for this website XD

        2. sick! must be awesome living near the beach. I’m at anaheim btw, where it’s pretty much always hot af year long :]

  9. not my bag. graphically looks last gen. I can see the appeal for the people that are excited. It will do well in Japan and that’s about it

    1. Because Ganondorf will finally be a badass outside of the Zelda canon games instead of being someone else’s bitch ass clone. *cough*CaptainFalconmovesetGanondorfforSmashBros*cough*

    2. Not to mention he has two big ass swords. He could hurt himself running around with his arms flinging about while carrying those things. lol As for the hair, Ganondorf is better looking with it. Short hair or Princess Leia hair does not suit the great King of Evil.

  10. Not sure if anyone mentioned this already but, the treasure box limited edition in Japan kind of confirmed Ganondorf as playable….it comes with Courage costume DLC for Link, Wisdom costume DLC for Zelda, and Power costume DLC for an “unknown” character. This information has been available since the game was first listed on Amazon and Gamecity back when the game was announced.

  11. We need that treasure box over here… Seriously. And to everyone complaining about costume DLC, fuck you. I want all of that shit. All of it! :D And make some for Lana too while your at it. OuO

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      I’m complaining because I can only get one of the those three sets. Sure, they’ll be available at a later date, but that’s making me wait for content that could go on the disc.

  12. What I wanna know is, will Hyrule Warriors have branching storylines?

    With so many characters, I worry there might only be a good guy storyline & a bad guy storyline (or simply dark/light endings), w/ out any room for individual arcs. The last hack & slash game I played was Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes for Wii. The main reasons for me to replay it were the branching storylines, individual story archs, &–through all that–unlocking new characters. But if Hyrule Warriors’ characters are just “reskins” w/ different stats & attacks, I’ll be very disappointed.

        1. She’s a Base Breaker on par with Waluigi. But in all seriousness, she’s a fan favorite that has both praise and criticism so far.

  13. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    Good the DLC is free for the only character that I care about besides Ghirahim…

    I hate heroes…

    1. If they make you pay for DLC in this, I wouldn’t care. I’m really dedicated to it. If they made costume DLC for every character, I’d buy it. I’d buy it all. I’m actually hoping they do. Free DLC is good too. But I don’t mind paying.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        I would only pay for new things that have real value to them, not customes that we’ve already seen before and adds nothing to the game except looks…

        1. That’s the point though. It adds looks. Which I think is cool. I’m gonna play this game a lot, so I may as well spice up my characters. And please make one for Lana. XD

        2. I’m with Hollow on this. Free DLC will be nice but I don’t mind paying for it. Take a look at the prices for Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper on the eShop. In the States, the prices weren’t that bad considering you get at least 10-20 alternate outfits, sometimes more, for only about 3-5 bucks.

  14. Sigh knew there wasn’t a real online multiplayer aspect to this, adventure mode just looks like scoreboard crap.

    It’s good there seems to be a lot of content to keep you besy with the game and even more characters to play as now, so I think I’ll get it regardless but still really would have loved online co-op like in past Dynasty Warrior games.

    Kind of annoyed me when they said that in the direct, we have co-op like in past Dynasty Warrior games but we fail to mention in past games we had online co-op also which is missing from this game.

    1. If it makes you feel any better, if I knew you irl, I’d definitely sit down and play a game with you. XD

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      That’s what I was thinking when I first saw the trailer…

      I hope it was just to show the gameplay when you pay as Ganondorf and not the true game…

      1. I’m hoping for Ganondorf as an ally in the same sense Bowser is for some of the RPG Mario games. BUT… close to the end of the game, Ganondorf reveals he’s been behind Cia all along & turns on everyone. What can be more evil than pretending to be on everyone’s side then stab them in the back when they aren’t expecting it, revealing they’ve not only been using the people you’ve been fighting against but also using you in the process?

  15. Nintendo is gonna make a lot of money from all of the suckers who buy the DLC. Such a ripoff if you ask me. The game itself is already going to be outrageous, without having to pay extra…..just for costumes?
    (o _ O)

        1. Except Tecmo Koei does this with the costumes in every Dynasty Warriors game… clearly you haven’t played a Warriors game before. It’s not just Nintendo.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      I know, I hate that they “force” you to pay for customes…

      Customes should always be free no matter what game it is and whoever makes them…

      1. Nah, I think costume DLC especially in online games is a better option. It shows that you’re dedicated to the game. And it can also help distinguish your character in the online game. I’ve already explored the free route and that’s never worked out. Scrolling through broring, stupid, pointless costumes I’d never use.. At least they put more effort into it when you have to pay for them. Like CoD Ghosts for example. I thinking kicking people’s ass as Michael Myers is cool. While other players get to be generic, stupid soldiers. Haha.

  16. I wasn’t digging the long hair at the start of the video, but…
    Seen from behind he looks like a mash of TP Ganondorf and TP/OoT Ganon. I actually like it and, as others have said, I hope this fighting style is implemented in his Smash Bros incarnation.

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  18. I wonder why the Ocarina Of Time Ganondorf never comes back in any games? In every game since OOT, Ganon has been more overweight and had a beard. Though I must admit, after looking back at pictures of Ganondorf online, he did look a bit dorky in OOT.

    1. Because those games take place decades, even centuries, after Ocarina of Time. In the games that Ganon is the same Ganondorf from Ocarina of Time, he’s either aged considerably or has lost his original Gerudo form either because he’s forgotten how to revert back or because he just feels his Ganon form is more menacing than his true form.

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  21. I’m glad they made sure to tell everyone that Ghirahim & other villains will be playable at some point, so we can stop hearing people asking the question on whether they will be playable or not. I like the “adventure” mode but the name is VERY misleading as it’s more of a mission mode than an actual adventure. Or in the terms of Super Smash Bros Melee: Events. Too bad the alternate outfits for Link & Zelda will be pre-order bonuses depending on who you are preordering it from. It better be the god damn sets & not “OoT Link from Gamestop, TP Link from Target, SS Link from Wal-Mart, OoT Zelda from K-Mart, etc or a lot of people are going to be pissed off.

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