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Nintendo Says There’s More Bayonetta 1 Surprises To Be Revealed

Nintendo of Canada’s Matt Ryan has teased that there’s more surprises to come regarding the original Bayonetta port for the Wii U. Whether these new surprises are new costumes remains to be seen, but hopefully we won’t have to wait too long till we find out. Here’s what he had to say about the original Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2.

“That is the magic that’s happening there and it’s sort of happening as well with Bayonetta 1, which we’re offering with together with Bayonetta 2 for free, but allowing you to play the game in HD and to ‘cosplay’ as Nintendo characters. And there’s some other surprises in that regard that we still haven’t even announced yet. So expect to hear more about Bayonetta 1.”

“And, of course, Bayonetta 2 is this visually stimulating, over the top action game, with a really strong female protagonist. Which, in case you haven’t noticed, is kind of a theme for us; the more recent prominence of female characters. Having female characters playing a role that we haven’t seen often in the past, outside of Samus. And that leads us right back to Hyrule Warriors, seeing Zelda kick some serious ass is pretty impressive. It’s not something that we’ve necessarily seen before from Nintendo. Female Nintendo protagonists are finally stepping into the forefront in their role in the game. Whether it’s all the female heroes in Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta, the female characters in Super Smash Bros, or Samus in Metroid. Even Splatoon!”

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93 thoughts on “Nintendo Says There’s More Bayonetta 1 Surprises To Be Revealed”

    1. It would be if there was some boob & butt cleavage being shown. But there isn’t any of the sort. Now if we were seeing it from behind, it’d be a totally different story. lol

    1. Look at how she is depicted? Doubt that’s how women want to be seen

      On Other Note…..

      Blame Disney – women are like, “where’s my Prince Charming?

      Blame Porn – guys are like, “where’s my insatiable whore?”

      1. the pic was regrettably chosen by the guy who owns this place

        he could pick one that better depicts the game, but no

        he did the wrong choice once again

      2. Doubt? You haven’t been on the internet with female friends much I suppose. Pal, there are lots of ladies out there who want to look that attractive, badass, and have the muscle power to pull that stance. And it has nothing to do with Disney or ether porn.

        Just saying.

        1. Wish you were right sir, but I’m talking about real women, not all the whores on the Internet? Ever fuck anyone bitch not a whore? Ever fuck a bitch?

          Disney and Porn, and media (mainstream) caused all that buddy, this is why there all whore, um duh?

          Ha he tried defending that girls aren’t whores because they all want to be whores on te Internet? That makes sense

          1. Well there is more than one way to show off a strong woman than just being all dressed up like a lady. Being able to express oneself sexually is just as much a sign of a strong woman as a woman that stands up for what she believes in. Take your religious or w/e goggles off & see that there is more to strength than just nice family values.

      3. Batonetta is a strong individual woman. That is the characteristic that most women would like females in video games to acr.

        She also happens to be a sexy provocative character, but it is all part of being who she is.

        Bayonetta wouldn’t be Bayonetta if she was conservative and modest.

        Only “descent” strong female characters count? That’s just going against the natural order of life.

        1. Read between article, it’s all just a focus to get girls (more) into games

          Bayonetta is a character and fulfills the female role well

          I Guess – a whore wants to play as a whore – logic might work but I’d rather have woman respect themselves

    1. I know. Her legs are like, freakishly long. And the way she stands/walks doesn’t really help it either. I always kinda thought Bayo was attractive, but when I saw her walk in the game, I was like wtf? Lol, ok then.

      1. You must have not seen a few model or fashion shows. Female models tend to walk like that during those events because it shows a bit of sexuality/sensuality. Do you really want a beautiful woman that dresses sexually to walk around like a man?

        1. I know about them already, but they are nothing compared to Bayonetta. And they walk like that on the runway, not in real life. Bayonetta walks sexually with every single step she takes. It’s like the game is encouraging you to walk slowly so you can see more of her sexy walk. XD

      1. Then be a mother & tell them that it’s not good to be that sexual. Tell them to have some modesty in it. Quit setting your children in front of a TV with a video game controller or satellite/cable remote control and expecting the media to raise your child.

  1. Why is everyone so worried about the picture? Shouldn’t we talking about why Bayonetta could have been a good game, but the content got too inappropriate so the gamers never came?

    1. Because some people like to play the Feminist White Knight with their nose in the air. Spider-Man does this, and we not having people cry about his sexy tight butt being in the air.

      1. Exactly. That’s why I didn’t get the game either. Any game with blood is off the charts for me. Likewise with all M rated games and all games that had the content that Marvel vs Capcom 3 had. (I don’t use the word) games don’t need this and I pass on them every time.

        The only other reason I would typically pass on a game is if it is digital only. Sorry, I only get physical games and they have to have the original cover if they belong to a home console. Good move MOM. Get Mario Kart 8 instead.

          1. I play it, but I refuse to buy it. The original Marvel vs Capcom is actually all right. 2 and 3 is where the series went overboard. Kids can definitely handle the first one. No need to yell…

          2. There needs to be games for adults and teens also, not only stupid kids. I’m against a world of only kid games or movies, just because some closed minded fucks can’t take anything ’cause they don’t mature and are afraid of everything.

            1. #Exposed Games for adults and teens don’t have to be super gritty to be aimed at them. Look at the Avengers film. Good writing and a strong cast of characters are really all that you need. Ratchet and Clank works for adults and they keep it real.

              1. Agreed but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be some games or movies that are gritty. Like Alosjs said, there has to be games that interest everyone & gritty games & movies attract some people. They shouldn’t be left in the dark just to make people like you happy.

                1. I personally think that super gritty things should just not exist. To an extent, something can be dark, but there shouldn’t be anything that crosses the line. (AKA, R, or TV MA)

                    1. Real Life is definitely MA. I agree with you there since you’re liable to hear the F word a lot in real life and you can’t really hit the mute botton. But don’t we endure enough of that in real life as it is? Society should not be corrupted any further…..

                      Plus, real life would probably not be as bad if these things weren’t invented at all

                      1. XD Sorry but real life would still be the way it is even if we were still in the dark ages. We just wouldn’t have to deal with a lot of losers in the world as most of us would only live to 30 something anyway. The world has always been shit. There is just more shit for people to fight over & get corrupted by now. This will continue on til the end of days.

        1. But they will in a few years, and they will jerk off to porn every day. But of course you are a troll, probably you don’t even have kids since your name calls you out as an obvious person trolling for some laughs.

      2. The first Bayonetta was rated M. Toning it down is not a good idea at all. It’s for Mature audiences. They did not make the game for younger audiences so they will include as much adult content in it that they think is appropriate. I never understand why people do this. They completely ignore over the top violence in video games, but if it has anything to do with females it’s definitely not ok. We already have enough people complaining about women being “damsels in distress” all the time and now we have this badass witch named Bayonetta who can kick ass completely own her own, but somebody’s gonna complain that her damn boobs are too big or something. XD That’s not even what the game is about. Lol. I’m glad that they create games like Bayonetta and I’m definitely gonna buy it. (Well, I’m gonna get my mom to buy it. XD) This game deserves a chance. If Mortal Kombat can have all that blood, then so can this. If DOA5 can have all those breasts, then so can this! Lol, best of both worlds. Nothing wrong with that. Day 1 purchase for me.

        1. To be fair, I have a problem with blood too. That’s why I struck Marvel vs Capcom 2 off the list. As for females, they don’t need to reveal that much. Let’s face it, most of the fanservice in Bayonetta is to attract teenage males. It’s just sad. They can be classy about it.

          As for Dead or Alive, it’s been a long time since that one had a good game. DOA 2 was the only good one if I recall correctly. The perfect female character would be someone like Slur. Not revealing at all, but she’s still really powerful and cool. Still, I will get a Bayonetta game once they make an E-10 game for the 3DS…one of these years…..

          1. The sexy/seductive attitude is part of her personality. If they covered her up and all that stuff it wouldn’t work for her. Don’t you remember that she says things “You want to play with Bayonetta?” That’s all on purpose. And I’d rather they keep it like that too. I’m tired of nice/cutesey characters like Peach. Bayonetta isn’t afraid to show her skin. And I like that. XD

            1. To be fair, I have no knowledge on anything in that franchise :O She doesn’t have to be nice or cutesey to still retain her dignity. Just giving her better attire and cleaning up some of the dialogue would be enough to make a big difference

              1. Dude, she is a dirty girl. She says stuff like that on purpose because that’s how she was created. XD She uses her hair on her body to attack enemies most of the time fully exposing herself (away from the camera) and could care less if you saw her female parts. That’s who she is and she (the developers) aren’t gonna change it. :P

                1. Then at least give Michael Bay the rights for the film. Since he loves to wreck things for the fans. (Transformers and TMNT) He may actually make her modest and go against his trend! That could work.

                  Still….it’s her character, but it’s unnecessary. They could tone her down and make her a little rebellious like Rouge from Sonic. Mean, but hardcore. Or, they can just give her a better outfit so she won’t get #exposed. I mean…we all agree that getting #exposed (Especially on this site) isn’t a good thing right?

            1. Hell no. They can add as much blood and sexual content as they want. And besides, with me being a straight male, it is actually a bonus. Put all the cleavage you want. I won’t mind. ;)

      1. Get them Black & White. There is a group trying to liberate these poor animals from being used as tools for Pokemon Battles, for manual labor, for byproducts that humans can eat, etc. lol

    2. Bayonetta always looks (and walks etc.) like she’s ready and willing to have sex with anyone that comes along. She reeks of sex appeal in ways that Lara Croft never has.

      1. Yup, that’s Bayonetta for you. Lol. A walking sex toy. But at least she can pull off some awesome attacks. Oh, and what sex appeal does Lara have? I never really saw her being sexualized that much… Well, other than the bigger boobs she gets basically every new game, but she’s still fully clothed. Lol.

        1. Lara Croft was always portrayed as a sex symbol in many ways. Even appearing partly nude on magazine covers once upon a time (revealing part of her butt). But for the most part, she’s just a regular woman.

          1. Oh yeah, I forgot about the butt. I remember playing party of the reboot and one section had the camera pan right behind her ass. I’m like, “How am I supposed to see?” Lol.

            1. Lara Croft represents the more modest strong female character archetype. Bayonetta represents the less modest strong female character archetype.

                1. Ugh! Fucking too late changes!* lol *quickly says a bunch of gibberish because of my constant mess ups*

    3. Too much bitching and whining over here,
      nothing new to MNN….
      First off, she is not overly sexualised, sure she has perfect figure, that most women would kill for.
      But her breast to body ratio is nowhere near DOA games.
      Just because she likes the little outfits, that does not make her a whore.
      She does not reveal enough, that I would call it a fan service.
      Her seductive and playful nature and appearance is what she uses to fool her enemies, before ripping them apart.

      Of course, this is a mature game not meant for children.

      1. ^^This right fucking here! If this was trying to be like DOA, her breasts would be way bigger than her head & ass.

    4. I just love when people who have never played the game act as if they know the character. People forget that she’s a fictional character and Mari Shimazaki, the character’s designer, wanted to make her outrageous and over the top. She took things that women like about themselves and made them much more extensive(Legs and hair for e.g.) Anyway, Bayonetta is awesome and I can’t wait for 2. One of the best hack n slash games ever.

    5. Give me Zero Suit Samus & Lyndis (Fire Emblem) cosplays, & I’ll be one very happy gamer! The fan service, for me, is just an added bonus when I get the games. I can’t wait to get a hold of the gameplay & play through the story.

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