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Majora’s Mask Has Been Teased In New Official Nintendo Japan Artwork


Nintendo continues its teasing of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask with some summer themed Nintendo wallpapers. The latest wallpaper shows Link with a yukata, fan, and Majora’s Mask. The new piece of artwork celebrates the Japanese Hanabi festival. I believe this is the first time since the game’s release that Nintendo has issued Majora’s Mask themed artwork. Hopefully an announcement is imminent.

Thanks, Kyle

80 thoughts on “Majora’s Mask Has Been Teased In New Official Nintendo Japan Artwork”

    1. but why does the picture have adult Link as opposed to the young one in the actual game?. is the game going to be a remake or perhaps a sequel or spiritual successor to majora’s mask?. remember that nintendo decided to make a sequel to a link to the past instead of remaking a link to the past, so they might be planning the same with majora’s mask.

      1. That’s the Link from Skyward Sword. This isn’t a confirmation or anything, it’s just some artwork celebrating the Zelda franchise.

      2. Also, note that Link stands in OoT’s Hyrule field as you can see the castle and the entrance to lon lon ranch in the background of the pic

      3. I said a long time ago that i’d rather have a sequel like a link between worlds did with ALTTP rather than just a bland remake. So yah… id like a sequel or something like that rather than a remake

        1. How about an expansion instead of a remake? Like with Metroid: Zero Mission, once you hit what you think is the end of the game suddenly takes a turn & reveals there is yet another part of the game you have to go through. Just with Majora’s Mask, it’s more like 2 or 3 new parts of the game that you have to go through.

          1. Maybe the Happy Mask Salesman quickly turns into a villain as he’s able to control Majora’s Mask with it’s powers instead of it controlling him. Maybe the Fierce Deity Mask gets taken from Link & some psycho puts it on & becomes the villain of the game’s second half. So many ways to expand Majora’s Mask.

    1. MyNintendoNews.. I just want to let you all know something.. I really really want to do this. I have this dream of Megan Fox with her legs wide open and she is letting me perform an amateur abortion on her on a child she conceived after having a drunken Molly filled party night with some Cambodian men. Anyways she lets me pull the bloody pulp of a waste or life out of her swollen cavity and place it in front of me. First I smell it, taste it oh so gently as my sophisticated pallet likes to savor since works of art. And then I make her watch me chew it up with my mouth as I fell it pop in my mouth and fell all the crunchy little bones between my teeth..


  1. …It’s not Majora’s Mask artwork – the style is closer related to Twilight Princess. At festivals like this in Japan it is common to wear a mask as well as a yukata, so this is just a nod to the game.

        1. It doesn’t belong on the weaker hardware. It brings on the HD Wii U. And plus, it would get all of those lazy 3DS OWNERS THAT AREN’T SUPPORTING THE WII U to buy one. Seriously, first Smash and now this? Haha, no. Those 3DS users don’t need yet another excuse as to why they can’t get a Wii U.

          1. Sorry but releasing MM on the Wii U isn’t gonna get those 3DS OoT users to migrate to the console if they haven’t already.

            1. And that just shows you how dedicated Nintendo’s fans are. They’ll support the 3DS and then defend the Wii U with their life… And then not buy one. What the hell?

        2. Don’t bother. Some of these people think HD graphics would help it sell a lot or think it’s going to make the game somehow better when we both know it’s not. But I agree. It belongs on the 3DS with it’s predecessor.

  2. I hate you Nintendo for this remake that I’m waiting for it for toooooo long now!
    I’m not waiting it anymore

  3. Hmmmmmmmm a Majoras Mask remake on the WiiU would be nice. And would sell consoles. especially if bundled with OOT and a demo of the next Zelda game but probably wouldn’t happen. Would be awesome if it did. An HD Zelda remaster on wiiu would be awesome. I want Alot of HD Remasters on WiiU like Okami, Viewtiful Joe, even Red Steel

    1. how would it sell consoles?
      i mean sure, some people might buy a wii u because of that but the number would be rather small
      zelda never moved that many consoles and majora’s mask especially didn’t

      1. Yeah. They would also clearly make more money from it since it would be cheaper to develop for 3DS and they have a much larger install base.

        1. And they could release it in less time than what they would on the Wii U since most of the work is already done since Majora’s Mask used most of Ocarina of Time’s models, anyway. If Nintendo made it for Wii U & it would take time from Zelda for Wii U, I guarantee the same people that want it on the Wii U will then start crying & bitching that it’s now delaying Zelda U.

  4. Stop, Please, I can’t take anymore. Just reveal it so I have a reason to finally get ocarina of time 3d

  5. Awesome Art!
    I want a Majora’s Mask (life-size) licensed by Nintendo when the game is released! :D !!!

  6. I hope a remake never happens so you sad pathetic fanboys won’t get it. Always living in the past. Yeah Nostalgia sometimes is good but not all the time especially for a crappy Zelda game.

    1. Nice opinion but still want it I have been a Zelda fan my entire life :P and mm is one of my fav’s. An its my number one :P

      1. I’m a Zelda fan too but MM just didn’t cut it for me. All these people wanting remakes made it overrated too when it isn’t even that good.

        1. I dicked around a bit in MM when it first came out when I was younger (as in I only got out of Clocktown like once), but I didn’t get anywhere in it until I decided to finally beat it a few months ago. I honestly loved it and how dark/creepy it was at times, just wish it had been longer. But my point is it definitely didn’t have much nostalgic value to me and I still loved the game– it just comes down to preference (I’m sure nostalgia is a big chunk of it for some people, but it was legitimately a good game imo).

        2. So just because you only played the game for 20 minutes means those of us that actually COMPLETED the game shouldn’t enjoy our remake? One of the best Zelda’s ever made? You’re just a hater with no consideration for others.

          Fuck off with your opinions. No one cares. Learn how to present your opinion better, not as fact.

          1. Wow, you are an idiot. He didn’t even bash it. He said it was overrated. Overrated does not mean bad. Get out of here you Zelda fanboy.

    2. Crappy Zelda game to you, maybe. Now run along & quit being a dick to people that actually want the Majora’s Mask remake as it’s obviously not for you, anyway.

  7. I would like a Majora’s Mask remake on both 3ds and Wii-U, SO if you had both, you could do something like Monster Hunter, and transfer your save data back and forth.

      1. or better yet they could add more content like more dungeons….. like they should of done with windwaker hd.

        1. I think Nintendo wanted to keep Windwaker HD as close to the original as possible so people wouldn’t freak out.

          1. then add some dlc and people can choose to have that content in their game if they don’t want to keep it original I beat the game 4 different times id like to have something new please…..

  8. Wheter its original or not. It’s just art with link and a famous element (the majora’s mask) to those who have played the games. It doesn’t mean anything else unless they say so.

  9. Never played this game at all, but it should definitely go on the Wii U. I do not want a scale down portable version. If they are remaking it and completely re doing the visuals, it makes more sense to be on the HD console. Now before you bring up OOT3D, that should’ve been on the Wii U in the first place too. Nintendo keeps forgetting that they have a home console and they are being stupid with it. I had to force myself just to get a 3DS XL just do I wouldn’t get completely left out. Smh.

    1. It’s kinda silly to argue that the OoT remake should have been on the WiiU. First of all, the WiiU hadn’t been publicly announced yet, so the conditions on why they chose to publish it on the 3DS aren’t the same as they are now.

      But besides that, I believe that the most important reason for Nintendo to even consider releasing oot at the time was to try to get the 3ds sells off the ground. It was early in its life-cycle, and Nintendo desperately needed a game in which they could feel confident that it would garantee high sales. For this reason, they grabbed their highest praised game, and remade it as faithful as they could. They would later for almost the exact same reasons re-master Wind Waker for the Wiiu.

      Now for Majora’s Mask, even though it one of my favorite games by far and l would love to see it coming to the wiiu, it just makes more sense to make it for the 3ds.

      You reason that if they would have to completely redo the visuals and the engine, it would make more sense to do it on the HD-console. But the thing is, they don’t have to redo any visuals if they’d produce it for the 3ds. As you are probably quite aware of, the original MM was made with almost the same engine as OoT in no less than a year. They could copy-paste almost all assets and characters from its predecessor. This means that if Nintendo has to choose between remaking MM for the 3ds and the wiiu, as much as l would have liked to see it otherwise, they’d choose the 3ds.

      BTW, the visuals of OoT 3D were actually really pretty and didn’t feel down-scaled at all, so you don’t really have to worry about that :)

      1. Just because they can copy and paste doesn’t mean they should. Look at WWHD. THAT is a remake. Everything was completely remodeled and it looked gorgeous. 3DS would not do it justice. There are games on the 3DS that surpass OOT3D’s visuals by far. And even then, they don’t come anywhere close to looking like Wii U. I’ve heard that Majora’s Mask is one of the more darker Zelda games and HD can perfectly capture the atmosphere for that you’re of game. And HD would make the character models look way better. The only 2 reasons why Nintendo would ever only put it on 3DS is because 1: It’s easier. 2:They’d make more money. And I don’t want that because 1: That’s lazy. 2: I don’t care about how much money they make. And in addition, Wii U owners are going to be pissed if that happens. Myself included. I own a 3DS XL, but I just don’t see that system as the best choice.

        1. As the proud owner of both consoles, I’m glad this is coming out on the 3DS. It’s a very cool game, and seeing it in 3D will be awesome. In addition, there’s lots more games coming out soon for 3DS AND Wii U (3ds in particular), so this game being released shortly after some of them will be good for sales and will encourage people to try the 3DS, as well as encourage them to get some of the other games.

          I admit, I’d like to have it on both consoles, but I’m content with the 3DS.

        2. Like I said, l really hope that they will come through and put in on the wiiu, but the 3ds would be way safer And simpler. That being said, if they would put it on the wiiu, I hope they expand it greatly. l don’t know how much you know, but because you said you ‘heard’ that it was dark l’m going to assume you don’t really know much about it.

          So Majora’s Mask is a unusual Zelda game. It was released in the shadow of OoT with only one mere year in between them. although they used the same engine, and have the same core mechanics, the games are quite radically different.

          Oot as you probably know is a really standard, but awesome zelda game, quite story-driven and not That much side-questing. The main ‘twist mechanic’ to set it apart is how you could travel between young link and adult link.

          MM was like the exact opposite. There are only 4 dungeon (all quite though actually) and the rest of the game exists of side-questing. Eventhough the world was smaller than that of OoT, it was much more coherent. Almost every npc had a side-quest and thus some background you can discover. The game was roughly 20 percent main game, and 80 percent side quest which is unheard of in other zelda games. The game even gives you a logbook which keeps track of which sidequests you had already fulfilled.

          This was combined with a unique twist mechanic, the three day cycle. You get exactly 3 days to do what you came for, after that the world dies. Your only saving grace is your ocarina, with which you can send yourself 3 days back in time with, but this time with the items and heart pieces you had collected in your previous run. This sets the famous dark atmosphere, not only because every single thing’s life depends entirely and clearly on your success, it also isn’t afraid to delve into darker moods with the actions of its NPC’s. I won’t spoil to much, but to compare, in OoT you enter the Dodongo Cavern to slay the beast which guards the best rocks from the goron. In MM on the other hands, the deku scrubs decided that a monkey kidnapped their princess, and they are BURNING HIM ALIVE unless you go in the temple and save her thereby proving the monkey’s innocence.

          Wow, but l digressed immensely haha. The only point l was trying to get across is that if they’d put it on the wiiu, they should make the cycle longer so that there will be even more characters and sidequests to be explored.

        3. Sponsie1000 said exactly why it’s better to be on the 3DS. Sorry, because I really hate to say this, but you’re being an idiot blinded by the pretty HD graphics. You want Majora’s Mask on the Wii U for HD graphics that badly? Fine. We’ll just have to wait for the 2nd quarter of 2016, mid 2016, or worst case scenario of late 2016 for Zelda for Wii U. Because they’ll have to redo every bit of the Ocarina of Time engine & models for Majora’s Mask which would probably take 1-2 years. You think just because some little fan made youtube trailer with a small clip of Majora’s Mask in HD was made that they can do that for an entire freaking game? I don’t think so. An HD cutscene is one thing but an entire freaking game, an N64 game at that, in HD is a bigger undertaking than you think. And no, Wind Waker HD doesn’t matter either. Sure it took 6 months to do but it was a GCN game that only needed minor touch-ups to the graphics & already looked great. It’d be great if Nintendo could pull this off without effecting Zelda for Wii U, but I highly doubt it. Nintendo is great but they aren’t THAT great. Now after Majora’s Mask is made for the 3DS, then Majora’s Mask on Wii U would be possible & quicker to do. As it stands, don’t hold your breath.

          1. The ONLY thing the MM3DS would do is give Nintendo more money which I don’t care about at all. Why on Earth would I want an inferior version just so Nintendo can get more money? That’s dumb. And it’s also ignoring the people that only own a Wii U. It’s not all about the money. Nintendo isn’t EA or Ubisoft. They have enough money already. It would also give 3DS owners YET ANOTHER REASON to not get a Wii U. It’s 2014. I don’t want Nintendo to purposely give me a scaled back version of a decade old game. And if it did come to 3DS, it would be a graphical upgrade anyway do why does it matter if I want it to look even better? I’m tired of pointless remakes. And again I say, the 3DS got to where it is today because Nintendo supported it. Nintendo is ignoring the fuck out of the Wii U right now and it needs to be saved badly. Both platforms should get the damn game, but knowing Nintendo would probably make the most money *rolls eyes* they’re gonna make it for 3DS. -_-

            1. I’m perfectly fine with that as it’s the console I want the game for, anyway. Hyrule Warriors & Zelda for Wii U will be more than enough to sale some consoles, if not a lot. They can make Majora’s Mask HD, along with Ocarina of Time HD, at the end of the console’s life or for their next home console.

  10. Maybe it’s to represent the Festival of Time in the game. New Zelda game instead! Just get the virtual console version. Hugs!

  11. Ever since first playing Majora’s Mask all them years ago, I always called it my least favorite Zelda game. Because of the dark nature and the stress it caused from the time limit. I recently re-played Majora’s Mask with my niece, and while I still feel it’s my least favorite Zelda game, I had a lot of fun. It has a very unique story and many fun aspects (I LOVE the whole masks concept). I think I enjoyed it more than I did 14 years ago. I’ve gained a new respect for it. But I hate the way it forces you to save and quit (instead of save and continue) at the owl statues. What’s up with that?

    I’d LOVE to see an HD remake of both Ocarina Of Time and Majora’s Mask. These games both deserve the HD treatment. Not just the 3DS treatment. Make it happen, Nintendo!

    1. The owls were actually an implementation by the localization teams. in Japan, they wouldn’t save -they’d only serve as warp points- and the only way to save your game was to play the song of time. Be grateful for what you have, l suppose…

      The owl statues follow the concept of quick-saving, meaning that you not really save the game, but just sort of pause it. this means that you can turn off your console, but the next time you start the file up it acts like you never saved. this obviously wouldn’t work if you could go on playing after quick-saving.

      ln case you were asking Why you can only quick save by owl statues, my guess would be that they wanted to retain the pressure of the 3-day-cycle and being able to real save at any moment like in OoT would kinda ruin that…

    2. majora’s mask was actually my favorite because of the ‘dark nature’ and general quirkiness of the game xD

    3. What Sponsie1000 said. The owl statues were a way of Nintendo making the game easier for American audiences by allowing people to save from a certain point in the 3 day cycle. If not for that, we would have had to start the game all over again from the first hour of Day One. So yeah. We’re lucky for what we got.

  12. oh, It’s seems the link of TP while the land seems to be Hyrule from OOT and there is a majoras mask in Link’s head..oh my god, what a mix.

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